Gemini: Media, Misinformation & Monsanto

With a T-square to Neptune by Sun-Moon at this Gemini solar festival, there is great potential for all sorts of erroneous interpretations, propaganda perpetuation and lack of discrimination. This is occurring already on social media, where big baddy Monsanto has become the whipping boy for many groups; perhaps this is somewhat disproportionate as are also many other well known companies engaged in the same nefarious activities. Unfortunately there is a lot of mis-information in social media where sources and facts are not being checked, creating fear and hysteria – thereby having the opposite effect and empowering these kind  of companies.

This is part of a worrying trend occurring on Facebook and other social media. For example, people do not even check who wants to friend them, when there is no details given about the friender. Why would you friend someone who has so little information about themselves, that they are virtually a ghost? This lack of discrimination is very Geminian and will be greatly exaggerated over this full moon period.

Many see ‘virtual online life’ as separate from ‘real life’ – hence different rules. Wouldn’t they want to be applying the principles of real life relationships to their online life – if they want to maintain any consistency and avoid living dualistically? Hence, the insidiousness of some of these online attitudes and the way they seep over into ‘real life’, thereby weakening human relationships. This duality of online life versus real life, should resolve into ‘one life’ or ‘all life’.

Monsanto is a Sagittarian Sun and has a one-pointed aim that demonstrates completely selfish, lower Sagittarian attitudes – fanatical and tunnel-visioned – corporate jihadists. There are five planets in Capricorn, indicating enormous money and business prowess. The Moon is in Cancer – food, nurturing and mother Earth. Aquarius is rising if the midday chart is considered, given that there is no birth time. Aquarius in its lower expression reflects the plethora of selfishly oriented groups (corporations) who are the shadow of the emerging Aquarian cycle.

This full moon period of Gemini sees the Sun-Moon opposition straddling Monsanto’s Sun, whilst Neptune T-squares. The potential for even greater lying propaganda and confusion around this company is big. Both Neptune and Pisces are related to mass consciousness and maya in their lower expression, and to the greatest spiritual principles in their highest expression. With this kind of aspect, we are not going to see the expression of the latter by Monsanto. We might see the people have an opportunity to reclaim their power but the point of least resistance may well be confusing propaganda and deceit.

Saturn is powerfully placed in its own sign Capricorn in the Monsanto horoscope. Currently the Pluto-Uranus square is activating Saturn’s propensity for control, manipulation and dominance. This will remain in orb until 2015, through all the remaining squares of Pluto-Uranus. Mars in Capricorn also reflects Monsanto’s extraordinary material ambitions and is currently being squared by progressed midheaven in Aries, increasing its penchant for aggressive ruthlessness.

Monsanto is a microcosm of the selfish, global corporate culture that the Uranus-Pluto square is bringing to a head: Complete domination by corporations and banks on the one hand, or their toppling by social action, civil disobedience and the subjective building of new paradigms. And so these ensuing squares will hold the world in great tension for the next couple of years, grinding us all in the mill of transformation and awakening.

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