Sirius College: Esoteric Astrology


“Esoteric astrology concerns itself primarily with the unfoldment of
consciousness, with the impacts which awaken it to the peculiar ‘gifts’
of any particular sign and ray endowment; with the reaction of the
individual and consequent enrichment through response to the influence
of a sign, working through the esoteric planets from the angle of
humanitarian awareness, of discipleship and of initiation.” – D.K.


General introduction to occultism and Esoteric Astrology
Occult subjects to study for Esoteric Astrology
Introduction to subjects in the Esoteric Astrology course
Introductory Essay on Esoteric Astrology
Course Structure
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General Introduction to Occultism as a Foundation
for the Study of Esoteric Astrology…

To enter the Esoteric Astrology course, students must have completed at east one year each of the Exoteric Astrology and the Mysteries Unveiled courses, or the equivalent training. (See Correspondence Course costs for separate fees)

Esoteric Astrology has been called the “science of all sciences” because it is a system of relating every living entity in the universe, whether those “entities” are human beings, planets or stars. It describes the qualities and energies of these living beings that give us comprehension and understanding, but also how these beings interact with each other. Therefore it is truly the Science of Relationships – human, planetary, zodiacal and stellar.

When we use the word “science”, be reminded that it is not used in the traditional concrete, analytical scientific sense with which we are culturally familiar. The study of anything at all from this angle could be termed “science”, as it is that which only uses the tangible senses of sight, hearing, touch, smell and taste. “Science” comes from the root “scire” – to know or discern – it is really the knowledge of the “higher self”, soul or abstract mind, which perceives the whole, is synthetic rather than analytical, is intuitive and inclusive.

The sciences of Occultism and Esoteric Astrology incorporate the concrete tangible sciences, but are also drawing upon the “intangible” sense, the “sixth sense” or “intuition”. The word “occult” means “beyond the bounds of ordinary knowledge” or, “of a nature not understood, as physical qualities”.

“Esoteric” is similar : “understood by, or meant for a select few…the initiated”. This means that those who have done the necessary work, have undergone various disciplines (such as meditation) and have developed these “subtle” senses are ready to receive this knowledge. The unprepared would have no foundation to understand it, so there are certainly no elitist motives here.

Esoteric Astrology is inextricably entwined with the study of the Seven Rays – those seven streams of energy that emanate from cosmic sources and enter our solar system.

All students who wish to undertake the study of Esoteric Astrology must realise that it is based upon these Seven Rays, and that a thorough study of the rays is therefore required.

The Seven Rays use the planets as their “vehicles” and are hence transmitted to Earth, where they condition every kingdom in nature. All life is conditioned by the Seven Rays, whether it be an animal, a tree, a human, an organisation, a city or a nation.

We all have a “soul ray” and a “personality ray”, and rays which condition the physical, emotional and mental bodies. As these rays are “ruled” by certain planets that distribute their energy, we can see how astrology is closely related through the “rulerships” of signs of the zodiac by the same planets.

The zodiacal signs are another “occult” factor, i.e. they are “unseen”, yet act as a channel through which the energies of the zodiacal constellations focus. The zodiac could be considered as a “subtle” body of the Earth, the “astral” body. (Astral meaning “starry substance”) So there are all these intangible, unseen energies that we are studying with our developing “intangible” senses.

Of course we know from “exoteric science” that the Sun and Moon both have physical, emotional and mental effects; these are well documented in our earthly tides and full moon cycles, and all growth that occurs in nature.

Esoteric Astrology therefore, develops the fusion of knowledge and intuition; the integration of mind and heart. It is really the astrology of the soul, of the causal factors behind incarnate being.

“Exoteric” astrology is the “personality expression” of Esoteric Astrology. It can be Horary, Mundane, Personality, Humanistic and Psychological. These astrologies have undergone an intense re-development this century and achieved a high level of personality and “spiritual” interpretation.

But when a “disciple” has reached a certain stage of spiritual development, the “exoteric” planets cease to have an effect, and there is more of a response to the “esoteric” planets. These are the same planets, but only a higher octave expression. This is where Esoteric Astrology describes the growing soul influence through the influences of the esoteric rulers.

Exoteric astrology is important for helping achieve an integrated and unified personality. Esoteric Astrology can look at ways the soul can work creatively through that personality, and integrate the rays of the soul and personality. For many years yet, Exoteric and Esoteric Astrology will be walking hand in hand, until the bridge or “antahkarana” is built to this new science.

As psychological or humanistic astrologers, it is our responsibility to recognise these higher octave energies, so that we may render true service to our fellow humanity. There are many advanced souls coming into incarnation at this time we are told, on the new 7th ray cycle, waxing stronger by the decade. The 7th ray of Ceremonial Magic or Order will condition the next 2,000 year cycle of Aquarius.

Many of these souls’ bodies are vibrating at a higher level than average, and they will not respond to an “exoteric” reading. We must be prepared to lay aside our old concrete conceptions of astrology if we are to learn the new Esoteric Astrology. We may have to “unlearn” some things to really progress our understanding. Personality astrology is focussed in the form, in events and physical manifestation, where the emphasis is upon the separate self.

