Shamballa & Mayan Calendar: Brazil & Sixth Rootrace (Pt.3)

The Greater Aquarian Cycle
Aquarius, Polaris and the Increasing Shamballa Force
Melchizedek, Libra and Shamballa
Shamballa and the ‘Gobi Zodiac’
Shamballa and the White Island
Kalachakra Mandala: Map of Shamballa
Return of Shamballa to South America
The Greater Aquarian Cycle

The Greater Aquarian Cycle
If the 26,000 Great Year Cycle of the Mayans is ending in 2012 (coinciding with the lesser 5,125 year cycle), it is highly significant because it may also relate to ‘the greater wheel’ and its cycle of 26,000 years – finishing one cycle and starting another. The twelve zodiac signs take 26,000 years to precess the full circle of 360 degrees, the same time span as it takes for one zodiac sign in the greater zodiac.

The world is entering the Age of Aquarius on both the smaller and greater wheels, an event that has only occurred six times (this is the seventh) – in the history of this Fifth Rootrace, hence a time of great opportunity.1

Nevertheless, we are on the cusp of these cycles, 500 years for the lesser wheel and 5,000 years for the greater wheel; it is doubtful (as mentioned by other authors) that something will ‘happen’ on December 21, 2012. We are going through a process of unprecedented change during this cuspal period. If the above date is accurate, then this is an advantage for students of astrology and cycles – as it may allow some accuracy to use this as a time marker to work forward or backward.

Another factor to consider is that the 26,000 year cycle coincides with a 104,000 years cycle of the ‘fourth Sun’. (104,000 = 26,000 X 4) In other commentaries this author has dated the fifth subrace of the Fifth Rootrace (5.5) as starting around 100,000 years ago.

Indeed, in this fifth branchrace of 5.5 (5.5.5), the race has reached its apotheosis, and in this Kali Yuga cycle of destruction, is ready for a major shift. According to the Mayans, Humanity will shift to the ‘fifth sun’ phase, “El Quinto Sol”, where a golden age of higher consciousness will emerge.

As discussed earlier, there are ‘yugas within yugas’ and a Satya Yuga (golden age) may well be emerging and overlapping the Kali Yuga (black age) of 432,000 years. The Sixth Rootrace is only about 25,000 years away2 ( and a parallel may be drawn with the previous Satya Yuga (1,728,000 years) for the Fifth Rootrace when it was in its nascent inception about four million years ago – at the decline of Atlantis when Atlantis was going through its Kali Yuga. Alternatively in this cycle, there may be a smaller Satya Yuga cycle emerging within the Kali Yuga.

Aquarius, Polaris and the Increasing Shamballa Force
The sign Aquarius and the pole star Polaris have a direct connection with the planetary centre called Shamballa. In this 25,000 year greater Aquarian cycle leading up to the start of the Sixth Rootrace, the direct influence of the Shamballa force will come to bear upon Humanity:

“Polaris—The Star of Direction—governing Shamballa … The influence which emanates from the Pole Star and which is such a potent factor in our solar system reaches our planet via the sign Aquarius. The reasons will be noted if the student bears in mind the significance of water as a symbol of the emotions, which are but a lower manifestation of love-desire. Aquarius is a force centre from which the adept draws the “water of life” and carries it to the multitude. This force from the Pole Star, via Aquarius, is of special power at this time and the day of opportunity is therefore great. It is one of the agencies which make the coming of the Great Lord a possibility.”3

Of course the ‘Great Lord’ is The Christ or Lord Maitreya who intends to culminate the externalisation of the Masters of Wisdom, starting about 2025.

“Esoterically speaking, the Pole Star is regarded as the “star of re-orientation” whereby the art of “refacing and recovering that which is lost” is developed. This eventually brings a man back to his originating source.” It is also said that ‘concentration upon the Pole-Star will give knowledge of the orbits of the planets and the stars.’4

What is ‘his originating source’, the soul or even the monad? Note also the earlier statement about ‘meditating on the Sun’ in relation to Asuramaya and the gleaning of similar knowledge.

