The Hidden History of Humanity I

Esoteric Evolution of Planetary Life

Here is the clearest exposition since Blavatsky of the Rootraces and their cycles, from the birth of the human soul in ancient Lemuria through Atlantis to our modern Fifth Rootrace. There are many useful explanatory tables diagrams and timelines that demonstrate astronomical & astrological bases of the ‘rounds’, ‘yugas’ and other cycles, including scientific correspondences. There is also an exhaustive esoteric interpretation of Genesis from the racial and cyclic angle, using the Ten Patriarchs as a key for the duration and order of the races; there are several breakthroughs here, never published before. (Several more volumes are planned, investigating other ‘keys‘.)

2007.  (8½” x 11”, 422 pages) ISBN 978-1-876849-06-1.

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NOTE: This book has been discounted because it has been superseded by the newly released Unveiling Genesis (Nov. 2017). The first third of this book is a summary of Blavatsky’s The Secret Doctrine and does not appear in the new title.



There are three parts to this book:

I: Stanzas of Dzyan: Cosmogenesis & Anthropogenesis.
II: Planetary Schemes, Chains, Globes, Rounds & Rootraces.
III: Esoteric Interpretation of Genesis: Rounds & Rootraces.

This book explores the deepest roots of planetary and human evolution, via the esoteric sciences of cycles, the rootraces, astrology and ancient scriptures. From the point of ‘human individualisation’ some twenty million years ago, the unfoldment of consciousness is traced throughout the Lemurian, Atlantean and Aryan races, demonstrating from whence humanity has come and where it is heading. Drawing upon religious disciplines of East and West, bridges are built to the sciences such as geology, botany and biology – demonstrating the veracity of the claims of occultism, particularly those given by H.P. Blavatsky in The Secret Doctrine.

Several important breakthroughs have been made in the understanding of evolutionary chronology and the unfoldment of consciousness:

1. The timing of cycles called manvantaras or rounds.
2. The emergence of the kingdoms of nature and their order.
3. Events around the period of Individualisation 21.6 million years ago.
4. The timing of the subraces of the Lemurian, Atlantean and Aryan rootraces.
5. The incorrect timing of the Mahabharata by mainstream scholars.
6. The geological key in the context of the five rootraces.
7 . Timelines of the rootraces, subraces & branchraces.
8 . The esoteric evolutionary key to Genesis (chapters 1-6).
9 . Time-code cipher that unlocks the durations of the subraces and Patriarchs.


1. The Secret Doctrine

Toward the end of the nineteenth century Helena P. Blavatsky (H.P.B.) released several volumes of books, Isis Unveiled: A Master Key to the Mysteries of Ancient and Modern Science and Theology, and The Secret Doctrine:The Synthesis of Science, Religion and Philosophy.
All the material in these works was transmitted to her via several of the Masters of Wisdom, either telepathically, in written letters, or when she was in direct physical contact with them. The existence or veracity of the Masters will not be defended or explained here, there is much documentation already in existence that the reader may consult. Suffice to say, this material would definitely not be classed as the type of ‘channeled’ material – generically called ‘New Age’. It is serious, profound and deeply spiritual.

The contents of these books have at once inspired and confounded scholars, being brought about through the following:

1. Their extremely cosmic and abstract nature.
2. The sometimes obtuse nature of the way the material is presented in the books.
3. The claims that have been made about the age of humanity, which have severely challenged both science and religion, with their cultural conditionings – in an unquestioning world.

The books are excellent studies in comparative religion, in that they draw upon the most esoteric essence of the all traditions, showing the similarities and even identical strands that are woven through them all.
There are many ‘proofs’ in HPB’s works in both the areas of science and religion as the titles above suggest. These proofs are accompanied by hints for the earnest researcher to follow up on, that equate the tenets of The Secret Doctrine with that which has already been uncovered and is known to man. It is simply a matter of putting it all together and allowing experts in their fields to test these claims.

The intention of this work is to re-arrange what HPB has given us into a chronological sequence that will demonstrate the evolution of consciousness in Humanity. That evolution will be from before the race came into existence, up to “Individualisation” when the ‘spark of mind’ was ‘implanted’ in Humanity, through the subsequent evolutions of the Lemurian and Atlantean civilisations and into our current Aryan race and beyond.

