Unveiling Genesis

Mysteries Of The Rootraces And Cycles

This new book probes the mysteries of human civilisation, its origin in ancient Lemuria and ebb and flow in the rootraces like Atlantis, through to the current Fifth Rootrace – and into the future. It is essentially the story of the human soul and the evolution of consciousness, interpreted in the light of Blavatsky’s The Secret Doctrine, and The Book of Genesis, drawing upon Eastern and Western traditions – Judaic and Hindu, Christian and Buddhist.

The science of cycles, the yugas, astrology and the seven rays are incorporated to illustrate the vast chronology of human evolution. These esoteric sciences are also bridged where possible to scientific disciplines such as geology, anthropology and biology – revealing their agreement, proofs and unity.

Unveiling Genesis is a vastly updated and re-written version of The Hidden History of Humanity (2005), with 143 figures, 108 tables and hundreds of illustrations to assist the reader in deciphering our complex human origins.

641 pages (8.25″ x 9.5″) November, 2017. (Thick 60# paper, reinforced “Durabind” spine.)
ISBN 978-1-876849-15-3. Trade Paper.

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Author’s Preface
List of Contents

Unveiling Genesis: Author’s Preface
This book addresses the most arcane mystery of our planet, Humanity’s place and purpose upon it. Hence, the Ageless Wisdom or The Mysteries, are just that, mysterious! They require the blending of esoteric knowledge, deep reflective study and intuition to really fathom their depth.

If that task is not challenging enough, my work has been hampered somewhat by the expression of the main source material, the writings of H.P. Blavatsky – a Russian woman whose first language was not English, who lived in the Victorian Era when English was expressed much differently than it is today.

The rules for grammar and their application then were somewhat pedantic, profuse and dense. When there is a forest of quotation marks, brackets, italics, archaic language, varied spellings, references and footnotes to stumble through, it is formidable and almost impenetrable for the average student! Hence, the combination of these factors has made The Secret Doctrine (and the Old Testament) difficult to read and, with its wandering style, it ensures the hapless reader will be lost in the proverbial Minotaur’s Maze!

Therefore, in trying to make this synthesis of The Secret Doctrine and the Old Testament a bit clearer, to not only deal with the aforesaid, but to give space for the consideration of the actual concepts discussed, I have created several visual aids throughout the book:

  1. Profuse illustratration with figures, tables, diagrams and artwork. The tables and diagrams make the whole subject less abstract and more accessible.
  2. Artwork, particularly from William Blake and Gustave Doré, has been used extensively because, (a) They both painted extensively on themes of the Old Testament. (b) They were both mystics and visionaries, especially Blake, who was an accomplished poet and painter. (c) Art’s evocative nature carries a note of beauty, compensating for the sometimes dry nature of the material studied.
  3. Bolding of words, sentences and sometimes whole paragraphs that will provide “anchor points” for the student. There is always much to return to and pore over for the serious student of occultism!
  4. “Drop caps” (capitalised first letter) used in the author’s commentary between quoted passages by HPB – “markers” to help distinguish between my commentary and the original text.
  5. Indenting ¼” all quoted material. And hence dispensing with quotation marks. This will assist the reader in quickly distinguishing between author’s commentary and the quoted passages (in 11pt. font).
  6. Paraphrasing of several long, obtuse passages that I took the liberty of tweaking (quelle horreur!), due to their complexity and verbosity. (Quotes from The Zohar in particular.) This is acknowledged for those few sections with appropriate footnotes, hence the student can always go back to the original text to compare.
  7. Breaking up long paragraphs written in “stream of consciousness” mode, where HPB no doubt, was furiously taking dictation with one hand whilst rolling a cigarette with the other! Breaking these paragraphs up allows the reader a bit more “breathing space,” to reflect upon the host of ideas that such a stream of words can encapsulate.
  8. Some quotes and tables are repeated several times because of their many nuances and their examination in different contexts. Repetition in the science of occultism is always useful to reinforce certain concepts.
  9. This book is a synthesis of H.P. Blavatsky’s The Secret Doctrine, the first six chapters of Genesis and The Book of Enoch   greatly augmented by the writings of Alice A. Bailey. The following themes represent some of the subjects covered in this new and extensively revised book:

