Five Planetary Centres: Part I

This essay was first written around 2002, following a group enquiry into the subject. Most of the assignations of centres to cities come from that group collaboration. Since then, the author has added various commentaries and other subjects such as the five planetary centres and their corresponding endocrine glands (continents). Nevertheless, the past several years has seen a change in assignment of the centres as the next essay will demonstrate, written in collaboration with a co-worker (The Five Planetary Centres II). Following that one will be a third synthesising essay (The Five Planetary Centres III) that incorporates parts I & II – according to the hypotheses of part II. The combination of all three essays will give the student many different perspectives from which to draw their own conclusions.

It is through a study of the major five planetary centres that Humanity can relate its own five-fold ray energy structure to the macrocosm, the planet as a whole. The Master DK wrote during World War Two that these centres were being “abnormally and deliberately stimulated and vitalized” [1] so it is important for world disciples to familiarise themselves with these energies.

These energies [rays] are released into the planetary life through the medium of certain great inlets. At this time, there are five such inlets, scattered over the world.  Wherever one of these inlets for spiritual force is found, there will also be present a city of spiritual importance in the same location. These five points of spiritual influx are:

1. London For the British  Empire
2. New York For the Western Hemisphere
3. Geneva For Europe, including the U.S.S.R.
4. Tokyo For the Far East
5. Darjeeling For India  and the greater part of Asia. [2]

It may pay to be clear on delineation of areas here. “Western Hemisphere ” technically means North and South America , but can also mean “The West ”, as in Western Europe, Australia  etc.

Through these five places and areas in their neighbourhood, the energy of five rays pours forth, conditioning the world of men, leading to effects of planetary significance and determining the trend of events.”[3]

The purpose of this essay is to identify which city corresponds to which energetic centre and the part it plays within the planetary body. To this end the following quote is of critical importance:

“The five cities which are the exoteric expression of the esoteric centre of force and through which the Hierarchy  and Shamballa  are seeking to work are the correspondence in the planetary body to the four centres up the spine and the ajna centre in the body of humanity and of individual man.” [4]

From this description, the crown  chakra  is excluded because Humanity has a while to go before being awakened. This leaves the ajna , throat , heart , solar plexus  and sacral  centres. The base  chakra  would also be excluded for the same reason as the crown. The derivation of the centres is dependent upon the descriptions and hints by DK, as well as the ray and astrological information he has given out:

City       Soul Ray  Personality Ray  Sign
1. London 5th 7th Gemini
2. New York 2nd 3rd Cancer
3. Geneva 1st 2nd Leo
4. Tokyo 6th 4th Cancer
5. Darjeeling 2nd 5th Scorpio.[5]
City   Proposed Chakra
London Throat
New York Solar Plexus
Tokyo Sacral
Geneva Heart
Darjeeling Ajna [6]

Some idea of qualities may also be derived from the mottoes pertaining to the nations of which these cities are capitals in the most part.

City                 Nation        Motto
London Britain “I serve”
New York USA “I light the way”
Tokyo Japan Not given
Darjeeling India “I hide the light”
Geneva Switzerland “I seek to fuse, blend & serve” [7]

One of the Masters of Wisdom will eventually be based in each of these five cities:

“…the physical plane areas or localities…through which…directed energies can pass to carry out the creative process, are five in number: New York , London , Geneva , Darjeeling  and Tokyo. These five form a five-pointed star of interlocking energies, symbolic of the major divisions of our modern civilisation… At each one of these five centres one of the Masters will be found present, with His Ashram…In London, in New York, in Geneva and Darjeeling and in Tokyo, a Master will eventually be found, organising a major energy centre …” [8]

The planetary centres are configured in certain triangular alignments:

“Geneva  and Darjeeling  are two centres through which pure spiritual energy can be directed with more facility than through the other three and they, therefore, constitute the higher points of their respective triangles. They are more subjective in their influence than are London , New York  or Tokyo. Together, they form five centres of `impelling’ energy today.”[9]

5 centres1 DON2

First triangle

1st aspect:     Darjeeling  (Ray One /Scorpio /Shamballa )
2nd aspect:    London  (Britain Ray Two  soul )
3rd aspect:     New York  (Ray Three  personality )

Second triangle

1st aspect:     Geneva  (Ray One  soul )
2nd aspect:    New York  (Ray Two  soul )
3rd aspect:     Tokyo  (Capricorn  personality )

Note two centres that represent the East  (Tokyo  and Darjeeling ) and three centres the West  (London , New York  and Geneva ). Tokyo and Darjeeling are placed in separate triangles and so aid the synthesis between East and West.

