Barack Obama, US President: Part II

Obama’s Drama: Great Potentials, Enormous Difficulties, Disturbing Facts.
Presidential inauguration charts have been traditionally used by astrologers to look at trends for that four year term of office. The Inauguration chart for President Obama in 2009 has amazing potentials and some equally challenging, if not quite alarming features.

Much has been written about and speculated upon this inauguration, not just because its Obama, but the positions of Mercury retrograde and a ‘void of course’ Moon. Astrologers had hoped there might be a delay in the ceremony to obtain ‘better’ aspects but it was not to be.

When the swearing of the oath is completed, the inauguration chart is determined and the new administration is ‘incarnate’; in this case, albeit with a few stumbles, the time was 12.05.50 pm, January 20, 2009 in Washington D.C.

The fact that there was a ‘re-swearing in’ that evening at 7.35 pm does not detract from this original horoscope. Nevertheless it is worth noting that the evening chart is Leo rising, conjunct the star Regulus; the Moon had moved into Sagittarius, exactly opposing Obama’s Moon. The Sun also reached its highest point in the sky at 12.19 pm, most apt symbolism for a Sun-ruled Leonine president during his acceptance speech; it also saw the midheaven moving from Capricorn into Aquarius, Obama’s rising sign.

Esoteric Perspective
First of all, a reminder of the esoteric factors conditioning the entity we call The United States of America. The USA’s soul is on second ray of Love-Wisdom, whilst its personality is the sixth ray of Devotion or Idealism. Jupiter and the Sun rule the former whilst Mars and Neptune rule the latter. Esoterically, the USA is an Aquarian soul and a Gemini personality. If an esoteric chart was erected, it would be Aquarius rising with a Gemini Sun in the fifth house.

Nevertheless, it is possible to utilise the above esoteric factors in the interpretation of the exoteric horoscopes for the Inauguration and USA horoscopes. (USA 1776: Cancer Sun, Sagittarius rising).

The USA’’s Aquarian soul force has a great potential to come into its own in this approaching 2000 year Aquarian cycle, as does Obama’s rising sign Aquarius in this lesser cycle. USA and Obama have the same soul purpose, his alignment with the soul of the nation. This is the Aquarian force that can create a world community based upon sharing, brotherly love and serving one’s fellow humanity.

The incoming Obama administration has to be one of the best opportunities that the USA has ever had to move forward and surmount long term problems in several areas. The effects will be felt worldwide and there is much anticipation and optimism globally. Yet there are also deep-seated and long term problems that must be faced, for the USA to be truly free of forces that have been controlling it for several administrations.

Presidential Inauguration 2009.

Inauguration Chart, 2009.
The Inauguration horoscope will influence the next four years in office; it has Taurus rising, an Aquarian Sun and a Scorpio Moon.Taurus Rising  In esoteric astrology, the rising sign is the ‘soul’ potential that is being developed. Taurus rising is always present in US Inauguration charts because they are set for the same time. Hence Taurus indicates working toward a general stability, particularly now in terms of the economy; it is also about the building of a new system of values based upon illumination that Taurus can bring; Taurus is the “Mother of Illumination”.

The Sabian Symbol for this 17th degree is: An imaginative battle is under way between swords, the disciples of might, and torches, the disciples of enlightenment. Dane Rudhyar says, “Refusing to depend upon the past, the seeker turns warrior, fighting anew the eternal ‘Great War’.” Most apt!Sun in Aquarius  The Inauguration Sun in Aquarius corresponds to USA’s and Obama’s Aquarian soul rulership; it represents the personality of the administration working together co-operatively. Moon in Scorpio The Inauguration Moon (in Scorpio) indicates some of the unconscious and hidden factors at work, as well as the mass consciousness of the people. It is probably the most problematic part of the horoscope, as Moon positions generally are.

Jumping Jupiter in Aquarius!
As in all inauguration charts, the Sun is on the midheaven, representing the administration, prominent in the public eye. There is also a very close (combust) conjunction from the Sun to Mercury and Jupiter in Aquarius. This combination has the capacity to foster a great religious and philosophical tolerance. Jupiter is ‘optimism and hope’ – Obama’s catchcry.

