Destiny of the Races & Nations II

Astrological and Ray Cycles in History

The author always endeavours to make practical this sometimes very abstruse science, hence there are many references to current world events such as the Japanese Tsunami, the Chilean Earthquake, World Kalachakra, Occupy Wall Street, the world financial crisis, the Wikileaks affair or the blending of races and cultures. There is a large section of essays on the United States of America.

The five planetary chakras is another subject that is explored in-depth, including the major centres in the USA. Likewise the destiny of South America and the Sixth Rootrace is investigated, with its connection to the Mayans, 2012 and the planetary centre we call Shamballa.

2012. (6″ x 9″, 374 pages) ISBN 978-1-876849-09-2. 

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The Hidden History of Humanity
Introduction 1
Worlds within Worlds 3
Sexual Separation of Hermaphrodite Humanity 6
Shamballa and South America 6
The Seven Rootraces 7
Individualisation in Lemuria 7
The Atlantean Rootrace 8
The Fifth Rootrace and Beyond 10

Re-Establishing Correct Chronology in World History 13
Abstract 13
The Timekeeper Says, ‘Its About Time!’ 13
Causes Behind the Narrow View of Time 17
Dating Methods, Precession Cycles and Ancient Egypt 20
Reasons for a Conservative Approach to Cycles 23
Time Measurement from the Ancient Scriptures 25
Finding a Fixed Time from Which to Reckon 27
The Mystery of the Origin of the Apes 29
The Mahabharata, the Old Testament and Plato’s Atlantis 30
The Danger of Taking ‘Veiled’ References Literally 32
Errors in the Reading of Plato 32
The Atlantean Flood and Noah’s Ark 33
Shamballa and the Rootraces 35
The Significance of the Ancient Egyptians and Mayans Today 35
The Role of Mayan Tradition in Human Consciousness 38
Conclusion 40

World Historical Overview 41
Preface: History’s Impasse 41
Eastern and Western Races 43
Modern Cambodia: Pol Pot’s Purge on the 4th Shamballa Impact 44
Ancient Cambodia: Angkor Wat and the Egyptian Connection 45

The Five Planetary Centres: Part I 52
Introduction 52
Five Planetary Chakras: Endocrine Gland Correspondences 58
Reasoning on Continent to Rootrace Assignments 60
Five Centres: Darjeeling, Geneva, London, New York, Tokyo 61

The Five Planetary Centres: Part II 71
The Five Planetary Centres: Why the Sacral Centre is Omitted 71
Hypotheses about the Five Centres and Cities 73
Ajna Centre: New York 73
Throat Centre: London 80
Heart Centre: Geneva 82
Solar Plexus: Tokyo 83
Head Centre: Darjeeling 85
Could Darjeeling be the base chakra? 86
Is Darjeeling the head centre? 88
Conclusion: The NGWS and Humanity 90

The Five Planetary Centres: Part III: The Centres of the USA 93
Introduction 93
Five Planetary Centres 96
Five National Centres 99

Aquarius and the Fifth Rootrace: The Coming Sixth Rootrace 104
A Brief Overview of History: 3 Major Crises in 3 Rootraces 104
Three Zodiacs 104
Christ & Buddha in Atlantis: Their Relationship Comes Full Circle 105
Three Shamballa Impacts 106
Aquarius and the Fifth Rootrace 107
Lamech: Manu and Progenitor of the Fifth Rootrace 108
The Apotheosis of the Fifth Rootrace: 5.5.5 109
Beginnings of Sixth Rootrace: Aquarius, Soul of USA 111
Great Britain, USA, Brazil and the Sixth Rootrace 113
Nuclear War Will Not Be ‘Allowed’? 114

Shamballa, Mayan Calendar, South America & the Sixth Rootrace 117
Preface 117
Brazil and the Sixth Rootrace 117
Shamballa 119
Shamballa and the Temple of Ibez 121
The Symbolism of Ibez 122
The Teaching of Ibez 125
The Mayans 126
Mayans and Ancient Egyptians 126
Mayan Origins in Ancient Southern India 128
Mayan Language 130
Mayans and Asuramaya 131
Mayans: Master Astronomers 134
Mayan Quetzlacoatl: The Christ 138
Mayan Calendar 140
Maya of the Mayan Calendar 140
The Greater Aquarian Cycle 142
Aquarius, Polaris and the Increasing Shamballa Force 143
Melchizedek, Libra and Shamballa 144
Shamballa and the ‘Gobi Zodiac’ 146
Shamballa and the White Island 148
Kalachakra Mandala: Map of Shamballa 148
Return of Shamballa to South America 151

The Blending of Races & Cultures: A New Race & Religion 153
Introduction 153
Perceptions of Current World Events 153
Reaction to Planetary ‘Islamisation’ 155
Jews and Arabs: The Semitic Subrace 157
The Greater Cycles of the Races and the Yugas 157
The Lesser Cycles of Pisces and the Sixth Ray 161
The New Group of World Servers 164
The Three Main Groups of Humanity 165
The New World Religion 166
Serving the Greater Whole Through Right Relationships 168
Conclusion 170

The World Jewish Glamour: A Change in Attitude 171
Introduction 171
The Jewish Scapegoat 178
Blame and Responsibility 178
The Jewish People: Virgo Soul, First Ray Soul 179
The Pisces Polarity of the Jewish Virgo Soul 181
Pisces and Forgiveness 181