In this configuration it can be clearly seen how New York  is not only a centre for the Western Hemisphere , but also a bridge to the East . Just as Rome was the ‘navel’ (solar plexus ) of the world in ancient times, so New York takes that role today.

Another perspective on  the centres is based upon that which DK outlines [10], and can be adapted as follows:

5 centres3 DON2

Note, energy emanating from Darjeeling  (1st or Father aspect) travels to receptive Geneva  (2nd or son aspect) and then to magnetic) London  (3rd  or Mother aspect).  Ajna , Heart , Throat.

It travels from London  (throat ) via New York  (solar plexus ) to be distributed through Tokyo  (sacral ). Experience at Tokyo/sacral is then re-polarised back to New York (solar plexus), to Geneva (heart ) where it passes back along to London (throat) before returning to the emanating source in the ajna.

Another perspective on the centres is the pentagram , symbol of Venus , the ‘higher self’ to Earth:

Energy emanates from Darjeeling  (Hierarchy ) the ajna  centre, into New York  the solar plexus  centre. The Mars /Pluto  forces of Darjeeling’s Scorpio are sent forth to redeem the solar plexus of Humanity. Those forces are in turn raised to the heart  at Geneva, to the throat  at London, back down to the sacral at Tokyo and finally back up to the ajna at Darjeeling.

There is also a strong theme of Mars  Ray Six  versus a Neptune  Ray Six, which may be about Humanity moving from the lower to the higher light of the solar plexus  – and then to the heart .

The heart  and throat  are the two ‘arms’ and are ruled by Mercury  (London ) and the Sun  (Geneva ). The two ‘legs’ of the pentagram  are both ruled by Cancer  and the Moon , and hence the anchoring of the form on the physical plane.

5 centres4 DON2

The Eastern and Western Hemispheres  also have ray conditionings. Note that Ray Four  (Harmony through Conflict) is the common ray and the major Ray that conditions Humanity:

The Occident   Soul Ray II     Personality Ray IV
The Orient      Soul Ray IV     Personality Ray III [11]

The Five Planetary Centres

Darjeeling  (Ajna . Soul 2, Personality 5. Scorpio.)
Darjeeling is “more subjective” in its influence[12] and also “occultly “vibrating”” because of its relative closeness to the Himalayan Brotherhood: [13]

“The effect of the force flowing through the Darjeeling  centre is not so immediately apparent but it is of major importance as a distributing agency for the Hierarchy and particularly for those Members of the Hierarchy who are dealing with and influencing current human affairs in this time of momentous crisis.” [14] [WWII ]

“The force pouring through Darjeeling  at this time is that of the first Ray of Will or Power.  The soul  ray of India  is the first ray  and hence the immediate effect of the inpouring Shamballa  force is to stimulate the will-to-power of all dictators , whether they are the would-be world dictators such as Hitler  and his group of evil men, ecclesiastical dictators in any religion, business dictators in any business group in any part of the world, or those minor dictators, the tyrants in the home.  It is interesting to note that the keynote of India is “I hide the light,” and this has been interpreted to mean that the light pours forth from the East  and that the gift of India to the world is the light of the Ageless Wisdom.