On the scientific side, several key areas will be tied in with this history of the rootraces, namely geology, geography, astronomy, ethnology, botany, biology, archeology and anthropology. The former of these many sciences will be concentrated on mostly, whilst the latter will have several key examples. (See Part 2 of the Introduction)

From the religious angle, many of the most ancient works of the Hindus in particular will be referenced, whilst elements of the Jewish, Persian, Islamic, Buddhist, Gnostic, Celtic and Christian traditions will all be referenced where applicable.

The other major source is from the writings of Alice A. Bailey (A.A.B.), transmitted by the Master Djwhal Khul who was intimately involved with the first ‘installment’ of the Ageless Wisdom through HPB. These teachings in many ways compliment and augment that which was already given out through HPB.

The Secret Doctrine was HPB’s ‘magnum opus’ and still has not had its secrets unraveled or the material done real justice. Cosmogenesis (Book 1) is the study of the origin and development of the universe. Anthropogenesis (Book 2) is the study of the origin and development of humanity. Both draw upon the most arcane aspects of all spiritual disciplines.

The Book of Dzyan is the skeleton of The Secret Doctrine. It is the first in fourteen volumes of commentaries on the seven secret folios of Kiu-Ti. There are thirty-five ‘exoteric’ volumes of these in most Tibetan monasteries, but they are full of gross distortions and exaggerations. The Book of Dzyan is kept separate from the other volumes by the Teshu Lama of Tjigad-je.

‘Dzyan’ comes from ‘Dhyana’, meaning ‘spiritual meditation’. It is with this attitude that these teachings should be approached, not purely through the lop-sided Western analytical method of study. There are three sets of books by Kiu-Ti:

1) Seven secret volumes
2) Fourteen volumes of Commentaries, annotations and a glossary for Initiates.
3) Thirty-five exoteric volumes.”

Exploring the hidden history of the world entails going back to the birth of the solar system of which our Earth is just one planet. As part of this process, questions can be asked as to the source of the solar system and this will be covered.

It is important to understand how the solar system came into being, as it provides a structure within which a perspective can be gained of the development of our planet – for ‘as above, so below’. Therefore this study will proceed in two stages:

1. Cosmogenesis: (Origin of the Cosmos) The stupendous question of how this universe and solar system came into being, with its subsequent planetary “schemes”, “chains”, “rounds” and “globes”.

It is intended in this section to give a broad picture without too much detail for the reader to become swamped, but at the same time, it must be thorough, as it will be referenced when discussing Anthropogenesis.

2. Anthropogenesis: (Origin of Humanity) Investigation of relatively recent history – the major rootraces that have come into being in this Fourth Round on Earth. This section will be far more detailed as there are relatively more tangible components in the picture.

Large segments from HPB’s works have been edited down, paraphrased and quoted verbatim, in an effort to (a) preserve the original meaning (b) to make the subject more succinct without wandering too much from the main theme (as The Secret Doctrine is often prone to do!), (c) ground a solid foundation for the history of humanity (Anthropogenesis) later.

2. The Occult and Modern Sciences: Complimentary Keys

“Modern science insists upon the doctrine of evolution; so do human reason and the “secret doctrine,” and the idea is corroborated by the ancient legends and myths, and even by the Bible itself when it is read between the lines. We see a flower slowly developing from a bud, and the bud from its seed. But whence the latter, with all its predetermined programme of physical transformation, and its invisible, therefore spiritual forces which gradually develop its form, color, and odor? The word evolution speaks for itself.

The germ of the present human race must have preexisted in the parent of this race, as the seed, in which lies hidden the flower of next summer, was developed in the capsule of its parent-flower; the parent may be but slightly different, but it still differs from its future progeny. The antediluvian ancestors of the present elephant and lizard were, perhaps, the mammoth and the plesiosaurus; why should not the progenitors of our human race have been the “giants” of the Vedas, the Voluspa, and the Book of Genesis?

While it is positively absurd to believe the “transformation of species” to have taken place according to some of the more materialistic views of the evolutionists, it is but natural to think that each genus, beginning with the mollusks and ending with monkey-man, has modified from its own primordial and distinctive forms.”

As this study is aimed at the curious lay person as well as experienced students of esoteric lore, a few preliminary explanations are in order. ‘Anthropogenesis’ is the scientific study of the development and evolution of the human race. The word ‘scientific’ expands here from its usual translation in that it is the wholistic science of the occult sciences.

Occult science simply means the science of the hidden, referring to those animating and subtle energies that substand the outer life we see around us. It is part of the so-called ‘ageless wisdom’ or ‘perennial philosophy’ that has been around for thousands of years and which exists in many different traditions. The Secret Doctrine is of course such a compendium of occult science and looks at the big picture as well as the smaller details and disciplines within that vast panorama. The microcosm is where the ‘exoteric’ or outer sciences specialise, those that study the physically tangible and measurable.

