Bilderberg Group Horoscope

Currently in their annual conference retreat, and with more publicity emerging every year, the Bilderberg horoscope is worth a look. According to Wiki, the Bilderberg Group was established on May 29, 1954. Birth time unknown, but 9 am seems a reasonable time for the conference beginning. This yields Leo rising perfectly reflecting this group’s elitist power, wealth and influence – that includes monarchy, industrialists, academics, politicians and bankers.

Yet paradoxically as a Leo rising, the  lion has not emerged from its secretive lair. The reason for this is that Saturn is in Scorpio (secrets) square the Leo ascendant. It is interesting to note that this entity is just emerging from its second Saturn return, hence the natal square of Saturn/Ascendant is being activated.

Coincidentally, the progressed Sun is in Leo, about to move over the rising sign in the next  18 months – from the twelfth house of secrets. When the combination of both these movements is considered, then a greater transparency may emerge, due to public pressure. But Saturn in Scorpio square a Leo ascendant can also be the worst control freak and ruthless power monger – is there room for this entity to evolve and transform, or will it stay stuck in its ways?

Today Jupiter in Gemini transits the natal Mercury in Gemini, amplifying the note of right communication – paradoxically in the face of a complete lockdown at the hotel meeting place. In the next few weeks, the Bilderberg Group will go through its 12-year Jupiter (in Cancer) return cycle – at the same time that the 27 year cycle of the progressed Moon comes around to conjoin natal Jupiter. On the astrological face of it, Jupiter in Cancer can be vastly generous or incredibly greedy – it’s all about underlying motive isn’t it?

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  1. Patrick Chouinard says:

    Interesting piece, and interesting too that Donald Trump also has Gemini Sun/Leo Ascendant, but then again so did AAB, so obviously it can manifest in different ways. It would be interesting to also do charts for groups like the Trilateral Commission. Council on Foreign Relations. Skull and Bones, etc. My guess is that there would be a strong Saturn/Capricorn element along with a Scorpio/Pluto one – perhaps significant aspect between Saturn and Pluto or Saturn in Scorpio, etc. Have you done this?

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