How the Planets Express from Sign to Sign


IN ARIES – Birth of personality – death of Soul.

IN SCORPIO – Death of personality – birth of Soul.


IN TAURUS – Attracts form, money, possessions, desire.  Desire for Knowledge.

IN GEMINI – Understanding of spiritual purpose behind all types of relationships (Spirit/Matter).

IN LIBRA  – Equilibrium between material personal desire (Taurus) and intelligent spiritual love.

IN CAPRICORN – Love and mind meet in Soul consciousness (Christ).


IN ARIES – Diffuses illusion, expands Higher Mind, functions at Buddhi – relates spirit to matter – mediates between Soul/Personality, Soul/Monad.

IN GEMINI – Mediates and heightens sense of all dualities – rules X activity – mental fluidity/agility is greatest asset and difficulty – analytical.

IN VIRGO – Son of Mind holds idea of God – synthesis of Mind/Wisdom through the Soul – Intelligence/Wisdom blends with pure reason.

IN SCORPIO – Transformative in own/others thoughts – brings about collective transformation of consciousness for humanity so they can transfer from Mutable Cross to Fixed Cross.


IN CANCER – Gives birth to the form – causes emotional conflict.

IN VIRGO – Nurtures the form (Veils Vulcan/Uranus) – Spirit/matter are one).

IN AQUARIUS – (Veiling) causes great transference from intellectual perception to intuitive knowledge – (Veiling Uranus) group consciousness of individual is developed. Cancer and Virgo are both Mother symbols – Virgo differentiates the potential wholeness of Cancer into the many physical forms (Devas).


IN SAGITTARIUS – Goal of fusing lower and Higher Mind – gaining experience feeding senses – wisdom emphasised.

IN PISCES – Expands contact with world of senses – brings two fishes together – sacrificial – love emphasised.

IN AQUARIUS – Soul expression – pouring forth of waters of love – fusion of heart and mind – impersonal love.

IN VIRGO – Soul consciousness temporarily hidden in matter – quickens Soul consciousness on physical plane.


IN CAPRICORN (EX) – A ladder from material to spiritual (Rays 7, 3,1) – materialism, crystallisation, limitation, ambition – karma.

IN CAPRICORN (ES) – Spiritual ambition – break free of forms to be creators of forms – limitation now opportunity – crises and life situations give freedom of choice – dharma (Dweller).


IN AQUARIUS – Desire becomes gained knowledge – relates spirit and matter – spontaneous activity – occult knowledge.

IN LIBRA – Relates impersonally, collectively – social ideals – brings groups together – mystery of money – crisis of the burning ground – free choice by Initiate.

IN ARIES – Relates spirit and matter (A– 1 & 7) – burning ground of final stages of Path – occult way – mystery of initiation.


IN PISCES – Collectively – group consciousness.

IN CANCER – True and inclusive love supercedes life of emotional reaction – compassion – nurturing love energy.

IN LEO – Mystical consciousness – Heart of Sun.


IN SCORPIO – Collectively –expresses energy because it is the Soul aspect to Leo/Neptune. “Death by Drowning” – martial fires of desire are put out.

IN PISCES – Death is transformation. – Pluto cuts the thread between the 2 fishes – burning ground of Solar Plexus.

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