* – Thank you for the reading last year, it’s been a journey to say the least! The insight you gave me into the inner most workings of my 2nd Saturn return has been one of absolute attention to detail and hard work. My mother passed away late July as was perfectly forecast in my reading, this gave me so much prep time and allowed for me to be present at her death. She had a stroke, caused by a massive pituitary tumour, and fell fracturing her spine in two places. If not for your help I wouldn’t have been able to care for her through the whole process. There was so much love and forgiveness, not to mention the healing of her etheric body. Many Blessings for your input. – Ella.

* – “I would like to thank you for your very insightful reading. I was especially struck by your sensitive and accurate handling of the grand cross configuration. You have provided me with a wealth of new information to digest at this time. I look forward to the natural unfolding of the patterns you’ve noted. Many, many thanks.” Kelly.

* – “The reading was amazing I’m really happy! It’s going to be very helpful.” Julio.

* – “I finally found time last night to listen to the Astrological reading you sent. It was so like an esoteric healing session where you are “spending time” with someone “and their field/planetary configurations is/are telling you all kinds of things about them; and its the most intimate kind of work I’ve ever seen and you may or may not even “know” the person in the colloquial sense. Anyway, as you already know, you were more than a little accurate and it met a need I had. Thank you again for the reading. It was wonderful.” Carol.

* – “I have finished listening for the first time your reading. Wonderful work, very much my blueprint. I resonate much to what you have explained, see myself through time, my journey is clear. I thank you for being open to answer any questions and for the ‘panoramic picture'” Maritza.

* – “Thankyou very much indeed for your reading yesterday. It has given me much clarification, and confidence regarding my future directions, and will help me plot my course from this moment onwards. It was most beneficial to listen to your words once again, to re-establish things inwardly.

Last night I had a very inspirational meditation and this morning I have had some overpowering invigoration to tidy up things around the house and clear out all unwanted and unneeded clutter from my shed, and send some to the local charity, and the rest to the local tip.

I feel that this could well be an urge to clear out the old, and make space for the new, on some level of consciousness. I feel that I am in the process of making some important changes in my forseeable future, and tend to think that our session has kick-started some inner power to initiate change.” Neville.

* – “Thank you again for my reading . I got some new insights from you. I feel like I can quit the self-analyzing now and just get on with work and life! Strangely , I felt so much lighter when you related about me being overwhelmed. All us sensitive souls need to support each other! Life is such a trip! I hope I can grow braver and continue to be steadfast on my creative path so that my world of influence can expand too.” Melinda.

* – “This is such a helpful tool. We still refer to the reading that you did for our daughter, it has proven to be very insightful in how we work with and parent her. It’s interesting how parents often use the first child as barometers for their second and vice versa. Thanks again, Phillip for sharing your knowledge and talents with others.” Margaret.

* – “You might not remember me for I am probably one of the countless people who order services from you. In this long overdue email, I want to express my gratitude for your continued efforts to help others discover their own path by interpreting their natal charts, and your effort to educate people on the ageless wisdom.

Your esoteric interpretation of my birth chart pulled the “tip of the thread” just enough so, that it motivated me to go on a quest of self discovery and development. Since your reading in 2005, I began reading and studying. I listen to your interpretation from time to time because it is timeless, and its done in a language which I increasingly understand.” Andrea.

* – “I have listened once so far to my astrology reading and I am amazed by the accuracy and insights. Thank you very much for such a fine job. Again I really love your direct honesty in what you saw and letting me know the ride is not over!” Marilyn.

* – “Your reading was every thing I was hoping for… Very clear, grounded, and it had a gentle stretching quality to it…. In many way it confirmed what I knew but asked me to grow and consider another facet to that understanding. As the British would say, “Outstanding !!” Personally I would like to thank you for giving so much of your life to unraveling the complexities of these ancient wisdoms.” Cindy.

* – “Thank you for the reading, I needed to hear your interpretation in order to have the concepts so I can actualize my goals. So your interpretation was not only a validation but also gave me the larger picture that I need at this time. I have felt neptunian and uranian but not knowing why and you nailed it thank you. I appreciate all that you have said about my capabilites and I would like to own them. I think this reading helps in me taking responsibilty for my gifts.

Other readings were general about power – you were specific. So thank you for allowing me to charge of this wonderful opportunity…. my life!!!! I like the ease and clarity in the way that you speak and look forward to reading your work.” June.

* – “I want to just thank you for the insight you gave into many things that have been going on in the recent past as well as the tendencies that I see creep into my daily living. I acknowledge deeply my gemini instinct and realize that I have fought it back much of my lifetime. The urge to go off on tangents that sound interesting have brought me many wonderful experiences as well as much delay in my focus on what it is that I wish to accomplish in this lifetime …

Everything you said hit the nail right on the head and it’s interesting to me that the reading I had 6 or 8 years ago by an astrologer named … did nothing for my awareness since I was still in the mindset that did not allow me to hear with higher listening.

