Greek Financial Crisis and the Global Economy (July 2015)


Greece is a Capricorn: The Cancer-Capricorn Axis
Capricorn Banks
Two Sides of the Greek Tragedy
Union Movement a Spiritual Enterprise
Yanis Varoufakis
The Future Monetary and Resource Systems

Greece is a Capricorn: The Cancer-Capricorn Axis
“… the banks wrecked the Greek government, and then deliberately pushed it into unsustainable debt … while revenue-generating public assets were sold off to oligarchs and international corporations. ”1


Of course, Greece contributed to this crisis with excessive spending and unrealistic tax schemes,  so blame cannot be laid entirely on external forces. But this is a very complex situation that involves monstrous banks dictating to nations and weakening democratic principles – ironically in the birthplace of democracy: demos-kratia: people-power. (Dīmokratía)

Greece voting NO to Eurozone austerity may well signal the start of a global economic crisis in a capitalistic system well overdue for transformation; this system now lurches like a Frankenstein, wounded and vampirised by so many abuses, tottering on the brink of collapse. The recently-resigned Greek finance minister, Yanis Varoufakis, likens it to a “global minotaur”.

These abuses have been created over a long period of time through human selfishness, greed, exploitation of finite resources and monopolistic financial groups that have not had the interest of the greater whole at heart. The following passage was written over seventy years ago and is even more true today, given the refinement of greater control by these groups:

“The responsibility for the widespread misery to be found today in every country in the world lies predominantly at the door of certain major interrelated groups of business-men, bankers, executives of international cartels, monopolies, trusts and organizations and directors of huge corporations who work for corporate or personal gain.

They are not interested in benefiting the public except in so far that the public demand for better living conditions will enable them—under the Law of Supply and Demand—to provide the goods, the transportation, light and power which will in the long run bring in heavier financial returns. Exploitation of man-power, the manipulation of the major planetary resources and the promotion of war for private or business profit are characteristic of their methods.”2

During this Cancer interval of the year, the Law of Supply and Demand is peculiarly the province of Cancer-Capricorn:

Cancer = Demand – For food, water, shelter, electricity – all the basic necessities for survival.
Capricorn = Supply – Organisational methods to provide the services for these necessities.

Cancer is the ‘mother’ and Capricorn is the ‘father’ – together they create a family (Cancer) that becomes part of the state (Capricorn). Capricorn governs, “… money … and … the concrete expression of the Law of Supply …”3 Due to a very strong Capricorn sub-influence over the past century,4 Capricorn has dominated and swung the Cancer-Capricorn axis out of balance.

The first ray of will-power pours through Capricorn, creating ruthlessness in those individuals and groups that have this sign prominent in their horoscopes. Rupert Murdoch of Fox Corp. is a good example, whilst the author’s analysis of Nazi Germany also shows the same Capricorn themes in leadership individuals. In contra-distinction to watery, soft, feminine Cancer, hard and rocky Capricorn is a sign that can easily lack compassion, as all the rays and planets associated with it are on the ‘odd ray line’ of Will and Power:

“Capricorn is an earth sign, and in it we have expressed the densest point of concrete materialisation of which the human soul is capable. Man is then “of the earth, earthy”…”5

“The Capricornian can express all the worst of which a man is capable and all the best. It is a sign of extremes … all world Saviours and Sun Gods are born in Capricorn but also the very worst type of man—hard, materialistic, cruel, proud, selfishly ambitious and egoistic. The head rules the heart in such cases …”6

Greece is a Capricorn personality, both in its exoteric and esoteric horoscope (Jan. 13, 1822):

“Capricorn … seldom appears as a sign governing the egoic [soul] expression of any nation but quite often as governing the personality manifestation, or the exoteric country. Austria, Greece, India, Japan and Spain have Capricorn as their personality rulers, indicating age, crystallisation and materialism …”7

Greece is the foundation of Western nations, politically, philosophically and culturally. As one of the oldest nations it suffers from “… age, crystallisation and materialism” far more than its more modern counterparts.

Capricorn Banks
Notably, many financial organisations are Capricorn. Note the word “austerity” as a peculiarly dry and dusty Capricorn word, suggesting life on the bare necessities to survive. Greece may well have an even tougher road ahead of it.

The IMF – International Monetary Fund Dec. 27, 1945.
The Euro Currency – Official Currency of Eurozone. Dec. 31, 1998.
The Eurozone – Monetary Union to administer the Euro. (Euro was introduced to world financial markets as an accounting currency.) Jan. 1, 1999.
Euro – Physical Currency introduced. Jan. 1, 2002.