Therein lies one of the aims of this treatise, to bridge the exoteric and esoteric sciences. Indeed, in this particular case, one is lost without the other as the latter ‘proves’ and grounds an understanding of the precepts and cosmic laws that are part of occult science. The exoteric sciences are known as ‘Dzyu-mi’ (illusion, false appearances), whilst the esoteric are ‘Dzyu’ (one real (magical) knowledge, or Occult Wisdom). Note the root ‘Dzyu’ (pertaining to Dzyan) which is the expression of the collective Wisdom of the Dhyani-Buddhas.

Therefore there are several ‘keys’ to The Secret Doctrine, not unlike the seven liberal arts of grammar, rhetoric, logic, arithmetic, geometry, music and astronomy. HPB has said that “Seven keys open the mysteries, past, present and future, of the seven great Rootraces, and of the seven Kalpas.” Every symbol and allegory is said to have seven keys, the seven keys to the entrance of the door of the mysteries and that each key must be turned seven times. Throughout The Secret Doctrine several keys are mentioned: Psychological, Astronomical, Physical or physiological, Metaphysical, Anthropological, Astrological, Geometrical, Mystical, Symbolical and Numerical.

These are mainly occult keys, yet HPB mentions several exoteric scientific keys such as geology, geography, chemistry, biology, botany, anthropology, history and so on. Some of these will be critical to this study, and if picked up upon by experts in their field, will make worthy explorations. Of course there are probably also sciences such as ‘esoteric geology’ etc.

Some other keys not mentioned above could be incorporated into a septenary which follow the qualities of the seven rays: metaphysical/numerical (first principles) (1), psychological (the study of the soul) (2), astrological-cyclic (3), mythological (4), alchemical (5), mystical (6) and magical (7).

All of the above will be drawn upon in this exposition, with a particular focus on the keys of astrology and the seven rays, cycles, rootrace chronology, astronomy, geology, geography and mythology, plus the Hindu Manus and Jewish Patriarchs. The synthesis of all these keys will primarily demonstrate the evolution of consciousness in the human kingdom – where we have come from, where we are now, and where we are headed. The Stanzas of Dzyan is of course the very skeleton of The Secret Doctrine and a major key that is the source of all other keys.

The aim will be to demonstrate a sequential chronology of the rootraces with their corresponding timelines according to the main keys just mentioned. Each key should compliment the other and in some cases unlock the other. The many seeming contradictions of The Secret Doctrine will hopefully be resolved for the reader in as clear and succinct a manner as possible.

3. The History of the Races of Humanity

For many, to be told that the age of thinking Humanity is around 18,000,000 years, would invite some disbelief or even derision and ridicule. Such is the state of the maya within which we live, conditioned by thousands of years of wrong thinking, religious propaganda, ignorance, lack of spiritual education – and particularly the concrete mind of humanity in this Fifth Rootrace.

We live in a time of the approaching astronomical cycle of Aquarius, where the ancient mysteries are becoming reinstated after thousands of years of being hidden from the eyes and ears of the profane. The massed cry for light from Humanity has evoked a response from those who watch over and guide the race, and this cycle will coincide with the appearance of some of these great Teachers and guides of the planet. Some of the material from which this treatise draws upon is part of that evoked response, the writings of HPB, AAB and so forth.

Their writings are said to constitute two thirds of the Tibetan Kalachakra teaching, translated into a form palatable for the western mind. Verily, the science of the seven rays is the tantras unveiled. The putting together of much of that material into new patterns and forms such as this study will be part of the illumination process for the reader.

Just as we are guided by abstract symbols in dreams and meditation that make one work at evoking the intuitive faculties, likewise some of the heavily veiled and symbolic language of the arcane teachings play a similar role. The Secret Doctrine is a jigsaw puzzle; it is the proverbial Gordian Knot that at once needs its intracacies carefully and patiently unravelled via its many pathways, and yet also requires Alexander’s sword to hack through troublesome tangles.

Jigsaw puzzles and knots are symbols of the Third Ray of Active Intelligence whilst the sword is ever the symbol of the First Ray of Will or Power. Both of these qualities are needed to explore such pioneering, leading edge spiritual teachings, yet a prime quality to bring to such a study is that of the Second Ray of Love-Wisdom. This latter ray completes the triplicity of the ‘three rays of aspect’, the three major rays of the seven, expressed in various traditions as Siva, Vishnu and Brahma, Father, Son and the Holy Spirit, Osiris, Horus and Isis. The Love-Wisdom ray gives the capacity for being receptive and open to intuitive impression, plus a love of the truth; it is thoughtfully reflective and has a clear perception and intelligence.