Jupiter is the soul ruler of Aquarius, the zodiac soul ruler of the nation; Jupiter is also the ruler of the second ray of Love-Wisdom, USA’s soul ray and hypothetically Obama’s soul ray. Jupiter as soul ruler of Aquarius and the second ray of Love-Wisdom, is truly the Water-Bearer who ‘pours forth for those that thirst.’

The Sun is co-ruler of the second ray and its conjunction to Jupiter gives a strong potential for USA to express its true soul potential. Combined with this is the fact that Obama’s Jupiter is at the same degree as Inauguration chart’s Sun/Mercury and that he is Aquarius rising, there is a terrific potential for a great alignment between this leader’s soul and the USA soul. Obama has the capacity to bring the soul force of the nation into greater expression – he could be its best catalyst and has been tapping into these forces throughout his campaign.

The first black man in the white house is a reminder of the black and white yin-yang symbol depicting the unification and synthesis of polar opposites. With his strong second ray of Love-Wisdom qualities, expansive Jupiterian vision and seventh ray of Organisation, he has the ability to bring many possible syntheses to fruition. The world expects a lot from Obama, yet he has the capacity to deliver.

Also, Obama’s Jupiter in Aquarius (conjunct Inauguration Jupiter, Sun, Mercury), trines his natal Moon in Gemini, enabling him to attune to the nation’s soul and empowering his extraordinary oratorial qualities in enunciating eloquently that which emerges from the nation’s soul. Bear in mind so far that this is the best case scenario.

Jupiter Return Chart
Obama also had his 12 yearly Jupiter return on January 9, 2009. If he is a second ray soul-Jupiter person (as is the USA), as well as Aquarius-Jupiter ruled, then this chart carries much weight for the next 12 year cycle; it has Scorpio rising with Sun, Mars and Pluto in the sign of Capricorn, the executive organiser; Capricorn will be discussed more later in the text. There is also a mass of placements in Aquarius!

Obama has already proved himself in his unprecedented election campaign to be an adept organiser, reflecting the presence of the seventh ray of Ceremonial Order or Magic within his make-up, possibly his personality ray. The combination of Scorpio rising with its personality/soul ruler Mars placed in the sign of its Capricorn exaltation, is extremely powerful; no less, all in the second house of money and finances – the hottest topic on the USA and world agenda. The Moon in this Jupiter return chart is in Gemini, the sign of his natal Moon.

More Jupiter and Aquarius
There is another powerful Jupiter aspect In the 1776 USA chart. Solar arc Jupiter has been in orb of conjunction to the USA Moon in Aquarius for the past two years, reaching exactness this June 2009. Jupiter is the ruler of the USA Sagittarius rising sign and is natally conjunct the Sun in Cancer where it is exalted.

Moreover, in June 2009 there is a rare triple conjunction of transiting Neptune, Chiron and Jupiter, all in the 27th degree of Aquarius – connecting to the USA solar arc Jupiter and natal Moon in Aquarius! The combination of all these Aquarian forces must have a positive effect in terms of the themes of this sign: The reinventing of community (the Sangha), the cultivation and inculcation of greater compassion and understanding, humanitarian service to one’s fellow humanity, co-operation replacing competition, sharing of resources etc.

Yet as the Moon in the USA chart is involved and hence the unconscious, the negative side of Aquarius will also be encountered – such as controlling corporations (or administrations) who manipulate and deceive for their own causes.

Still on the Aquarius theme, Obama’s rising sign Aquarius had some major hits on Inauguration day: Transiting Chiron on its 50 year cycle was closely conjunct, whilst the progressed Moon on its 27 year cycle was in the same degree. Both placements were activating Obama’s soul potential Aquarius.

Well the ‘wow’ factor for Jupiter is, in true Jovian fashion, over the top! But it is needed, so much is expected of this man, not only by the USA but the entire world; he needs all the help he can get from this planet of inclusivity and expansive vision.

Of course one has to be wary about projecting one’s hopes and dreams upon one man; it is the team that he can build in true Aquarian fashion that will ultimately sound the note of his success or failure as a president; this may indeed be one of his biggest challenges as there are some very powerful personalities that he has chosen for his team that have very challenging aspects from their horoscopes to his, yet this is perhaps the creative tension and needed ‘grist for the mill’.