Paul Krugman (Nobel prize winner in Economics), has recently stated:

“… the campaign of bullying — the attempt to terrify Greeks by cutting off bank financing and threatening general chaos, all with the almost open goal of pushing the current leftist government out of office — was a shameful moment in a Europe that claims to believe in democratic principles. It would have set a terrible precedent if that campaign had succeeded, even if the creditors were making sense.” 8

Elsewhere, Global Research adds its perspective,

“The first and foremost reason that Greece got into trouble was the “Great Financial Crisis” of 2008 that was the brainchild of Wall Street and international bankers. If you remember, banks came up with an awesome idea of giving sub-prime mortgages to anyone who can fog a mirror. They then packaged up all these ticking financial bombs and sold them as “mortgage-backed securities” for a huge profit to various financial entities in countries around the world.

A big enabler of this criminal activity was another branch of the banking system, the group of rating agencies – S&P, Fitch and Moody’s – who gave stellar ratings to these destined-to-fail financial products. Unscrupulous politicians such as Tony Blair joined Goldman Sachs and peddled these dangerous securities to pension funds and municipalities and countries around Europe. Banks and Wall Street gurus made hundreds of billions of dollars in this scheme.”9

Interestingly, the World Bank (of which the IMF is part), was formed during the Cancer new moon of July 20, 1944 – again, pointing to the Cancer-Capricorn pairing and the management of resources and money.

cap entities

Inner wheel: World Bank (Cancer). 2nd wheel: IMF (Capricorn).
3rd wheel: Eurozone (Capricorn). 4th wheel: Euro currency introduced (Capricorn). 5th Wheel: Greece (Capricorn).

As Pluto currently transits through Capricorn, all entities and nations ruled by Capricorn will be affected. Capricorn is a sign of responsibility, ruled by Saturn, the Lord of Karma. Hence, in this mutual reception between Pluto and Saturn, Saturn’s current transit back into Scorpio lies behind the current crisis (with all the Scorpionic tests and trials), forcing all parties to take accountability – fiscally, morally and ethically.

“Saturn in Scorpio doesn’t merely pressure us to face any unwieldy emotional energies we might be ignoring or suppressing, so we can live in total psychological authenticity. It also seeks to limit any excesses in how we chase our desires, to ward off needless turmoil or unproductive drama. Saturn’s job is to lead us to an appropriate, responsibly-minded middle-ground: neither too much restriction, nor too much free rein. While we probably want to follow our hearts to a certain degree, we mustn’t, for our own good, abandon all other considerations in the process as anybody who, for instance, has ever pursued a forbidden affair, at the potential cost of a longstanding relationship or secure job or stable home-life, well knows.”10

Some commentators claim that Greece is being made a scapegoat for Europe, a poignant Capricorn description. An “escape-goat” – to lay blame and avoid taking responsibility. Yet, Capricorn as scapegoat has the potential to redeem all as a saviour; perhaps Greece could be a hidden saviour of Europe by sticking to the NO vote, opting out of the Euro, thereby forcing a new financial system to emerge?

An email received from a Greek friend and fellow student of the Mysteries, just before posting this missive, is worth including here:

“I understand the meaning of the Great Invocation for the first time: “And may it seal the door where evil dwells.” What happened in Greece last week was of a great importance for the whole world. The third part of World War might have been prevented or started. What will happen if Europe forces Greece out of EU or if they choose to keep Greece in great uncertainty for a long time, will define the new state. The guns are preparing.

The past week, all forces battled in this insignificant part of the world and it was obvious that by Thursday the choice was already made. The power that came in, swept out all the lies – everyone was seen for what they really were. The veil was risen. I felt it in all its glory. Joy won fear. People changed their stand and decided to vote NO.
The game is now played inside Germany. The German nation will make the final choice. Every man and woman in the world is called to take a stand. Everyone with their thoughts, prayers and words is called to take a stand.
I never thought that I would live to see the Human Nation make such a choice. Crete voted NO – over 70%, the message is sent. Spread it!”

