Soul Cycles of the Seven Rays I

Esoteric Astrology and Initiation

This book covers a broad variety of perspectives in Esoteric Astrology (EA), the emerging astrology of the Seven Rays in this Aquarian cycle. From an in depth introduction to EA and the search for soul purpose, to practical astronomy, to the most abstract and arcane cosmologies; there is also an extensive astro-biography which applies many new principles of interpretation.

The Science of Initiation is a key subject, as is an astrological consideration of the chakras and their stage of unfoldment in a particular life. For beginners or advanced students, there is a wealth of wisdom contained here that will provide a good reference book for years to come.

2005. Trade Paper. New format 2013.
ISBN 978-1-876849-10-8. (6″ x 9″. 567 pages.)

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This book is the product of the past 22 years of studies in Esoteric Astrology and the Ageless Wisdom; it is the fourth of seven listed at the back of this book.

Various themes are contained herein, from very basic astronomy for astrologers to some most abstract ideas on the Mystery of Makara; they all deal with Esoteric Astrology and the Science of the Seven Rays, probably the most profound form of psychology extant upon the planet today.

There is a definite sequence of relationship in which all the essays are arranged, yet they may be read at random. For instance, there is a sequence of four essays that relate Esoteric Astrology to astronomy, some essays on the theme of Scorpio, and other essays that relate to Libra.

There are useful tabulations on the rays and esoteric rulerships for the newcomer to Esoteric Astrology, and the introductory essay on the subject will give a good overview.

In the section on zodiac signs, Aries to Pisces, many of the contents have been derived from regular online newsletters over the past few years hence there may be a little repetition here and there, as opposed to the essays per se. Nevertheless, coming into a subject from various angles invariably sheds light where it may not have done so before.

Also, there are various references to dates or persons experiencing transits for that time, hence the obvious context of the reference.

As with the book on Krishnamurti, there is a lengthy astrological biography included in this volume on the life of Alice A. Bailey that attempts to apply many of the principles of the new astrology to a life unfolded.

This book is one of several emerging around the world today on the specific subject of Esoteric Astrology. Up until now there have been only a handful of books that have been truly derivative of the original subject, as expounded by the Tibetan Master Djwhal Khul.

This and my other books will contribute to creating a broader foundation on which the real Aquarian astrology will be built. They have been ‘built on the back’ of The Tibetans’ books, the writings of that outstanding disciple H.P. Blavatsky, and other authors in the field, which include several of my co-workers, to whom I am most grateful. Hoping that these essays will stimulate and inspire,

Phillip Lindsay, October 2006.


This is a pioneering book, a bold exploration of the new concepts in astrology and the seven rays. It is addressed to students of the ageless wisdom, to the spiritually oriented and to those aspiring to a comprehensive view of the great creative forces of cosmos. It seeks to awaken the reader to the metaphysical basis of nature.

It explores spiritual consciousness in relation to history, biography, psychology, and cycles, with illuminating excursions into symbolism, numerology, astronomy and the foundations of esoteric astrology. It speaks of the spiritual fires underlying human evolution and the evolution of all things. These essays expound the inner meaning of life in relation to the spiritual unfoldment or initiation and its intimate connection with the seven rays, those vital energies that create and sustain the evolution of the universe.

In ranging from the cosmic to the specific, difficult concepts are laid out with the aid of tabulations, charts, and diagrams. A glossary of esoteric terms provides the reader with essential conceptual tools and an orientation to what is likely to be unfamiliar territory for readers.

In entering this territory, the less experienced reader may find the vast array of concepts disoriented. But thoughtful reading will challenge the mind and help to push back the limits of conventional thinking on these subjects. Beyond philosophic exercises, beyond the labyrinth of ideas, the thinker will find an appeal to intuitive understanding, that essential insight for which mental work is the preparation.

You will find new tools of thought here and examples of their use. The resonance between the human and the cosmic energies is foundational, and in straining to assimilate transcendental thoughts you may find new territories within your own nature that correspond in revelatory ways to the cosmic ones. It is this magic of resonance that is of greatest value to the reader. Seek then to read not only the lines, but between the lines. Seek to penetrate behind the words and thoughts to the world of luminous meaning from which the ageless wisdom descends.

James Davis
San Diego.


Part I: Introductory Essays to Esoteric Astrology
Part II: Signs of the Zodiac: Aries to Pisces
Part III: Astro-Biographies
Part IV: General Essays on Esoteric Astrology

Part I: Introductory Essays to Esoteric Astrology
Introduction to Esoteric Astrology and the Seven Rays
A Brief Esoteric History of Astrology
Astronomy for Astrologers
Ray Tabulations
General Temperaments of the Rays Tabulation
The Seven Rays of Historical Figures
The Three Crosses

Part II: Signs of the zodiac: Aries to Pisces
Aries the Ram
Three Spiritual Festivals
Aries and Easter
Aries Equinox
Initiating Radical Change in Aries
Aries-Libra: Blame and Responsibility
Aries-Libra and Sports

Taurus the Bull
The Wesak Festival
Sex, Sound and Shamballa (Essay)
Buddhist Kalachakra Teaching of Shamballa
Vajrayana or Diamond Way
Kalachakra Mandala
DK and Kalachakra
Form and Desire
Taurus and Ray Three
Taurus-Scorpio Axis (Edited transcript of talk)