Aquarius, Saturn and Capricorn
It is perhaps no coincidence that Abraham Lincoln, highly revered by Obama and said to have been a ‘racial avatar’, was himself a double Aquarian – Sun and rising sign. His Water-Bearer qualities resulted in the preservation of the Union and the abolition of slavery.

Before his inauguration, Obama took the symbolic train journey to Washington, emulating Lincoln’s journey there; he took the Inauguration oath on the bible Lincoln swore upon. Even more pertinent than any other presidential inauguration was public holiday for Martin Luther King in 2009, fell on the day before the Inauguration, Monday; the coincidence could not be more tantalising, recalling King’s words, “And so even though we face the difficulties of today and tomorrow, I still have a dream. It is a dream deeply rooted in the American dream. I have a dream that one day this nation will rise up and live out the true meaning of its creed: “We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal.”

One black man’s dream has become another black man’s reality – the USA has come a long way since the 1960’s. Obama has close synastry with these men who have paved the way for African American civil rights. On 2008 election day in the USA chart, the Moon and progressed Jupiter were at 26-27° Capricorn.

Obama’s Saturn (Lord of Karma, ruler of Capricorn), is at 25° Capricorn, founding father Benjamin Franklin had his Sun at 25° Capricorn. Lincoln’s Moon was 27° Capricorn and King’s Sun was at 25° Capricorn. Capricorn is a sign of great power, leadership, planning and organisation – it is the ultimate C.E.O.

The last decanate of Capricorn, shared by all the above positions, is ruled by Vulcan, sacred ruler of the first ray of will or power, the ray of lawmakers and statesmen. There seems to be some kind of sacred lineage from which Obama can draw.

Saturn is the traditional co-ruler of Aquarius, but esoterically the ruler of its first decanate, hence a most important factor considering Obama and USA’s Aquarius rising signs – as the world moves into the 2,000 year cycle of the Aquarian Age: “… at this time, we are at a point of crisis and … Humanity—as a whole and owing to the large proportion of aspirants and thinking idealists—is entering Aquarius, via the open door of Saturn … When the disciple knows Saturn as the God who offers opportunity and does not only feel him to be Deity who brings disaster, then he is on the path of discipleship in truth and in deed and not just theoretically.” [1]

Obama, King, Lincoln, Franklin
Following on from this idea is that Obama’s personality Sun sign is Leo, the opposite to Aquarius, his soul purpose: “In the Aquarian Age … humanity enters into an expansion of consciousness which will reveal … group relations instead of … individual and self-centred personal relations … Aquarius is to be found in the upper half of the zodiacal circle and is exactly opposite to Leo which is found in the lower half.  Leo is the sign of individual unfoldment and of the self as self-assertive.  This highly individualised sign consummates in Aquarius wherein the individual finds full expression through the medium of the group, passing from service to himself and expression of himself as a personality to service of the group and a growing expression of the Hierarchy to which he steadily draws closer.” [2]

This is a perfect example of what has been discussed regarding Obama.

“It is only now that the full purpose and the work of Saturn for humanity can reach a point of group usefulness, for it is only now that humanity has reached a point of general and widespread intelligence which can make any choice a definite conscious act, entailing responsibility. Prior to the present time, only a few pioneering disciples and a handful of intelligent people could be regarded as freely choosing at the “point of balance” the way that they intend “to tip the scales.” Today, there are countless numbers and hence the intense activity of Saturn as we enter into the first decan of Aquarius and hence the same activity because humanity itself now stands upon the probationary path.” [3]

Obama’’s Saturn in Capricorn in the twelfth house takes on an added significance in light of the above. The combination of Capricorn and the twelfth house gives Obama an extraordinary organising ability combined with a selflessness, compassion and the ‘will to sacrifice’.