Two Sides of the Greek Tragedy

Greece’s Own Transgressions
Greece today is certainly dealing with the karmic results of its own crystallisation process – but is also a microcosm reflecting where the global financial system is stuck. Greeks have contributed to Greece’s demise, echoed by the following comments:

The Greek people never learned to pay their taxes …. because no one is ever punishedThe scale of Greek tax cheating was at least as incredible as its scope: an estimated two-thirds of Greek doctors reported incomes under 12,000 euros a year—which meant, because incomes below that amount weren’t taxable, that even plastic surgeons making millions a year paid no tax at all. The problem wasn’t the law—there was a law on the books that made it a jailable offense to cheat the government out of more than 150,000 euros—but its enforcement. “If the law was enforced,” the tax collector said, “every doctor in Greece would be in jail.”… One reason no one is ever prosecuted—apart from the fact that prosecution would seem arbitrary, as everyone is doing it—is that the Greek courts take up to 15 years to resolve tax cases.”11

“The retirement age for Greek jobs classified as “arduous” is as early as 55 for men and 50 for women. As this is also the moment when the state begins to shovel out generous pensions, more than 600 Greek professions somehow managed to get themselves classified as arduous: hairdressers, radio announcers, waiters, musicians, and on and on and on … After systematically looting their own treasury, in a breathtaking binge of tax evasion, bribery, and creative accounting spurred on by Goldman Sachs, Greeks are sure of one thing: they can’t trust their fellow Greeks.”12

“Where waste ends and theft begins almost doesn’t matter; the one masks and thus enables the other. It’s simply assumed, for instance, that anyone who is working for the government is meant to be bribed. People who go to public health clinics assume they will need to bribe doctors to actually take care of them. Government ministers who have spent their lives in public service emerge from office able to afford multi-million-dollar mansions and two or three country homes.”13

Transgressions by Greece’s Creditors
Yet, on the other hand, it is ironic that Germany as one of Greece’s main creditors, has benefited a great deal from Greek labour:

“Doctors and scientists at zero training costs for Germany, cheap labour for German hotels, leisure villages for German pensioners in Greece, a flood of German-made equipment for renewable energy on farmland: these are just some of the effects of German-Greek cooperation led by a little known German politician Hans Joachim Fuchtel.

Germany’s predatory plan to take advantage of a fellow EU country on its knees kicked off in 2011 when a Memorandum of Cooperation was signed to promote “reforms” to Greek local authorities. The signatories were the Ministry of Interior, the Association of Regions, the Central Union of Municipalities of Greece and Germany’s Ministry of Finance and Technology.

Giorgos Rakkas, a Thessaloniki-based activist says the agreement is a “clear German intervention in local authorities” and together with other concerned local people, he’s been researching the issue and alerting the public and local councillors, very few it had turned out understood its real impact.

‘Basically, this so-called Greco-German cooperation is simply a way to change Greece’s municipalities to fit the model of a federal neo-liberal Europe that the Germans are trying to impose on the European Union,” he says. ” And it impacts on growth, education, healthcare, green energy and agricultural production.’”14

For all these perceived injustices and the austerity foisted upon them by the various financial bodies in Europe, Greece voted NO in its historic referendum of July 5. The transiting Sun was in Cancer conjunct Sirius, the guiding star of Humanity. Transiting Pluto was exactly opposite in Capricorn, destroying the past and exposing the larger view picture. As Joseph E. Stiglitz (Nobel laureate in economics), remarks:

“European leaders are finally beginning to reveal the true nature of the ongoing debt dispute, and the answer is not pleasant: it is about power and democracy much more than money and economics … Of course, the economics behind the programme that the “troika” foisted on Greece five years ago has been abysmal …. I can think of no depression, ever, that has been so deliberate and had such catastrophic consequences.

And, sure enough, what we are seeing now, 16 years after the eurozone institutionalised an economic model predicated on power relationships that disadvantaged workers, is the antithesis of democracy …  After all, it is extremely inconvenient to have in Greece a government that is so opposed to the types of policies that have done so much to increase inequality in so many advanced countries…”15

Another great irony that has been widely and sometimes exaggeratedly reported, is that Greece forgave loans to Germany after World War II. The Huffington Post states,

“Germany … got massive help with its debt from former foes … The 1953 agreement, in which Greece and about 20 other countries effectively wrote off a large chunk of Germany’s loans and restructured the rest, is a landmark case that shows how effective debt relief can be. It helped spark what became known as the German economic miracle. So it’s perhaps ironic that Germany is now among the countries resisting Greece’s requests for debt relief.