Gemini the Twins
Gemini and Meditation
Gemini and Speech
Gemini and the Pentecost
Gemini and Krishnamurti
Third Sign Gemini & the Third Ray
Gemini and the Solar Plexus
Gemini, Harmlessness and Meditation
Venus, Gemini and Love-Wisdom
Gemini the Busy Bee
Gemini-Sagittarius and Sports
The Gemini Christ: “I am made all things to all men” (Essay)
The Festival of Humanity or of Goodwill
Gemini and Relationships
Gemini and the Cosmic Christ
The Work of the Christ and the Buddha
The Last Sermon of the Buddha
Buddha and Christ: Blending the Moon and Earth Chain Evolutions
The Importance of Utilising The Great Invocation

Cancer the Crab
Cancer: Home is Where the Heart Is
Saturn in Cancer
Cancer: Home is Planet Earth
Cancer, the Third Ray and Survival
Cancer-Capricorn: Forgiveness and Harmlessness
Forgiveness at Christmas
Cancer and the Birth of Humanity (Essay)
Cancer and the Number 4
Cancer, the Moon Chain and Sex
Energy Centre Effects During Cancer

Leo the Lion
Leo, Neptune and Discipleship (Essay)
Leo, Neptune and the Rays
Solar Plexus, Throat and Ajna Chakras
Esoteric Physiology of the Heart: Vulcan, Ray 1 and Leo
Vulcan and Neptune
Leo, Sports and the First Initiation
Sports and War
London, Lady Di and Europe
The Mystery of the Lion and the Unicorn
Leo, Capricorn and the Solar Plexus
The Mystery of Makara
The Third Initiation. Alice Bailey
Egoic Lotus. Dweller. Groups
A Tail of Two Lions (Essay)
Leo and Individualisation
Leo and Sirius

Virgo the Virgin
Myth of Demeter, Persephone and Pluto
Horoscope of Jesus
Virgo, Pluto and the First Ray
Virgo Jupiter and the Second Ray
Virgo and the Vegetable Kingdom

Libra the Scales
Libra and the Mystery of Sex (Essay)
Libra, Ray Three and the Moon Chain
Libra and Aries: Relationships and Sex
Venus, Uranus, Saturn: Chakras
Libra and The Dweller: Beauty and the Beast
World Wide Web, Pornography and Sex Magic
Libra, Legislation, Sex and Child Pornography
Libra and Money
The Decision Initiation 2001: Saturn and Libra (Essay)
Masters of Wisdom
Path I: Earth Service
Draco the Dragon
Probationers, Disciples and Initiates
Saturn, Libra, Aquarius
First Initiation: Libra Leo Aquarius Saturn
Second Initiation: Scorpio
Saturn’s Cycle
The Principle of Conflict
Decision Horoscope: Libra Full Moon Period 2001
Money and Resources
International Relations
Spiritual Opportunity

Scorpio the Eagle
Scorpio and Maya
Scorpio and Healing
Scorpio, Mercury & Sirius (Essay)
Ophiucus: Astronomy, Astrology & the “Thirteenth Constellation” (Essay)
The Ophiucus Myth
Pluto in Sagittarius
Scorpio and the Seventh Hydra of Pride (Essay)
The Definition of Pride
Pride and Knowledge
Pride in the Zodiac Signs, Planets, Houses and Rays
More Ditties and Haikus on Pride
The Vanity of Humanity

Sagittarius the Archer
Sagittarius, Silence and Language
The Rider on the White Horse
Sagittarius: The Relativity of Truth (Essay)

Capricorn the Goat
Jesus and the Jewish Dispensation
The Capricorn Solstice and the Third Initiation (Essay)
Saturn and the Dweller
Capricorn and Death
The Third Initiation
Leo, Capricorn and Makara
Capricorn and Venu

Aquarius the Water-Bearer
Problems of the New Age
Aquarian Groups

Pisces the Fishes
Pluto, Soul Ruler of Pisces
Pisces, Pluto and the Mental Body
Pisces, Psychic Sensitivity and the Astral Body
Solar Plexus Centre: Battleground for the World Disciple
Solar Plexus, Ray Six and the Age of Pisces
Uranus in Pisces: 2003 – 2010 (Essay)
Uranus Ingress Chart

Part III: Astro-Biographies

Astrological Biography of Alice A. Bailey
Alice A. Bailey, H.P. Blavatsky and Helena Roerich
The Initiations of Krishnamurti
Spiritual Giants, Initiation and Taurus
Pope John Paul II: Jesus and the Papal Prophecy
Akiane: Artist and Visionary
Mel Gibson
Sir Edmund Hillary
Bill Gates: Cancer Rising Soul Purpose

Part IV: General Essays on Esoteric Astrology

Cardinal Cross: Equinoxes and Solstices
Capricorn: Neptune and the Mystery of Makara
Chaos to Synthesis: Evolution from Darkness to Light
Theosophy, HPB and The Secret Doctrine: A Brief Overview
Useful Books for the Study of Esoteric Astrology
Book Abbreviations

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