4. Collecting the Scattered Fragments

The Masters have left many isolated references to piece together:

“Not being in a position to give out a full and detailed history of the Third and Fourth Races, as many isolated facts concerning them as are permitted must be now collated together; especially those corroborated by direct as well as by inferential evidence found in ancient literature and history. … The actual duration of the first two and a-half Races is withheld from all but the higher Initiates.

Much of this ‘ancient literature’ is contained within the Hindu Puranas, The Upanishads, The Rig Veda, The Mahabharata and Ramayana. This is logical, for the Hindu tradition is the oldest of our current western races, as will be demonstrated later:

“The Purânas, giving as much, and perhaps more attention to the causes than to the effects, allude to the pre-Cosmic and pre-Genetic periods … … to him who can count the generations from the Manus, and the series of incarnations specified in the cases of some heroes, the meaning and chronological order are very clear in the Purânas. Manu, who gives us a complete narrative of the creation, with a chronology from the divine and heroical ages, down to the appearance of man on earth.”

Likewise, in the Egyptian tradition, almost as old as the Hindu:

“… the Patriarchs, Heroes, and the Manes (see Egyptian Dynasties enumerated by the priests to Solon), the incarnated Dhyanis of a lower order, up to King Menes and the human kings of other nations; all were recorded carefully…the Dhyani-Buddhas of the two higher groups, namely, the “Watchers” or the “Architects,” furnished the many and various races with divine kings and leaders.”

The most recent references for the later subraces of the Fifth Rootrace come through the Judaic tradition in the Old Testament, much of it taken from ancient Chaldean and Hindu records:

“This order of evolution is found also in Genesis (ch. 1 and 2) if one reads it in its true esoteric sense, for chapter i. contains the history of the first Three Rounds, as well as that of the first Three Races of the Fourth [round], up to that moment when Man is called to conscious life by the Elohim of Wisdom. In the first chapter, animals, whales and fowls of the air, are created before the androgyne Adam. In the second, Adam (the sexless) comes first, and the animals only appear after him. Even the state of mental torpor and unconsciousness of the first two races, and of the first half of the Third Race, is symbolized, in the second chapter of Genesis, by the deep sleep of Adam.”

“Thus, while the first, second, and third chapters of Genesis are but disfigured imitations of other cosmogonies, the fourth chapter, beginning at the sixteenth verse, and the fifth chapter to the end — give purely historical facts; though the latter were never correctly interpreted. They are taken, word for word, from the secret Book of Numbers, of the Great Oriental Kabala. From the birth of Enoch, the appropriated first parent of modern Freemasonry, begins the genealogy of the so-called Turanian, Aryan, and Semitic families, if such they be correctly. Every woman is an euhemerized land or city; every man and patriarch a race, a branch, or a subdivision of a race. The wives of Lamech give the key to the riddle which some good scholar might easily master, even without studying the esoteric sciences.”

“…every one of the antediluvian [before the flood] patriarchs stood as the representative of a race which had its place in a succession of cycles; and each of which races was less spiritual than its predecessor. Thus Noah, though a good man, could not have borne comparison with his ancestor, Enoch, who “walked with God and did not die.””

“Revelation has preserved this tradition and speaks of the Seven RACES, four of which, with part of the fifth, are gone, and two have to come: The seven heads are seven mountains, on which the woman sitteth. And there are SEVEN Kings, five are fallen, and one is, and the other is not yet come. . . .” Who, acquainted in the least with the symbolical language of old, will fail to discern in the five Kings that have fallen, the four Root-Races that were, and part of the fifth, the one that is; and in the other, that “is not yet come,” the sixth and seventh coming root races, also the sub-races of this, our present race? Another still more forcible allusion to the Seven Rounds and the forty-nine root-races in Leviticus will be found elsewhere in the Addenda, Part III.”