Saturn in the twelfth house is also very subjectively focused and inward thinking, yet linked to Obama’s Mercury in Gemini – which is really ‘out there’ in the world. An interesting combination that can bring a reflective depth of thinking and the building of ideas that come from the inner life. When well aspected, Saturn in the twelfth house can ‘bring success as an official in public institutions’ – well that’s lucky isn’t it? Saturn in Capricorn is related to the candidate for initiation who has reached the summit of achievement: ”The great experiences upon the various mountain tops as related in the Bible have all to do with Capricorn. Moses, the Lawgiver on Mount Sinai, is Saturn in Capricorn imposing the law of karma upon the people.” [4]

Indeed, will this American ‘Moses’ ‘impose a law of karma upon the people’? Will Obama have a contemporary ’10 commandments’ that relate to some new ethics and principles that he wishes to introduce?

Mercury Retrograde
Retrograde Mercury in Aquarius sits upon Obama’s retrograde Jupiter. Traditionally the Mercury retrograde period causes all sorts of problems with communications, transport, strikes etc. – it can be a very frustrating position. The thoughtforms of astrologers over many hundreds of years may have strengthened and crystallised this phenomenon.

Forget not that Esoteric or Soul Centered Astrology seeks to break up some of these old astrological thoughtforms, as they tend to be imprisoning, by fostering fear and superstition. This author’s personal experience with Mercury retrograde, whilst experiencing many times the ‘traditional’ effects, has been very positive.

Mercury relates to how one thinks and communicates, so a Mercury retrograde period allows reflection over old ground, a re-examining of ideas, reflecting upon one’s actions and their effects. By the time Mercury goes ‘direct’, quite often a refinement and clarity of thought is achieved, allowing for greater personal integration and wholeness.

Hence this subjective position of Mercury could be very healthy for the USA, even though it may contribute to a further slowing down of business and commerce, which Mercury exoterically rules; it may help to instill a new sense of values about how business can be done differently, the developing of a new paradigm.

Mercury goes direct 10 days after the Inauguration, then returns to its original Inauguration Day position on February 14, Valentine’s Day. Perhaps a love affair between Obama and the USA (and the rest of the world) may gather pace and start to blossom by then! This three week period after the Inauguration may reflect some initial delays, the firing of inappropriate staff, tensions with oppositional forces that may create difficulties.

Mercury in Aquarius has a great capacity for mental synthesis and illumination; it is also extremely intuitive. Francis Bacon (an advanced initiate like Abraham Lincoln), had Mercury retrograde in Aquarius and was one of the most brilliant minds in Europe. In his previous incarnation to that of Master (R)acozky, it was Bacon who ‘called all the wits together’ in the cause of cultural advancement in Britain and Europe; there is no reason why the Obama administration cannot act similarly, especially through the alignment of Obama’s aforementioned Jupiter.

Again we have the theme of Aquarius, the building of true community based upon right human relationships and the possibility of World Brotherhood. Obama’s emotional intelligence is another major factor that will help him achieve his vision; he does not get caught up in personal reactions to other people, he is a classically cool customer in the Aquarian sense, and his Gemini Moon is very quick to avoid negative engagements with others.

Disturbing Issues: The Thorny Problem of Zionism and Israel[5]
Ancient Israel and Moses begs the modern Israel problem. There is no question that a major challenge for Obama will be Israel, the Jewish race personality ruled by Capricorn, the position of Obama’s Saturn. Will Obama determine a new course and struggle free from the Zionist grip that has held the White House in thrall for several decades, or will he go along with the same old agenda, already a fait accompli, a Zionist stooge? Several sources claim that Obama has been cultivated by Zionists, supported financially and virtually propelled into the White House by them. Zionism is referred to here as an influence that has, for its own extremist agendas, manipulated and coerced the Jewish people for over a century: “…

“The main contention … today of the Jews, is territory [post WWII], thus evidencing a most distorted sense of values …They were also, during the years immediately following the war, under the control of … the Zionist Dictators … [who] … worked through the same methods—terrorising, withholding information, browbeating their opponents, making false claims and bribing and corrupting.  They were and are a minority, but a powerful minority because of their great wealth and their being in positions of power. They are claiming a land to which they have no possible right and which the Jews have ignored for two thousand years.  …

Very few lands today are in the possession of their original inhabitants, and if restoration is made to all original inhabitants (which is not possible) an impossible situation would be brought about just as legitimate as the Zionist position.  If the Zionist claims are to be considered (and they have been) they in their turn should realise that (if The Old Testament is to be believed) they originally took the land of Palestine away from its original owners nearly three thousand years ago, at the point of the sword and through an unprovoked aggression.””[6]

As there are many other considerations in this essay, this theme will be taken up in much more comprehensive detail in a forthcoming newsletter. Nevertheless, more on this issue is contained in the following paragraphs.