This is true in a sense, but there is a wider and deeper sense in which it will prove true.  When the intent and purpose of the great Life which works through Shamballa is carried out and is in process of expression, a light will be revealed which has never yet been seen or known.  There is a word in the Christian Scriptures which says “In that light shall we see light;” this means that through the medium of the light of wisdom shed abroad in our hearts through the Ageless Wisdom, we shall eventually see the Light of Life itself — something meaningless and inexplicable to humanity at present but which will be later revealed when the present point of crisis is surmounted.  Of its nature and its effect I have naught to say to you at present.”[15]

Although exoterically the smallest of all the centres, Darjeeling  obviously holds a most ancient magnetism and is hence esoterically very powerful. Darjeeling takes its name from the Tibetan ‘rdo–rje’ (pronounced ‘dorjay’) which means ‘master or king of stones’, i.e. the diamond; hence the ‘Vajrayana ’ or ‘Diamond Vehicle’ of Buddhism , a path to enlightenment. The diamond is the stone associated with Ray One because of its ability to cut away obstacles on the spiritual path, and for clarity and sharpness of thought. (“Pellucid as crystal” [16]) The ‘double-dorjay’ or ‘vajra’, with its dual shape, very closely resembles the two major petals of the ajna  centre which are shaped like the wings of an airplane.

Whether Ray One  power is still flowing through Darjeeling  is open to debate. DK was writing during World War  II , and the war  may have assisted certain processes then in process. With Scorpio  as ruler of this centre, Ray One (Pluto ) can find easy expression. The increasing Shamballa  forces upon the planet may quite likely mean that Ray One is still pouring through strongly, although this would be modified somewhat by Darjeeling’s Ray Two  soul .

The ajna  centre is the expression of the integrated and functioning personality , and Sanat Kumara  is regarded as the personality expression of the Planetary Logos . Therefore Darjeeling ’s proximity to the Himalayan Brotherhood  and Shamballa  would serve most appropriately. Sanat Kumara’s expression is of course through the Hierarchy , who most closely correspond in this instance to the ajna centre.

Darjeeling ’s ray structure is identical to the Kingdom of Souls : Ray Two  soul , Ray Five  personality. [17] As the ajna  is responsible for the distribution of Active-Intelligence, Darjeeling’s Ray Five personality is also appropriate. Ray Five is ruled by Venus , and Venus is the ruler of the ajna centre for initiates, disciples and average humanity.

The ajna  is linked with the throat , the centre for creative mental activity. Hence there would subsequently be a relation between London  (throat) and Darjeeling . Both these cities had Ray One  force pouring through at one time.

If taken further it can be seen that London  is the throat  centre  representing intelligent humanity, Darjeeling  the ajna  centre representing Hierarchy , and Shamballa  the third eye . The ajna (Darjeeling) acts as an hierarchical mediator between the Monad (Shamballa) and Humanity (London).[18]

In mediatorship capacity, Darjeeling  sits between East  and West . On the one hand she represents the accumulated wisdom of the East, and on the other India  is the cradle for Western civilisation . As the ajna  centre, the two lobes may represent the potential of Earth ’s eventually synthesised hemispheres.

In relation to Shamballa  and the third eye , the expression “in that light shall we see light” describes the “light within the head”[19] generated between the pineal and pituitary  glands:

” …this means that through the medium of the light of wisdom shed abroad in our hearts through the Ageless Wisdom, we shall eventually see the Light of Life itself…”[20]

“It is the centre through which the fourth Creative Hierarchy  on its own plane finds expression, and here also this Hierarchy and fourth kingdom in nature, the human family are fused and blended.  The head  centre relates the monad and the personality . The ajna  centre relates the Spiritual Triad (the expression of the monad in the formless worlds) to the personality.  Ponder on this statement, because you have here—in the symbolism of the head centre, physically considered—the reflection of the spiritual will, atma, and spiritual love, buddhi.  Here also comes in the teaching on the place of the eyes in the development of conscious expression, creatively carrying forward the divine purpose.

The Third Eye   the head centre                   Will.   Atma.
The eye of the Father, the Monad.                SHAMBALLA.
The first aspect of will or power and purpose.
Related to the pineal gland.

The Right Eye    the ajna centre                    Love.  Buddhi.
The eye of the Son, the Soul.                        HIERARCHY.
The second aspect of love-wisdom.
Related to the pituitary body.

The Left Eye      the throat centre                  Active Intelligence.
The eye of the Mother, the personality.          HUMANITY.
The third aspect of intelligence.
Related to the carotid gland.

When these three eyes are functioning and all of them “seeing” simultaneously, you will then have insight into divine purpose (the initiate), intuitive vision of the plan (the disciple), and a spiritual direction of the resulting creative activity (the Master).”[21]

Therefore, the following ‘cities’ can be applied to these centres:

Shamballla Third Eye Head Will
Darjeeling Right Eye Ajna Love
London Left Eye Throat Active Intelligence[22]

The motto for India , “I hide the light” points to this light to be awakened which the ajna  centre ‘veils’.