Soul centered astrology looks at the purpose of the higher self as it interacts with its greater soul group and its place not only within the greater body of the planet, but the solar system. There is an emphasis on the oneness and inter-connectedness of all life. This realisation can be brought about through occult knowledge of the etheric constitution of the planet.

During this cusp of the ages of Pisces and Aquarius there is a great mix of energies that has been causing much upheaval and conflict on Earth. Uranus, the ruler of Aquarius and the 7th ray, disrupts and breaks down old forms that have outlived their usefulness for the incarnating Life of the planet; whether they be political systems or our own thoughtforms. Uranus and the 7th ray help bring a synthesis about between Spirit and Matter. These energies are about re-structuring. “Perestroika” is the Russian word for this process, which is interesting, as Russia is a 7th ray soul.

The conjunction of Uranus and Neptune in 1993 represented one of several seed points in the cusp of the ages of Aquarius/Pisces. It represented an opportunity to ground and make practical (Uranus) our visions (Neptune). Traditionally Uranus is not associated with practicality and grounding, it is usually Saturn. However, when we learn that the 7th ray which Uranus rules, equates with the 7th plane of perception – the physical plane, (counting from above down) we can see the rationale.

Also, rays have a dual quality – the 7th ray has a Saturnian and a Uranian expression : one more conservative and the other more revolutionary. The 7th Ray rules occultism, astrology, the esoteric and the ancient mystery teachings in all cultures, religions and mythologies.

There are many occult subjects that need to be studied for Esoteric Astrology (the science of all sciences). Here are some of the main ones that students will need to study, and which will be covered in more detail during the course :

1) “God” Understanding what it is we call “God”. In occultism “Logos” or the “Word” is equivalent to “God”. There is the “planetary logos”, i.e. the intelligence which “informs” this planet Earth, and there is the “Solar Logos” or that great Life which is incarnate through the Sun; the whole solar system is its “vehicle”.

The planets within the solar system are known as “planetary logoi” (plural) and it is their specific energies and evolutions with which occultism is concerned. This is a point to remember, that all life is evolving, and the planets have many evolutions going on in a non-physical sense, a subject we will cover in the “rounds and chains and schemes”. So, this great entity known as the Planetary Logos has incarnated as this planet – this planet is its body of “dense manifestation”. Humanity are “cells” within this greater body. As we evolve and grow, so does the Planetary Logos.

The Being known as Sanat Kumara or Mechisidec, acts as the “personality expression” of the Planetary Logos. This being is “anchored” in etheric substance on the planet at a place called Shamballa, and distributes energies with the aid of certain helpers – the three Buddhas of Activity. Shamballa is the crown chakra of the planet.

The major cities on Earth can also be seen as chakras or energy centres, and the nations as endocrine glands that correspond to the centres. This will be covered in the Destiny of the Nations class.

2) Masters of Wisdom. Great White Brotherhood Also called the “Hierarchy of Enlightened Being”. What is implied here is a stepping down of energy into the planet through a graded system. After ray energies are stepped down through Sanat Kumara and his “helpers”, that energy is in turn filtered down through the Masters of Wisdom who guide and inspire human evolution, but always through karmic law, leaving human free will to manifest its destiny. These beings have reached perfection in their human evolution and choose to watch over evolving humanity.

Seven of these Masters act as custodians of the Seven Ray energies, hence our need to know about them. The Hierarchy are a graded “organisation” where the energy filters down from the Masters, to their Initiates and Disciples, to the Aspirants of the world, to the intelligentsia, to average humanity. The Hierarchy have been around for millions of years, as has humanity – this is another subject covered in the Occult History class.

3) The Seven Rays In several lessons. The Three Rays of Aspect & Four Rays of Attribute = 7 Rays. Triplicities (3) and Septenaries (7) are most important and help us to build very broad foundations in occultism. See attached list and tabulations on Rays.

4) Reincarnation and Karma The Soul seeks perfection through repeated embodiments and learns the lessons needed. Karma is the law of cause and effect, where every action produces effects, positive or negative.The seeds of action or inaction, or wrong action sown in one life are reaped in another. There is individual, group, national, planetary and cosmic karma.

In every incarnation we get a new body, a new horoscope and different rays conditioning our “vehicles”. When there is an understanding of reincarnation many lose their fear of death. Karma and reincarnation tie in with the “three crosses”, exaltation, detriment and fall, and the unfoldment of the “egoic lotus” in esoteric astrology.

5) Meditation Meditation is about looking inward and cultivating dialogue with the soul. It can be also interpreted as any one-pointed activity. As we nurture and maintain the physical body, so the “subtle” bodies need cleansing, purifying and rendered more sensitive to spiritual impression. This is part of the development of the “intangible” senses mentioned earlier.

Meditation “builds in” higher vibrations into our aura, and conditions us positively through the rhythm and ritual of daily practice. It keeps us sensitive yet strong. The goal of Life is to become soul-infused and perfected beings. Meditation helps build that bridge to the soul, through its various stages of concentration, meditation, visualisation, contemplation, illumination and inspiration. Meditation can help us return to the Soul source so that we can obtain specific guidance as to what we are here to do. Right meditation is esoteric healing – it refines our vehicles of response.

6) The Soul The soul is the repository of all our past experience and evolution, and is all wise and all knowing. It is the Soul which incarnates from life to life, and knows the reasons and purposes of its evolution. It resides on the higher mental plane in that which we call the “causal body”.

