Soul Cycles of the Seven Rays III

Esoteric Astrology and Initiation

This is the third volume of the series, Soul Cycles of the Seven Rays, whose essays range over a variety of zodiac sign perspectives from Aries through to Pisces, esoterically considered.

Esoteric Astrology is the Science of the Seven Rays, hence the rays, signs and planets are mentioned frequently as the conditioning influences upon Earth and all the entities contained therein, whether they are individuals, groups, cities, nations or kingdoms.

The Science of Cycles is also another factor that is incorporated, along with the Science of Initiation, a sub-science of Esoteric Astrology. The author always endeavours to make practical this sometimes very abstruse science, hence there are many references to current world events such as the Mayan eclipse of 2012, the Catholic Church, homelessness, poverty, financial crisis, theft, narcissism, sugar, gun control and sexuality.

Some of the more esoteric subjects include: Cymatics, Shamballa, planets and fixed stars, the seven rays, initiation, speech and silence, mantras, breath, the etheric body, the asteroid goddesses and The Egyptian Book of the Dead. There are brief and more lengthy profiles of famous (or infamous!) individuals and events such as: Nelson Mandela, James Holmes, Kieron Williamson, Steven Spielberg, Don Quixote, Pink Floyd, Pope Francis, Anders Breivik, Rumi, Nicholas Roerich, Patrick White and the Sandy Hook and Aurora shootings.

Although nations are mentioned mostly in the author’s books, The Destiny of the Races and Nations (Vols I & II), some commentaries included here are on: USA, Japan, Turkey, Russia, Germany, Brazil, Norway, Cuzco and London.

April, 2015.  (6″ x 9″. 616 pages.) ISBN 978-1-876849-14-6.

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Aries the Ram
Cuzco, Peru: Home of the Sun God
Semana Santa, Cusco. Christ of the Earthquakes
Jesus and the Roman Catholic Church
Exaltation of the Sun in Aries
Jesus and the Fourth Initiation
Resurrection and Ascension at Easter

Aries the Ram
The New Cycle of Aries and the Role of Uranus
The Equinox and Full Moon Horoscopes for 2013
Aries, Death, Shamballa and the First Ray of Will-Power

Aries the Ram
Aries: The Beginning of a Creative Process
Impractical Idealism of the Aspirant
Rage and Revolution
Aries Songkran Festival in Chiang Mai, Thailand

Taurus the Bull
The Three Major Spiritual Festivals
Venus and Taurus: Light and Wisdom
Taurus the Bull: Nandi, Vulcan and Shiva
Ajna Centre and the Third Eye
Taurus Rules the New Group of World Servers
The Great Opportunity at Wesak
Total Solar Eclipse Conjunct Alcyone – May 20, 2012
Significance of May 20 Eclipse in the Mayan Tradition
Eclipse Path Links East and West

 the Bull
Taurus and the Divine Feminine 
Taurus, the Mother of Illumination
Taurus-Scorpio: Desire, Sex and Satiation
The Current Influence of Mars’ Explosions
The Three Major Spiritual Festivals
Taurus Rules the New Group of World Servers

Taurus the Bull
Why Wesak is the Most Important Spiritual Festival of the Year
The Structure of Shamballa
Understanding Our Role as World Servers
Cycles of the New Group of World Servers
Israel’s Dance with Destiny

Gemini the Twins
Transit of Venus in the Gemini Full Moon Period
Venus: Timing for the Piscean Aquarian Cuspal Period
World Crisis and Opportunity
Mayan Cycles, the Kali Yuga and the Great Year
Gemini, the Sign of Right Relationships
Communications Technology: Over-Connected?
Patrick White: Nobel Laureate for Literature 1973
Japan, Nuclear Fallout and Future Earthquakes

Gemini the Twins
Gemini: Third of Three Festivals
Gemini: Communications – Lower and Higher
Gemini and Right Speech
Gemini: Breath, Etheric Body and Meditation

Gemini the Twins
Gemini, Communication and Telepathy
Busiris: The False Teacher
Russell Brand: Loquacious Gemini
Great Britain: Gemini Soul
The Pentecost: Symbol of Right Human Relations
World Invocation Day

Cancer the Crab
Cancer and the Cardinal Cross
Global Economic Crisis: Homelessness and Poverty
The Uranus-Pluto Square-Dance on the Cusp of the Ages
Born on the 4th of July: United States of America
Japan’s Uranus-Pluto Time Bomb at Fukishima
Israel Attack on Iran
Julian Assange’s Pluto square Uranus Crisis