Polaris and the revolving heavens.

Polaris and the revolving heavens.

The axis of the Earth determines the poles – our planet is tilted toward the northern pole star, Polaris. The ancient story of Hamlet’s Mill is an allegory for the axis of the Earth, the ‘world tree’ or ‘spindle’ whereon the Earth rotates, angled toward the Pole Star. The Pole Star is where the ‘axle of the mill’ periodically aligns itself. The Earth’s axis symbolically passes through Shamballa, driving the Wheel of Karma, presided over by Sanat Kumara and other great Lords.


Earth’s Orientation to Polaris

Earth’s Orientation to Polaris

Melchizedek, Libra and Shamballa
“Libra occupies a unique place in the Great Wheel, for it is the energy coming from this constellation which controls what we might call (for lack of a more suitable word) the “hub of the wheel.” This is that point in intermediate space where the twelve zodiacal energies meet and cross.5… Libra admits the soul into the world centre which we call Shamballa.”6

Libra is also potent in the planetary horoscope during this transition from Pisces to Aquarius.

“Melchizadek…was lord of the Ecliptic, or balance, or line of adjustment, and therefore was THE JUST ONE … lord of the eighth [planet], which was Mater Terra [Mother Earth].”7

‘Melchizadek’ is Sanat Kumara, Lord of Shamballa. The ecliptic is the apparent passage of the Sun upon which the zodiac signs are ‘hinged’. The ‘balance’, ‘line of adjustment’ and ‘Just One’ are all Libran descriptions – “Libra admits the soul into the world centre which we call Shamballa”.8 The following diagram with its central line illustrates this ecliptic in relation to the zodiac:

Zodiac Apparent Path of Sun as Seen from Earth

Zodiac: Apparent Path of Sun as Seen from Earth

So what does all this mean and what is its purpose? Basically the Planetary Plan is related to the three planetary centres of Shamballa, Hierarchy and Humanity being reduced to two centres:

“It is interesting to note (though it is of no immediate moment) that the work of destruction initiated by the Hierarchy during the past one hundred and seventy-five years (therefore since the year 1775) has in it the seeds—as yet a very long way from any germination—of the final act of destruction which will take place when the Hierarchy will be so completely fused and blended with Humanity that the hierarchical form will no longer be required. The three major centres will then become the two, and the Hierarchy will disappear and only Shamballa and Humanity will remain, only spirit or life, and substance as an expression of intelligent love will be left. This corresponds to the experience of the individual initiate at the fourth initiation, when the causal body, the soul body, disappears and only the monad and its expression, the personality (a fusion of soul and form) are left. This event of final dissolution will take place only at the close of our planetary existence, when the door to individualisation is finally closed for a pralayic period and the Way of the Higher Evolution will be more closely trodden than the Path of Initiation.”9

Shamballa, Hierarchy and Humanity

Shamballa, Hierarchy and Humanity

Note that the year 1775 was not only the start of a lesser cycle of the fifth ray, but also signalled the start of the 500 year cusp of the Aquarian Age; hence the destructive processes needed to break down the past Piscean cycle.

For Humanity to be blended with Hierarchy can only mean one thing: That Humanity will be initiated into higher consciousness en masse. It is still a ‘long way from germination’ let alone fruition as the impulse in the year 1775 only carried the ‘seeds …. of the final act of destruction’; the latter will occur in a smaller degree in the next 25,000 year cycle, in a greater degree in the Sixth Rootrace and ‘final dissolution will take place only at the close of our planetary existence’. The Tibetan continues:

“Therefore, my brothers, the closer relation of the Hierarchy to Shamballa, the stimulation of its own interior life, and the readiness of humanity for revelation and for certain unexpected development, will condition the cycle into which we are now entering. This is, therefore, the most amazing period in the history of humanity. Added to this, it must be borne in mind that we are entering another greater round of the Zodiac, and this coincides with the lesser zodiacal activity because Aquarius governs the greater immediate cycle of 25,000 years10 and is also the sign into which the sun is now moving for a period of 2300 years—a most amazing happening and full of import in our planetary history11

Kalachakra Mandala: Map of Shamballa
“Kalachakra is an aspect of Buddha–mind representing Time and Space; past, present, future come together in a timeless union of wisdom and compassion. Buddhists regard the Kalachakra mandala at Shamballa as a blueprint for the planet. The sages of Shamballa (Kumaras, Chohans and Masters) perform its meditational practice, or Sadhana, to implement the Plan on Earth.

The Kalachakra mandala is a cosmogram of the outer and inner worlds in idealised form, free from imperfections. In Sanskrit, ‘kala’ means ‘time’ and ‘chakra’ is ‘wheel’. ‘Kala–chakra’, therefore, is ‘The Wheel of Time’; it is a process and an event.

The Wheel of Time implies cycles and therefore astrology, the Science of Cycles. Saturn of course, rules astrology and cycles generally, and is also the Lord of Karma. Saturn is exalted in Libra, a sign intimately related to Shamballa. The Wheel of Time is also known as a Peace Mandala, or a road map to the universe, and is the most complex of Buddhist mandalas. It describes the interrelationship of heavenly bodies, the workings of the human body/mind—the macrocosm and the microcosm. It also describes the stages of meditation followed on the path to inner peace. That inner peace attained is the Peace of Shamballa, and hence relates to Libra the Peacemaker.”12

Kalachakra Mandala The Wheel of Time

Kalachakra Mandala: The Wheel of Time

Shamballa and the Gobi Zodiac
“In the same manner and on the plan of the Zodiac in the upper Ocean or the heavens, a certain realm on Earth, an inland sea, was consecrated and called “the Abyss of Learning”; twelve centres on it in the shape of twelve small islands representing the Zodiacal signs—two of which remained for ages the “mystery signs” and were the abodes of twelve Hierophants and masters of wisdom.

This “sea of knowledge” or learning remained for ages there, where now stretches the Shamo or Gobi desert. It existed until the last great glacial period, when a local cataclysm, which swept the waters south and west and so formed the present great desolate desert, left only a certain oasis, with a lake and one island in the midst of it, as a relic of the Zodiacal Ring on Earth.

For ages the watery abyss—which, with the nations that preceded the later Babylonians, was the abode of the “great mother” (the terrestrial post-type of the “great mother chaos” in heaven), the parent of Ea (Wisdom), himself the early prototype of Oannes, the man-Fish of the Babylonians…”13

Recall the image of Melchizdek directing astrological and ray forces whilst bearing in mind the importance of Shamballa as an earth zodiac reflecting the celestial zodiac, then the above passage is a natural extension of this idea. The distribution occurs through certain Masters or ‘hierophants’ who help distribute these forces to all the kingdoms of the planet, not just Humanity. Recall also that there are seven Masters or ‘Chohans’ who are the custodians of the Seven Rays and who help distribute and ‘step them down’.

Shamballa and the ‘White Island’
“The last survivors of the fair child of the White Island … had perished ages before. Their (Lemuria’s) elect, had taken shelter on the sacred Island (now the “fabled” Shamballah, in the in the Gobi Desert)…”14

“Mysticism … is reported to have originated in the fabulous country Sambhala … beyond the Sir Deriáu [Yaxartes] between 45º and 50º north latitude. 110º east and 45º north is exact centre of Gobi.”15

The Gobi Altai

The Gobi Altai rising from the edge of the Gobi, southwestern Övörhangay, Mongolia.16

“The legend given in Isis [Unveiled] in relation to a portion of the globe which science now concedes to have been the cradle of humanity—though it is but one of the seven cradles, in truth—ran, condensed, and now explained, as follows:—

Tradition says … that long before the days of Ad-am, and … He-va [Eve], where now are found but salt lakes and desolate barren deserts, there was a vast inland sea, which extended over Middle Asia, north of the proud Himalayan range, and its western prolongation. An island, which for its unparalleled beauty had no rival in the world, was inhabited by the last remnant of the race which preceded ours.