Greek Finance Minister Yanis Varoufakis claims debt relief is the key issue that held up a deal with creditors last week and says he’d rather cut off his arm than sign anything that doesn’t tackle the country’s borrowings.”16

“Internationally acclaimed American scholar Noam Chomsky says the Greek debt should be written off, the same way the German debt was written off in 1953, just eight years after the end of World War II … “Brussels’ policies are destroying Greece” [he said]. In an interview to Euronews, Chomsky defended the leftist-led Greek government, highlighting that “SYRIZA came to power following a mandate of the people, who said that Greece must stop implementing Brussels’ policies and that German banks are destroying the country,” while explaining that such policies have led to the increase of the Greek debt. “50% of young people are unemployed and around 40% of the population lives below the poverty line. Greece is being destroyed,” he said.”17

It is curious how Germany was defeated in WWII, but is now one of the main dominating economic powers in the world. Indeed, one of the dominating powers in this “WWIII” on the mental plane. As a first ray personality they have shown the same first ray ruthlessness as they did in WWII.

“… when Greece joined the European Union in 1981, European (mainly German) bankers saw an opportunity:  they flocked into Greece to offer loans. Even those Greeks who had insufficient income to justify loans grabbed them. Then, the lenders began to demand repayment. Shocked, businesses began to cut back. Unemployment increased. Opportunities vanished.

There is really no chance that the loans will be repaid. They should never have been offered and never should have been accepted. To stay afloat, the government has cut back on public services (except for the military) and the people have suffered … Then, after the 2008 financial crash came years of worsening hardship, disapproval of all politicians and anger. It was popular anger, feeling misled by the bankers and by their own foolishness. Faced with German and EU demands for more austerity, the Greeks are angry. They have deep memories of hatred against the Germans (this time, not soldiers but bankers).18

The corruption and hypocrisy in Europe runs deep – while some individuals and nations are calling Greece corrupt, others are demonstrating corruption, perhaps a more sophisticated and veiled variety:

“Jean Claude Juncker, president of the European Commission, as prime minister of Luxembourg helped multinational corporations escape billions of dollars in tax payments by “locating” in the tiny Grand Duchy. “These international bureaucratic elites like the IMF are not dissimilar from FIFA,” says Henry referring to the international soccer association that’s the target of a massive criminal corruption probe by the US Department of Justice. “They have sovereign immunity and they do as they please.”19

In the words of one 60-year-old retired historian,

“This is not the Europe we dreamed of. This is not the Europe of enlightened thought, of solidarity, of egality, fraternite, liberte,” she said, breaking into French. “This is the Europe that in this country has seen people go mad, has seen thousands commit suicide, has destroyed so many with the loss of jobs.”20

Union Movement a Spiritual Enterprise
Spirituality expresses itself in all fields of human enterprise, no less so than in the financial system, despite it being currently dominated by selfish and narrow-minded thinking. Much of the old paradigm of profit-making business is about creating cheap labour to maximise profits. This has been the basis for the rise of labour unions that started in the nineteenth century claiming a fairer deal for workers:

“Labour and Labour Unions have done noble work [written 1940’s]. Labour has been elevated into its rightful place in the life of the nations and the essential dignity of man has been emphasized. Humanity is being rapidly fused into one great corporate body under the influence of the Law of Supply and of Demand which is a point to be remembered.

The destiny of the race and the power to make national and international decisions, affecting the whole of mankind, is passing into the hands of the masses, of the working classes and of the man in the street. The inauguration of the labour unions was, in fact, a great spiritual movement, leading to the uprising anew of the divine spirit in man and an expression of the spiritual qualities inherent in the race.”21

Unfortunately, in the past twenty years, many hard fought rights have been lost back to the dominating corporates – in the USA, UK, Australia and Europe. Hence, this is also part of the current problem that seeks resolution and rebalancing.

yanis-varoufakisYanis Varoufakis
Yanis Varoufakis is an impressive and charismatic individual with Sun in pioneering Aries, Moon and Mars in Cancer – standing strongly in Cancer, yet with Capricorn ruler Saturn placed in its own sign opposite. Hence, he really understands Cancer-Capricorn themes of supply and demand.

His birth time is unknown but he could certainly be an unconventional Aquarius rising, given his radical ideas and rejection of European austerity measures. Varoufakis  has some interesting transits going on, when just after the NO referendum he unexpectedly resigned as Finance Minister for Greece.

