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How the Correspondence Courses Work

Students are sent one class per week or four classes per month by email. There is associated ongoing reading and specific books given for the various courses. Students get feedback and guidance on their answers.

Students organise themselves into a rhythm of study and reflection with the spare hours that they have. Quite often choosing a regular day and/or evening is best as that time is reserved and set aside and one can slip more easily into the magnetic stream that is being created.

The classes are in a sequence of 36, many of which introduce new concepts that will eventually crystallise into understanding. After a while the subjects will start to link and relate to each other as deeper understanding is gleaned and as the intuition is invoked.

Bear in mind that it can be a steep learning curve for the concrete mind at times and this material can cause certain reactions for some people. The concrete mind is really there to ‘ground’ the higher intuitive understandings, but unless you build a ‘scaffold’ of mental substance there will be nothing to anchor it in. However, if you have been building this mental structure for several lifetimes then you may find it easier than others to access this material.

Correspondence Course Costs

(All courses are in US$)

Esoteric Astrology 36 classes @ $31.25 per class = $1125. (More course info)

Esoteric Astrology with Ageless Wisdom: 50/50 every week.(More course info)
72 classes @ $31.25 per class = $2,250.

Mysteries Unveiled 36 classes @ $31.25 per class = $1125. (More course info)

Beginners Astrology 36 classes @ $31.25 per class = $1125. (More course info)

Discount All courses have a discount if paid in full up front. Hence $2,250 will be $2,000 and $1,125 will be $1,000.

Paying by installments – Full course cost, hence $2250 is three installments of $750. ($750 x 3) $1,125 is two installments of $562.50. ($562.50 x 2)
To be paid ahead before each third or half of the course.

Note: Please do not pay for the courses by Paypal on this website. Email facilitator for details for sending via Western Union or bank wire transfer. Fees for the courses, once paid, are non-refundable.

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