“The day when the Church will find that its only salvation lies in the occult interpretation of the Bible, may not be so far off as some imagine… such allusions to the Septenary constitution of the Earth and Man, to the seven Rounds and Races, abound in the New as in the Old Testaments, and are as visible as the sun in the heavens to him who reads both symbolically. What do the laws in chapter xxiii., v. 15, of Leviticus apply to? What is the philosophy of reason for all such hebdomadic offerings and symbolical calculations as: “ye shall count…from the morrow after the Sabbath. . . . that ye brought the sheaf of the wave offering; seven Sabbaths shall be completed” (15), “And ye shall offer with the bread seven lambs without blemish” (18), etc. etc. We shall be contradicted, no doubt, when we say that all these “wave” and “peace” offerings were in commemoration of the Seven “Sabbaths” of the mysteries, which Sabbaths are seven pralayas, between seven manvantaras, or what we call Rounds—for “Sabbath” is an elastic word, meaning a period of Rest of whatever nature…; the verse which follows…adds, “even unto the morrow after the seventh Sabbath shall ye number fifty days” (forty-nine, 7 x 7, stages of activity, and forty-nine stages of rest, on the seven globes of the chain, and then comes the rest of Sabbath, the fiftieth); after which “ye shall offer a new meat offering unto the Lord,” i.e., ye shall make an offering of your flesh or “coats of skin,” and, divesting yourselves of your bodies, ye shall remain pure spirits.”

The ancient Greek tradition was no less replete with the ageless wisdom, encoded throughout its wonderful and deeply evocative mythology:

“The Greek allegories give to Atlas, or Atlantis, seven daughters (seven sub-races), whose respective names are Maia, Electra, Taygeta, Asterope, Merope, Alcyone, and Celæno. This ethnologically, as they are credited with having married gods and with having become the mothers of famous heroes, the founders of many nations and cities. Astronomically, the Atlantides have become the seven Pleiades (?) In occult science the two are connected with the destinies of nations, those destinies being shaped by the past events of their early lives according to Karmic law. Three great nations claimed in antiquity a direct descent from the kingdom of Saturn or Lemuria (confused already several thousands of years before our era with Atlantis): and these were the Egyptians, the Phœnicians (vide Sanchoniathon), and the old Greeks (vide Diodorus, after Plato). But the oldest civilized country of Asia—India—can be shown to claim the same descent likewise. Sub-races guided by Karmic law or destiny repeat unconsciously the first steps of their respective mother-races.”

“The number of the Root-Races was recorded in the ancient Greek temples by the seven vowels, of which five were framed in a panel in the Initiation halls of the Adyta.”

The above passage will be particularly important for identifying the subraces of the Atlantean period. The Hindu Yugas are transformed in the Greek tradition to elements representing the ages:

“Each of Seven Races is divided into Four Ages – Golden, Silver, Bronze, Iron – so is every smallest division of such races.”

Writers like Hesiod and Homer are some of the main sources of the ageless wisdom:

“Now mythology, built upon Hesiod’s Theogony, which is but a poetised record of actual traditions, or oral history, speaks of three giants, called Briareus, Kottos, and Gyges, living in a dark country where they were imprisoned by Kronos [Saturn] for their rebellion against him. All the three are endowed by myth with a hundred arms and fifty heads, the latter standing for races, the former for sub-races and tribes. Bearing in mind that in mythology every personage almost is a god or demi-god, and also a king or simple mortal in his second aspect; and that both stand as symbols for lands, islands, powers of nature, elements, nations, races and sub-races, the esoteric Commentary will become comprehensible. It says that the three giants are three polar lands which have changed form several times, at each new cataclysm, or disappearance of one continent to make room for another. The whole globe is convulsed periodically; and has been so convulsed, since the appearance of the First Race, four times.”

This should suffice to give the reader a broad overview, if not a convincing argument for reading the ancient writings in this way. The following section called Cosmogenesis describes the creation of the solar system or the ‘worlds’ in general. Some of it is very abstract and the novice reader of this material is enjoined to try to get an overview if possible. After Cosmogenesis comes Anthropogenesis, related to the Earth per se and her specific evolution – and is far more accessible for most. Some readers may want to jump to that section and come back to Cosmogenesis later. Either way, a bridge will be built in understanding, from above down, and below up.

This book is planned as the start of a wider enquiry into these Greater Mysteries. It is envisaged that it will initiate dialogue upon these many subjects as the author does not perceive some proposed ideas as ‘set in concrete’. The reader is asked to consider the reasonableness of these proposals – from the rational and intuitive perspectives. The author is not coming from an angle of ‘unassailable assertions’ but seeks to build upon the benchmark set by HPB with The Secret Doctrine. Eventually a greater edifice of understanding can be erected through a united group mind focused upon finding the truth – without attachment to previously held beliefs and ideas; this is the very essence and spirit of this enquiry.