1. Explains pre-history and the place of Earth– within and beyond the solar system.

2. Dating and precise chronology of all the rootraces and subraces since ancient Lemuria.

3. Untangles diverse races and civilisations into their time periods, subraces and branchraces.

4. Explains the Hindu Yugas and their application in dating rootraces and civilisations.

5. Explores many civilisations and their links to one another.

6. Through the 4320 cipher, reveals and confirms the true chronology of Earth’s history.

7. Examines the geological key, timing of those eras and the emergence of humanity.

8. Compares the Hindu and Old Testament dating systems, revealing them as almost identical.

9. Reveals the mystery of the origin of the apes through human inter-breeding with animals.

10. Turns the key of Greek Mythology, revealing and confirming rootraces and subraces.

I hope that the reader will glean some illumination from examination of these ideas – that provide insight into the greatest mysteries of “why we are here” – the human soul’s evolution of consciousness through the many lesser and greater cycles, the rootraces and subraces.

I have lifted a tiny portion of the veil and there remains much more to be revealed by the Infinite! There is also the newly released video of The Hidden History of Humanity (2 hrs. 37’).

Phillip Lindsay
(Sweden, November 2017.)

List of Contents



Introduction to The Secret Doctrine
Correct Chronology in World History
The Stanzas of Dzyan: Key to the Rounds
Cycles of Time: Rounds, Manvantaras and Yugas
The Lifewave of Human Monads
Schemes, Chains, Globes and Rounds
Adams of the Rootraces and Subraces
Individualisation: Timing of the Subraces
Greek Mythology, The Secret Doctrine and the Rootraces
Geology and the Destruction of Lemuria and Atlantis


Esoteric Analysis of Genesis: Chapters 1-6.
Genesis in Light of The Secret Doctrine
Mystery of Planet Earth in the Greater Scheme
Origin and Creation of the Four Kingdoms
Garden of Eden: Human Individualisation
The Mystery Key to the Cycles of the Rootraces
Ancient Civilisations and their Place in the Rootraces
Chronology of the Rootraces from Adam to Noah
The Patriarchs are the Hindu Manus
Esoteric History of the Jewish Race


Chapter 1: Introduction
The Secret Doctrine and Helena P. Blavatsky
Cosmogenesis, Anthropogenesis and the Book of Dzyan
A Few Preliminary Explanations
The History of the Races of Humanity
Collecting the Scattered Fragments
The Macrocosm in Brief

Chapter 2: Re-Establishing Correct Chronology in World History
The Timekeeper Says, “Its About Time!”
Causes Behind the Narrow View of Time
Dating Methods, Precession and Ancient Egypt
Reasons for a Conservative Approach to Cycles
Time Measurement from the Ancient Scriptures
Finding a Fixed Time to Reckon From
The Mystery of the Origin of the Apes
The Mahabharata, the Old Testament and Plato’s Atlantis
The Danger of Taking Veiled References Literally
Errors in the Reading of Plato
The Atlantean Flood and Noah’s Ark
Shamballa and the Rootraces
The Significance of the Ancient Egyptians and Mayans Today
The Role of Mayan Tradition in Human Consciousness

Chapter 3: The Stanzas of Dzyan: Key to the Rounds

Chapter 4: Cycles of Time: Rounds, Manvantaras and Yugas
Manus and Manvantaras
Half of the Seven Rounds Have Elapsed
Our Solar System and Its Age
Vaivasvata Manus of the Round and Race
Two Types of Cycles
Pralayas: Obverse of the Manvantaras
Cycles and the Science of the Yugas
Major Error of Modern Scholars on the Kali Yuga Cycle
Yuga Structure
Yugas and the Rootraces
The “Sacred Cipher” 4320
Age of the Solar System
Age of Earth: Chronology of the Kingdoms
Evolution of the Kingdoms

Chapter 5: Human Monads: Lifewave That Passes Through the Chains and Globes
Definition of a Monad
Spiral Progress of the Monad
Spiral-Cyclic Motion of the Monad

Chapter 6: Schemes, Chains, Globes and Rounds
Activity of Globes in a Chain
Where is Humanity in Time?
The Monads Sweep Through Each Globe
Monads Cycle Through Seven Globes of a Chain
Three Monadic Groups Differentiate into Seven Soul Groups
Monads in Rounds and Races
Consecutive or Concurrent Cycles?