7) Etheric Body/Chakras Knowledge of the etheric body helps us realise that we all part of the same great matrix of life. The universal etheric web underlies all “space” and “substance”. Our own etheric bodies act as a medium of transmission between the Soul and physical brain, or between our other bodies such as the astral and mental. The etheric body is the true “blueprint” of the physical body. Seven Chakras, or energy centres, reside in the etheric body. Energy enters the human system via these chakras and stimulates the seven endocrine glands, which in turn release hormones into the blood, which regulate and control human growth and behaviour.

8) Mental Body. Astral Body The two other “vehicles” which, along with the etheric body, constitute the three-fold lower form or “personality”. The Mental Body is dual in that there is a lower, concrete mind, and a higher abstract mind – which is the seat of the soul. The physical brain is the “instrument” of the mental body. The mental body is the real “thinker”. It is within the mental body that the creative process of thoughtform building takes place. “Energy follows thought” is another occult axiom : All “substance” is formed by thought and is used in building thoughtforms – whether in the “Mind of God” or a human being. The Astral Body is the emotional or feeling body, or “body of desire”, and the most difficult to control in our long soul evolution. All bodies are dual and the astral body or astral plane is the source of much of duality for humanity – it constitutes our self-made “heaven and hell” realms. The physical body can be seen as etheric/physical – hence its duality. All three bodies are conditioned by various rays. The personality as a whole is also conditioned by a ray.

9) Telepathy Requires an understanding of the etheric body. All humanity are evolving toward telepathic consciousness.There are three types : Instinctual – Mental – Intuitional. When we become adept at building thoughtforms, then we can learn how to consciously send them to others or out into the world. This process is part of that which we call White Magic.

10) Seven Planes of Perception The Seven Planes are a two dimensional representation of fourth dimensional consciousness. They are a diagrammatic way of understanding the various grades of “substance” in our solar system, and through which we evolve. All “septenaries” help us build a foundation of understanding in occultism : seven rays, seven planes, seven chakras etc. The bodies have a correspondence with the planes, which are numbered from above down, as is the true occult procedure – from the macrocosm to the microcosm. As above – so below. Therefore we have the following correspondences :

7th plane physical earth base/spleen chakras

6th plane astral water sacral/solar plexus chakras

5th plane mental fire solar plexus/throat/ajna chakras

4th plane intuition air ajna/heart chakras

3rd plane atmic aether crown chakra

2nd plane monadic akasha

1st plane adi (god) sea of fire

Each plane is in turn divided into seven subplanes making 49 in all, and represent more refined substance as we go up the ladder of evolution. All other septenaries correspond with the planes of perception and therefore constitute a most important foundation of occultism.

11) The Deva or Angelic Kingdom The feminine “parallel evolution” to the masculine evolution of humanity, is responsible for building all forms, whether it is a flower or tree, a thoughtform in the mind of man or God, our very physical or subtle bodies, or the planet as a whole. This feminine quality is the “mother aspect” which builds, nurtures and gives birth to all forms. There are the lesser evolved fairies, elves, brownies and pixies who build all the forms in nature. They are group conscious and are directed by the more “evolved” or “individualised” devas, who hold the “blueprints” or genus for any species. There are the archangels of the Bible, and the 33 million Gods of the Hindu pantheon; they exist in all religions, cultures and mythologies of the world. They exist in an hierarchical structure and parallel the work of the Masters, who also work closely with them. The Findhorn and Perelandra communities in Scotland and America, are examples of how humanity can consciously work and cooperate with the angelic kingdom. There are many different types of angels, and an important variety are healing angels. The “Mystic Marriage” has to do with the eventual synthesis of the two evolutions of human and deva kingdoms.

12) New Age Religion In the Aquarian Age will be brought about a synthesis of all religions into One World Religion. There will be a synthesis of eastern and western traditions. This is happening now and is obviously part of the “dharma” for Tibet and her religion – to be invaded by the Chinese, yet subsequently scatter the teachings of Tibetan Buddhism to the four corners of the globe. There will be a recognition of the Buddha and Christ as being representatives of these hemispheres, yet one and the same. There will be further understanding of the common thread uniting humanity – partially obscured through different names. The eastern and western hemispheres are conditioned by rays, just as every religion has its own ray; so we can see why this subject is also important in our study of Esoteric Astrology.

13) Glamour We are all caught up in glamour to some degree. Technically it is illusion on the astral plane, whilst “illusion” is applied to the mental plane, and “maya” to the physical plane. Glamour manifests as the “heaven and hell’ states touched upon earlier. It constitutes humanity’s greatest and most complex problem. For every ray there are certain “glamours” that can be identified, recognised and acted upon within ourselves. There are also meditations aimed at the dissipation and eradication of glamour.

14) Dweller on the Threshold This is related to glamour and represents the sumtotal of all the negativities and crystallisations that have not been conquered over many lifetimes. It is our “shadow”. The Dweller assumes a grotesque thoughtform with which the spiritual traveller must enter into battle, consciously as a soul, to vanquish and eventually eliminate. The Dweller is an aspect of the personality, indeed the personality could be considered the Dweller in the light of the Soul. The personality expression in a horoscope is symbolised partly by the Sun and Moon signs, therefore knowing the qualities of the signs and rays will help us understand the specific expression of the Dweller. The Moon particularly can point to the shadow or Dweller.