Transiting Jupiter conjunct Uranus in Leo
Uranus must be a prominent planet in his chart because of his reformist stance and non-traditional approach to life in general. It would be tempting therefore, to put Uranus on one of the four angles of the chart, perhaps the midheaven (career, public perception), which would yield Scorpio rising. Or the seventh house cusp (relationships), giving Aquarius rising.

Uranus is connected closely to money, the sacral centre and survival issues. Varoufakis has been in the global limelight lately – indicating a midheaven transit or at least the ruler of the midheaven involved. Transiting Jupiter has been touching upon his Uranus since December 2014, making its final hit at the time of the Greek referendum and his resignation. If he has Uranus on the midheaven, then transiting Jupiter over MC-Uranus would certainly reflect his popularity – overshadowing even the Prime Minister (A Leo). Will he withdraw now, only to return more triumphant somewhere else?

Mars Return
Varoufakis’ natal Mars in Cancer (and possibly natal Moon) fell under the hammer of the recent full moon of Cancer-Capricorn. During the week of July 5-9, he has Mars returning to its natal position on its two year cycle. No doubt he will experience some Mars backlash and criticism for his decision – but may also be emboldened to forge new paths.

Mars is the ruler of his Aries sun, and placed in Cancer makes him a champion for the basic needs of the people, the best long term view; his affinity with, “… the great principle of Sharing which ever governs divine purpose” … and perhaps, given his grand trine in water (Mars-Moon in Cancer, Mercury in Pisces and Neptune in Scorpio), “… a psychometrist … whose soul is sensitive to the soul in others and in all forms of life.”

Inner wheel: Greece. 2nd wheel: Alexis Tsipras. 3rd wheel: Yanis Varoufakis. 4th wheel: Referendum transits July 5. Note the close synastry in Cancer between Varoufakis and Tsipras – opposte to Greece’s Capricorn planets.

Varoufakis is more than likely part of a spiritual, global, financial reform group, who are invoking the Uranian seventh ray of Ceremonial Order, to bring about a reorganisation of the planetary prana we call money:

Yanis Varoufakis. Birth time unknown.
Speculative chart for Scorpio rising.

“… Financiers and Economists. They will work with the energies and forces which express themselves through the interchange and the values of commerce; they will deal with the Law of Supply and Demand and with the great principle of Sharing which ever governs divine purpose.

They will be the great psychometrical workers, for a psychometrist is one whose soul is sensitive to the soul in others and in all forms of life. The principle of Sharing which must govern economic relations in the future is a soul quality or energy and hence their work of relating soul with soul. They also evoke the soul of the past, linking it with the present and finding it likewise indicative of the future.”22

An amazing statement about those that one might least expect as “psychometrical workers”.  Also, what does it mean to “evoke the soul of the past, link it with the present, finding it indicative of the future”? Can we read into this something about the soul of Greece (Ruled by Virgo) – its past, present and future expressions that can be invoked at this point in time?

The Future Monetary and Resource Systems
In preparation for the Externalisation of the Hierarchy from 2025 onward, the major ray ashrams will be making their approach. The first ashram go externalise will be the Third Ray ashram. The third ray is ruled by Saturn (ruler of Capricorn) and is a ray that passes through both Cancer and Capricorn; it is intimately connected to money:

“The first Ashram to do so will be that of the third ray; by the time disciples appear from that Ashram the world will be ready for an all-over financial adjustment; the “principle of sharing” will be a recognised motivating concept of the new civilisation. This will not involve beautiful, sweet and humanitarian attitudes.

The world will still be full of selfish and self-seeking people, but public opinion will be such that certain fundamental ideals will motivate business, being forced upon business by public opinion; [Author: This is starting to occur now.] the fact that the new general ideas will in many cases be governed by the expediency of interplay will not basically matter. It is the sharing that is of importance.


The Adjuster” or one of his co-workers? Chess is a game of strategy and a great symbol of the third ray.

When the “adjuster of finances” (as an advanced disciple from this Ashram is called in the Hierarchy) appears, he will find conditions greatly changed from those now prevalent, and this to the following extent:

1. The principle of barter and of exchange (to the benefit of all concerned) will control. [Author: We may still be a long way from this but it might be closer than we think.]

2. Owing to the development of atomic energy [fusion, not fission] on behalf of human welfare, national currencies will have been largely superseded, not only by a system of barter but by a universal monetary exchange—representative of the bartered goods when they are relatively small and unimportant—and by a planned scale of related values. National material assets and the needed commodities will all be provided for under an entirely new system.

