Barack Obama, US President: Part I

A Brief and Incomplete Horoscope Analysis
[written the day before the 2008 election]

This is not just an election for the USA, it is a global election. In this period of a world economic crisis that is seeing greater co-operation arise between nations, the rest of the planet has never been so focused on the outcome of an American election. The hopes and dreams of millions are riding on it. It is encouraging that U.S. voters at early polling are turning out in unprecedented numbers – a stark contrast to the election of 2000 when Gore lost to Bush – only a low percentage of the eligible voters cast their vote. As Barack Obama’’s horoscope is no longer in doubt, due to his birth certificate being produced, it seems that his rising sign (Aquarius) is now clear – that’s if we trust the source of his proposed birth certificate in the public records.

Barack Obama
Aquarius rising (his soul purpose) certainly suits Obama as someone who has new, humanitarian and potentially revolutionary ideas to offer the USA and the world. He has much charisma (Leo sun), the gift of the gab (Gemini moon) and the ability to inspire people (Sun/Mercury/Jupiter T-square to Neptune in the ninth house.)

Sun square Neptune
For some (especially Republican or right wing astrologers!), there are aspects of the horoscope that give cause for concern. First, let us examine Sun square Neptune, bearing in mind that Obama has matured as a person and a politician over the years and may well have transformed much of this pattern.

Sun square Neptune can be anything to anyone if it suits their purpose. It can be the ego maniac with much charisma or the one with a ‘messiah complex in the field of politics’; indeed many people have made aspirational and devotional comments about him. Sun square Neptune can be a channel for the divine to work through but can also get hung up in being the ‘chosen one’ and hence the cult of personality – yet Obama seems pretty well grounded.

Noted figures in history who have/had Sun square Neptune are Paul McCartney (a channel for the masses), Benjamin Franklin (vision of a nation),  Che Guevara (iconic revolutionary), Brian Wilson (mystic musician) and Sai Baba and Meher Baba – two gurus, one of whom is most controversial.

Sun conjunct Uranus
Aquarian ascendant ruler is Uranus, placed in Leo – widely conjunct Obama’s Sun (13°) – but within orb. This influences Obama to be a somewhat unusual figure, with original and innovative ideas – even revolutionary ones.

When the ruler of the ascendant (soul purpose) is conjunct the Sun (personality), there is a direct channel for the soul to influence the personality strongly; and for the personality to respond to the soul’s stimulus and integrate itself, producing alignment. Obama’s Sun in Leo is also opposite his Aquarian ascendant:

““It would also be interesting to make an analysis of those particular incarnations and their horoscopes wherein the polar opposites both appear in relation to each other— one as the sun sign and the other as the ascendant, for these lives usually express some degree of either equilibrium or of consummation; they will not in any case be negative lives or lacking in direction, event or purpose. This is particularly the case upon the Fixed Cross of the Heavens.”” [1]

This could certainly be a life of ‘consummation’ for Obama and it is anything but ‘negative’! His life is certainly not ‘lacking in direction, event or purpose’ either! He wants to be the president of the most powerful nation in the world and is on track to take that office.

Moon in Gemini
This brings us to the next consideration, Moon in Gemini –- it can be the con artist extraordinaire, through fast talking and manipulation of media. It all depends upon the stage of unfoldment of any particular soul as to how they use these forces. Certainly Moon in Gemini is adept in communication and is adaptable to many circumstances – just look at that gruelling campaign trail! Barack Obama is a dazzling speaker and orator, writing his own speeches that come from the heart – – he is rarely seen looking at any notes or tele-prompters. He has a great ability to lift and inspire people. His Moon in Gemini – as part of the mutable or ‘common’ cross, is able to find something in common with anyone, connecting and building rapport.

Positively of course, it pays to have a little Gemini if you are a politician so you can ‘think on your feet’. Yet Moon in Gemini can be deceitful and two-faced, fond of talking but with no action – the exoteric United Nations horoscope is a case in point – with its  ‘talkfest’ Moon in Gemini. “It is the Gemini influence which has produced — viewing the work of the nation from the personality or lower angle — the secret and oft devious diplomacy and subtlety which has in the past distinguished Great Britain’s political activity.  Gemini people are often distrusted, and the Gemini effect along this line makes of Great Britain no exception.  Such distrust has been warranted in the past but is not as justifiable now, for the nation is old and experienced and is fast learning the lessons which she has had to master.” [2]

Gemini is the soul force of Britain and the above is one example of its distorted expression. When considering the Moon in Gemini for Obama, it refers esoterically to the ‘shadow’ or ‘dweller on the threshold’, so from one perspective is potentially a greater liability. But of course this is often the case with one’s greatest talents, there is always the Achilles heel.

The Moon is also at the point of a T square to Chiron and Pluto, giving him the potential to be extremely persuasive in a selfish sense or more altruistically and generously –- it all depends upon his motive and how awake he is as a soul. It can strengthen the degree of ‘devious diplomacy and subtlety’ and manipulation on the one hand, whilst tapping into Pluto’’s extraordinary power to influence people with ideas and oratory. If Obama is serving the greater good (Aquarius rising), then this force can be applied as a positive persuasiveness, but if it is about serving any lust for power, then it can be very dangerous; especially combined with any latent Leonine lust for power.