Ruling sign Scorpio  has a relation to the ajna  centre. A Scorpionic symbol, the serpent (of wisdom) is often depicted hovering over the head  of the Buddha , or as the Uraeus on the forehead of Egyptian  deities.

Scorpio  is the eighth sign of a twelve-sign zodiac, and 8 x 12 = 96, the number of petals in the ajna  centre. Scorpio and the ray which passes through it (Ray Four ) have a close relation to Ray Four ruler Mercury , which rules this centre at a certain stage of unfoldment.

As the continents are the ‘endocrine glands’ to the planetary centres, India  and a greater part of Asia  would represent the pituitary  gland.

Geneva  (Heart. Soul 1. Personality 2. Leo.)
“The force which the centre at Geneva  is expressing (at present ineffectually, though later a change will come) is that of the second Ray of Love-Wisdom, with its major emphasis at this time upon the quality of inclusiveness.  It is concerned with the “binding together in brotherly love” and with the expression of the nature of service.  This planetary centre, which conditions the little country of Switzerland , has had a most potent effect upon that country and a study of these effects will demonstrate future possibility for the world, once the flow of its energy is less obstructed.

It has produced the fusion of three powerful racial types in group formation and not through admixture as in the United States ; it has enabled two relatively antagonistic divisions of the Christian faith to work together with a minimum of friction; it has made Geneva the seat of the Red Cross — that world activity which works truly impartially with and for the nationals of all countries and for the prisoners of all nations; it housed that sad though well-intentioned experiment which was called the League of Nations, and will again house a more true league to meet the world need; it is that which protected the small country from the aggressive sweep of the Axis powers .  The motto or note of this centre is “I seek to fuse, to blend and serve.”” [23]

Geneva  has a Ray Two  personality  and is ruled by Leo  – two major significators of the heart . The Red Cross and United Nations  based there is testament to the qualities of loving-compassion of Ray Two and Leo.

The polar opposite of Geneva ’s ruling sign Leo, is Switzerland ’s Aquarian personality , another major factor in her humanitarian attitudes. This detached Aquarian quality may have contributed to her long-standing neutral stance, as would Geneva’s Ray One  soul.

As a major economic and financial centre of Europe, it is possible that the personality  ray of Switzerland  (not given) is Ray Seven.

Perhaps that which is transmuted through New York ’s (solar plexus ) Ray Two  soul  expresses itself through Geneva ’s (heart ) Ray Two personality. The success of this process for the West  would result in learning to “think in the heart”.

Geneva  has strong Ray Two  connections with other centres: New York , America  and Darjeeling  all have Ray Two souls. Geneva has a link to London  through Ray Two soul  Britain. Geneva has a link to Tokyo  only indirectly on the Ray Two line (6/4).

The heart  is the most important centre unfolding for Humanity today and it is where the Hierarchy  focuses much of their attention, as it is the organ/chakra that registers and expresses love.

The heart ’s endocrine gland, the thymus , is represented by Europe and the USSR. The twelve petals of the heart centre may represent the major twelve nations of Europe and the USSR.

London  (Throat. Soul 5, Personality 7. Gemini.)
“The force which is centered in London  is that of the first Ray of Will or Power in its building aspect and not in its destroying aspect.  It is the service of the whole which is being attempted and at great cost, and the effort is to express the Law of Synthesis which is the new emphasis pouring through from Shamballa .  Hence the fact that the governments of many nations found asylum in Great Britain  during the war.  Also, if the Forces of Light triumph because of the cooperation of mankind, the energy expressing itself through this powerful empire will be potent in establishing a world order of intelligent justice and a fair economic distribution.  The keynote of this force is “I serve.””[24]

“Fair economic distribution” recalls somewhat the Taurus  personality  of Britain as well as the Libran personality of London . Note that Ray One  was also pouring through London at the end of, or just after the completion of WWII . (The Destiny of the Nations was written 1946-9) Considering the destruction which took place in London, it is interesting to note that Ray One in its “building aspect” was pouring through, not the destructive aspect which may well have been pouring through Scorpionic Darjeeling. (“Will to power of all dictators”)[25]

