Horoscope of the Soul

FractalLotusAstrology is an ancient art that provides a guide for living a more fulfilled and joyful life. A birthchart is calculated for the exact time of birth, showing positions of the planets in the zodiac relative to your Rising Sign.
This map of life potential allows you to make conscious decisions that will determine your destiny, based always upon free will. You are not a fated victim of the stars, but an aware, creative agent who can intelligently use the energy patterns you chose at birth.

An astrologer’s job is to help bring the archetypal “idea” of the soul into awareness, looking at all the talents and skills that you have brought in with you, as well as major challenges.

In soul-centered astrology the Rising Sign assumes great importance, as it is a quality that the soul is seeking to unfold in this incarnation.

What is your great gift or soul purpose? How are you going to contribute that, and when? What is it that you have come here to do? Are you to be a healer, artist, scientist, psychologist, musician or astrologer?

Relationships are probably the most challenging area for most, in terms of the evocation of a loving heart. Compatibility can be seen in horoscopes and it is why India has observed this practice with potential partners for thousands of years.

Blocks to rightly relating can also be seen, as well as that which can be cultivated to remedy the situation. When this is mastered, quite often concerns of health, money, home and career look after themselves.

One of the greatest advantages for a parent is to have a horoscope reading for their children, providing valuable insights into their strengths and sensitivities, so that they can be guided rightly through life.

There are many who are just ‘waking up’, have some sense of soul purpose or who are seeking to adopt a new lifestyle. This often presents as a crisis and is an ideal time to seek astrological advice. Crises can be lessened if we know our birthchart better, and are consciously working at eliminating our unconscious behaviours.

Astrology provides a light that illuminates The Way ahead. It is the spiritual good fortune that is your right to claim. Spiritually-based astrology is not fortune-telling or fatalisitic (negating free-will), but an empowering tool that allows you to see your choices and make them.

This is the kind of astrology that is evolving as we progress into the Age of Aquarius.

Astrologer: Phillip Lindsay
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Your personal horoscope reading is digitally recorded and includes current transits and progressions for the next two years. An audio mp3 file and the charts (jpgs), are sent to the client via the web.

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