“The Hidden History of Humanity by Phillip Lindsay is an indispensable reference book for all true students of the Ageless Wisdom. Phillip (a well-recognized and highly respected occult historian and esoteric astrologer) has performed an invaluable service for deep students of the works of Helena Blavatsky’s The Secret Doctrine and of Alice A. Bailey’s A Treatise on Cosmic Fire and in general for all students who seek to delve deeply into the mysteries of our planet and its humanity. Into an area of thought known for its difficulty, even its impenetrability, Phillip has cast many rays of living light, illuminating a subject of deep interest and undisputed importance.

How old is our planet? What is a planetary round and how long does it last? Where are we (the humanity presently living upon the Earth) to locate ourselves within these vast cosmic and planetary processes? What are root-races? When did they begin? How long do they last? Do they overlap, and if so, in what way? What has the Old Testament to say about these occult mysteries? (Here Phillip has made a stunning breakthrough with the potential of bringing scholars focusing upon the Old Testament and those focusing upon the Ageless Wisdom into significant and productive communication). These and a host of other fascinating questions are addressed in a masterly manner by Phillip Lindsay. I can only applaud him for the patience and diligence of his researches. He has undertaken an exceedingly laborious task with great enthusiasm and lucidity making it possible for so many of us, who could not do likewise, to enter the arcana of planetary and human cycles and emerge with a clear sense of what they really mean–to the solar system as a whole, to our planet, to humanity and even to us individually.

I would recommend that every student of the Wisdom purchase this book and spend the necessary time to pour through its pages. No true student will be disappointed. I consider The Hidden History of Humanity a true “missing link” in our esoteric studies. Through his authorship is this great work, Phillip Lindsay has enriched us all greatly.”

Dr. Michael D. Robbins, President, University of the Seven Rays.


Part I: Fundamental Principles. Stanzas of Dzyan: Cosmogenesis & Anthropogenesis
Part II: Planetary Schemes, Chains, Globes, Rounds & Rootraces
Part III: Esoteric Interpretation of Genesis: Rounds & Rootraces.

Part I: Fundamental Principles.
Stanzas of Dzyan: Cosmogenesis & Anthropogenesis
Cosmogenesis & Anthropogenesis

Chapter 1: Fundamental Principles
Chapter 2: Proem:
A. Three Fundamental Propositions
B. Parabrahman and the Three-fold Logos
C. Fohat
Chapter 3: The Stanzas of Dzyan. The Seven Stanzas of Cosmogenesis
Chapter 4: The Seven Stanzas of Cosmogenesis, with Commentaries
Chapter 5: The Creative Hierarchies
Chapter 6: Anthropogenesis: Introduction to the Twelve Stanzas of Dzyan
Chapter 7: TheTwelve Stanzas of Anthropogenesis, with Commentaries
Chapter 8: Timeline Summary of the Stanzas of Dzyan

Fig. 1: An immaculate white disc on a dull black background
Fig. 2: The same disk, but with a central point. (Mundane Egg)
Fig. 3: The point transformed into a horizontal diameter
Fig. 4: The horizontal is crossed by a vertical. (Mundane Cross)
Fig. 5: “Father-Mother spin a web”
Fig. 6: Parabrahman the Absolute holds within it the three-fold Logos
Fig. 7: Globes of the Chain
Fig. 8: The Fourteen Manus and Their Manvantaras
Fig. 9: The Creative Hierarchies
Table 1: Keys to The Hidden History of Humanity Project
Table 2: Parabrahman to Human: Spirit to Matter

Part II: Planetary Schemes, Chains, Globes, Rounds & Rootraces
Section I: Cosmogenesis
Chapter 1: Schemes, Chains, Globes. Activity of Planetary Globes in a Chain
Chapter 2: Rounds and Manvantaras
Chapter 3: Monads: The lifewave that passes through the chains and globes
Chapter 4: Cycles and the Science of the Yugas
Chapter 5: The Age of the Solar System

Section II: Anthropogenesis
Chapter 1: Age of the Fourth Earth Chain: Key to Calculation of the Rounds
Chapter 2: The Start of the Fourth Round: Discrepancies in Calculations
Chapter 3: Geological Correspondences with the Rootraces
Chapter 4: Evolution of the First Three Rootraces
Chapter 5: The Five Adams: The First Five Rootraces
Chapter 6: Individualisation: Timing of the Subraces of the Third Rootrace
Chapter 7: The Sinking of Late Lemuria and Early Atlantis
Chapter 8: The Fifth Rootrace: Subrace Proofs
Chapter 9: Timeline of the Rootraces, Subraces, Branchraces
Chapter 10: Jewish Patriarch Timelines