Cancer the Crab
Cancer: The Primordial Watery Matrix
Turkey Unrest: Cancer Soul Awakening
National Crisis: Cancer Influences in the USA
The Problem of Theft in the Psyche of Humanity
No Secrets in the Coming Age of Telepathy

Cancer the Crab
The Mystery of Water, Blood and Neptune
God Moved Upon the Face of the Waters
Crop Circles: Patterns of New Consciousness
Samuel Barber: Neptune in Cancer, Pisces Sun

Leo the Lion
The Leo-Aquarius Polarity
Leo and its Rulers: Sun, Neptune and Uranus
Leo and the London Olympics: Let the Games Begin!
Leo Child Prodigy Artist, Kieron Williamson 
Leo in the Horoscope of James Holmes: Aurora Massacre

Leo the Lion
Blue Moons
Leo and Gold
Occupy the Heart: Generosity and Kindness
Leo Soul Brazil

Leo the Lion
Sirian Blue Moon 2013
Sirius, Leo and the Birth of Human Consciousness
Leo, Sirius and the Month of August
The Significance of Number 4
Leo and the Star Regulus
Many Pathways for Sirian Forces
Sirius and the Egyptian Tradition

Leo the Lion
Jupiter in Leo: A Royal Planet in a Royal Sign
Leo, Leadership and Group Work
Spiritual Leaders and the Right Use of Power
Mars in Scorpio: Applying the Blowtorch
Leonine Anatomy of the Israel-Gaza Crisis 2014
Hamas and Israel’s “Terrorism” Excuse
Hamas and Khalad Meshal
Transiting Saturn in Scorpio’s Influence Upon Israel

Virgo the Virgin
The Virgo-Pisces Polarity
A Cosmic Perspective of Virgo
Virgo-Pisces, Multiculturalism and Norway’s Anders Breivik
The Mystery of Demeter-Isis and Persephone
Roberto Assagioli, Founder of Psychosynthesis

Virgo the Virgin
Virgo: Discernment and Discrimination
World Events: Seeing through Illusion
Asteroids Ceres and Hygeia: Virgoan Archetypes
Humanity on the Road to Damascus

Virgo the Virgin
The Virgo Mind: Illumination and Revelation
The Cosmic Virgo: Most Ancient Zodiac Sign
Virgo the Sixth Sign and the Six-Pointed Star
Virgo: Ninth Month, Gestation, Nine Signs
Virgo, Celibacy and Sex 

Libra the Balance
Shamballa, Libra and the Law
Libra and the Book of the Dead: Weighing the Scales
A Paradoxical Cycle: Libra with Mars in Scorpio
Religious Reactionism and Righteousness
Libra & Mars in Scorpio: 10-day Window of Danger for Israel
Jupiter in Gemini to the Rescue!
Libra Full Moon T-Square: Sun-Uranus, Moon and Pluto

Libra the Balance
The Essence of Libra
Libra, Money and the Etheric
Telepathy, Esoteric Astrology and the Etheric
Libra Rules the Cusp of the Ages
Libra and Right Human Relationships
Rumi and Roerich: Libran Messengers of Beauty
The U.S. Debt: A Libran Crisis During Mercury Retrograde

Libra the Balance
Libra: War, Peace and the Smoke of Battle
Solar Storms, Jupiter in Leo and the Pointer Stars
Mercury Retrograde in Libra
USA’s Perpetual War. Guns Guns Guns: Aries-Libra
Libra the Law and Judgement
Manipulation of the Law: Social and Spiritual

Scorpio the Eagle
Scorpio and the Path of Discipleship
Scorpio, Fear and the Desire for Power
Saturn in Scorpio, Pluto in Capricorn
Japan, Scorpio and Mount Fuji

Scorpio the Eagle
The Trials and Tests of Scorpio
Scorpio, the Human Hierarchy
Scorpio, Memory and the Dweller on the Threshold
Scorpio, Narcissism and the Ahamkara
Scorpio: Scorpion, Snake and Eagle

Scorpio the Eagle
Scorpio, Illusion and Initiation
Scorpio and Emotional Independence
Scorpio and Ophiucus, the Serpent Bearer
Scorpio and Aesceplius the Healer 

Sagittarius the Archer
Don Quixote: Tilting at Windmills
Spain: Sagittarian Soul
Steven Spielberg – Sagittarian Visionary
Sagittarius, the Galactic Centre and The Mayan Calendar
Festival of the New Group of World Servers (NGWS)

Sagittarius the Archer
The Sequence of the Zodiac
Sagittarius, Mars and the Emotions
A Tribute to Nelson Mandela: Sagittarius Rising

Sagittarius the Archer
Sagittarius the Adventurer
The Odyssey: Journey of Ulysses