The “service of the whole” is very much in line with Britain’s Ray Two  soul  and indeed, her motto “I serve”. Ray Three  of Active-Intelligence expresses perfected intellect, which finds its full expression in the Fifth Rootrace.[26] The mental body expresses creative intelligence and ideas through the throat  centre , ruled by Ray Three. Ideas are disseminated through words of which Gemini , Britain’s ruling soul sign, is most capable. Gemini is also responsible for the constant movement and restlessness that has led to the spread of British  culture throughout the world.

London  is a Ray Five  soul  and expresses for Britain, Europe and the West  the quintessential qualities of the fifth branchrace (Anglo-Saxon ) of the fifth subrace (Teutonic /Nordic ) of the Fifth Rootrace  – the perfected intellect of Ray Three .

The Ray Two  souls of both Britain and Darjeeling  are most mutually resonant; as is the Ray Five  Soul of London  and Ray Five personality  of Darjeeling a powerful link. London’s Ray Five soul  represents the inventions of exoteric science during the Industrial Revolution . Darjeeling’s Ray Five personality may represent the esoteric sciences of the Himalayan Brotherhood , such as the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali, The Science of Esoteric Astrology and so forth.

Britain also has a close relationship with Darjeeling  from the old colonial days and the ‘Raj’ era:

“Many British  people are subjectively linked with India , by past incarnations and association; the quarrel between Great Britain  and India is largely a family affair in the deepest sense of the term and hence its bitterness.” [27]

No doubt, this cultural interaction had much to do with the throat  and ajna  centre interrelationship mentioned earlier.

“The ajna  centre registers or focuses the intention to create.  It is not the organ of creation in the same sense that the throat  centre is, but it embodies the idea lying behind active creativity, the subsequent act of creation producing eventually the ideal form for the idea.[28]

Therefore, the Hierarchy  (Ajna  – Darjeeling ) is a body working with the major principles of Ray Two  Love-Wisdom, of which democratic government is currently its most advanced expression. Ray Two soul  Britain (Throat  – London ) has been a major pioneer and champion of democracy: The higher ajna  centre works through the lower throat  centre .

The throat  centre ’s gland is the thyroid that is regarded as of major importance in physical and mental well being. The thyroid represents the British  Empire in its totality. The sixteen petals of the throat centre may each represent some of the major nations within this grouping.

New York  (Solar Plexus. Soul 2. Personality 3. Cancer.)
“The force expressing itself through the centre, New York , is the force of the sixth Ray of Devotion or Idealism.  Hence the conflicts everywhere to be found between the varying ideologies, and the major conflict between those who stand for the great ideal of world unity brought about by a united effort of the Forces of Light, backed by the cooperative effort of all the democratic nations, and the separative materialistic attitude of those who seek to keep the United States  from assuming responsibilities and her rightful place in world affairs.  This latter group, if they succeed in their endeavour, will deny the United States her share in the “gifts of the Gods in the coming age of peace  which will succeed this point of critical suspension,” as The Old Commentary phrases it.

The sixth Ray is either militant and active, or mystical, pacific and futile, and these two aspects at present condition the United States.  The keynote of this world centre is “I light the WAY;” this is the privilege of the States if its people so choose and permit worldwide humanitarian, self-sacrifice (self-initiated) and a firm decision to stand by righteousness to govern their present attitudes and policies.  This is slowly coming to pass and the selfish voices of blind idealists, the fearful and the separative are dying out.  All this is happening under the inspiration of service, motivated by love.  Thus the two major democracies can eventually restore world order, negate the old order of selfishness and aggression and usher in the new order of world understanding, world sharing and world peace.  Peace will be the result of understanding and sharing, and not the origin of them, as the pacifists so often imply.”[29]

Ray Six  is the personality  ray of America , expressing both the Mars  and Neptune  facets of this ray. Neptune is the soul  ruler of Cancer , New York ’s ruling sign, and hence emphasises high idealism and emotional sensitivity. Ray Six rules the solar plexus  centre, Mars for unevolved humanity, and Neptune for those upon the Path of Discipleship.