15) Esoteric Healing (Three classes) This is another Science in itself, closely allied to Esoteric Astrology. Esoteric Healing works with causes in the subtle bodies, which are conditioned by the rays and the horoscope. Accurate knowledge of these conditionings can lead to correct diagnosis and efficient healing. The chakras are all conditioned by rays and planets, e.g. the heart chakra expresses the 2nd ray of Love-Wisdom, which is ruled by Jupiter and the Sun; Neptune is also closely associated. The signs of the zodiac are also associated with parts of the body.

16) Dreams We get many different messages in dreams. Some very good, some quite confusing. We can even be given our “ray structure” in dreams, or our time of birth if unknown. The 10 different kinds of dreams are enumerated as well as their connection with the meditation consciousness.

17) Aquarian Age What will it mean for humanity as it enters this “golden age” ? Several major themes loom large : The idea of the universal brotherhood of humanity. Increasing scientific knowledge of the etheric body. Scientific and technological developments that will assist human evolution. The grounding of the “plan”, i.e. the expression of “Love Wisdom” on the physical plane. The externalisation of the Masters of Wisdom. Group initiation. One world government, religion, education and currency.

18) The Antahkarana or Rainbow Bridge The connection to the higher self. It is constructed from lifetime to lifetime, through the triplicity of study, service and meditation. It will constitute one of the major teachings in the Aquarian Age.

19) Death There will be major revelations for humanity concerning death in the next 200 years. Death is a process as well as an event – it can happen physically or can be a more subtle process, as we learn to die to old habit patterns – “I die daily”. (St Paul) Either way it is also related to Esoteric Healing. Scorpio and Pluto rule these processes and they are prominent for many on the Spiritual Path today who are upon the “fixed cross”.

20) The Soul/Causal Body/Egoic Lotus What is this great mystery we call soul ? What does it mean by the causal body that resides on the mental plane ? The Egoic Lotus relates to the 12 petals of the heart chakra which are gradually unfolded over aeons of time. There is a correspondence to the 12 signs of the zodiac, (which acts like a large chakra) and the Astrology of Initiation is closely associated.

21) The Star Sirius One of the most important stars for our solar system and Earth, working as a triplicity with the Great Bear and the Pleiades. Its history through various cultures and its influence on humanity is explored.

22) Birth of the Solar System (Three Classes) How the Solar Logos came into Being – is it an incarnation of that great star Sirius ? The rounds, chains, globes and schemes are explored in these fundamental classes for Esoteric Astrology.

23) Occult History of Planet Earth (Three classes) When “individualisation” occurred 18 million years ago, the Earth was under the influence of certain, stars, planets and zodiac signs. Humanity went on to evolve through the Lemurian, Atlantean and Aryan rootraces, of which there are seven in all. Nations are also mentioned – special class for this in Esoteric Astrology per se.

24) Agni Yoga The teachings of the Master Morya through Helena Roerich touch upon “astro-chemism” and the “great magnet” of the central spiritual sun. Much inspiration to be found in these books.

25) The Yoga Sutras of Patanjali Written by the Hindu Sage Patanjali thousands of years ago, humanity has been handed a manual for “liberation”. There are astrological references given here which can assist in the processes of meditation and vice versa. As we can see how closely these subjects are related, each monthes’ study will consist of two classes on the Ageless Wisdom and two classes on Esoteric Astrology. (I will be including 4 to 6 classes in the Ageless Wisdom course on the rays per se.)

26) The Bhagavad-Gita The sacred and timeless wisdom of India and a most complimentary companion to Patanjali’s teachings. The “Gita” presents many solutions for a spiritual searcher’s quest to enlightenment, and daily battle on the “field of Kurukshetra”.

Students who have already covered some of these classes to the satisfaction of the course facilitator will be given classes which they have not covered. There will always be this component to the Esoteric Astrology course, as there so many related subjects to study, and also degrees of depth in understanding. For example, The Rounds, Chains and Schemes class requires three levels, Occult History at least two etc. Providing the course any other way is giving it incomplete. Astrologers who think they can just learn the astrology side would be seriously mistaken thinking that that is all required.

Introduction to the Subjects Covered in
a Course on Esoteric Astrology.

In the past one hundred years or so, astrology has undergone somewhat of a renaissance. At the end of last century astrology was accessed by many as part of their search upon the spiritual path. Organisations like The Theosophical Society and the Golden Dawn kabbalistic group used it, as spiritual teachers like Rudolph Steiner espoused it. There was the very arcane type of astrology to the very mundane or horary. The more “esoteric” astrology then would be considered quite mundane today and fairly unsophisticated because astrology has evolved so quickly this century.

Authors such as Dane Rudhyar, Marc E. Jones, Max Heindel and Alan Leo laid the groundwork for a more serious personality or humanistic astrology in the first half of this century. Building upon their shoulders and coming in the second half of this century came astrologers like Noel Tyl, Liz Greene, Stephen Arroyo, Howard Sasportas and Alan Oken. All of them have made invaluable contributions to the field of personality astrology and psychology, bridging the gap between materialistic, fatalistic event-oriented astrology and spiritual astrology. One of the prime outcomes of this kind of astrology is using it as a tool to bring about the integration of the personality, the healing of the psyche, the accessing of personal power, and the right timing of life activities.