The past several years, since 2007, have truly been, as you described, a breaking down of personality, a destroying of old ideas and thought forms, and a total transformation of the personality, this being the Pluto working … complete restructuring of my life, my mental processes, and my values, not to mention my marriage and family life. I am now able to hear with that higher mind and understand the dweller on the threshold that has proven to be my truest teacher. I see these days that my task at hand is to continue to move forward into the old patterns as they arise to be healed and not fall back into them because of their familiarity.” Claire.

* – “The reading by far has been the best astrology reading I’ve ever received. My awareness and daily experience is very much in sync with your insights. I feel like I am still functioning in a “holding position”, but feeling that things are coming together. There’s a sense of integration developing, marrying the material and spiritual- the possibility that finally the work and service of my outer life will align and integrate with my spiritual, inner life.

Much needs to be done for this to fully materialize yet, but things have been set in place. The ‘building’ of potentials has been the easier part (though a lot of work has been involved), and the “destroying” of what still binds me and continues to hold me back remains the hardest part. Learning to trust intuition and Soul guidance, to minimize fear… yeah… But your reading gives me great hope.” Renate.

* – I’ve studied this weekend what you’ve sent me. It was clear to me and very well explained and I should thank you for that, because it’s my first astrological reading and I was afraid of not understanding too much. But of course I have several clarifications to ask you.

What you’ve told me in that reading were things that define myself and I can see them more or less, but I had never put them in such an order and of course I couldn’t know how determining the stars are on us!

It’s totally true what you say about my Sun in Leo opposite to my Earth in Aquarius. I’ve always liked to work alone and I could never take responsibilities and lead a group and I could never work in a group. But now, I feel stonger and stronger the need to work in group. And I feel very impressed that stars really show all these aspects of one’s caracter! How impressive! George.

* – Thank you very much for the astrology reading that you did for me. I have listened to it a couple of times so far and very joyously discovered that it ended up on my music player so that I can now listen to it often, take notes and mark my calendar.

I finally have had a chance to find the essays that you recommended, as well and look forward to reading them. I feel like I really needed some hope and a map so to speak, to guide me in the right direction.

I am very grateful for the reading and my mom was very kind to order it. I have paid her for it. You had done a reading for my mom about a year ago and I knew I wanted to have one and it was the right time! The reading is frighteningly accurate in so many ways. I love that! Sara.

* – Thx again for the chart and reading. I feel your interpretation confirmed many of the experiences and processes operating in my life. I feel encouraged to continue to meet the challenges and opportunities ocurring in my life. Most prominent, for what it is worth, is the desire to balance the polarities between hanging on to old material things and habits and receiving newer and deeper energies that I can share in a positive way, moving myself and encouraging others, towards a more meaningfull type of productivity.

Some areas of influx include an expanding awareness of the creatures we share this world with and their Source; it is slowly leading me towards a clearer perspective and increasing intimacy with my body, my “identity” and the relationships I share.

I feel fortunate to have had many relationships and experiences in my life that have mirrored back to me the more detrimental effects of the uses of my egoistical energies. I am hopeful that these older aspects of my nature will continue to fall away and that I will grow in expressing an increasing amount of love towards myself and all the creatures I come in contact with. At this time in my life I cannot imagine a more meaningful existence. I am mindful, however, that there is still much to let go of!

I think your appraisal of my eastern hemisphere energy is very accurate – I have strong tendency to independently manage the processes in my life and I welcome the opportunity to allow other influences to play an increasing role. Jim.

* – I was gifted with an esoteric reading on my birthday and was immediately impressed on many levels. Phillip quickly sent both a natal chart and a transit chart for the coming year, followed by his recorded reading. Anyone who is a visual learner will appreciate the value of the charts as a study tool and point of focus while listening to his experienced reading. I have returned to these often in the last year and they continue to serve my growth and understanding.

As to the length, breadth, and depth of his analysis, it would be impossible to list all the accuracies presented. I imagine that in addition to his experience, he is also very intuitive, as we did not have contact prior to the reading. I was deeply thankful for his ability to communicate in a very clear and methodological manner, working with one planet at a time (its sign; its ray) and so gently and sensitively connecting each with the energies of others. He provided historical information, so that I was able to follow his insight from the ground up, even with only basic knowledge of esoteric astrology.

Something new that was presented was the inclusion of the planet Earth and the resulting geometric patterns. Suddenly, the chart took on a 3-dimensional nature that was illuminating! It made all the difference as I could now perceive a dimension previously veiled by exoteric astrology. By the end of the reading, I felt wholly connected with the material. I believe this final outcome is the sign of a true teacher.

For anyone wondering about quality and quantity, here you have both! I considered the reading so valuable a resource that I prepared a transcript for myself, which amounted to 10 pages of single-spaced text! Even several months after the session, once there had been time to more fully absorb all that he had so professionally provided, Phillip allowed me to contact him with questions and feedback at no additional charge. It has been one of the most meaningful gifts I have received. I wholeheartedly recommend his service! Thank you, Phillip. Tina.

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