3. Private enterprise will still exist, but will be regulated; the great public utilities, the major material resources and the sources of planetary wealth—iron, steel, oil and wheat, for instance—will be owned in the first place by a governing, controlling international group; [Currently, the majority of public utilities have been sold off to private ownership – this trend has to reverse.] they will, however, be prepared for international consumption by national groups chosen by the people and under international direction.23

Greece had a golden age that contributed richly to world culture. As the world moves into the golden age or Satya Yuga of the Sixth Rootrace, Greece has something to contribute again – rejection and resistance to autocratic bullying, bringing power back to the people, sounding a clear note of inspiration in Europe and the world.

A final perspective from Monty Python.
Greece versus Germany: Soccer of the Philosophers

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17 Responses to Greek Financial Crisis and the Global Economy (July 2015)

  1. Vanessa says:

    Thank you for this Phillip,

    and thank you for presenting both sides. Fanaticism is never a positive aspect, although at this stage of humanity, useful in dispelling crystallised structures.

    In my opinion, there is a lot of 6/1 6/3 energy sweeping through the country. It is time for change yes, but it needs to come in wisdom and not in destructive fanaticism. There is great hatred and anger in Greece at the moment. I do understand that the people and the country have been wronged.I am of course, to a degree, one of them but do not see the good in dwelling on victimisation.

    Reform is needed in the whole monetary system as you point out, but I think it will be hard for us greeks to accept the changes you pointed out in the newsletter that do need to be made in the tax, public sector and retirement ages.These are not exclusively the ills of the wealthy or the not. All greeks contributed, in their own scale of course, to the situation and all must contribute to change. And the burden needs to be equitably distributed.

    This is a time for the country and its people of all classes to make further sacrifices, and not to attempt to go back to the old ways of easy, thoughtless materialistic living, as most people of all classes expect and hope will happen. It is also a time to support those who are unable to contribute. Tough times ahead. I hope this will be the gateway for wise and not hateful change.

    Thank you again for your very insightful and balanced newsletter, which I read with great interest, as always. Thank you for your service at this time.

    In lighted group companionship.

  2. alan oken says:

    Brilliant job my brother! So very clear and accurate.

  3. Jette Brinckmann says:

    Thank you for your article, very informative, enlightening and interpretative, makes you reflect on other levels.

  4. Helene says:

    Very interesting article Phillip, thank you, food for thought contemplating the energies. I have a comment on just one strand of the ‘problem’ if you don’t mind me adding here.

    Some of the articles you quote (e.g. Vanity Fair) view Greece from the cultural lens of outsiders and therefore misses some of the subtleties of the Greek situation. There is a dynamic that has been present in Greece before it joined EU. There has been an attitude and reality that you don’t expect much from the government, perhaps an occasional capital works and managing utilities. Most resources flow through family and local patriotes networks. So loyalty to family (by which I mean extended family reaching well over 100 people) and people from the same village or town (patriotes), was top of the list. Money, trade and work flowed through those relationships. Hence there was much abundance sowed into each person’s region by the local network of relatives and patriots.

    Along with that came the notion of why give the government money, they will squander it – which often did happen. This mentality which worked well for decades as each region flourished through the good work of it’s inhabitants, was not going to work when big loans where given to Greece as a EU member for major infrastructure works and the government really did need taxes to pay back the loans. (So I’m only talking about one of the slices of the problem pie.) Politicians needed to also navigate these regional networks – we call it nepotism in the west because we are a transactional culture, however in a relationship based culture such as Greece, this is the system that has worked best.

    However a different form of governance and accountability was required when joining the EU, and this ran contrary to the local network way of operating. Add to that truly corrupt politicians, not all but you only need a handful, and the demos (the people) have in their minds even more reason to keep their hard earnt money to themselves and their network. In this transitional period of Greece, which is yet to find it’s feet, the wealth of the local regions and networks has to be given over to a central collection agency (taxation department) and this does not sit well with the distrust of politicians (especially of the opposition of one’s party) and the practise of family first.

    So this is a cultural undercurrent on top of which are layered the corruption of the financial system you speak of. When outsiders say one Greek does not trust another, that is actually not predominantly true. There is a code of loyalty and support that manifests as gifting, favouring, donating, facilitating, feeding, trading, visiting, discounting (offering discounts), helping, relating, mentoring, volunteering, sponsoring etc that is not seen or appreciated by transactional cultures because it is not an exchange documented on paper in contracts with an exact itemised receipted dollar amount. This too reminds me of the Capricorn / Cancer energy valuing family and patriotes relationships as a way of distributing resources. This needs to be maintained as well as stretched to include the state if only the powers that be could be trusted.