New York  occupies a unique position in the double-triangle diagram as a mediating centre between Darjeeling  and London  on the one hand, and Geneva  and Tokyo  on the other. Similarly, it is said that the solar plexus  is the most separative of centres because it stands at the midway point between the throat  and heart  centres above the diaphragm, and the sacral and basic centres below the diaphragm. [30]

New York  is a great centre for the Western Hemisphere  (North and South America ), a melting pot of many cultures, business, art etc. It was a centre established after London , so is ‘younger’ from one perspective and hence its position of the solar plexus  to London’s throat . There is much activity and travel between these two major centres, reflecting the solar plexus and throat centre  relationship.

New York  also has a very strong Jewish culture and here lies an interesting parallel between New York as the solar plexus  of the Fifth Rootrace  and the Jewish Race  occupying the same position within the body of the Planetary Logos.[31]

New York  would have an intimate relationship with Geneva  (heart  centre) because of the solar plexus  energies that are raised to the heart in the process of evolution. These cities also have Ray Two  in common, as soul  and personality  rays respectively.

The solar plexus  is today the battleground for much of Humanity, as it clears most of the energies from the lower centres and raises them to the heart . As the New York -governed West  is undergoing the First Initiation  en masse, a massive shift is being experienced from the solar plexus to the heart centre. This initiation is occurring because of the unfolded mental consciousness of the race. This mental stage gives rise to understanding and hence compassion and a corresponding heart development; both factors are present for the first initiation .

There is also a three-fold relation between the solar plexus , heart  and ajna  centres that stimulates the heart centre, in turn stimulating the ajna and recognition of group consciousness by the personality , and eventually the heart within the head centre. [32] This latter centre could well be Shamballa  demonstrating its relation to the lower centres.

The headquarters for the United Nations  are situated in Geneva  and New York , expressing the humanitarian Ray Two  qualities of both entities. The UN ’s major public face is in New York, as the solar plexus  is that through which most of Humanity identifies.

The solar plexus  has ten petals, which may represent the ten strongest nations or states in the two continents of North and South America . The pancreas  is the endocrine gland associated with the solar plexus, the most esoteric portion being the ‘Islets of Langherhan’ – irregularly shaped patches of endocrine tissue located within the pancreas. The nations of these continents could also be represented by these ‘islets’.

Tokyo  (Sacral. Soul 6. Personality 4. Cancer.)
“The forces flowing through Tokyo  are those of the first Ray in its lower materialistic aspect.  Japan  is governed by the soul  ray in the consciousness of its leaders.  Its sixth ray  personality  is responding to the call of the first ray  energy and hence all the present unhappy attitudes and activities, and hence also its link with Germany  through the soul ray of both nations and with Italy through the personality rays.  Hence, therefore, the Axis.” [33]

“…whilst in Tokyo there is small activity as yet, and what there is of no great moment.” [written 1949] [34]

Tokyo  is assigned the sacral  centre  in this case, although there can be arguments made for the base  chakra . During World War  Two Japan  embodied ‘maya’ a form of illusion upon the physical plane. (Germany  = glamour – astral  plane; Italy = illusion – mental plane) [35]

Strengthening this perspective is DK’s assignation for the planetary centres (from the viewpoint of the Planetary Logos , not the Fifth Rootrace ), where he gives the “materialistic forces” as embodying the sacral  centre. [36] Another appellation for this group is the Black Lodge  or Dark Brotherhood, who it is said have their most powerful adepts in the East  because they are the oldest racially. Japan  is also one of the oldest nations with a unified history. Germany  and Italy  are much younger.

The sacral  centre  is one of the lowest centres where ideas are anchored or grounded; it is where energy is manifested concretely as money , or expressed as sex . Therefore, focus here can manifest as extreme materialism. It is said that Japan  embodied the materialistic forces in the East  during World War  Two. The six petals of the sacral correspond to the 666, or materialism on all three planes, and hence the ‘beast’ or the Dweller on the Threshold .