Chapter 7: Adams of the Rootraces, Subraces and Branchraces
The  First Three Rootraces
First Rootrace
1st-2nd “Adams” of the First Rootrace
Second Rootrace
2nd Adam of the Second Rootrace
Third Rootrace
1. Sweat-Born, The Sons of Passive Yoga
2. Egg-Bearing Serpents, Nagas
3. Androgynous Humans
3rd Adam of the Third Rootrace
Fourth Rootrace: 4th Adam of the Fourth Rootrace
Fifth Rootrace: 5th Adam of the Fifth Rootrace

Chapter 8: Individualisation: Timing of the Subraces of the Third Rootrace
Individualisation: Subrace and Timing
Individualisation and Sexual Separation: Subrace and Timing
The Three Solar Systems
Mystery of the Moon Chain
Individualisation in the Third Subrace (3.3.3)
Individualisation in the Fourth Subrace (3.4)
The Fifth Branchrace of the Fourth Subrace (3.4.5)
First Subrace of the Fourth Rootrace (4.1)
Individualisation and Sexual Separation: Venus and the Fifth Ray
Individualisation and Sexual Separation: Jewish Tradition
Individualisation and Sexual Separation: Leo. Second Branchrace. (3.5.2)
Individualisation and Sexual Separation: Moon Chain Relationships
Most Moon Chain Souls Came into Physical Manifestation in Mid to Late Atlantis

Chapter 9: Greek Mythology, The Secret Doctrine and the Rootraces
Roots of the Greek Tradition in India
Individualisation in Lemuria
The Third Rootrace: Lemuria
Atlas is Lemuria and Atlantis
The Three Lemurian One-Eyed Cyclopes
The Fourth Rootrace: Atlantis
Atlas of Atlantis and Giants
The Fifth Rootrace – Aryan: Its Dvapara Yuga or Bronze Age
Plato’s Chronology
The Pelasgians: Ancient Ancestors of the Greeks
Greeks: Pioneers of the Fifth Branchrace (5.5.5)
The Golden Age of Greece
Modern Greece

Chapter 10: Geology and the Rootraces: Destruction of Lemuria and Atlantis
Sediment Thickness Determines the Timescale
Geological Strata and Race Colour
Destruction of Lemuria and Atlantis
1. Start of Tertiary (Eocene) Age
2. Destruction 1st Part Lemurian Continent
3. Sinking of Final Portion of Lemurian Continent
4. Sinking First Portion of Atlantean Continent
5. Sinking of Last Portions of Atlantean Continent: Ruta, Daitya and Poseidonis

Appendix 1: The Four Adams
Appendix 2: Exoteric & Esoteric Chronology of the Geological Ages
Appendix 3: Rootraces and Subraces Chronology
Appendix 4: Rootraces Linear Dateline
Appendix 5: Timeline Summary of the Stanzas of Dzyan
Appendix 6: Hindu and Greek Cycles
Appendix 7: Tabulations on the Seven Rays

