Sirius College: Beginners Astrological Fundamentals


Covering all the basics of astrology, from the humanistic, healing and spiritual perspectives. The principles of Esoteric Astrology and the Seven Rays will also be incorporated into this program but will only prepare the student for the esoteric astrology course per se.







History of Astrology
Astronomy of Astrology
The Zodiac – Aries to Cancer
The Zodiac – Leo to Scorpio
The Zodiac – Sagittarius to Pisces
Planetary rulers – Part 1
Planetary rulers – Part 2.
Dignity, Detriment. Exhaltation, Fall.
Mythology of the stars, signs and planets
Houses – 1 to 6. Houses – 7 to 12
The Ascendant and Midheaven. Four Angles
Decanates of the Signs
Aspects and Harmonics
Retrogrades. Nodes. Planetary Patterns
Transits and Progressions. Solar Returns
Chart Synthesis.
Signs and Planets – Aries Mars
Signs and Planets – Taurus – Venus
Signs and Planets – Gemini – Mercury
Signs and Planets – Cancer – Moon
Signs and Planets – Leo – Sun
Signs and Planets – Virgo – Mercury/Chiron
Signs and Planets – Libra – Venus
Signs and Planets – Scorpio – Mars/Pluto
Signs and Planets – Sagittarius – Jupiter/Chiron
Signs and Planets – Capricorn – Saturn
Signs and Planets – Aquarius – Uranus
Signs and Planets – Pisces – Jupiter/Neptune
Planets in Signs – Revision
Chart Interpretation – Part 1
Chart Interpretation – Part 2

Reading List Essentials

“Alan Oken’s Complete Astrology”
“Michelson’s Midnight Ephemeris 2000-2050”

Other Optional Titles

“The Initiations of Krishnamurti” Phillip Lindsay.
“The Astrologer’s Handbook” – Sakoian & Acker
“Astrology, Karma & Transformation” – Arroyo
“Archetypes of the Zodiac” – Burt
“Chiron and the Healing Journey” – Reinhart
“Asteroid Goddesses” – George
“The Twelve Houses” – Sasportas
“Dynamics of Aspect Analysis” – Tierney
“The Astrology of Personality” – Rudyhar
“The Lunation Cycle” – Rudyhar
“Saturn – A New Look at an Old Devil” – Greene
“The Moon’s Nodes and Reincarnation” – Schulman
“Starnames – Their Lore and Meaning” – Allen
“Greek Myths” – Robert Graves

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