The gonads  are the endocrine glands associated with the sacral  centre  and hence the Far Eastern countries of China , Japan , Thailand , Korea , Laos , Burma , Vietnam , Cambodia , Indonesia , Philippines  etc. can be seen as their physical externalisation. The sacral centre has a close relation to the ajna  centre:

“… the two together create a functioning duality which is productive of that subtle quality we call personality.” [37]

The ajna  centre corresponds to the Sun , expressive of the integrated personality , and the sacral  centre  corresponds to the physical Sun that is the source of vitality. The sacral relates to the etheric body and the ajna to the buddhic vehicle, causal body and higher mental.

Hence, Darjeeling  as the ajna  has a close relation to Tokyo  – the highest and lowest centres in this group of five cities. There is also an ancient mystery that lies hid in the relation of these two cities. They are both home primarily to inhabitants that have their genus in the seventh subrace of the Fourth Rootrace  – Tibetans and Japanese . There is much that can be worked out here, though it will not be covered in the scope of this essay.

The Five Planetary Chakras and Their Endocrine Gland Correspondences
Another factor to be considered is the endocrine system associated with the chakras:

“Five signs related to the unfoldment, in time and space, of the Human Hierarchy . These five signs are of major conditioning importance and may be enumerated as follows: a. Cancer      b. Leo      c. Scorpio      d. Capricorn       e. Pisces

These five signs are related in the planetary sense to the five great races of which our present race, the Aryan, is the fifth. These five races, under the influence of the five signs, produce the externalisations that are called the five continents—Europe, Africa, Asia, Australia, and America. These five continents are to the planetary Life what five major endocrine glands are to the human being. They are related to five centres.” [38]

Following is a speculative tabulation based upon this quote. Note that three of the signs in common have been matched up with one another.

Sign Continent Centre Sign Race
Cancer America New York Cancer 5
Leo Europe Geneva Leo 4
Scorpio Asia Darjeeling Scorpio 2
Capricorn Australia Tokyo Cap-Can axis 3
Pisces Africa London Pisces 1

Following are two tabulations that speculate the subraces with the various combinations derived from the above quote:

5 signs related to H.H. Hierarchical
Chakra Gland Rootrace Subrace Continent
Pisces Pluto base adrenals 1 Polarian Hindu Asia
Leo Uranus sacral gonads 2 Hyperb. Egyptian Africa
Cancer Neptune sol.plexus pancreas 3 Lemurian Semitic Australia
Scorpio Mercury heart thymus 4 Atlantis Celtic Europe
Capricorn Venus ajna pituitary 5 Aryan Aryan America
5 signs related to H.H. Hierarchical
Chakra Gland Rootrace Subrace Continent
Pisces Pluto base adrenals 2 Hyperb. Hindu Asia
Leo Uranus sacral gonads 3 Lemurian Egyptian Australia
Cancer Neptune sol.plexus pancreas 4 Atlantean Semitic Africa
Capricorn Venus throat thyroid 5 Aryan Celtic Europe
Scorpio Mercury ajna pituitary 6 6th R.race Aryan America

Following are three tabulations that speculate the rootraces with the various combinations derived from the above quote:

5 signs related to H.H. Hierarchical
Chakra Gland Rootrace Continent
Pisces Pluto base adrenals 2 Hyperb. Asia
Leo Uranus sacral gonads 3 Lemurian Australia
Cancer Neptune Sol plexus pancreas 4 Atlantean Africa
Scorpio Mercury throat thyroid 5 Aryan Europe
Capricorn Venus Ajna pituitary 6 6th Rootrace America
5 signs related to H.H. Hierarchical
Chakra Gland Rootrace Continent
Cancer Moon base adrenals 3 Lemurian Australia
Scorpio Mars Sol.plexus pancreas 4 Atlantean Asia
Capricorn Saturn throat thyroid 5 Aryan Europe
Pisces Jupiter heart thymus 6th Rootrace America
Leo Sun crown pineal 7th Rootrace Africa
5 signs related to H.H. Hierarchical
Chakra Gland Rootrace Continent
Pisces Pluto base adrenals 2 Hyperb. Asia
Leo Uranus sacral gonads 3 Lemurian Australia
Cancer Neptune Sol plexus pancreas 4 Atlantean Africa
Scorpio Mercury throat thyroid 5 Aryan Europe
Capricorn Venus Ajna pituitary 6 6th Rootrace America

“Humanity . . . planetary ajna centre . . . 5th Ray of Knowledge . . . 5th root-race.