Fig. 1: The Three Major Rays of Aspect
Fig. 2: Indus Valley Civilisation
Fig. 3: Denderah Zodiac
Fig. 4: Precession cycle of 26,000 years
Fig. 5: Precession cycle of 26,000 years
Fig. 6: Ancient Mayan or Incan Depiction of a Giant
Fig. 7: Trinity of Nations
Fig. 8: The Role of Fohat or Electricity
Fig. 9: Schemes, Chains, Globes of the Solar System
Fig. 10 The First Path: Earth Service
Fig. 11: The Orphic Egg: Symbol of Cycles
Fig. 12: The 49 Globes of the Seven Chains of the Earth Scheme
Fig. 13: Manus of the Manvantaras
Fig. 14: Seven Rounds of the Earth Chain
Fig. 15: Evolution of the Rootraces in the Fourth Round
Fig. 16: Globes and Chains Earth Scheme (Linear)
Fig. 17: Earth Scheme, Chains and Globes
Fig. 18: Yuga Wheel
Fig. 19: Evolution of the Yugas
Fig. 20: Golden Ratio of the Nautilus Shell
Fig. 21: The 4320 Ratio
Fig. 22: Golden Mean Spiral
Fig. 23: The Monad’s Incarnation Via the Soul
Fig. 24: Globes and Chains on Planes
Fig. 25: Monad and the Higher Triad
Fig. 26: The Seven Planes of Perception
Fig. 27: Transfer of Globes – Chain to Chain
Fig. 28: Globes and Chains Earth Scheme (Linear)
Fig. 29: The Solar Septenary Chart
Fig. 30: The Seven Chains and 49 Globes of the Earth Scheme
Fig. 31: The 7 Types of Monads and 7 Types of Matter
Fig. 32: Monad, Soul, Personality Relationships
Fig. 33: The Monad in Relation to the Triple Logos
Fig. 34: Evolution of Rootraces in Fourth Round
Fig. 35: The Rootraces Tree
Fig. 36: Ten Sephiroth of the Tree of Life
Fig. 37: Amoeba Reproduction
Fig. 38: Hermaphrodite Snail
Fig. 39: Mayan World Tree (Selden Codex)
Fig. 40: Earth Scheme with its Chains and Globes
Fig. 41: Five-Pointed Star, Esoteric Symbol of Venus
Fig. 42: Earth Chain of Seven Globes with Rootraces
Fig. 43: Pineal Gland Resemblance to the Eye of Ra
Fig. 44: Lemuria at a Later Period
Fig. 45: Exoteric Map for the Main Areas of Pelasgians
Fig. 46: Geological Periods: Occult Figures
Fig. 47: Geological Eras: HPB and Science
Fig. 48: Speculative Map of Lemuria
Fig. 49: Earth’s Axial Rotation
Fig. 50: Early Atlantis
Fig. 51: The Island-Continents of Ruta and Daitya
Fig. 52: Poseidonis

Table 1: The Seven Liberal Arts and the Seven Rays
Table 2: Hindu Manus, Judaic Patriarchs
Table 3: Subraces of the Fifth Rootrace
Table 4: HPB and Science Chronologies
Table 5: Crises of the Rootraces
Table 6: Subraces of the Fifth Rootrace
Table 7: Yugas of the Fifth Rootrace
Table 8: Manvantaras, Rounds and Kalpas
Table 9: Fourteen Manus of the Seven Rounds
Table 10: Constitution of the Solar System
Table 11: Solar System & the Years of Brahma
Table 12: Astronomical Basis for the Yugas and Manvantaras
Table 13: Yuga Structures: Brahman and Hindu Systems
Table 14: Years of Brahma
Table 15: “Divine Years” of the Gods
Table 16: The 4320 Ratio and the First Four Rootraces
Table 17: Time Allotted to the World
Table 18: Four Rounds, Seven Manvantaras
Table 19: Four Kingdoms in Fourth Round
Table 20: Sixth and Seventh Manvantaras
Table 21: Durations of the Four Rounds
Table 22: Three Strictly Human Races
Table 23: The Adams of the Five Rootraces
Table 24: The Adams of the Subraces of the Third Rootrace
Table 25: Adams of the Five Rootraces – Other Descriptions
Table 26: Cain-Abel and Seth-Enos
Table 27: Timeline of the Rootraces & Subraces
Table 28: Timing for Individualisation
Table 29: Jewish Patriarchs and the Subraces of the Fifth Rootrace
Table 30: Greek and Hindu Ages
Table 31: Yuga Correspondences to the Rootraces
Table 32: The Four Yugas of the Fifth Rootrace
Table 33: Fifth Rootrace Subraces & Branchraces
Table 34: Sediment Thickness Determines Geological Timescales
Table 35: Geological Rootrace Colours
Table 36: Coloured Adams and Rootraces
Table 37: Coloured Adams and Patriarchs
Table 38: Fourth Rootrace Subrace Colours
Table 39: Timing of the Lemurian and Atlantean Sinkings
Table 40: Exoteric & Esoteric Chronology of the Geological Ages


Introduction: Genesis Overview – Rounds, Globes & Rootraces
History of the First Three Rounds
Genesis: History of the Races
Keys to the Rootraces

