Soul Cycles of the Seven Rays II

Esoteric Astrology and Initiation

These essays range over a variety of zodiac sign perspectives from Aries to Pisces, esoterically considered. Topics covered include:

The Japanese Tsunami. Chilean Earthquake. World Kalachakra. Occupy Wall Street. Wikileaks.

There are profiles of William Blake, George Washington, Dennis Kucinich, Barack Obama, Julian Assange, Steve Jobs, Benjamin Netanyahu, Sir David Attenborough, J.R.R. Tolkien, Nikos Kazantzakis, Edgar Cayce, Rudolph Steiner, Geoffrey Hodson, Da Free John, Abraham Lincoln, Franklin D. Roosevelt and Thomas Jefferson.

The bonus essay is The Lives of Francis Bacon, delving into the previous incarnations of the One known as the Master R, or Count St Germain.

2012.  (6″ x 9″. 370 pages.) Trade paper. ISBN 978-1-876849-11-5.

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Aries the Ram: ¡Viva la (Nueva) Revolución! 1
Aries: Ruled by Uranus, Mercury and Mars 1
Uranus and Money 3
Revolution and Change 3
Hamlet’s Dilemma 8

Aries: Hercules, USA and Dennis Kucinich 9
Extraordinary New Moon: Six Planets in Aries 9
Hercules and the Wild Horses 9
The USA and Aries-Libra 11
Congressman Dennis Kucinich: America’s Next President? 13
Dennis Kucinich: Aries Rising-Libra Sun 15
Gandhi and Kucinich 18
November 6, 2012 US Elections Transits for Kucinich 19

Taurus the Bull: A Buddha or a Hitler 22
Mercury, Ruler of the Fourth Ray 22
Taurus: Buddha, Hitler 24
Beauty and Ugliness 26
The United Nations: Wesak 1945 27

Taurus: The Way to Shamballa 29
Taurus, Buddha and the Wesak Festival 29
Taurus and the New Group of World Servers (NGWS) 31
Taurus The Bull: Sex, Sound and Shamballa 33
Wagner, Helfgott, Brahms 34

Taurus: Volcanoes, Vulcan and Mercury Retrograde 36
Mercury Retrograde 37
Pause for Reflection 37
The Manu 39

Gemini the Twins: Relationships, Masonry and Avatars 40

Gemini the Twins: The Festival of Humanity 48
The Festival of Humanity or of Goodwill 48
The Last Sermon of the Buddha 48
Gemini and The Pentecost 50
The Importance of Utilising The Great Invocation 52
Gemini, Busyness into Stillness: Meditation 53

Cancer: The Avatar of Love and the Great Mother 56
Jupiter Neptune Chiron Conjunction in Aquarius 58

Cancer the Crab: Mother Earth. Glastonbury 62
Cancer and Neptune 62
Glastonbury’s Chalice Well 62
Mother Earth Under Duress: Oil Spill 63
The Grand Cross of the Cancer Full Moon 2010 64

Cancer: Washington, Kalachakra, Dalai Lama, Orphans, Money 67
Washington, USA and Cancer 67
Washington Kalachakra for World Peace 2011 68
What is the Opportunity Now and How Can it be Taken? 69
Cancer Soul Ruler Neptune. 70
Cancer-Capricorn: Mother-Father and Orphans 71
The Dalai Lama and Cancer 72
Cancer and the World Money Crisis. 73
New Group of World Servers (Diagram) 74
Lighted House: Lighthouse 77

Leo the Lion: Barack Obama. 78
Introduction 78
Sun square Neptune 78
Sun conjunct Uranus 79
Moon in Gemini. 80
Mercury T-Square Jupiter and Neptune 81
Aquarius Rising: Soul Purpose 82
Transits, Progressions for Barack Obama (Nov. 4, 2008) 83
Presidential Inauguration: January 20, 2009 85

