Sirius College: Mysteries Unveiled


1) General Introduction. The first 10 weeks of the course. What are the Mysteries and how do we approach their unfoldment within? Touching on a little of every class that will be covered during the year.

2) The Masters of Wisdom. They have guided human evolution for millenia, who are they ? There have been many illusions perpetrated about them. See the mark they have left in human history and understand their purpose now. M, KH, Racozci, Jesus, Hilarion etc.

3) The Seven Rays. Part 1. The seven streams of energy that condition our whole solar system. They are the basis of our deepest psychology and form a foundation for the seven-fold constitution of the Mysteries. The Seven Rishis of the Great Bear.

4) The Seven Rays. Part 2. The Rays affect every kingdom in nature, influencing plants, animals, nations and humans. What is your ray structure? What’s your soul or personality ray, and how do you determine them?

5) The Seven Rays. Part 3. Putting it all together in the terms of practical understanding – through examples of many famous personalities in history. The rays foremost in expression – Scientists, the musicians, politicians, spiritual leaders.

6) Karma and Reincarnation. This funda -mental universal law and how it works. How does it affect the cyclic re-embodiments of the soul seeking further experience ? What are some myths surrounding karma and reincarnation and past lives ?

7) The Etheric, Astral and Mental Bodies. The more refined and subtle parts of our being – the true patternings behind our physical, emotional and thinking selves = “personality”. Their coordination/purification and relation to “chakras”.

8) Meditation. The essential discipline for treading the spiritual path. There will be a group meditation every week of this course. Aspiration, Concentration, Meditation, Contemplation, Illumination. Visualisation is the key to building the “rainbow bridge”.

9) Thoughtforms. We live in a world of thoughtforms created by the human race, varying in quality, from the sublime to the ridiculous! Creation, cleansing and dispelling of thought forms. The mental plane as seat of the soul – the true “Thinker”.

10) Telepathy. Sending of thoughtforms. Knowledge of the etheric body is essential for true telepathy. Telepathy through different energy centres. The intuition and its development. The Science of the Antahkarana and its six stages.

11) Dreams. The 10 types of dreams. Dreams in all spiritual traditions. Guidance from dreams. Symbols and their interpretation. Dream state/meditation relation. Dramatisations by the soul at critical life stages. Astral/mental planes and dreaming.

12) Astrology. The basics of this re-emerging, ancient science. The “signs” of the zodiac and nature of planetary energies which pass through them, create the confluence of qualities that condition human behaviour. What is a house, aspect, etc?

13) Angelic or Deva Kingdom. This parallel evolution to humanity and its role in building all forms in nature, be it a flower, tree, human being, thoughtform, or planet ! Elementals, angels, archangels, healing devas – are as diverse as life itself. Consciously working with them?

14) Science of the Antahkarana. The “Rainbow Bridge” that is built over many lives, as the link between soul and personality. Its technique of construction by the creative meditator, the immediate task ahead and the seven ray methods of building.

15) Esoteric Healing. Wholistic healing that works with
dis-ease in the etheric, astral or mental bodies. Origins of disease, diseases of mystics, the 7 chakras, 7 endocrine glands, techniques for esoteric healing, karma, health, racial, mass epidemics.

16) Death and Dying. The process and event of death. Dying to the past as healing. Death of old emotional and mental patterns. Eastern and western attitudes to death. After death states and reincarnation. The Mythological/astrological symbology. “Heaven” and “Hell”.

17) Sirius. The “Dog Star” has been prominent In many cultures and religions, having particular relevance for the Earth in this cycle. The Sirian Law of Karma conditions this solar system, hence Earth’s alignment to that spiritual law is an essential part of her destiny.

18) The Soul and the Egoic Lotus. What is the nature of the soul and its “mansion” the Causal Body ? The 12 “petals” of the lotus unfold over many incarnations, until at journey’s end, the hidden “Jewel” is revealed in all its beauty – “Liberation” from Earth if we choose.

19) Aquarian Age. The new 2,160 year cycle we are entering. The energy of Uranus and the 7th ray as they condition the humanity via Aquarius. New ways of living, group initiation, new age culture and civilisation, and the Science of Invocation and Evocation.

20) New Age Religion. The synthesis of all world religions impulsed by humanity’s unfolding consciousness. The marriage of East and West derived from Buddhism and Christianity. Comparative religion – old religions dressed up in new clothes. Unity and Synthesis.