Genesis Chapter 1: Re-emergence of the World
Re-Emergence of the World: First Round
The Elohim
The Imperfect Gods: Flawed Universe
Chaos and Tohu-Bohu
Light Refers to the Builders
The Fiat Lux – Let There be Light
The Celestial Virgin
End of First Round, Genesis 1:8
Monads and the Rounds
Rounds and Elements
Start of the Second Round
Start of the Third Round
The First Adam: The Elohim’s Blueprint for the First Rootrace
The Four Adams as Rootraces
Gradual Development of Human Monads

Genesis Chapter 2: Start of the Fourth Round
Emerging Vegetable Kingdom
The Second Adam: First Rootrace
First Rootrace Transition to Toward the Second Rootrace
Third Rootrace: The Race with Bones

Genesis Chapter 3: Third Rootrace Subraces 3 & 4. Individualisation
The Serpent in the Garden: The Tree of Life
The Jealous Elohim
Individualisation: Humanity Receives the Spark of Mind
The Beginning of Individualisation
The Curse: Conflict Between Spirit and Matter
Noah and Sons: Third Rootrace Allegory
Sex, Reproduction and Bestiality
The Refusal and the Sin of the Mindless
The Sin of the Mindless: Mystery of the Apes
Early Miocene Apes, Anthropoid Apes
The Curse Revisited
The Spiritual Ancestors: The Sons of Will and Yoga

Genesis Chapter 4: Sexual Separation. Third Rootrace Subraces 5, 6 & 7.
The Fall: Sexual Separation
The Separating Hermaphrodite: Cain-Abel
Cain and Abel Are Castor and Pollux
The Symbolic Shedding of Blood: Intercourse, Conception & Reproduction
Cain, Fifth Subrace and the Wandering Jew
Cain Creates Enoch: 3.5 Becomes 3.6
The Generations of Patriarchs: Misconceptions Rectified and Symbolism
Patriarchs as Zodiac Signs
Wives of Lamech: Key to Races and Subraces
Turanian, Aryan and Semitic Families
Adah: Lemuria or the Third Rootrace
Zillah: Atlantis or the Fourth Rootrace
Euxine to Kashmere and Beyond: Cradle of Humanity
Lamech’s Three Sons and the Lemurian Connection
Rebellion at Initiation in Lemuria: Ancestors of Jewish Race
Masonic Origins of Jabal, Jubal and Tubal-Cain
The Three Sons: Ancestors of 3rd, 4th & 5th Subraces of 5th Rootrace
The Sons of Will and Yoga Heritage
Lamech and the 777 Incarnations
Ezekiel & Isaiah: References to Atlantis
Seth and Enos: Two Races at Individualisation

Genesis Chapter 5: The Book of Enoch. The Patriarchs or Manus
Book of Enoch
Subraces of Lemuria and Atlantis from The Book of Enoch
Genesis Ch. 5 Verses
Patriarch Time Codes: The 4320 Cipher
­­­­­­­­­­­­­­Patriarchs and Races: Reckoning from Individualisation to Present Day
Reckoning from Present Day Back to Noah
Patriarchs are Dhyan Chohans
Jared, Measure and the Third Rootrace
Enoch Revisited
Noah as Vaivasvata Manu

Genesis Chapter 6: Noah, Fifth Rootrace Manu. Six Subraces of the Fifth Rootrace
Noah as the Manu of the Fifth Rootrace
The Sons of God and Daughters of Men
Giants of Lemuria and Atlantis
The Universal Flood and Noah’s Ark
The Ark: Its Dual Meaning
The Fifth Rootrace and Subraces
Persians Belong to the First Subrace 5.1
Resuming Genesis Ch. 6 verses 8, 9 & 10
Noah and His Three Sons
Noah and Sons: Fifth Rootrace Subrace Patriarchs
Subraces of the Fifth Rootrace
Fifth Rootrace Subrace Patriarchs

* First Subrace of Fifth Rootrace 5.1
5.1 Japheth
5.1 Enoch: First Subrace: Hindu – Persians, Akkadians, Sumerians, Medes, Ethiopians, Mazdeans, Phoenicians, Zoroastrians, Modern Hindus