This age of transiting Pluto in Capricorn may see some leaders in the world make ruthless grabs for power. Yet Obama seems the genuine article and free of these encumbrances. Spiritually speaking, the Moon in Gemini square Pluto in Virgo is about Obama balancing the pairs of opposites upon the mental plane and developing the Virgoan qualities of discrimination. Gemini is one of the least discriminating signs of the zodiac; it is all about being intuitively impressionable and responsive to its immediate environment, so this square pattern is a positive force in Obama’’s soul evolution.

Mercury T-Square Jupiter and Neptune
Mercury is the dispositor of Obama’’s Gemini Moon and is in harmonious sextile aspect to it, making him a charming and eloquent speaker. Mercury is placed in Leo, enabling great powers of mental concentration with an ability to communicate the grand vision. Mercury is also opposite Jupiter in Aquarius imparting extraordinary confidence and an expansive vision. Jupiter is the esoteric ruler of Aquarius, Obama’s ascendant (his soul purpose) and the soul of the United States of America.

Jupiter is the Water Bearer of Aquarius who ‘pours forth for thirsty men’ as a World Server. Obama is well poised to come forth from the soul of the nation and enunciate those Aquarian principles of group co-operation, sharing, fairness, community and the Brotherhood of Humanity. The Mercury opposition to Jupiter creates a T-square to Neptune, the visionary planet in the ninth house of higher principles.

This is not unlike the Sun square Neptune aspect discussed earlier, feeding more fuel for distrust in the anti-Obama group. And these fears are not without foundation. The ‘con artist’ quality of Moon in Gemini mentioned earlier can be exacerbated with the Moon’’s dispositor Mercury in this T-square. Some astrologers cry ‘anti-Christ’ when they see this aspect, an interesting sentiment, as Neptune is regarded esoterically as one of the names for the Christ in the West. Indeed, in an unevolved soul, the point of least resistance can be the expression of these traits. Yet in one who is awakening, these old crystallised square patterns provide the ‘rock in the shoe’ that forces their transformation into the enunciation of a higher vision for the masses – an undeviating and persistent pitch to the middle class and the downtrodden.

Aquarius Rising: Soul Purpose
As mentioned earlier, Obama’’s Aquarian ascendant aligns with the soul of the U.S.A. The esoteric ruler of Aquarius is in its own sign and connects to eloquent Mercury and Moon, plus visionary Neptune. The exoteric ruler Uranus is placed in Leo – widely conjunct Obama’s Sun (13°) – but within orb. This influences Obama to be a somewhat unusual figure, with original and innovative ideas – maybe even revolutionary ones. When the ruler of the ascendant (soul purpose) is conjunct the Sun (personality), there is created a direct relation for the soul to influence the personality strongly; and for the personality to respond to the soul’’s stimulus and bring itself into integration and alignment.

As mentioned earlier, there is a strongly accented Leo-Aquarius axis in his Sun and Ascendant:

““In the Aquarian Age … humanity enters into an expansion of consciousness which will reveal to him group relations instead of his individual and self-centred personal relations.  I would remind you that Aquarius is to be found in the upper half of the zodiacal circle and is exactly opposite to Leo which is found in the lower half. Leo is the sign of individual unfoldment and of the self as self-assertive.  This highly individualised sign consummates in Aquarius wherein the individual finds full expression through the medium of the group, passing from service to himself and expression of himself as a personality to service of the group and a growing expression of the Hierarchy to which he steadily draws closer.”[3]

Transits and Progressions for Barack Obama (November 4, 2008)
Bearing in mind the Obama is a member of the Democrats – which also has a horoscope, this analysis will only deal with his transits and progressions. (T= transiting, SP =secondary progressed, SA = solar arc direction.)

T Chiron, SP Moon conjunct Ascendant  The 50 year cycle of Chiron does not come around every day, neither does the 27 year cycle of the progressed Moon – they are both in the same degree, very close to the Ascendant – the soul purpose of the chart, a most impressive double conjunction stimulating his soul purpose to lead the USA Aquarian soul. Transiting Neptune has just gone over Obama’s ascendant between 2006 and the start of 2008, increasing his glamourous ‘star power’. Have you ever seen a more sparkling and winning smile?!

SA Venus opposite Ascendant  Complimenting the above double conjunction to the Ascendant is SA Venus closely opposing the Ascendant. The opposition of SA Venus to T Chiron, SP Moon and Ascendant is in turn T-squared by T Mars in Scorpio, ruler of Obama’s MC (career, public). This is a dynamic T square, yet its energy is somewhat diluted as T Mars is in separating aspect to the aforesaid opposition. Nevertheless, T Mars makes a conjunction to his Scorpio MC by November 14, indicating a triumph. (Perhaps the outcome of the election may not be known until then.) About a week after this T Sun and T Mercury will also culminate on Obama’s MC.

