Masters of the Seven Rays

Their Past Lives and Reappearance

The subject of the Masters has always been highly controversial, ever since Madame Blavatsky announced their existence to the world at the end of the 19th century. Since then there have been claims and distortions around their identity and function in the world, making a travesty of the whole subject. It is hoped that a more balanced perspective is presented here, that can provide accurate and concise information to newcomers of the Ageless Wisdom – as the subject of the Masters is one that many seekers first come across.

The Masters are known collectively as the Great White Brotherhood, watching over and guiding human evolution. In so doing, well known personalities have come forth in history, playing major roles at critical stages in a nation’s unfoldment, or contributing richly to art and culture of the period.

160 pages (5.5″ x 7.25″) June 2000.
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Further Explanation of Masters of the Seven Rays

Further Explanation of Masters of the Seven Rays

The Masters are also investigated in light of the Science of the Seven Rays (Esoteric Psychology), in terms of the archetypal energies they embody, and for which they are custodians, or Chohans.The idea (and reality) of the Masters holds out the light of hope for struggling Humanity, who will, in their aeonic evolution, eventually achieve “unto the fullness of the measure of the stature of the Christ” – and greater. The overall perspective of Hierarchy is presented and past incarnations of some Masters are investigated, that trace the unfolding consciousness of these Mahatmas, or ‘Great Souls’.


Soul Evolution. The Hierarchy. Gender. Hierarchy Map.
The Solar and Planetary Hierarchies, The Solar Logos.
Sanat Kumara The Buddha, The Three Departments.
The Manu, The Christ, Lord Maitreya.
The Mahachohan, Lord of Civilisation. (Master R)
The Lives of Master R.
The Masters of Wisdom and the Seven Chohans.
Master Morya – Chohan of Ray 1.
Master Koot Hoomi – Chohan of Ray 2.
The Venetian – Chohan of Ray 3.
Master Serapis – Chohan of Ray 4.
Master Hilarion – Chohan of Ray 5.
Master Jesus – Chohan of Ray 6.
Lives of the Master Jesus.
Chohan of Ray 7, Master Jupiter, Master of the English Race.
Master Djwhal Khul (D.K.), English Master (Labour Movement).
Astrology and the Seven Rays.
Portraits of the Masters & the Krishnamurti Dilemma.


“Phillip Lindsay writes in a style that is clear, penetrating and enjoyable to read.”

Lawson Bracewell – astrologer, counsellor, group leader. Seven Ray Foundation New Zealand.

“Congratulations on a well written and informative book… illuminating.”
Aggie Lim, director – Esoteric Sciences Creative Education Foundation. (ESCEF)

“The preface notes that this book was produced at the request of students and colleagues who wanted a simple but accurate source of information about the Masters. He has certainly accomplished this goal. While there is a lot of information concerning the Masters in Alice Bailey’s Initiation Human and Solar, Lindsay goes beyond this source to extract information from the other Bailey books as well as from numerous sources. Like his book on The Shamballa Impacts, there are many useful tabulations and a glossary.

These books have the potential of being extremely valuable to students of the Ageless Wisdom tradition, both those who are new to the teachings and to the more advanced disciple. Phillip Lindsay has provided a great service in producing these books, which may serve as a model for other such compilations.”

Charles DeMotte (Professor of History, Empire State College, New York)

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