* Second Subrace of Fifth Rootrace 5.2
5.2 Ham and Children: Ancient Egypt
5.2 Manu-Vina, Menes: Ancient Egyptian Ethiopians, Phoenicians, Mayans, Cambodians, Toltecs, Aztecs, Olmecs, Incans
Egyptian Origins on the Atlantean Ruta
Egypt’s Indian Ancestry
Æthiopians of India: The First Egyptians
The Phoenicians
Second Subrace: Builders of Pyramids and Giant Zodiacs

5.2 The Mayans: Second Subrace
The Mayans and Shamballa
Shamballa in the Rootraces
The Mayans and Ancient Egyptians
Mayan Origins in Ancient Southern India
Mayan Language
Asuramaya and the Mayans
The Mayans: Master Astronomers

* Third Subrace of Fifth Rootrace 5.3
5.3 Shem
5.3 Abraham: Third Subrace – Phoenicians, Babylonians, Arabs, Chaldeans, Assyrians,   Afghans, Moors, Jews, Modern Egyptians
Abraham’s Indian Ancestry
Abraham, Saturn and the Third Ray
Abraham and Melchizedek
Ishmael the Atlantean
Abraham and Isaac

* Fourth Subrace of Fifth Rootrace 5.4
5.4 Isaac: Fourth Subrace – Celtic, Latin – Italians, Spanish, Portuguese, French, Swiss, Scots, Welsh, Irish, Central and South Americans, Brazilians
Abraham, Isaac and Jacob: Three Subraces

* Fifth Subrace of Fifth Rootrace 5.5
5.5 Jacob: Fifth Subrace – Teutonic, Nordic, Anglo-Saxon, German, Austrian, Dutch, Swiss, Russian, Finnish, Eastern Europeans, Norwegians, Danes, Swedes, Icelanders
Esau: The Race Between the Atlantean and Aryan
Ishmael, the Egypto-Atlantean generation of Abraham
Jacob and Esau Summarised
Jacob’s Dream: The Astronomy of Jacob’s Ladder
Joseph’s Dream and the Zodiac Signs
5.5/5.6 Joseph: Fifth or Sixth Subraces?

* Sixth Subrace of Fifth Rootrace 5.6
5.6 Moses: Sixth Subrace – Sixth subrace foundation for Sixth Rootrace, blending and synthesising all racial types
The Complexity of Racial Cycles Explained
Moses and Akhenaton: Past Incarnations of M and KH?
Another Chronology for Moses
The Book of Job

Genesis Chapter 7: Esoteric History of the Jewish Race: From the First Solar System to Israel
The Cosmic Overview of Jewish Origins
Moon Chain, Lost Pleiade & Cosmic Evil
The Pleiades are Home to Alcyone
Pre-Individualisation in Lemuria
Individualisation and Gemini
Post-Individualisation and the Races
Masonic Origins
Lemurian Roots of the Jewish Race
Atlantean Presence of the Jewish Race
Aryan Roots of the Jewish Race
Origin of Jews: Exiled Tchandalas of Old India; Phœnicians, Hyk-Sos, Pali Shepherds
The Jews are Similar or Identical with the Ancient Phoenicians, an AEthiopian race
The Jews are an Artificial Aryan Race, Born in India, Belonging to Caucasian Division
Enoch: A Bridge Between the Races
Races Timeline: References and Quotes
Ancient Jewish Religion
Sex, Phallicism and Androgyny
The Jealous Jehovah
The Lunar Jehovah
The Saturnine Jehovah
Ancient Israel: 1st Ray Soul in Age of Taurus
Aries Ends, Pisces Begins. Life Of Christ
Astrology and Rays of the Jewish Race
Jewish Force: Planetary Solar Plexus Centre
The Nazi Inquisition of the Jewish People
Planetary Solar Plexus and Heart Centres
Planetary Sacral and Throat Centres
Zionists and Modern Israel
The Jewish Glamour: A Change in Attitude
The Jewish Scapegoat
Blame and Responsibility
Jewish People: Virgo and First Ray Soul
The Pisces Polarity of the Jewish Virgo Soul
Pisces and Forgiveness