Moon in Scorpio (Void of Course)
The Inauguration chart Moon is in the last degree of Scorpio where its power is at its height – the first or last degrees of a sign are said to magnify a planet’s power. It is also ‘void of course’ (leaving the sign and having made all its aspects to other planets).

There’s a similar traditional meaning to Mercury retrograde – business agreements and the like should not be entered upon and so forth, especially with its square from the seventh house  to Neptune, though waning, still has the capacity to create uncertainty and subtle undermining or deceit in business relations; yet the Moon is applying to harmonious aspects with Sun and Mercury.

Nevertheless, a Scorpio Moon may just be what is needed over the next four years, with a potential to bring about a great purging and revealing of that which has been hidden. This author has long identified a Scorpio Moon as ‘the exorcist’, ‘the confessor’ and ‘the revealer’; it has great powers in penetrating the unseen and its energy can be abused and misused, contributing somewhat to the notoriety of Scorpio in the general public mind. Perhaps the previous administration’s secrets and themes such as 9/11, Iraq etc. may surface between 2009-2013? Interestingly, the Obama administration will preside over the much vaunted year 2012 – the Mayan time of renewal and regeneration. [7]

The Inauguration Scorpio Moon rules Cancer, connecting it to the Cancer Sun sign of the USA chart, going a long way toward transforming the USA personality (Sun sign), mainly through its international relationships.

This is because the Moon in the Inauguration chart is the seventh house of relationships, ruled by Mars, which is in turn placed in Capricorn in the ninth house of foreign nations. Obama’s Saturn (falling in USA’s 9th house), could come into play here by cultivating and building long term relationships, mending fences with other nations like Iran for instance.

In this respect, the Moon in Scorpio would relate to some intense encounters with foreign nations, even war. Nevertheless, Mars in its sign of exaltation in the ninth house may offset this tendency through its executive-like resources, being a tough deal-maker and shrewd diplomat.

Best of all for Obama, the Inauguration Scorpio Moon sits right on his Scorpio midheaven (career, public perception etc). As the Moon represents the masses, this position will greatly assist his public perception and popularity, as a potent leader who has the capacity to wield great power, ruthlessly if necessary.

Inauguration Scorpio Moon, Israel and Clinton

Obama, Inauguration,
Israel, Clinton
The Inauguration Scorpio Moon and Obama’s midheaven also align with Israel’s midheaven (the midnight chart, May 15, 1948), indicating the influence that this administration will have upon the destiny of Israel – and vice-versa.

Israel’s Scorpio midheaven is closely squared by its Mars in Leo, reflective of an aggressive stance to the Arab neighbours during its existence thus far. It’s Taurus Sun is also square to its Mars and opposite its Scorpio midheaven, creating a T square which is indeed reflective of Israel’s major problems.

Hence much conflict over this issue will be triggered by the Inauguration Scorpio Moon setting off Israel’s T square and how it will try and resolve this deeply crystallised pattern that relates to power and aggression.

The battle may be just as much between Obama and Zionists in the White House, or depending upon Obama’s orientation, could be ‘all the way with Israel’ – and that in itself may create a massive public/world backlash. The position of Obama’s Leo Sun exactly conjunct Israel’s Pluto, may well indicate a power struggle between the nation and the US president.

Some staff in Obama’s administration may also be particularly difficult, such as Hilary Clinton, with all her Scorpio planets square to Obama’s Leo planets – there is a personality clash in the making!

Yet despite this, her Jupiter in early Sagittarius, sits close to the Inauguration Scorpio Moon/Israel-Obama midheaven, trining her Moon in Pisces, creating some excellent harmonisation. Clinton is also of the generation when Israel was formed and as Secretary of State, she may have a more positive influence than some critics first thought – despite her avowed Zionism.