T Uranus opposite Mars – T Saturn conjunct Mars  Mars, the ruler of the natal MC (career) has been opposed by T Uranus on and off since April 2008. The last ‘hit’ of this transit will be in April 2009. As Uranus is the ruler of the Aquarian Ascendant, it has given much innovative and magical power to Mars in Virgo – as ruler of his Midheaven (achievements, career). Mars in Virgo compliments Obama’s relatively undiscriminating Gemini Moon by providing discrimination – the detail and analysis needed in the knowledge of his party policies.

Throughout December and January transiting Saturn on its 28 year cycle conjoins Mars. This is a most complimentary aspect because Mars rules the MC and Saturn generically rules this house. Hence a conjunction to Mars during January 2009 could reflect his presidential inauguration.

As transiting Venus is in Sagittarius, it lies at the point of a T square to T Saturn and T Uranus, indicating a struggle between the past (Saturn) and the future (Uranus) around higher values and principles (Venus in Sagittarius).

T Jupiter conjunct SP MC  Jupiter, the soul ruler of the Aquarian Ascendant, is conjunct his progressed Midheaven on election day. One could not hope for a better lucky aspect ‘watching over’ anyone. Indeed, T Juipiter has been going back and forth across the progressed midheaven since February 2008, enhancing his popularity and appeal whilst upon the campaign trail. T Jupiter is in Capricorn, the sign of the state and political power so this is most complimentary as well.

T Moon conjunct SP Jupiter in Capricorn  The transits are timed for the opening of the election booths on polling day, between 6 am and 8 am depending on the state, so the latter time is taken, meaning that the Moon will only be one degree less in the sign of Capricorn. As mentioned above, Capricorn is the sign of the state and of power. Jupiter is the soul ruler of the Aquarian Ascendant, so any transit to its progressed position is significant and positive. The Moon is closely conjunct SP Jupiter and bear in mind that during polling day it moves into the Ascendant sign, Aquarius.

As an aside, Obama has close synastry with those men in US history who have paved the way for African American civil rights. On election day the T Moon and SP Jupiter are at 26-27° Capricorn, whilst Obama’s Saturn (karma) is at 25° Capricorn. Founding father Benjamin Franklin had his Sun at 25° Capricorn. Abraham Lincoln (Aquarius Sun and rising), pioneer of civil rights, had his Moon at 27° Capricorn. Martin Luther King had his Sun at 25° Capricorn.

T Pluto square SP Sun  This is a potent aspect as Pluto is co-ruler of the MC (career) and progressed Sun is in late Virgo. Obama has been going through this transit for the past couple of years – since the end of 2006, so he would be no stranger to the enormous transformations that he must have experienced at this time. The transit would have provided him much grit and determination to tread the harrowing and exhausting campaign trail for two years. He would have also experienced and tasted power – that part of the Will-Power equation for the first ray – prominent for politicians. Interestingly, his progressed Sun will go into Libra in the next two years, which will be half way through his first term in office, should he be elected. This Libran force may greatly aid him in global diplomacy and staying engaged with ‘difficult’ nations.

T Pluto opposite Venus  This transit briefly started in April 2008 (depending upon how large an orb one wants to give for Pluto transits) and will be very powerful for all of 2009. Venus is in Cancer and represents relationships with his nearest and dearest. Pluto could put some intense pressure on his marriage during this time, ever more so as Venus is the ruler of his fourth house of the home. SA Venus is also conjunct his seventh house of marriage, bringing this theme into focus.

If he loses the election, it could be very tough for him and his immediate family may feel the brunt of that. If he wins, he and his family will have to adjust to life in the White House. (The first black man in the White House, interesting symbolism.) Notwithstanding, T Pluto will be a potent ally in helping Obama to regenerate many of his relationships and have a potent influence over others.

Presidential Inauguration: January 20, 2009

T Saturn conjunct Mars  As mentioned earlier, T Saturn will be conjunct Obama’s Mars on this date: “This is a most complimentary aspect because Mars rules the MC and Saturn generically rules this house. Hence a conjunction to Mars during January 2009 could reflect his presidential inauguration.” T Saturn is also the ruler of the SP MC in Capricorn.

T Mars conjunct SP MC – this is similar to the above transit and compliments it.

Several planets in Aquarius  Most notably, the Sun and Mercury have just entered the first degree of Aquarius and are conjunct Ascendant soul ruler Jupiter! The following planets are all in Aquarius: T Jupiter (just past his 12 year Jupiter return), T North Node, SP Moon, T Chiron and T Neptune (the latter two still near his Ascendant.) This date is notable not only for Obama but also the soul of the USA.

T Moon conjunct MC  At midday the Moon is on the midheaven, indicating great prominence.

Did I mention that the aspects for Obama are overwhelmingly in his favour?

Phillip Lindsay © 2008

1] Esoteric Astrology, Alice A. Bailey. P.184.

2] Destiny of the Nations,, Alice A. Bailey. P.81.

3] The Destiny of the Nations, Alice A. Bailey. P.145.

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