While the Sun is still passing through Taurus, the forces of conflict are strong, from two perspectives. One, the fact that the fourth ray of harmony through conflict is the only ray that passes through Taurus and its opposite Scorpio. Two, the Scorpio polarity is ruled by Mars, lord of conflict, especially in the astral body.

From one point of view and very broadly speaking, Taurus represents our aspiration to the light of understanding (under the watchful eye of the Mother of Illumination), whilst Scorpio represents the darkness of experience in our lower consciousness and unredeemed aspects of our nature. Whilst transiting Saturn is going through Scorpio, this play between light and shadow is even further intensified – it can be quite a tough and arid experience.

The newly acquired light from the Taurus full moon has now to be integrated and this is what causes conflict with the existing status quo in the conscious seeker’s system. This battle between the pairs of opposites is symbolised by Taurus-Scorpio, light and dark, masculine-feminine – all duality seeking synthesis.

“Constantly in this sign comes the emphasis upon struggle. It is a cosmic, planetary and individual struggle, for desire-will underlies the manifested activities of the Logos, the planetary Life and of man and also of all forms in nature. It is the struggle of that which is deeply hidden in darkness to reach the light of day; it is the struggle of the hidden soul to dominate and control the outer form, the struggle to transmute desire into aspiration and aspiration into the will to achieve. It is the struggle to attain the goal which an increasing light reveals.” (EA401)

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