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Journal for Esoteric Psychology

 The Journal of Esoteric Psychology (JEP) provided a cross-cultural educational exchange of high-quality, original work.  From 1985-1999, the JEP presented articles related to many and varied aspects of contemporary Ageless Wisdom thought including the seven rays, esoteric psychology, esoteric astrology, healing and meditation.

Esoteric Astrology and the Seven Rays

Ageless Wisdom Essays

All I Ever Needed to Know I Learned From the Book of Daring!
Bailey and Theosophy
Beethoven’s Ninth: Onward and Upward Forever
The Brain and the Synthesis of the Centers
The Clarification of Consciousness: Overcoming the Pitfalls of the Spiritual Path
Courage and Confidence Anyone?
The Deva Evolution: Part I
The Devas: Part 2
Esoteric Healing: A Modern Perspective
Focusing and the Eastern Teachings
Group Thoughtform Building And the Channel of Ideas
The Harmonized Fourth Ray
Hasidism and Transpersonal Psychology: A Rich Jewish Tradition of Spiritual Growth
Inhibitions, Suppressions and Repressions
In Defense of the Ashram
An Introductory Comparison of Djwhal Khul’s and Ken Wilbur’s Two Models of Consciousness
Isis and Osiris: The Goddess and the Dismembered Savior God
The Karma and Dharma Of Individuals, Nations, and Humanity
The Law of Correspondences
The Light of The Soul: Dispelling Glamour and Illusion
The Livingness of Being
A Method of Counseling Based on the Bailey Material
Muses and Inspiration
No Man is an Island: Notions of Consciousness and the Self
Principles of Transformational Politics: Moving Beyond Right and Left
Psychosynthesis And The Laws Of Group Life
Purpose and Will: The Relationship
The Path of Spiritual Evolution
The Point of Tension
Recognizing Life Events as Animated by Soul
Reincarnation Revisited
Rejoicing in the Beauty of the Ageless Wisdom
Remarks on the Hall of Learning
Renaissance on the Horizon
Rules for Radiatory Healing
The Residence of Time and Name
A Selected Compilation On Science From The Tibetan’s Teachings
Sex, Fohat, Breathing and Discipleship
A Spiritual Perspective on the Gulf War (1991)
Spirit-Mind-Matter: The Relationship
Stepping Into The Dark
Swami Vivekananda
Symbolic Apperception and Integral Psychology
The Science of the Emotions
The Seven Liberal Arts of Masonry
The Solar Logos and Human Spiritual Development
The Solar Tetraktys
The Ten Sacred Numbers of the Manifest Universe
A Thousand Points of Light: An Introduction to the Lesser Chakra System
Universal Spirituality
Where do Thoughts Come From?
The Wind and the Weathervane: Reflections Of Occultism In The Atmosphere And Weather Patterns

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