Obama, Inauguration, Emmanuel,
Super Zionist and Chief of Staff, Rahm Emmanuel has a late Scorpio Moon (27 Scorpio 39) [8] precisely conjunct Mars, interacting intensely with all the aforementioned points, particularly with regard to his ’pit bull’ personality. This Moon-Mars conjunction is also closely square to Israel’s Mars in Leo, creating an extremely volatile dynamic.

Emmanuel has another major Scorpio ‘signature’ with his Sun square Pluto, a somewhat unintegrated personality position, prone to power hunger and even violence, very similar to his Mars-Moon conjunction.

Emmanuel’s Sagittarian Sun sits opposite Obama’s Gemini Moon, completing the missing leg of Obama’s T-square with Moon, Pluto and Chiron. Time will tell just how much Obama can keep a tight leash on the ‘pit bull’ or whether the ‘tail will wag the dog’.

Obama’s T-square, incredibly, overlays a similar T-square in Iran’s chart. Iran also shares a Gemini Moon with Obama and their formations reflect Obama wishing to pursue a course of dialogue with that nation. There are some amazing dynamics emerging between the major players, individuals and nations. But more on this in a forthcoming newsletter.

Obama Scorpio Midheaven and the Legacy of the Kennedys

Astrologer Niklas Nihlen has pointed out,“

“This position of the Moon also connects the assumption of Obama with the death and assassination of JFK, for which event (November 22, 1963) the Sun was in the very same position … Sun 29 SCO 44 – JFK’s death. Thus, the Sun, Moon and MC connect the dots or destinies of these two men, and indicate the succession and continuation of that which earlier was started, but was abruptly halted, though only temporarily so.

The Sun of the late Robert Kennedy is at 28 degrees Scorpio. He was assassinated in 1968, before he could take the presidency and continue the work of JFK with Martin Luther King. For the brother Ted Kennedy, who is still among us, we find that the Inauguration Moon at 29 SCO 48, is in a square to his Sun, Mercury and Mars stellium – which has its midpoint at 29 AQU 46.

It is possible that the actual, yet ‘symbolical’ collapse event with Senator Ted Kennedy will remind us of this connection and that Ted being a link, has now released himself of, and passed on the legacy from JFK. What substantiates this astrologically is that Ted’s Sun is at 28 degrees Scorpio, together with the other points mentioned.”

The position of the inauguration Moon is indicative of the critical and hostile circumstances now facing America and affecting the world at large. It is a serious and critical period with many challenges remaining–and the speech of Obama reflect this.”

USA’’s Sixth Ray Personality “
The United States of America has for its personality ray the sixth ray and hence much of its personality difficulties … its strong desire life, impelling it to sex expression and to materiality … for the citizen of the United States values money only for the effects on his life which it can bring and for what it makes possible.

“Hence also the rapid response of the American continent to every form of idealism, to the need of others, even of its enemies, to compassion for all suffering and to a pronounced progress towards a well defined humanitarianism.  This they may call the democratic ideal but it is in truth something which grows out of and eventually supersedes democracy—the ideal of spiritual government—a government by the highest and the most spiritual to be found in the land. Hence also their unrealised esoteric motto:  “I light the Way.”  All the various forms of government, prevalent in the world today, will—after making their great experiment and its resultant contribution—proceed upon the way of enlightened rule by the illumined minds of the age.  This development is certain and inevitable and the indications of this happening can be seen today by those who have eyes to see and a developed inner vision.”” [9]

Obama’’s Progressions & Transits: Inauguration Day 2009
The theme of internal and international relationships brings in the familiar problem of the way that the USA’s sixth ray personality is expressed through Mars in the USA 1776 horoscope. Most nations at best express their personalities, and they are usually unintegrated and unaligned with the soul’s purpose. USA’s sixth ray personality is problematic because it is not yet a fully mature nation given its relatively young age. The following extract from The Destiny of the Races and Nations [10] best explains: “

“Mars in Gemini in the seventh house is about aggressiveness in relationships, and how Americans have met whatever stood in the way of her Sagittarian expansiveness. However, it is also about spirited, energetic dialogue and communication. As Mars squares Neptune in the ninth house, there is a great challenge for America to discriminate clearly between its high idealism and a tendency to myth making.”[11]

The glamours of the movie industry and music, addictive substances, emotional psychism and religious cults, are all up for review with this aspect. The American  media, with its excesses and exaggerations, is another prime example of how truth is compromised.