Capricorn the Goat
Capricorn: Goat, Crocodile and Unicorn
The Capricorn Solstice and Initiation
Seven-Year Cycle of The New Group of World Servers
New Group of World Servers and the Law of Group Progress
Invoking the Avatar of Synthesis
The Mayan Prophecy 2012: The Avatar Quetzalcoatl

Capricorn the Goat
2014: Year of the Cardinal Grand Cross
Capricorn: A Sign of Life and Death
Capricorn and Initiation
Jupiter in Cancer, Sugar and Revolting Peasants
Capricorn Japan Revisited: Fukushima

Capricorn the Goat
Capricorn, the Path of Purification and Sirius
The Mystery of Makara and Sex
The Capricorn Christ and Neptune
2015: Pluto in Capricorn Activation of Sirius
USA 2015: Capricorn Full Moon Grand Cross

Aquarius the Water-Bearer
Aquarius and Initiation
Aquarius and Buddhic Consciousness
Aquarius, Waters of Life
Aquarius and the Spiritual Will
Aquarius, a Sign of Constant Movement
Obama, Aquarius Rising
Sandy Hook: Watershed Moment for Water-Bearer USA
National Rifle Association and the Second Amendment
The Romance of Gun Culture
Fear as the Source

Aquarius the Water-Bearer
The Eleventh Sign, the Eleventh House & Group Relations
The Aquarian Shadow: Selfish Groups and Corporations
Why is Uranus the Planet of Occultism?
Uranus, Aquarius and Sex
The Incoming Seventh Ray
Aquarian USA: America’s Dark Night of the Soul
USA’s Sun square Saturn

Aquarius the Water-Bearer
The Age of Aquarius: A New Renaissance
Astrology of France and Paris: Leo-Aquarius Polarity
Je ne suis pas Charlie Hebdo
Planetary Conflict Between Spiritual and Material Forces

Pisces the Fishes
Problems for the Piscean Mystic and the Path of Occultism
The Materialistic Forces and Misleading Media
Nazi Germany: A Mediumistic Piscean Personality
The Glamour of 9/11: Imminent Revelation of the Truth

Pisces the Fishes
Pluto’s Soul Rulership of Pisces
Pisces Pink Floyd and the Sixties Music Revolution
The Ancient Karmic Meaning of, “I leave the Father’s home
Vladimir Putin and the Destiny of Russia
The Astrology of Malaysian Airlines Flight 370

Pisces the Fishes
A Reminder About the Science of Esoteric Astrology
Pisces and Neptune’s Realm: Surfing the Astral Plane
Pisces and the Sacrifice Petals: The Final Frontier
Pisces as Humourist and Healer
Pisces-Fomalhaut-Aquarius: Two Signs Connected to Water
Pisces-Virgo: Inquisitional Cruelty-Kindness Polarity
The Last Uranus-Pluto Square: Pisces-Aquarius Transition
Neptune in Pisces
The Extraordinary New Moon of Aquarius-Pisces
Jupiter’s Second of Three Hits on Dubhe
The Astrology of Malaysian Airlines Flight 370

Facebook Tidbits
The Catholic Church and a New Pope
Pope Francis
J.S. Bach (31 March 1685)
Taurus-Scorpio Axis
An Ominous Sign? Oklahoma Tornado
Gemini: Social Media, Misinformation and Monsanto
Water Moons and Boundaries
Great Britain: Gemini Soul
Mars in Taurus
USA’s Mars and the Gemini New Moon
The Bilderberg Group: Greater Transparency Emerging?
Edward Snowden (Part I): Gemini Whistleblower
Edward Snowden (Part II): Mercury Retrograde
Edward Snowden (Part III): Mercury Retrograde
Egypt’s Current Crisis: July 9-10 Critical Days
Mars Leaves Cancer and Enters Leo
Mercury in Scorpio (Part I): The Deep Sea Diver
Mercury in Scorpio (Part II): US Shutdown
Transiting Mars in Leo over the two pole star Pointers
Mercury in Libra and Obama’s Shift to Diplomacy
The Current Threat to Right Relationships
Madiba’s Light Shines On
Mars in Virgo, Sun in Scorpio
Peter O’Toole
Russell Brand: Neptune in Sagittarius
Capricorn Solstice and New Moon Smorgasbord
Forgiveness at Christmas
The Capricorn Solstice
Capricorn New Moon: A Taste of 2014
Capricorn and Christmas
Aquarius New Moon 2015
Jupiter’s Ongoing Passes Over Merak and Dubhe
Israel Elections: Last Hit of Pluto-Uranus
New Moon Eclipse in Pisces and the Aries Equinox

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