As discussed earlier, Esoteric Astrology is more to do with the soul and the Science of the Seven Rays, which brings a whole new set of factors into identifying psychological types. It not only broadens the astrology which has gone before it, but compliments it, and will probably absorb it over the next few hundred years as we march into the first decanate of the Aquarian Age. The Master D.K., who is the true author of the books He wrote through Alice Bailey, has said :

” Astrology is essentially the purest presentation of occult truth in the world at this time because it is the science which deals with those conditioning energies and forces which play through and upon the whole field of space and all that is found within that field”.

The Seven Rays originate in the seven stars of the Great Bear constellation, and are representative of the energies of seven solar systems, of which ours is one. This helps us get a perspective of our tiny place on Earth, within just one solar system. Of course, these seven solar systems act as seven “chakras” within the body of a greater entity, which occultism terms “the One About Whom Naught May Be Said” (OAWNMBS). Just as our Earth is inhabited by a great life that we call God, so it is the same with all other planets and stars. As we are “cells” within this earthly body, so these great lives are simply cells or chakras within greater bodies of manifestation. The seven stars of the Great Bear have also been called the Seven Rishis (Seers, Sages), which date back to the ancient Vedic Hymns of India.

The descent of the seven rays to Earth – broadly speaking :

As the energy of the seven rays stream forth from the Great Bear constellation (Ursa Major), they interact with the “seven stars” of the Pleiades ( “seven sisters” or “wives” of the Rishis), the seven stars of the “Little Bear” constellation (Ursa Minor), and the Star Sirius. The ray energies then travel through the 12 zodiacal constellations and toward our solar system, where they are “funnelled” through the physical sun into the solar system proper.

From there the rays are “picked up” by their planetary vehicles, the seven “sacred” planets of the solar system. Then, according to the various cycles of the planets, the ray energies are conveyed to our home planet, via our zodiac, which acts as an invisible “astral” body to the Earth. This zodiac of 12 signs reflects and focusses the energies of the 12 constellations. It does not matter if they are “aligned” or not, this being an illusion of the concrete mind.

Some signs act as a channel for one ray only, others as many as four rays. (See Tabulations) As the ray energies enter the Earth sphere, they are absorbed through the Seven Planetary Chakras.

The Planetary Chakras can be looked at from two angles :

1) We know of five cities on the planet which act as “chakras” : London, Geneva, Darjeeling, Tokyo and New York. The other two chakras exist in Australia and Africa, and won’t be activated for millions of years yet.

As the energy comes through these centres, they stimulate the associated continents, which act as “endocrine”glands in the body of the Earth. Energy is released, which stimulates us “human hormones” into activity, within the “bloodstream” of the planet.

2) Groups upon the planet can be seen as chakras.

Shamballa – Sanat Kumara is “anchored” here – crown chakra.

Hierarchy – (Masters of Wisdom) – heart chakra.

Humanity – throat chakra.

More will be elucidated on the above subjects in the Ageless Wisdom classes associated with Esoteric Astrology. The following is a list of factors to consider, as well as some of the classes that will be covered in this course on Esoteric Astrology :

1) Septenaries This is a foundational structure underlying occultism.

7 Solar Systems 7 Rays 7 Chakras

7 Stars Great Bear 7 Sacred Planets 7 Colours

7 Stars Pleiades 7 Planetary Chakras 7 Musical Notes

7 Stars Little Bear 7 Planes Perception 7 Masters of Rays

2) Influences in the Horoscope

7 Rays 7 Planetary Chakras 7 Sacred Planets

70 etheric planets Fixed Stars Asteroids

7 Human Chakras 5 Non-Sacred planets including Earth

3) Esoteric Astrology Embodies

The Science of the Seven Rays
The Science of Esoteric Interpretation
The Science of Triangles
The Science of the Chakras (Laya Yoga)
The Science of Destiny (Progressions etc)
4) The Seven Rays Ponder closely the tabulations provided. Go through carefully and highlight that which applies to yourself, answering as honestly as possible the positive and negative features of the rays, and their associated glamours. Study any of the famous personalities listed, especially if you are already familiar with them. Access their horoscopes if possible. Look at the planets in the signs and note which rays come through which. Note, the rays cannot be deduced from the horoscope per se, but an idea of ray expressions can be. Consider the countries and nations listed. It may be easier to see the energies some of them express. Remember, if you feel a certain resonance with a nation or personality, it may point to a similar ray in your make-up. Look also at the colours given for the rays – there may be a connection with your favourite colour or the clothes you wear.

5) The Three Crosses (Refer to diagram 5) These crosses describe the full gamut of human experience. They relate to all other triplicities. They are concerned with wholes and the unified experience of a person. The crosses deal with past, present and future incarnations. The astrologer must determine which cross a person is on before doing their chart. The crosses correspond to the personality, soul and monad and the mystery of the 777 incarnations.