Appendix 1
Shem: Cipher Proofs

Fig. 1: The Tree of Life
Fig. 2: Six-Pointed Star (Cherub of Jeheskiel)
Fig. 3: The 12 Creative Hierarchies
Fig. 4: The Earth Scheme: Seven Chains and Seven Globes
Fig. 5: Monad, Ego and Personality
Fig. 6: Geometric Symbols for the Elements
Fig. 7: Sephirotic Tree
Fig. 8: Armenia to Asia with Euphrates in Between
Fig. 9: Biblical River Sources
Fig. 10: Ezekiel’s Wheel (Esoteric)
Fig. 11: The Reptile Evolution
Fig. 12: Ezekiel’s Wheel: Virgo-Scorpio (Exoteric)
Fig. 13: The Primate Family Tree
Fig. 14: God, Angels and Humanity
Fig. 15: East of Eden?
Fig. 16: Ezekiel’s Wheel (exoteric)
Fig. 17: Ezekiel’s Wheel (esoteric)
Fig. 18: India – Jambudvipa or Kumari Kandam
Fig. 19: The 777 Incarnations Around the Globes and Chains
Fig. 20: The Egoic Lotus
Fig. 21: Six-Pointed Star (Cherub of Jeheskiel)
Fig. 22: Overlaps of the Races
Fig. 23: The Three Pillars
Fig. 24: Human Embryo at Four Months
Fig. 25: The Hindu Adanari
Fig. 26: Vesica Piscis: The Ark and the Female Yoni
Fig. 27: Vesica Piscis Formed by Two Orbs
Fig. 28: The Extent of the Persian Empire
Fig. 29: Last Three Subraces of Fifth Rootrace
Fig. 30: Interior plan of The Great Pyramid
Fig. 31: Traditional but Inaccurate Biblical Map
Fig. 32: Denderah Zodiac
Fig. 33: The Akkadian Empire
Fig. 34: Egyptian King Lists at Abydos
Fig. 35: The Atlantean Islands of Ruta and Daitya
Fig. 36: Manetho’s Tables
Fig. 37: Genealogical Map of Descendants of Noah
Fig. 38: Hindustan
Fig. 39: Oxus & Jaxartes Rivers
Fig. 40: Hindu Kush
Fig. 41: Ayodhya or Oude
Fig. 42: Kumari Kandam
Fig. 43: Abyssinia
Fig. 44: Ethiopia in Relation to Babylonia
Fig. 45: Egypt
Fig. 46: Æthiopians from River Indus
Fig. 47: The High Plateaux of Asia
Fig. 48: The Mayan Region
Fig. 49: The Sambala’s Islands
Fig. 50: Ancient Tamil Nadu (Speculative)
Fig. 51: Mayan Civilisation
Fig. 52: Romaka-Pura in the West
Fig. 53: The Pentagram of Venus
Fig. 54: Ruta and Daitya
Fig. 55: Lands of Shem, Japheth and Ham
Fig. 56: The Babylonian Empire
Fig. 57: The Land of Akkad
Fig. 58: Jacob’s Zodiac of Tribes
Fig. 59: The 12 Astrological Sons of Jacob
Fig. 60: The Astronomy of the Celestial Sphere
Fig. 61: Perspective of Afghanistan in Relation to Ancient India
Fig. 62: Obliquity of the Ecliptic
Fig. 63: The Earth Scheme’ Chains and Globes
Fig. 64: Transfer of Principles from moon Chain to Earth Chain
Fig. 65: 777 Incarnations
Fig. 66: Pleiades Constellation
Fig. 67: Solar and Planetary Hierarchies
Fig. 68: Three constellations ―  Precipitation Sequence
Fig. 69: A Masonic Lodge is a Map of the Solar System
Fig. 70: Triangle of the Western Races
Fig. 71: Lemuria at its Greatest Extent
Fig. 72: Genealogy of Semitic Languages
Fig. 73: The Middle East
Fig. 74: The Caucasus Region
Fig. 75: Yugas and Manvantaras
Fig. 76: Astronomical Chart from Senemut’s Tomb
Fig. 77: 231 gates of the Sephir Yetzirah
Fig. 78: The Androgyne – Male-Female
Fig. 79: The Jewish Force
Fig. 80: Ancient Hebrew Astronomical Chart
Fig. 81: Rootrace Tree
Fig. 82: Five Planetary Centres
Fig. 83: The 10-petalled Solar Plexus Centre
Fig. 84: Three Planetary Centres: Shamballa, Hierarchy, Humanity
Fig. 85: Planetary Centres: Shamballa, Hierarchy, NGWS
Fig. 86: The Initiatory Seven Nazis
Fig. 87: The Mental Plane
Fig. 88: The Solar Plexus as a Chalice
Fig. 89: Planetary Energy Centres
Fig. 90: Humanity’s Energy Centres
Fig. 91: Evolution of the Three Planetary Centres