Therefore five centres in man are rapidly awakening. These relationships  prove each other but only when seen in relation to the greater cycle. Humanity was at one time the correspondence to the planetary solar plexus  and some day will shift the focus of its receptivity to the planetary heart  centre; when this takes place, the Hierarchy  will shift its focus of receptivity into the sphere of influence of Shamballa . Of this shift, the presence of the twelve-petalled lotus in the highest head  centre (the relating point between the heart centre and the soul  on its own plane) is the guarantee. The following relations must consequently be borne in mind:

I. Head centre . . . Shamballa . . . 1st ray  . . . 1st & 7th races . . . Will; the goal.

Energy of Life. Synthesis.

Seven centres awakened and functioning.

In first root-race alive and faintly vibrating.

In seventh root-race fully awakened.

II. Heart centre . . . Hierarchy  . . . 2nd ray  . . . 6th root-race . . . Love; the goal.

Energy of Identification. Achievement of fusion.

Six centres functioning.

The focal point of the egoic consciousness of divinity.

The fifth kingdom . The Kingdom of God.

III. Ajna  centre . . . Humanity . . . 5th ray  . . . 5th root-race . . . Intuition; the goal.

The energy of Initiation . Development of inclusiveness.

Five centres rapidly awakening.

The focal point of personality .

The human kingdom , the fourth kingdom in nature.

IV. Throat centre . . . Animal . . . 3rd ray  . . . 3rd root-race . . . Intellect; the goal.

The energy of Illumination. Creating in the light.

Four centres functioning.

Focal point of the instinctual consciousness.

The third kingdom in nature.

5. Solar plexus . . . Vegetable . . . 6th ray . . . 4th root-race . . . Instinct; the goal.

The energy of Aspiration. Unfoldment of sensitivity.

Three centres functioning.

Focal point of psychic response.

The second kingdom in nature.

VI. Sacral centre . . . Deva evolution . . . 7th ray . . . 2nd root-race . . . Responsiveness; the goal.

The energy of Magnetism. Power to build.

Two centres functioning; heart and sacral  centres.

Focal point of vibratory response to the “eye of God.”

VII. Base of spine . . . Mineral . . . 4th ray . . . 7th root-race . . . Synthesis; the goal.

The energy of foundational Synthesis. Completion.

All centres functioning as one.

Focal point of evolution.

The first kingdom in nature.”[40]

Reasoning on Continent to Rootrace Assignments
(Fifth Rootrace ): As regards race, America is one of the major homes of the Fifth Rootrace, having assimilated the essence of Europe within its being. America is also the first nation of the fledgling Sixth Branchrace  of the Fifth subrace of the Fifth Rootrace.

Europe (Fourth Rootrace ): Europe’s population, although Fifth Rootrace , was once a major portion of the Atlantean  continent, hence Fourth Rootrace.

Asia (Second Rootrace ): Asia is assigned to the Hyperborean  and Second Rootrace, as it comprised originally the whole of Northern Asia.[41]  Darjeeling  is a central position for the far and near East .

Australia  (Third Rootrace ): Australia is the largest surviving remnant of the Lemurian  continent that the Third Rootrace utilised. Capricorn  has been matched with Australia, as this is the personality  given by DK and also the Sun  sign in her horoscope. Japan  is also a Capricorn personality, and Australia would perhaps fall under some regional influence from the centre at Tokyo .

Africa  (First Rootrace ):  Pisces  has been matched with Africa, and shares the mutable cross with Gemini , Britain’s soul  ruler. Africa has been a power base  for British  colonialism for many years. Africa emerged between Lemuria and Atlantis,[42] and belongs to neither Rootrace, so for the moment will be assigned to the First Rootrace. The exoteric speculations of anthropologists and the origin of humanity in Africa perhaps reflect this ancient mystery.

These assignations can be arranged several different ways and this is by no means a firm framework from which to draw. It is presented as a stimulation for students to develop further. The key functions of the continents representing endocrine glands and their functions have not been fully explored yet.

Phillip Lindsay © 2009.

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