6) Astrology is based upon illusion The zodiac is the imaginary path of the sun around the earth; yet the constellations exist, their streams of energy expressing eternal relationships. Because of the “precession of the equinoxes” the sun is not in the sign it is said to be. Thoughtforms of the zodiacal energies “anchored” by the Hierarchy in Atlantean times are still potent and energised, therefore still give the “appearance” of a particular sign. It is the misuse of various energies by humanity which has helped create the illusion.

7) Planets show outer the life circumstances This influence weakens with soul control. The chart becomes inaccurate and inconclusive. The person becomes more receptive to the 12 constellations and the subtler energies of the solar system. The zodiac influences evoke humanity’s will. An advanced person (disciple) uses planets to carry out soul purpose. A very advanced person (initiate) becomes aware of zodiacal energies beyond the solar system. (The greater zodiac)

8) Four Types of Force Emphasised in Esoteric Astrology

a) Quality of our solar system.(2nd ray solar system)
b) Quality of our Solar Logos.( Called the Blue Logos)
c) Quality of Earth’s complimentary opposite. (Venus)
d) Quality of attraction of 3 planets in esoteric triangle of force.

9) Vehicles of Response Energy “impacts” depend upon the “developed vehicles of response”. Many subtle and potent energies go unnoticed because we have not raised our own vibrations. In occultism there is the continual theme of refined energy impacting upon the unredeemed form. A “disciple” continually “redeems” himself through conscious spiritual living.

10) Three Types of Humanity a) “The lesser Zodiac” and the 12 houses suffice. (Average Humanity) (b) Planets affecting the personality (Sun sign) and responding to the soul (rising sign) in a small measure. (c) Disciples and initiates respond to all the above plus the three major constellations of The Great Bear, Sirius and The Pleiades.

11) Duality Our main task is the regulation of the pairs of opposites : (a) Etheric/physical : Merging these bodies through purification. (b) Astral : Resolution of pairs of opposites. Consummated on “path of discipleship”. (c) Mental : Angel of the Presence and the Dweller on the Threshold. Angel and the Dweller are brought face to face. Synthesis is brought about on the Path of Initiation.

12) Method of Resolving Dualities Understanding of Gemini. (Science of Triangles) Zodiac is dual : 12 signs eventually synthesised into 6. Polar opposite signs are important.

13) Rulerships

Exoteric : Average humanity – Mutable Cross – Chakras below diaphragm. : Average humanity – Mutable Cross – Chakras below diaphragm. : Average humanity – Mutable Cross – Chakras below diaphragm.

Esoteric : Intermediate humanity – Fixed Cross – Chakras below diaphragm and aspiring above diaphragm.

Hierarchical : Advanced initiates – Cardinal Cross – Rapidly polarising to higher chakras.

Higher aspiration causes the vehicles to vibrate at a higher pitch. Exoteric/esoteric rulers are for those “on the Path”. All three rulerships apply to Initiates.

14) Sacred and Non -Sacred Planets What makes a planet Sacred ? Sacred planets fuse the personality and make it an instrument of the soul. Non-Sacred planets influence the form : etheric/physical, astral, mental. e.g. Aries – Mars exoteric ruler – instinctual (physical/astral). Mercury esoteric ruler – intuitional (mental) “From the plane of mind, I rule.”

15) Mythology Evokes the imagination, abstract mind and intuitive response – by stimulating with abstract images. The evolution of Earth and the planets is illustrated by Mythology. The 12 Labours of Hercules are an allegory for the 12 signs of the zodiac. The Greek myths are rich in symbology. Myths help us to understand planetary energies.

16) Destiny of the Nations Cities and countries are entities. Cities are chakras in the body of a nation. Cities and countries all have astrological/ray rulerships. They all have purpose and destiny.

17) Science of Triangles Underlies the whole science of esoteric astrology.Triangles of energy between constellations. Triangles of force between planets. Triangles and chakras – planetary and human. Major triangle : Great Bear, Sirius, Pleiades. They transmit three aspects of divinity to earth. The innermost secrets of astrological deduction are connected with the 7 stars of the Great Bear, 7 stars of the Pleiades and the 7 sacred planets.

18) Science of the Chakras (Laya Yoga) Chakras of individuals, Earth and solar system are closely tied in with the Science of Triangles and Esoteric Healing. Chakras are at various stages of unfoldment, and are “doorways” for ray energies to enter.

19) Creative Hierarchies Correspond to Hierarchical Rulerships. They are “germs” of force centres which vitalise forms. The C.H. are the most esoteric foundation of esoteric astrology. The 4th creative hierarchy is Humanity. The 4th, 5th & 6th are the most important as they constitute the human and deva evolutions. The seven main hierarchies correspond to the 7 rays.

20) Houses The houses ultimately imprison the soul. Before the Science of the Crosses evolves, an intermediary house system can be worked out. Look at esoteric rulerships of houses and delineate.

21) Aspects Similar to exoteric only interpretation is according to esoteric numerology and ray analogy. e.g. Conjunction – 1st ray – fusion of forces. Trine – 3rd ray – Creative activity.Square = 90° 9= initiation.

22) Exaltation, Fall and Detriment Indicate the three main phases of the path – the mutable, fixed and cardinal crosses. Generally there is nothing “negative” about fall and detriment, simply different states of being.