Table 1: Esoteric Summary of the First Six Chapters of Genesis (large)
Table 2: Four Rounds, Seven Manvantaras
Table 3: The “middle of the fourth rootrace” 4.4.4
Table 4: Esoteric Summary of six Chapters of Genesis (small)
Table 5: God, Angels and Humanity
Table 6: Nine distinct orders of Archangels
Table 7: Fourteen Manus of the Seven Rounds
Table 8: Morning-Evening = 1 round
Table 9: Durations of the Four Rounds
Table 10: The First Three Adams or Rootraces
Table 11: Synopsis of Genesis Chapter 1
Table 12: Four Kingdoms in the Fourth Round
Table 13: Sediment Thickness Geological Timescales
Table 14: Adams of the Five Rootraces
Table 15: Synopsis of Genesis Chapter 2
Table 16: Adam, Cain-Abel, Seth-Enos
Table 17: Noah’s Three Sons: Subrace Manu’s of Third Rootrace
Table 18: Ain-Soph, Elohim and Man
Table 19: Genesis: Subraces of Third Rootrace
Table 20: The Three Rootraces
Table 21: Synopsis of Genesis Chapter 3
Table 22: Hindu Manus, Judaic Patriarchs
Table 23: Patriarchs as Zodiac Signs
Table 24: Patriarchs as Rootraces
Table 25: Fifth Rootrace Subraces 3, 4, 5
Table 26: Fifth Rootrace Subraces
Table 27: The 777 Incarnations Correspondences
Table 28: Synopsis of Genesis Chapter 4
Table 29: Critical Subrace Events in Ancient Lemuria
Table 30: The Seven Rootraces and Subraces
Table 31: Branchrace Timing for Individualisation
Table 32: Jewish Patriarch Timelines (large)
Table 33: The Five Adams
Table 34: Patriarch-Rootrace Propagation Patterns
Table 35: Yugas of the Fifth Rootrace
Table 36: Patriarchs & Races: Reckoning from Individualisation to Present Day
Table 37: Patriarchs & Races: Reckoning from Present Day Back to Noah
Table 38: Synopsis of Genesis, Chapters 1-6
Table 39: Jewish Patriarchs Timelines (small)
Table 40: Ancient Names of the Giants
Table 41: Subrace Durations of the Rootraces
Table 42: Synopsis of Genesis Chapter 6
Table 43: Fifth Rootrace Subraces Chronology
Table 44: Fifth Rootrace: Subraces & branchraces
Table 45: Fifth Rootraces, Patriarchs Subraces
Table 46: Noah’s Three Sons and Rootraces
Table 47: Fifth Rootrace Subrace Patriarchs
Table 48: Atlantean Destruction Periods – 4 Sinkings
Table 49: Destructions, Races & Geological periods
Table 50: Four Ages of the Fifth Rootrace
Table 51: The Fifth Rootrace: Subraces & Branchraces
Table 52: Locations of Shamballa
Table 53: Four Yugas of the Fifth Rootrace
Table 54: Fifth Rootrace Subraces
Table 55: Fifth Rootrace Subraces Chronology
Table 56: Colours of the Rootraces
Table 57: Jacob and Esau Summary
Table 58: Genesis is from Cosmogony of Chaldeans
Table 59: Branchraces of the Fifth Subrace 5.5
Table 60: Esoteric Summary of the Chapters of Genesis
Table 61: Speculative Time Scales of Noah and the Flood
Table 62: Critical Subrace Evens in Ancient Lemuria
Table 63: 210,000 Subrace increments
Table 64: Fifth Rootrace Subraces
Table 65: Six Planetary Centres
Table 66: The Three Shamballa Impacts
Table 67: Symbolic Racial Initiations in the Zodiacal Ages
Table 68: Sons of Shem Cipher Proofs

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