    An example of what I am saying is the story of an Australian Greek CEO going to Greece to use his inheritance from his father, to financially support the crying pensioner (featured in the media) when he recognised him as the childhood friend of his father from the village school.

  5. Zak says:

    Like every other country that was blackmailed into joining the Euro, the Greeks need to leave the EU (re-negotiate a free trade agreement) print their own interest free and debt free money (go back to the Drachma), provide everyone of 18 and above with a basic living social credit that cover the basics of life (lots of people will want to work for extra money too), and go back to enjoying life. Any country that gets involved with the Anglo American Zionist control system is doomed to debt and slavery of all sorts.

  6. Christine schultz says:

    Hello Phillip,

    Thank you for a beautifully disected analysis that reaches so many levels. I appreciate your work. And Monte Python was a nice touch.
    My heart has been with the Greeks on this for many reasons and I find it inspiring that the referendum was not accepted. My 18 year old son who was born there and grew up in the states is with his father a Greek Poloce officer who work in IT for the ministry was able to vote on it.
    His father livers very poor, hand mouth after 25 years of service has little pension coming his way. My son was able to vote in the referendum and experience this historical event first hand.
    I am a student of the Mysteries, wondering if I could connect to the friend you mentioned who studies.
    Thank you

  7. Lynne says:

    Dear Phillip —

    This essay inherently forms part of the whole Greek situation at this time, for you are both enlightening the aura of all humanity in this basic requirement for the Reappearance.

    For me, there has been a powerful attraction both to Tsipras and Varoufakis — particularly the latter, as has been the experience of all within his aura — which extends exponentially, thus verifying his key role in the new world order.

    Greece is my favorite country in Europe, far surpassing all others, and I have been suffering along with it throughout this saga. Certainly they have lessons to learn — haven’t we all? — but it is fitting that Greece should be the catalyst for the new world order, just as it had been for Western society in the past — also lead by key disciples.

    As revealer of this truth for those who can understand, you deserve the same accolades as the obvious visible partners who are leading our ‘revolution’.

    In grateful companionship —


  8. Dan McTague says:

    Brillient as usual

    We who watch from the sidelines had better be positioning ourselves to take a stand. The NGWS brings group honesty to this issue world wide. What’s in your wallet?

  9. Geoff says:

    Thank you Phillip, for a wonderful article. The article itself, and the comments from other readers, touched me as have few other pieces I have read. We have all followed the Greek situation, with our judgments clouded by the usual misinformation. However, reading your essay , one becomes aware of the human dimension, and how we are all truly “the one soul”.
    Our hearts are with our Greek brothers and sisters, and we empathise with them and wish them well on the hard road they have to tread

  10. Cynthia Figueiredo says:

    Thank you, Phillip, for your very important article.

  11. Ricardo Lopes says:

    Your article as well as being very enlightening, has the gift of causing also enlightening posts presenting different and complementary points of view.
    Your research work is amazing but will be of little use if it were not shared. It would be like if you were collecting fantastic seeds and let in a barn instead of launching into fertile soil.
    Thank you and keep sharing!

  12. Robin Leemkuil says:

    This article hits the spot regarding my question(see fb, couple of days ago) if i was fighting against my own old paradigm, pointing at myself as a capricorn entity (asc. virgo/ ant. cancer).
    hereby referring to the transformations i´ve gone trough.

    In short , as a young boy, if people asked what i would become… my answer was quite simple and clear.. I AM GONNE BE RICH. I´ve started my own company a few years ago.

    Nowadays, Although i really see the value of money, i don´t give a shit about it (i am not rich). I found out that the most precious moments wear based on the SHARING PRINCIPLE. Specifically, as an owner of a recruitment company, it knocked my socks off what it can mean to people if you give them some extra. sometimes it is hard to afford, but ok).

    Referring to your article, as a capricorn, i broke the old paradigm of selfcenteredness and own gains, to create a new paradigm based on the sharing principle.

    I think this was the key to my own salvation………..

    p.s. as a second interesting , more based on the struggle between paradigms, it felt like i sometimes struggled against my own entity. Like greece struggles now against their old entities (Europa/referring to the greek roots of European society) and their own status at this moment. I am not quite sure in which phase greece is… at least in a crisis. But what comes after that?