23) Decanates Constitute the nature of testings within each sign : Life Quality Appearance. Mental Astral Physical. Spirit Soul Personality. Decanates are interpreted according to which direction a person is going on the wheel. Science of Triangles closely tied in with decanates.

Course Structure

Students must complete the monthly questionnaire before starting the next installment.

The following 16 sections (months) are considered fundamental as a foundation to the study of Esoteric Astrology. Before you can move on to any further depth of understanding, this first segment of 17 monthes must be thoroughly studied.

Only after having gained proficiency in these basic subjects, will you be able to move on to the second section of Esoteric Astrology. Students who do not want to, or cannot study the associated subjects for Esoteric Astrology will find that they will not really understand this stupendous science.

There are four subjects a month, which averages out to one class per week. Try and be disciplined with your approach to this study, as you will probably find that it will take several hours a week, including background reading. The following is a basic outline and sequence for the course, but minor changes may be made without notice, if the facilitator deems it necessary. The course may be started at any time.

Month 1 Class 1 Masters of Wisdom -7 Ray Chohans. Sanat Kumara. Class 2 Karma and Reincarnation. Class 3 Preamble to Esoteric Astrology – part 1. Class 4 Preamble to Esoteric Astrology – part 2.

Month 2 Class 1 The Seven Rays – part 1 (The Seven Planes of Perception). Class 2 The Seven Rays – part 2. Class 3 The Seven Rays – part 3. Class 4 The Seven Rays – part 4.

Month 3 Class 1 The Etheric Body – The Seven Chakras. 22 minor chakras. Class 2 The Astral Body. Class 3 Zodiac Signs and the Three Crosses. Class 4 Sun. Moon. Rising Sign

Month 4 Class 1 The Mental Body. Class 2 Thoughtforms. Class 3 Aries – Esoterically considered. Higher rulers & rays. Class 4 Taurus – Esoterically considered. Higher rulers & rays.

Month 5 Class 1 Soul. Causal Body. Class 2 Meditation. Class 3 Gemini – Esoterically considered. Higher rulers & rays. Class 4 Cancer – Esoterically considered. Higher rulers & rays.

Month 6 Class 1 Dreams. Class 2 Telepathy. Class 3 Leo – Esoterically considered. Higher rulers & rays. Class 4 Virgo – Esoterically considered. Higher rulers & rays.

Month 7 Class 1 Angelic/Deva Kingdom. Class 2 Esoteric Healing. Class 3 Libra – Esoterically considered. Higher rulers & rays. Class 4 Scorpio – Esoterically considered. Higher rulers & rays.

Month 8 Class 1 Aquarian Age. Class 2 New Age Religion. Class 3 Sagittarius – Esoterically considered. Higher rulers & rays. Class 4 Capricorn – Esoterically considered. Higher rulers & rays.

Month 9 Class 1 Death – The Great Adventure . Class 2 The Star Sirius. Class 3 Aquarius – Esoterically considered. Higher rulers & rays. Class 4 Pisces – Esoterically considered. Higher rulers & rays.

Month 10 Class 1 Mantras. Class 2 Sound. Music. Class 3 Decanates – life opportunity, next step forward, challenges. Class 4 Planets in : Dignity. Detriment. Exaltation. Fall.

Month 11 Class 1 The Antahkarana or Rainbow Bridge. Class 2 Glamour. Maya. Illusion. Class 3 Aspects. Harmonics. Class 4 Houses – esoterically considered

Month 12 Class 1 Evolution of the Solar System – part 1 (Schemes, Rounds) Class 2 Evolution of the Solar System – part 2 (Chains, Globes). Class 3 Planets in Signs – part 1. Class 4 Planets in Signs – part 2

Month 13 Class 1 Occult History of the Earth – part 1 (Individualisation) . Class 2 Occult History of the Earth – part 2 (Races, Nations). Class 3 Asteroids. Etheric planets. Fixed Stars. Class 4 Great Bear. Sirius. Pleiades.

Month 14 Class 1 Externalisation of the Hierarchy. Class 2 Esoteric Healing, Astrology and the Chakras. Class 3 The Science of Triangles in Esoteric Astrology – part 1. Class 4 The Science of Triangles in Esoteric Astrology – part 2

Month 15 Class 1 Science of Initiation – Aspirant, Disciple, Initiate. Class 2 Egoic Lotus. Class 3 The 12 Creative Hierarchies : Basis of Esoteric Astrology. Class 4 Destiny of the Nations : Astrology of countries and cities.

Month 16 Class 1 Colour. Class 2 Avatars. Class 3 Mythology as applied to Esoteric Astrology. Class 4 Chart Interpretation.

Month 17 Class 1 Agni Yoga – part 1. Class 2 Agni Yoga – part 2. Class 3 More Chart Interpretation. Assessment of Stage on Path. Class 4 Recapitulation and summary.

Required Course Reading

Esoteric Astrology, Alice A. Bailey.
The Initiations of Krishnamurti: An Astrological Biography, Phillip Lindsay.

Other Recommended Reading
See also Varuna’s Bookstore

Books by Alice Bailey
Astrology and Seven Rays – Essential for astrology:

Esoteric Astrology.
Destiny of the Nations.
Labours of Hercules.
A Treatise on Cosmic Fire.
Treatise on White Magic.