Another manifestation of Mars  square Neptune  is the sharp intellect of Virgo  and ninth/seventh house themes around legal matters. Litigation and craftily calculated documents deceive and are major problems borne out in the Cancer  Sun  square Libran Saturn  – the abuse of the law through manipulative practices.

Mars  in the seventh house is going to be spoiling for a fight in many of its relationships ; [as might a Mars ruled Scorpio Moon in the Inauguration chart 7th house.]; particularly with foreign nations around issues of religion, if we consider Neptune  in the ninth house to which it is square.

… With the square of Mars to Neptune , both co-rulers of the solar plexus , herein we see one of the major challenges of this entity, America : that of emotionalism, sentimentality, over-reactivity, mystical fogginess, to name a few. Gemini is one of the most reactive signs in the zodiac, because of an extreme sensitivity and impressibility from its environment, which prompts continual reaction and response.

Therefore, Mars  in Gemini  would be America ’s major expression of its Ray Six  personality  and one of its worst liabilities. Mars rules firearms, and nowhere else in the world do so many people own guns and use them indiscriminately. Gemini is well known for its lack of discrimination. Mars in the seventh house is America’s shadow or ‘Dweller’, and brings into awareness that which is in need of redeeming. It is easy for USA to project this onto all its relationships  with foreign countries.

Mars  and Neptune  have been mentioned much in relation to the Gemini  personality , and this ties in very closely to the fact that America  is a Ray Six  personality. [12] Both Mars and Neptune are co-rulers of Ray Six:

“Ray Six  — Idealism or Devotion, via Mars . This greatly augments the sixth ray  personality  of the States, thus presenting very real problems in a young people who are apt always to be fanatical and exclusive. Exclusiveness is one of the major weaknesses of the sixth ray type.” [13]

For the Ray Six  personality  of America  to mature and integrate, Mars  in Gemini  in the seventh house, square to Neptune  in Virgo  in the ninth house must be resolved. America’s forcefulness (Mars) in relationships  (seventh house) must be superseded by discriminating (Virgo) dialogue (Gemini) that seeks to understand foreign (ninth house) cultures and religions (Neptune/ninth house), as well as its own aspirations and ideals.

As Virgo  expresses most strongly the Second Ray  in this cycle, [14] and as it is the one of the most powerful expressions of the Christ  force, [15] the successful working out of this square will result in the soul  expression of the nation, working through a more refined and integrated personality .” [16]

This passage is important to understand, as there is an opportunity to transform the USA’s sixth ray personality liability in the coming years. The Inauguration chart promises to deal with this nation’s personality problems through the current opposition between Uranus and Saturn that closely squares Mars in the USA 1776 horoscope.

The Cross that Obama Bears
The opposition dance between Uranus and Saturn every 49 years is a relatively rare opportunity to deal with some of the challenges listed above. Saturn in Virgo tends to want to maintain the status quo whilst Uranus in Pisces wants to change and revolutionise, hence there is much tension in this opposition.

Also noteworthy on the Pisces-Virgo axis was the progressed full moon in the USA chart that closely followed the elections in December 2008; it represented a time of harvest in one of the signs of harvest (Virgo). That harvest may well be the new ‘crop’ of souls bought forth to lead the USA.

In the Inauguration chart, with both Uranus and Saturn focusing on USA Mars at the point of a T-square, relationships could become very acute – within and without the nation. Qualifying this, luckily, is the presence of Venus in Pisces (Inauguration chart), in the sign of its exaltation where love and compassion reign: “…Venus is the Earth’s alter ego and is closely related to the human kingdom … The Fishes in Pisces are bound together … a symbol of the captivity of the soul in form … the Band (uniting the two fishes) is in process of dissolution, for part of the work of Pluto is to “cut the thread which binds the two opposing lives together.” It is the task of Venus to “reunite the severed lives but with no binding thread.” Therefore, Venus is exalted in Pisces and at the end of the greater cycle, the Sons of God who are the Sons of Mind are raised up into glory through experience and crucifixion because they have learned to love and truly reason.” [17]

USA’s Progressions & Transits on Inauguration Day 2009

Venus conjunct Uranus looks toward innovative and original ways of human relationships. Its oppositional tension with Saturn in Virgo represents the strains and labours of moving away from ideas embraced by the status quo, yet not too radically, ‘making haste slowly’ perhaps.