Fig. 1: The Solar Septenary Chart
Fig. 2: The Earth Scheme
Fig. 3: The descent of spirit into matter
Fig. 4: Transfer of Globes from Chain to Chain
Fig. 5: The Fourteen Manus of the Seven Rounds
Fig. 6: The Monad’s Vehicles
Fig. 7: Planes of Perceptio
Fig. 8: The Monad and the Higher Triad
Fig. 9: Sephirothal Tree
Fig. 10: Transfer of Globes from Chain to Chain
Fig. 11: Yuga Wheel or Kalachakra (The Wheel of Time)
Fig. 12: Earth Chain of Seven Globes with Rootraces
Fig. 13: Geological Periods: Occult Figures
Fig. 14: Sediment Thickness Determines Geological Timescales
Fig. 15: Geological Eras: HPB and Science
Fig. 16: Jewish Patriarch Timelines

Table 1: The Earth Scheme
Table 2: The Solar System and Years of Brahma
Table 3: Manvantaras, Rounds and Kalpas
Table 4: Astronomical Basis for the Yugas and Manvantaras
Table 5: Astronomical Basis for All Cycles
Table 6: Science of the Yugas
Table 7: 4320 Ratio and the First Four Races
Table 8: Age of the Solar System Calculation
Table 9: Beginning of Solar System, Earth Scheme and Chain
Table 10: “Time Allotted to the World”
Table 11: Four Rounds, Seven Manvantaras
Table 12: Subcycles of the Seventh Manvantara
Table 13: The Four Kingdoms in the Fourth Round
Table 14: Sixth and Seventh Manvantaras
Table 15: The Four Rounds: Durations
Table 16: Geological Table: Kingdoms, Rootraces & Cycles
Table 17: Timing for Individualisation
Table 18: Timing of Lemurian and Atlantean Sinkings
Table 19: Jewish Patriarchs and the Subraces of the Fifth Rootrace
Table 20: Timeline of the Rootraces & Subraces
Table 21: Rootraces and Subraces Chronology
Table 22: Rootraces Linear Dateline
Table 23A: Patriarchs & Races – Reckoning from Individualisation Forward
Table 23B: Patriarchs & Races – Reckoning from Kali Yuga Back to Noah
Table 24: Rootrace-Patriarch Propogation Patterns
Table 25: Adams and the Subraces of the Fifth Rootrace
Table 26: Earth and Moon Chain Souls: Percentages

Part III: Esoteric Interpretation of Genesis: Rounds & Rootraces.

Introduction: Stanzas of Dzyan in Cosmogenesis and Anthropogenesis
Genesis: History of the First Three Rounds
Genesis: History of the Races

Genesis Ch.1: Re-emergence of the World from the First to Third Rounds
Re-Emergence of the World and the First Round
The Elohim
The Imperfect Gods
Chaos and Tohu-Bohu
‘Light’ Refers to the ‘Builders’
The ‘Fiat Lux’ – ‘Let There be Light’
The Celestial Virgin
End of First Round, Genesis 1:8
Monads and the Rounds
Rounds and Elements
Start of the Second Round
Start of the Third Round
First Adam: The Elohim’s Blueprint for the First Rootrace
The Four Adams as Rootraces
Gradual Development of Human Monads

Genesis Ch. 2: Start of Fourth Round. Second, Third ‘Adams’. Mammals
Start of the Fourth Round: Emerging Vegetable Kingdom
The Second Adam: First Rootrace
First Rootrace Transition to Toward the Second Rootrace
Third Rootrace: The “Race with Bones”

Genesis Ch. 3: Third & Fourth Subraces of Third Rootrace. Individualisation
The Serpent in the Garden: The Tree of Life
The Jealous Elohim
The Beginning of Individualisation
Individualisation: Humanity Receives the “Spark of Mind”
The “Curse”: Conflict Between Spirit and Matter
Sex, Reproduction and Bestiality
The “Curse” Revisited
The “Spiritual Ancestors”: The Sons of Will and Yoga

