11 Responses to Aquarius 2017: Revolution. Inauguration Day: USA’s Destiny. Water of Life.

  1. Jo Garceau says:

    Phillip, a masterful analysis. Thank you for your wisdom and compassion.

  2. Helen says:

    Echo the previous comment. A truly illuminating interpretation of the extraordinary energies at play. Thanks for your enlightened service.

  3. Janet Eisenberg says:

    I concur with above comment. Masterful.

  4. Ambrosia says:

    All these protesting women hailing Islam, the most misogynicist religion in the world – utter stupidity.
    Trump at his worst can not be as misogynic as these people, which are used to humiliate and harass women every day in their miserable life. We women here experience this dramatic change for the worse since 2 millions of islamic “refugees” have flooded Europe.

    Aquarian revolution will come, when Pluto changes sign from Capricorn to Aquarius in a few years. This will be accompanied by Uranus ingress into Taurus – economy, sex and view of the body image. And it will not be peaceful.

    • Phillip Lindsay
      Phillip Lindsay says:

      I think your comments are a simplistic generalisation. I don’t think the protestors were “hailing” Islam, there were multiple issues they were protesting, one of which was simply the freedom to practice one’s own religion. Support for Islamic women like this will gradually transform these centuries old attitudes, its not going to happen overnight. Acting locally in one’s European community is going to contribute to that transformation rather than simply criticising.

  5. jean fullerton says:

    “Chaos is the precondition to creativity…Even what has been created needs to be returned to chaos from time to time so that it can be regenerated in more vital form.”

    Parker J. Palmer

  6. Vincent says:

    Hi Phillip,
    This was a very insightful newsletter at this crucial time.
    An associate of yours (Debra Hollinrake) a friend of mine,
    sent me your link.
    I’m looking forward to future newsletters.
    Blessings, Vincent

  7. Devinity21 says:

    Informative & inspirational as per usual, thank you kind sir!

  8. Angela Burrage says:

    Thank you Phillip for your insight and wisdom. It will be interesting to see where time takes us.

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