21) Chakras – I. A more in-depth focus on the Seven major and 22 minor human energies centres, and their importance in understanding causes of disease. Ray methods of healing, and the role that esoteric astrology can play in diagnosing disease and understanding karma.

22) Chakras – II. A continuation of last week’s themes. The etheric body, the chakras. The Ida, Pingala and Sushumna nadis.

23) The Solar System. The “incarnation” of that vast Life we call the Solar Logos, and differentiation into its system of planets and invisible worlds. The cycles of the Life wave that express through the “schemes”, “chains”, “globes” and “rounds” of the Solar System.

24) The Earth “Scheme”. The Moon Chain evolution preceding Earth and its karmic link. The “rounds” of evolution and the role of the lunar and Solar “Pitris” as the foundation of human evolution. The “spark of mind” conferred upon humanity in Lemuria — “Individualisation”.

25) Evolution of the Races. The “Rootraces” and the evolution of Consciousness from the very ancient Lemuria where humanity “individualised”, through to the fabled Atlantis which sunk so long ago.

26) The Fifth Rootrace. The current race in which humanity finds itself, its challenges and new subraces forming, with a synthesis of world cultures and traditions. Australia, New Zealand and California — their roles in the coming sixth subrace of the fifth rootrace. The Mystery Schools.

27) Destiny of the Nations. The spiritual destiny of humanity as it unfolds through the many individual entities we call nations. Astrological, ray cycles and “yugas” that determine this process. The genius that comes forth from the heart of a nation via the great souls incarnate within.

28) Glamour Maya Illusion – I. We live in a sea of illusion from which we are constantly trying to extricate ourselves. Racial and individual glamour and causes producing glamour in the world. Duality and the pairs of opposites.

29) Glamour Maya Illusion – II. Using intuition, illumination and inspiration to offset relative states of glamour. The “Dweller on the Threshold” or “shadow” — “the villain” we battle with the “Angel of the Presence”.

30) Glamour Maya Illusion – III. The ending of glamour and the techniques of the “presence”, of “light” and “indifference”. Etheric force distribution and manipulation, the Science of the Breath, and Technique of Fusion.

31) Mantras and The Great Invocation. The Secret knowledge of mystic mantras and the potency of sound. Mantras as a powerful personal and world transformation tool. The gift to humanity of the Great Invocation and it is cyclic use.

32) Sound and Music — I. “In the beginning was the word. Sound is the occult cause behind all creation, whether it be a human being, a planet or a galaxy. It can be constructive or destructive, depending upon what is needed at various stages of evolution.

33) Sound and Music — II. What type of new music is going to evolve that will inspire and guide humanity ? Music as an awakener of the heart and the intuition. Evolution of music through different cultures. Effects upon the aura and chakras.

34) Sound and Music — III. Evolution of classical music in the last 600 years and the spiritual effects upon humanity. The great composers that have come forth as expressions of the various cyclic Ray conditionings upon groups of souls. Modern music — jazz, rock and roll, folk etc.

35) Externalisation of the Hierarchy – I. The imminent emergence of the Masters and their specific work, via the “ashrams” and workers. New spiritual festivals through regenerated religion, education and the new Masonry.

36) Externalisation of the Hierarchy – II. The “ashramic” groups dedicated to creating the new freedoms in the areas of politics, economics, science and the arts. Money and barter. Maitreya/Christ’s role in the synthesis of world religions and spirituality.

37) Externalisation of the Hierarchy – III. The greatest spiritual opportunities for planet Earth now. Ray cycles, ashrams and avatars. The inertia created by materialistic forces. The Great Invocation as a universal world prayer.

38) Money in the Age of Aquarius. The right use of energy and resources. Money as the consolidation of the loving, living energy of divinity. Spiritual values versus materialism. The funds required to create a new world, and the redistribution of wealth.

39) Sex and the Law of Attraction. Sex is probably the greatest mystery for humanity, the answers to which are only revealed at the final stages of the spiritual path. The Law of Attraction and Repulsion. Sex in the cosmos, sex on earth.

40) Esoteric Astrology – an introduction. The formulas for esoteric interpretation of a horoscope. What relation does the soul chart have to the conception chart? The rising sign and sun sign as expressions of soul and personality. Much more……

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