  13. Rachel says:

    I will go first in french…. my effort in english below !

    Merci pour cet article très fouillé et très intéressant comme toujours. Je viens d’aller passer 6 semaines en Grèce dans les îles grecques. Voici mes impressions du peuple. Charmant, bien intentionné, confiant. Je n’ai jamais ressenti les grecques comme étant sous la coupole capricorne. Je sais qu’ils ont une personnalité capricorne, mais j’ai du mal à la ressentir. Par contre, j’ai bien ressenti le Rayon 2 Amour-Sagesse qui gouverne leur signe ascendant, le signe de l’âme grecque.

    Ce signe Vierge est gouverné par le Rayon 2 et Jupiter. J’ajouterai qu’au niveau de l’âme c’est la Lune (Rayon 4, Harmonie par le conflit) dans un premier temps qui gouverne voilant Vulcain (Rayon 1). Voici donc ce Vulcain qui veut transformer la forme afin que l’Esprit christique puisse descendre en son sein.

    En fait, la situation grecque nous fait tous réfléchir sur l’endettement, les responsabilités, la main mise des banques sur les finances de tous et chacun. Ils sont en ce moment comme le serin dans la mine; le serin qui étouffe…

    Jupiter entre en Vierge le 12 août. Qu’est-ce que ce Jupiter, Rayon 2 amour-Sagesse apportera à la Grèce et à cette situation. Jupiter en Vierge aide souvent à assainir, il aide à la guérison. C’est ce que je leur souhaite et nous souhaite comme humanité.

    Thank you for this very interesting article as you always do. I just went 6 weeks in Greece in the Greek islands. Here are my impressions of the people. Charming, well-intentioned, confident. I never felt the Greek were being under the Capricorn dome. I know they have a Capricorn personality, but it’s hard to feel it. For cons, I have felt the Love-Wisdom Ray 2 that governs their rising sign Virgo, the sign of the Greek soul. This sign Virgo is ruled by the Ray 2 and Jupiter. I would add that at the Virgo soul level the Moon (Ray 4 Harmony throught Conflict) is leading veiling Vulcan (Ray 1, the Ray of power). So here is Vulcan who wants to transform the shape, the form, so that the Christ spirit may descend within it.

    In fact, the Greek situation makes us all think about the debt, responsibilities, the stranglehold of the banks on the finances of everyone. They are now as serin in the mine; the serin that is suffocating …

    Jupiter enters in Virgo from August 12. What this Jupiter in Virgo, Ray 2 Love Wisdom, may bring to Greece and to this situation. Jupiter in Virgo often helps to clean, it helps to heal. This is what I wish them and us all as humanity.



    • Phillip Lindsay
      Phillip Lindsay says:

      Thanks for your excellent comments Rachel. I too have lived in Greece and had similar experience. Perhaps this crisis coming to a head now, will spur the soul of the Greek people even more whilst Jupiter is in Virgo for the next year. I wrote about Jupiter’s last entrance into Virgo 12 years ago here: and look forward to writing about it again soon in light of the entities that are ruled by Virgo at the soul and personality levels, i.e. Greece, Australia, New Zealand, Brazil, Ireland etc. Perhaps the reason it is “hard to feel the Capricorn personality” is because like Australia, Virgo soul/rising puts the Capricorn sun/personality in the fifth house, which comes across as more Leonine, outgoing and playful.

  14. Rachel says:

    Yes, bien sûr !, the sun in the fifth, it changes this capricorn signature !!! Thanks !

    And I was thinking also that Neptune is opposing the Virgo ascendant which brings a lot of confusion. Neptune is the Lord of waters and Greece is a VERY watery country. Neptune brings in the Ray 6, passion….opposition and devotion for a system or another. And now transiting the sun sign of Cancer, Neptune is even more powerful.


  15. John says:

    This may be of interest to some: From the March 2015 Issue of Share International Magazine:

    Q. There are current predictions that in the last quarter of 2015 there will be a very marked collapse of the international economic system: (1) How accurate is this? (2) Is this what your Master’s latest article refers to[Jan/Feb 2015]? (“People everywhere are waiting for change and change they will have, whether welcome or otherwise.”)

    A. (1) It is generally accurate. (2) Yes.

    Out with the old, in with the new!

  16. John says:

    What are the Esoteric Astrologer’s views on the likelihood of a economic collapse later this year?

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