Leo: Obama’s Drama – 2009 U.S. Presidential Inauguration 86
Great Potentials, Enormous Difficulties, Disturbing Facts 86
Esoteric Perspective 86
The 2009 U.S. Presidential Inauguration Chart 88
Jumping Jupiter in Aquarius! 88
Jupiter Return Chart 89
More Jupiter and Aquarius 89
Aquarius, Saturn and Capricorn 90
Mercury Retrograde 94
Disturbing Issues: The Thorny Problem of Zionism, Israel 95
Moon in Scorpio (void of course) 96
Inauguration Scorpio Moon, Israel and Clinton 97
Obama Scorpio Midheaven and the Legacy of the Kennedys 100
USA’s Sixth Ray Personality 100
The Cross that Obama Bears 104
Chicago: Solar Plexus Centre of USA 108
44th President 108

Leo: Sovereignty, Pride and Initiation 110
A Cosmic Perspective 110
From the Earthly Perspective 111
Leo, Pride and Humility 112
Leo, Initiation and the Aquarian Age 114

Leo the Magnificent! 116
Leo and the Fixed Cross. 119
Leo’s Connection to Revolution: World Civil Unrest 120
Louis XIV, The Sun King and France 121
France and the Leo-Aquarius Axis 122
Leo and the Ongoing World Economic Crisis 122

Leo-Virgo: The Sphinx 124
The Sphinx is an Astrological Sign 124
The Sphinx: Individualisation in Lemuria 124
Hermaphrodite: Hermes-Aphrodite 126
Leo-Virgo and the Second Ray of Love-Wisdom 126
Cancer-Virgo: Mother, Goddess 127
Isis is Sirius: The Sphinx is Aligned to Leo 128

Virgo the Virgin: Mystery Schools, Purification & Healing 130

Virgo: Kwan Yin, Virginity, Sex. Steve Jobs. 134
Virgo, Kwan Yin and this Solar System 134
Virgo-Intelligence: Virgo-Love-Wisdom 134
Virgo the Virgin: Abstinence and Purification 136
Virgo-Scorpio and Sex: The Sons of Will and Yoga 137
Virgo Rising Steve Jobs: Will he Stick Around? 140
Steve Jobs Makes His Transition Decision 147

Libra the Balance: Libra and No Man’s Land 149
Libra and No Man’s Land 149
Saturn in Libra 150
Israel and Netanyahu 151
Netanyahu’s Transits 153
USA Saturn Return 158
9/11 Horoscope – Transiting Saturn 158

Libra: Chile Miners, Shamballa, Europe 160
The Chile Miners and Pluto’s Resurrection 160
Libra the Peacemaker: The Nobel Prize 161
Scandinavia, China and the Nobel Peace Prize Winner 162
European Racial Integration & Multi-Culturalism 164
The Triangle of the Western Races 166
Shamballa. Master R, Lord of Civilisation 167
Israel and Netanyahu. The New Group of World Servers 168

Libra: $ Money $ Money $ Money $ 171
Libra, Money and the Old Paradigm Imploding 171
Corporate Entities in the Pisces-Aquarius Transition 172
An Esoteric Historical Overview of the Current Situation 175
Potential Corporate Transformation: Resource Sharing 177
Uranus & Revolution: People Are Not Going to Take It 180
The Externalisation of the Third Ray Ashram 182
Venus and the Re-Examination of Values 184

Scorpio the Eagle: The Path of Discipleship 186
The Path of Discipleship 186
Saint Paul, Scorpio 189
The Nine Heads of the Hydra 192
The Dragons of Spirit and Matter (Table) 193
Scorpio and Occupy the Planet 195
Occupy the Planet: The Soul of Humanity Takes Charge 195
The Horoscope of Occupy Wall St: Scorpio Rising 196
Scorpio and the Triumphant Battle 200
Scorpio and the Star Sirius 201
The Scorpio Entity, Qantas 201
Equilibration of the Moon and Earth Chain Souls 204
Israel’s Chiron in Scorpio and Its Mars Return 206
Final Word from Scorpio, Theodore Roosevelt 206

Sagittarius the Archer: Consciousness. David Attenborough 208
Sagittarius and Consciousness. 208
Sir David Attenborough 213
Two Events: Total Lunar Eclipse and the Capricorn Solstice 215
The Solstices and Equinoxes 215
Cycles of the New Group of World Servers (Table) 216