The last remnant” meant the “Sons of Will and Yoga,” who, with a few tribes, survived the great cataclysm. For it is the Third Race which inhabited the great Lemurian continent, that preceded the veritable and complete human races—the fourth and the fifth. Therefore it was said in Isis that—

“This race could live with equal ease in water, air, or fire, for it had an unlimited control over the elements. These were the ‘Sons of God’; not those who saw the daughters of men, but the real Elohim, though in the oriental Kabala they have another name. It was they who imparted Nature’s most weird secrets to men, and revealed to them the ineffable, and now lost ‘word.’”

The “Island,” according to belief, exists to the present hour; now, as an oasis surrounded by the dreadful wildernesses of the great Desert, the Gobi — whose sands “no foot hath crossed in the memory of man.”17 This ‘race’ was the primitive archetype of Humanity before the dawning of consciousness and the separation of sexes in later Lemuria (3.5). Adam and Eve (Heva) are the sexually separated hermaphrodite, now endowed with the ‘spark of mind’. These ‘Sons of God’ therefore, were the Lemurian (hermaphrodite) subrace before 3.5 (fifth subrace): 3.4.

It is logical that the Elohim lived in this highly magnetized area of Shamballa under the watchful eye of Sanat Kumara. These ‘Sons of God’ were the ‘ideal humanity’ cared for in the ‘nursery’ of Shamballa by Sanat Kumara and The Manu. This is a profound point as HPB says,

“The gradual evolution of man in The Secret Doctrine shows that all the later … Races have their physical origin in the early Fourth Race. But it is the sub-race, which preceded the one that separated sexually [5th subrace, 3.5], that is to be regarded as the spiritual ancestors of our present generations, and especially of the Eastern Aryan Races.”18

At present all this may read like pure fiction, given the incredulity that may accompany the extraordinary time scales, let alone the concepts of Shamballa and Melchizedek. Yet,

“At a later date than the present, discoveries will be made, revealing the reality of the old form of hierarchical work; ancient records and monuments will be revealed, some above ground and many in subterranean fastnesses. As the mysteries of central Asia in the land stretching from Chaldea and Babylon through Turkestan to Manchuria, including the Gobi desert, are opened up, it is planned that much of the early history of the Ibezhan workers will be revealed.”19

A reminder to the reader of the overlapping periods and durations of the races in the following table. The Patriarch ages are code for the durations of the races, discussed at length in The Hidden History of Humanity.

Patriarchs or ‘Manus’ of the Rootraces and Subraces

Patriarchs or ‘Manus’ of the Rootraces and Subraces

Return of Shamballa to South America
The Sixth Rootrace promises the greatest human achievement through the expression of the buddhic principle and love-wisdom. That achievement will be paralleled or caused by the fusion of the two planetary centres, Humanity and Hierarchy into one centre that is in direct relationship with Shamballa.

If the new humanity of the Sixth Rootrace are going to be initially based in South America, then it stands to reason that Shamballa will be physically close to them; just as the Elohim or ‘Sons of the Fire Mist’ were in close proximity to Shamballa and the White Island in the Gobi Desert.

In this future time many initiates and Masters will walk amongst Humanity again, something that has not occurred since the time of the Atlantean war when They withdrew. We are now in the time of the ‘forerunner’ and from 2025 onward, the externalisation of the Hierarchy will proceed.

Eventually Humanity will once again become androgynous Elohim, returning to the state of their original beauty and purity, but with a highly expanded awareness resulting from Earth life activity in the intervening period.

Phillip Lindsay © 2008.

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