USA’s Mars and the Gemini New Moon

With recent revelations about the NSA’s intrusion into Americans’ emails, facebook etc (like we didn’t know already!), it is interesting to note that this Gemini new moon falls on Mars in the 1776 USA horoscope. I have commented at length on the troublesome nature of the USA Mars in Gemini (see my book, “Destiny of the Races and Nations”).

Gemini rules all kinds of media and especially deceptive media, reflected by Mars’ natal square to Neptune in USA’s chart. Hence this natal pattern will get a work out for a while, whilst claims and counter claims are made, with the outcome that the truth may be severely compromised – no surprise either! Just to give these matters a further stimulus, the two-yearly cycle of Mars comes around for the Mars return in USA’s chart, in the next few weeks, by the end of June. From my book,

“Mars in Gemini in the seventh house is about aggressiveness in relationships, and how Americans have met whatever stood in the way of her Sagittarian expansiveness. However, it also about spirited, energetic dialogue and communication, loves a good argument. As Mars squares Neptune in the ninth house, there is a great challenge for America to discriminate clearly between its high idealism and a tendency to myth making.

The glamours of the movie industry and music, addictive substances, emotional psychism and religious cults, are all up for review with this aspect. The American media, with its excesses and exaggerations, is another prime example of how truth is compromised. Another manifestation of Mars square Neptune is the sharp intellect of Virgo and ninth/seventh house themes around legal matters. Litigation and craftily calculated documents deceive…

Mars in the seventh house spoils for a fight in many of its relationships; particularly with foreign nations around issues of religion, if we consider Neptune in the ninth house to which it is square.

With the square of Mars to Neptune, both co-rulers of the solar plexus, herein we see one of the major challenges of this entity, America: that of emotionalism, sentimentality, over-reactivity etc. Gemini is one of the most reactive signs in the zodiac, because of an extreme sensitivity and impressibility from its environment, which prompts continual reaction and response.

Therefore, Mars in Gemini is one of USA’s worst liabilities. Mars rules firearms, and nowhere else in the world do so many people own guns and use them indiscriminately. Gemini is well known for its lack of discrimination. Mars in the seventh house is America’s shadow or ‘Dweller’, and brings into awareness that which needs redeeming. It is easy to not recognise this, projecting it upon all her relationships with foreign countries.” (“Destiny of the Races and Nations” – by Phillip Lindsay)

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