As ruler of Taurus, the success of Venus’ work here will help bring on the Inauguration chart’s Taurus rising potential and create real stability – through the cultivation of right relationships in the world and at home; not through using imperialistic force and domination. The nation may well now have a wise captain who can steer the nation on a steady course.

In the USA chart, Mars rules the fourth house of the home (land) and the twelfth house of past unresolved karma – where the Inauguration Moon in Scorpio happens to sit. This is the greatest difficulty with which the USA administration and the nation face, dealing with troublesome Mars and integrating it in such a way that leads to a USA’s greater maturity; it is in strong contrast to the wonderful Jupiter aspects discussed earlier.

It will take a lot of dis-identification and soul searching on the USA’s part, if it is to come to terms with this, a personality transformation no less. The Mars factor is the USA ‘dweller’ or shadow; when the culture and its media is so closely identified with that, it is very hard to see – even for those esoterically inclined. However, as mentioned earlier, the Inauguration Scorpio Moon will greatly assist in this personality purging process.

Also entering the fray is Obama’s Mars in Virgo, which sits on the USA Neptune in the ninth house and hence squares USA’s Mars! Obama’s Mars also sits on the Inauguration chart Saturn! This is quite an amazing confluence of forces and may well see Obama’s Mars in conflict with the nation’s Mars and its old ‘gung ho’ imperialistic attitudes.

Mars in Virgo is most erudite intellectually and has good discrimination. Mars in Gemini in the USA chart is far from discriminating!; it is reactive, scattered, distracted and aggressive! Hence the square between these two Mars’ positions may well provide a tension needed for Obama’s prodigious mental capacities to influence/educate the nation about the glamours and liabilities of Mars in Gemini.

Also esoterically, Mars in Virgo is related to the “quickening” of the spiritual life. We may look for prominent people close to Obama, or nations who may provide the ‘missing leg’ of the cross at 22 Sagittarius. This T-square diagram clarifies:

Chicago: Solar Plexus Centre of USA

Chicago is Obama’s political home town and it just so happens that Chicago is the solar plexus of the USA,[18] where the emotional and astral forces of the entire nation are processed and eventually lifted up to the heart centre. All chakras have planetary rulers and the solar plexus is ruled by Mars and Neptune – which happen to be square to one another in the USA chart.

It could be speculated that Obama’s Mars squaring USA Mars and opposing USA’s Neptune, may really help to resolve the impasse that this square represents – discussed at length earlier. USA’s sixth ray personality ruled by Mars, focused in the solar plexus, aspiring to the higher heart centre; aspiration and inspiration are in abundance in this man.

If we consider Mars in the exoteric USA chart, the USA’s unintegrated personality and the Mars rulership of the solar plexus, one could argue that Obama could be a catalyst for a major shift from the solar plexus to USA’s heart; as discussed earlier, a time of real maturing  for the nation, echoing Obama’s acceptance speech words, “We remain a young nation, but in the words of Scripture, the time has come to set aside childish things.”

The fact that Obama and many of his staff come from Chicago and have strong ties there, may somehow assist this process, an interesting consideration.

The 44th President
It is significant that Obama is the 44th president. 44 is of course a power number and resolves to the number 8, esoterically the number of the Christ principle. 8 laid on its side is also the infinity symbol and in exoteric numerology 8 is the number of doing business and working with money. (The Chinese love this number!) With the world economy the way it is, some good numerology like this can only be a positive influence.

Obama raised record amounts of money in his campaign and as mentioned earlier, he seems to have strong seventh ray energy, associated with money and  finance, besides being a good organiser.

Well that’s certainly enough to chew upon for now! The new administration is as yet barely up and running. Future essays will focus on the political dynamics with relation to USA internally, and the rest of the world.

Phillip Lindsay © 2009

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