Greek Mythology, The Secret Doctrine and the Rootraces 183
Roots of the Greek Tradition in India 183
Individualisation in Lemuria 185
The Third Rootrace: Lemuria 189
Atlas is Lemuria and Atlantis 191
The Three Lemurian One-Eyed Cyclopes 193
The Fourth Rootrace: Atlantis 194
Atlas of Atlantis and Giants 195
The Fifth Rootrace: Aryan – Its Dvapara Yuga or Bronze Age 199
Plato’s Chronology 201
The Pelasgians: Ancient Ancestors of the Greeks 202
Greeks: Pioneers of the Fifth Branchrace (5.5.5) 207
The Golden Age of Greece 210
Modern Greece 210
Appendix: Hindu and Greek Cycles 212

Pluto’s Ingress into Capricorn 218
Pluto, Capricorn and Initiation 218
Pluto, the Cusp of the Aquarian Age and the USA 220
Pluto Ingress Chart: Stellium of Planets in Aquarius 221
Pluto Ingress: Libra Rising 222
Libra Soul Ruler, Uranus 223
Pluto for Capricorns: Races and Nations 224

Leo’s Connection to Revolution: World Civil Unrest 226
Louis XIV, The Sun King and France 227
France and the Leo-Aquarius Axis 228
Revolution and Change 228
Leo and the Ongoing World Economic Crisis 229

Libra, Money and Corporations 231
Libra, Money and the Old Paradigm Imploding 231
Corporate Entities in the Pisces-Aquarius Transition 232
An Esoteric Historical Overview of the Current Situation 235
Potential Corporate Transformation: Resource Sharing 237
Uranus & Revolution: People are Not Going to Take it Anymore 240
The Externalisation of the Third Ray Ashram 242
Venus and the Re-Examination of Values 244

Scorpio and Occupy the Planet 246
Occupy the Planet: The Soul of Humanity Takes Charge 246
The Horoscope of Occupy Wall St: Scorpio Rising 247
Scorpio and the Triumphant Battle 251
Scorpio and the Star Sirius 252
The Scorpio Entity, Qantas 252
Equilibrating of the Moon and Earth Chain Souls 255
Israel’s Chiron in Scorpio and Its Mars Return 257
Final Word from Scorpio, Theodore Roosevelt 257

A Nations Miscellany

Japan’s Earthquake and Tsunami 2011 258
Japan’s Astrology and Rays 258
Planetary Centres: Is Tokyo the Solar Plexus? 260
The Sixth Ray of Devotion or Idealism 262

Scandinavia, The Nobel Peace Prize, China and Europe 264
Libra the Peacemaker: The Nobel Peace Prize 264
Scandinavia, China and the Nobel Peace Prize Winner 264
European Racial Integration 266

Capricorn and Nations: India & Pakistan, Israel & Palestine 268
India and Pakistan 268
Israel and Palestine 272

Aquarius the Liberator: Egypt and the Arab World 275
Germany: Pisces Personality. France: Pisces Soul 277
Pisces-Virgo and the Fifth Rootrace 279
The United Nations: Wesak 1945 280
The United States of America

Aquarian Soul: The United States of America 281
Introduction 281
USA: Aquarian Soul 282
The USA, Revolution and Four Aquarian Presidents 283
Barack Obama and the Current Situation in the USA 290
USA’s Outlook for 2012 295
USA’s Amazing Transits 2012-2014 297

Barack Obama’s Challenges in Government 300
Inauguration Charts 300
Esoteric Perspective 300
Inauguration Chart, 2009 302
Jumping Jupiter in Aquarius! 303
Jupiter Return Chart 303
More Jupiter 303
Aquarius, Saturn and Capricorn 304
Obama, King, Lincoln, Franklin 306
Mercury Retrograde 308
Disturbing Issues: The Thorny Problem of Zionism and Israel 309
Moon in Scorpio (Void of Course) 310
Inauguration Scorpio Moon, Israel and Clinton 311
Obama: Scorpio Midheaven. Legacy of the Kennedys 313
USA’s Sixth Ray Personality 314
The Cross the Obama Bears 317
Chicago: Solar Plexus Centre of USA 321
The 44th President 322

The USA and Aries-Libra 323
Extraordinary Aries New Moon: Six Planets in Aries 323
Hercules and the Wild Horses 323
The USA and Aries-Libra 324
Congressman Dennis Kucinich: America’s Next President? 327
Dennis Kucinich: Aries Rising-Libra Sun 329
Gandhi and Kucinich 332
November 6, 2012 US Elections Transits for Kucinich 333

Washington, USA and Cancer 336
Washington, USA and Cancer 336
Washington Kalachakra for World Peace 2011 337
What is the Opportunity Now and How Can it be Taken? 338
Cancer Soul Ruler Neptune 339
The Dalai Lama and Cancer 340
What is the Opportunity Now and How Can it be Taken? 342
Cancer-Capricorn: Mother-Father and Orphans 341
Cancer and the World Money Crisis 342
American Civil War and the Abolition of Slavery 346
USA Saturn Return 347
Transiting Saturn in the 9/11 Horoscope 347

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