Seven Rays and general Ageless Wisdom teachings:

Esoteric Psychology I.
Esoteric Psychology II.
Esoteric Healing.
Rays and Initiations.
Initiation Human & Solar.
Light of the Soul.
Letters on Occult Meditation.

Other Books

Tapestry of the Gods, Dr. Michael D. Robbins.
Indispensable 2 vol. set for the serious ray-ologist !

The Secret Doctrine by H.P. Blavatsky.
Soul Centered Astrology
, Alan Oken.
Transpersonal Astrology, Errol Weiner.

More Book Sources for the Study
of Esoteric Astrology and the Seven Rays

Tapestry of the Gods (Vols. 1-5) – Robbins
The Shamballa Impacts – Phillip Lindsay
Masters of the Seven Rays – Phillip Lindsay
The Initiations of Krishnamurti – Phillip Lindsay
Soul Cycles of the Seven Rays – Phillip Lindsay
Destiny of Nations and Races – Phillip Lindsay
Introduction to the Seven Rays – Abraham
Moon Veils Vulcan and Sun Veils Neptune – Abraham
Threefold Method for Understanding the Rays – Abraham
Seven Rays and Nations – Abraham
Balancing the Pairs of Opposites – Abraham
Seven Human Temperaments – Hodson
Seven Rays Made Visual – Burmester
Seven Rays – Wood
Rays and Esoteric Astrology – Lansdowne
Ray Methods of Healing – Lansdowne
Astrology – Esoteric and Psychological – Davis
Astrology of the Seven Rays – Davis & Raifsnider
Esoteric Astrology – Leo
The Relativity of Reality – Kelaharju
Esoteric Astrology – Behari
A Study in Astrological Occultism – Behari
Soul Centered Astrology – Oken
Transpersonal Astrology – Weiner
Cycles of Opportunity – Beckham
Astrological Keys to Self Realisation – Weiss
Crystals and Gemstones of the Seven Rays – Stewart
Morals and Dogma – Albert Pike
Spiritual Astrology – Krishnamacharya
Sirius – Richmond
Sacred Vessel of the Mysteries – Berges
Agni Yoga – Helena Roerich.

Other related texts

Secret Teachings of All Ages – Manly Palmer Hall
The Pale Fox – Griaule/Dieterlen
The Sirius Mystery – Temple
Mythological Astronomy/Ancients Demonstrated – Mackey
Sacred Science – de Lubicz
The Temple of Man – de Lubicz
Hermetic Astrology – Powell
Death of Gods in Ancient Egypt – Sellers
Hamlet’s Mill – Santillana/Dechend
Esoteric Buddhism – Sinnett
Vishnu Purana – Wilson
Thrice Greatest Hermes – Mead
Stellar Theology and Masonic Astronomy – Brown
Ancient Mystical Rites – Leadbeater
Blavatsky and Her Teachers – Fuller
Eleusis – Kerenyi
Festivals of the Athenians – Parke
Orpheus and Greek Religion – Guthrie
The Spirit of Masonry – Bailey
Blavatsky’s Collected Writings (14 Vols) – Blavatsky
Key to Theosophy – Blavatsky
Inner Group Teachings – Blavatsky
Ingrid Naiman’s books on Healing/Astrology – Naiman
Charles Jaynes’ books – Jayne
Agni Yoga Books – Roerich
Starnames – Allen
Astronomy of the Ancients – Krupp
The Divine Comedy – DanteJesus Christ: Sun of God – Fideler
Teachings of the Temple – La Due
Theogenesis – La Due
Astronomica – Manilius
Moralia – Plutarch
Phaenomena – Aratus
Tetrabiblos – Ptolemy
Introduction to Islamic Cosmological Doctrines – Nasr
Egyptian Book of the Dead – Budge
Egyptian Book of the Dead – Faulkner
Three Books of Occult Philosophy – Agrippa


DINA 1 = Disciple in the New Age Vol 1 – Alice A. Bailey
DINA 2 = Discipleship in the New Age Vol2 – Alice A. Bailey
DON = Destiny of the Nations – Alice A. Bailey
EA = Esoteric Astrology – Alice A. Bailey
EH = Esoteric Healing – Alice A. Bailey
ENA = Education in the New Age – Alice A. Bailey
EOH = Externalisation of the Hierarchy – Alice A. Bailey
EP 1 = Esoteric Psychology 1 – Alice A. Bailey
EP2 = Esoteric Psychology 2 – Alice A. Bailey
GWP = Glamour: A World Problem – Alice A. Bailey
IHS = Initiation, Human & Solar – Alice A. Bailey
IU = Isis Unveiled – H.P. Blavatsky
LH = Labours of Hercules – Alice A. Bailey
LOM = Letters on Occult Meditation – Alice A. Bailey
LOTS = Light of the Soul – Alice A. Bailey
ML = Mahatma Letters – A.P. Sinnett
RI = Rays and the Initiations – Alice A. Bailey
ROC = Reappearance of the Christ – Alice A. Bailey
SD = The Secret Doctrine – H.P. Blavatsky
TCF = Treatise on Cosmic Fire – Alice A. Bailey
TEV = Telepathy and the Etheric Vehicle – Alice A. Bailey
TWM = Treatise on White Magic – Alice A. Bailey
JEP = Journal of Esoteric Psychology

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