Genesis Ch. 4: Subraces 5, 6 & 7 of Third Rootrace. Sexual Separation
“The Fall”: Sexual Separation
The Separating Hermaphrodite: Cain and Abel
The Symbolic Shedding of Blood
Cain is the Fifth Subrace, 3.5
Cain Creates Enoch: 3.5 Becomes 3.6
Generations of Patriarchs
Patriarchs as Zodiac Signs
The Wives of Lamech: Key to Races and Subraces
Lamech’s Three Sons and the Lemurian Connection
Rebellion at Initiation in Lemuria: Ancestors of Jewish Race
Masonic Origins of Jabal, Jubal and Tubal-Cain
Three Sons as Ancestors of 3rd, 4th & 5th subraces of Fifth Rootrace
The “Sons of Will and Yoga” Heritage
Lamech and the 777 Incarnations
Seth and Enos: Two Races at Individualisation

Genesis Ch. 5: Symbolism of the Book of Enoch. The Patriarchs or Manus
Book of Enoch
Subraces Lemuria, Atlantis: Derived from Book of Enoch
Genesis Ch. 5 Verses
Reckoning from Individualisation Forward
Reckoning from the Kali Yuga Backward to Noah
Patriarchs are Dhyan Chohans
Enoch Revisited
Noah as Vaivasvata Manu

Genesis Ch. 6: Noah as Manu of Fifth Rootrace
The “Sons of God and Daughters of Men”
Giants of Lemuria and Atlantis
Noah and Sons: Third Rootrace Allegory
Noah and Sons: Fifth Rootrace-Subrace Archetypes
5.1 Enoch: First Subrace – Hindu
5.2 Manu-Vina or Menes: Ancient Egyptian
Egypt’s Indian Ancestry
Æthiopians of India: The First Egyptians
The Phoenicians
Second Subrace: Builders of Pyramids and Giant Zodiacs
Shem: Cipher Proofs
5.3 Abraham: Third Subrace
Abraham’s Indian Ancestry 373
Abraham, Saturn and the Third Ray
Abraham and Melchizedek
Ishmael the Atlantean
Abraham and Isaac
5.4 Isaac: Fourth Subrace
Abraham, Isaac and Jacob: Three Subraces
5.5 Jacob: Fifth Subrace
Esau: The Race Between the Atlantean and Aryan
Jacob’s Dream
5.5/5.6 Joseph: Fifth or Sixth Subraces?
5.6 Moses: Sixth Subrace
Moses and Akhenaton: Past Incarnations of M and KH?
The Ark: Its Dual Meaning
The Book of Job

Appendix 1: Introduction to the Kabbalah
Appendix 2: The Four Adams
Appendix 3: Time Scales of Noah and the Flood
Appendix 4: Genesis Chapter Summary Tables

Fig. 1: The Tree of Life
Fig. 2: Six-Pointed Star (Cherub of Jeheskiel)
Fig. 3: The Earth Scheme: Seven Chains and Seven Globes
Fig. 4: Ezekiel’s Wheel (esoteric)
Fig. 5: Ezekiel’s Wheel (exoteric)
Fig. 6: Ezekiel’s Wheel (esoteric) (twice)
Fig. 7: Overlaps of the Races
Fig. 8: The Three Pillars
Fig. 9: Six-Pointed Star (Cherub of Jeheskiel) (twice)
Fig. 10: Biblical Family Tree

Table 1: Esoteric Summary of Chapters of Genesis
Table 2: God, Angels and Humanity
Table 3: The Seven Creative Hierarchies
Table 4: Synopsis of Genesis Chapter 1
Table 5: Synopsis of Genesis Chapter 2
Table 6: Evolution from ‘God’ to ‘Angels’ (The Lord), to Man
Table 7: Genesis and the Subraces of Third Rootrace
Table 8: Synopsis of Genesis Chapter 3
Table 9: Two Lines of Patriarch Generations
Table 10: Patriarchs as Zodiac Signs
Table 11: Patriarchs and Rootraces
Table 12: Synopsis of Genesis Chapter 4
Table 13: Jewish Patriarch Timelines
Table 14: Patriarch Propogation Patterns
Table 15: Patriarchs and Races – Reckoning from Individualisation Forward
Table 16: Yugas of the Fifth Rootrace
Table 17: Reckoning from the Kali Yuga Backward to Noah
Table 18: Fifth Rootrace Subraces
Table 19: Atlantean Destruction Time Periods
Table 20: Destructions, Races, Geological Periods
Table 21: 210,000 Year Increments for Fifth Rootrace Subraces
Table 22: Synopsis of Genesis Chapter 6
Table 23: Timescales of Noah and the Flood
Table 24: Overview of Genesis Chapters 1-6
Table 25: Genesis and the Subraces of Third Rootrace
Table 26: Synopsis of Genesis Chapters 1-6

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