Sagittarius: Julian Assange and Wikileaks (Part I) 218
Wikileaks and the Information Revolution 218
Wikileaks Horoscope 219
Wikileaks’ Association with Corporate Media 222
Wikileaks and Assange 225

Sagittarius: Julian Assange – His Horoscope and Rays (Part II) 226
The Problem of Julian Assange’s Birthtime 227
Reasons for Aquarius Rising 230
The Rays of Julian Assange 231
Other Indications of the Third Ray 231
Scorpio Moon and Cancer Sun 232
Scorpio Moon, Sex and Sweden 233
Sweden and Libra 234
Enemies of Julian Assange 234
Julian Assange and the USA 236
Bradley E. Manning 239
Julian Assange Update: Karmically Guilty? 241

Sagittarius and William Blake 243
Sagittarius the Centaur 249

Capricorn the Goat: Saturn, Karma, Responsibility 253
Capricorn, Saturn and Karma 253
Cause and Consequence: Blame and Responsibility 255
Capricorn, Redemption and the Scapegoat 256
The Lion and the Unicorn 260
USA: Another Day, Another Massacre 261

Capricorn the Unicorn & Sea-Goat. Tolkien, Lord of the Rings 263
Capricorn the Unicorn 263
Capricorn the Sea-Goat: Varuna and Neptune, the Sea Gods 264
Saturn, Structure and Destruction 265
Venus and Intelligent Love 265
Capricorn: Magic and Mystery 267
J.R.R. Tolkien and The Lord of the Rings 268
The Lord of the Rings: A Movie for the Masses 273
Peter Jackson and Fran Walsh 274

Aquarius the Water-Bearer 276
The Age of Aquarius and the Fifth Rootrace 276
The Science of Invocation and Evocation 277
Meditation and Magic 278

Aquarius and Selfish Service. Nikos Kazantzakis. Egypt 281
Aquarius and Selfish Service 281
Da Free John 285
Nikos Kazantzakis: Aquarian, Writer and Mystic 287
Egypt and the Arab World: Aquarius the Liberator 291

Aquarian Soul: The United States of America 293
Introduction 293
USA: Aquarian Soul 294
The USA, Revolution and Four Aquarian Presidents 295
Barack Obama and the Current Situation in the USA 302
USA’s Outlook for 2012 306
USA’s Amazing Transits 2012-2014 308

Pisces the Fishes: The Transformation of Addiction into Love 312

Pisces and Sacrifice. Little Dorrit, Cayce, Steiner, Washington 317
Sacrifice and Service 317
Little Dorrit: Little Buddha 318
Pisces-Virgo and the Fifth Rootrace 319
Pisces and Psychic Sensitivity: Cayce, Steiner & Hodson 320
George Washington: Pisces, President and Prophet 323

Pisces and the Forge of Forgiveness 326
Forgiveness is the Keynote of the Age of Pisces 326
The Cusp of the Pisces and Aquarius Cycles. 328

Pisces: The New Cycle of Neptune in Pisces 2012-2025 332
Neptune in Pisces: A New 160-year Cycle Commences 332
American Civil War and the Abolition of Slavery 332
Neptune and Spiritualism 333
Neptune, Drugs, Alcohol 335
Neptune and Music 338
Germany: Pisces Personality. France: Pisces Soul 340
Neptune and Varuna 341
Pisces-Neptune: Forgiveness, Sacrifice, Absorption 342
Neptune in Pisces 2012-2025 343

The Lives of Francis Bacon: An Esoteric Perspective 344
Francis Bacon, the Enlightenment and Esoteric Astrology 344
Ray Cycles Prominent During the Life of Francis Bacon 345
The Lives of Francis Bacon and the Path of Initiation 348
Roger & Francis Bacon, Counts Rákóczi & St. Germain 349
The Mahachohan: Lord of Civilisation 354
Benjamin Franklin’s Great Similarity to Francis Bacon 355
The Role of Masonry 356

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