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Unveiling Genesis

Mysteries Of The Rootraces And Cycles

This new book probes the mysteries of human civilisation, its origin in ancient Lemuria and ebb and flow in the rootraces like Atlantis, through to the current Fifth Rootrace – and into the future. It is essentially the story of the human soul and the evolution of consciousness, interpreted in the light of Blavatsky’s The Secret Doctrine, and The Book of Genesis, drawing upon Eastern and Western traditions – Judaic and Hindu, Christian and Buddhist. The science of cycles, the …

The Shamballa Impacts

Their Esoteric Astrology in World History

Each Shamballa impact in history has caused drastic and unprecedented change. Here the Shamballa tradition is broadly traced through Earth’s ancient occult history, focusing on the last three major impacts, including that of the year 2000.

Shamballa is a “Place of Peace” and the “Centre Where the Will of God is Known”, whose Purpose is only now being revealed as Humanity become more receptive to its impulse.

Masters of the Seven Rays

Their Past Lives and Reappearance

The subject of the Masters has always been highly controversial, ever since Madame Blavatsky announced their existence to the world at the end of the 19th century. Since then there have been claims and distortions around their identity and function in the world, making a travesty of the whole subject. It is hoped that a more balanced perspective is presented here, that can provide accurate and concise information to newcomers of the Ageless Wisdom – as the subject of the Masters is one that many seekers first come across.

Soul Cycles of the Seven Rays I

Esoteric Astrology and Initiation

This book covers a broad variety of perspectives in Esoteric Astrology (EA), the emerging astrology of the Seven Rays in this Aquarian cycle. From an in depth introduction to EA and the search for soul purpose, to practical astronomy, to the most abstract and arcane cosmologies; there is also an extensive astro-biography which applies many new principles of interpretation.

Soul Cycles of the Seven Rays II

Esoteric Astrology and Initiation

These essays range over a variety of zodiac sign perspectives from Aries to Pisces, esoterically considered. Topics covered include:

The Japanese Tsunami. Chilean Earthquake. World Kalachakra. Occupy Wall Street. Wikileaks.

Soul Cycles of the Seven Rays III

Esoteric Astrology and Initiation

This is the third volume of the series, Soul Cycles of the Seven Rays, whose essays range over a variety of zodiac sign perspectives from Aries through to Pisces, esoterically considered.

Esoteric Astrology is the Science of the Seven Rays, hence the rays, signs and planets are mentioned frequently as the conditioning influences upon Earth and all the entities contained therein, whether they are individuals, groups, cities, nations or kingdoms.

Destiny of the Races & Nations I

Astrological and Ray Cycles in History

This huge compendium examines cycles and qualitative forces influencing the races, nations and groups. The principles of Esoteric Astrology & the Seven Rays are applied to various nations as well as events such as 9/11, hurricane Katrina and the Asian tsunami.

Destiny of the Races & Nations II

Astrological and Ray Cycles in History

The author always endeavours to make practical this sometimes very abstruse science, hence there are many references to current world events such as the Japanese Tsunami, the Chilean Earthquake, World Kalachakra, Occupy Wall Street, the world financial crisis, the Wikileaks affair or the blending of races and cultures. There is a large section of essays on the United States of America.

The Hidden History of Humanity I

Esoteric Evolution of Planetary Life

Here is the clearest exposition since Blavatsky of the Rootraces and their cycles, from the birth of the human soul in ancient Lemuria through Atlantis to our modern Fifth Rootrace. There are many useful explanatory tables diagrams and timelines that demonstrate astronomical & astrological bases of the ‘rounds’, ‘yugas’ and other cycles, including scientific correspondences. There is also an exhaustive esoteric interpretation of Genesis from the racial and cyclic angle, using the Ten Patriarchs as a key for the duration and order of the races; there are several breakthroughs here, never published before.

The Initiations of Krishnamurti

An Astrological Biography

Applying the principles of the new Esoteric Astrology, the author gives a thorough in-depth, detailed account of the life of one of the most controversial figures of the 20th century. Major events and initiations are considered in light of biographical dates and horoscopes for these times. Soul purpose is also explored in terms of K’s relationship to the Theosophical Society, his Masters, awakened chakras and the many varied people in his life. Accordingly, the hidden life of this enigmatic man begins to emerge.

Los Maestros de los Siete Rayos

Sus Vidas Pasadas y Su Reaparición

¿Qué significan para usted los nombres: Conde de San Germain, Morya, Koot Humi, Djwhal Khul, o Buda y Cristo? El tema de los Maestros ha sido siempre altamente controversial, desde que Madame Blavatsky anunció su existencia al mundo hacia finales del siglo IXX Desde entonces han habido pretensiones y distorsiones acerca de su identidad y su función en el mundo, convirtiendo todo el tema en una parodia. Se espera presentar aquí, una perspectiva más equilibrada, que pueda brindar información precisa y concisa para los que comienzasn a interesarse en la Sabiduría sin Edades, ya que el tema de los Maestros es uno de los que los buscadores abordan primero.

Songs to Varuna

Musings of a Mortal from His Boat on the Ocean

Poems 1988-2008.