Esoteric (Soul) Astrology – Risa d’Angeles

The Science of Service

Three new sciences will emerge in the coming millennium. They are: (1) the Science of the Mind Principle, through the study and application of the Ancient Wisdom teachings; (2) the Science of the Soul, or Rainbow Bridge; techniques that invoke the Soul in its work of bridging Spirit with matter &emdash; which occurs at a point within the mind; and (3) the Science of Service, based on an intelligent heart and a loving mind. The activation of #2 and #3 are based upon the foundation of #1, and these new sciences will replace the present-day meditation practices of the individual because these three sciences are concerned with the development of the group and no longer only the individual.

Because Pisces is the sign of the World Savior, we will focus on the Science of Service at this time. The concept of the World Savior needs clarification. The World Savior is not an individual, though Earth did experience one such Savior 2,000 years ago, when the archangel from the Sun fulfilled his task of Initiation by taking on the work of the Christ and saving Earth from the darkness of ignorance. The World Savior to us, at this time, means the Soul that is within each of us that one day takes hold of our personality and steers us back onto the Path toward our spiritual heritage. World Server, in the esoteric sense, means the Soul.

Service is the spontaneous effect of Soul contact. As the Soul begins its task of capturing the instrument of the personality (physical body, emotions, logical mind), there is an urge, an impetus, within the individual to relieve the burdens of others, to work within a group of like-minded individuals, and to absorb the world’s sorrow and pain. The heart is affected in compassion, and the mind begins to envision doing active work that serves humanity.

There are three characteristics of a true server. They are: harmlessness in one’s actions and speech toward the group (it is assumed here that upon reaching the first point that harmlessness toward the individual would have already been mastered); a willingness to allow others to serve in their own way and to the best of their ability (the knowledge that living life is a service); and joyfulness, which creates a pure vibrational unifying sound in the inner realms of life (a counter to criticism, which creates a separative and disjointed sound).

As the work of service evolves, inner contact with the Soul and with Spirit deepens and the mind becomes more illuminated by the seven rainbow lights of the Soul. A force pours through the personality and gives the server the vision and power to be able to cooperate more and more as a strong group member in the New Group of World Servers. The real and the unreal are revealed, and the life of the individual is flooded with a radiance of love and light, and is experienced as divine impersonality. Eventually, the Plan of Evolution is revealed. This signifies that the server has entered the Rain Cloud of Knowable Things. It is at this point that the heart center finally awakens.

Pondering Unity & Service

Pisces is the sign of unity, and though we do not necessarily see this in our outer daily lives, an aspiration (Ray 6) for unification (Ray 2) is definitely taking place in the spiritual realms between the Soul and Spirit. This is the purpose of Pisces, though the knowledge of this and our ability to feel its effects are still beyond our mental capabilities. Pisces is water and Aries is fire. Water blends and fire creates. The merging of these two elements, in the form of Pisces and Aries, always signifies the ending of one reality so that a greater reality can come into being. Neptune, the ruling planet of Pisces, is dissolving illusions created in the material plane. Pluto, the Soul ruler of Pisces, is liberating the Soul and our spiritual will and asking us what form(s) or principle(s) do we wish to serve. During the month of Pisces, these are questions to ponder in preparation for the new year, for it is through service that the two fish are liberated.

DK’s Disciples Study Group

This article is dedicated to students interested in learning the concepts of esoteric thought. Calling it “DK’s Disciples Study Group” is tongue-in-cheek, and some of you will understand why we have chosen this title. “DK” are the initials of the Tibetan Djwhal Khul, the Master who wrote through Alice A. Bailey, producing twenty-four volumes of esoteric thought to be studied in preparation for the coming millennium. From 1931 to 1943, DK actually did have a group of disciples whom he personally trained. The contents of their study together is found in volumes 1 & 2 of Alice Bailey’s work called, Discipleship in the New Age. The main purpose of DK’s work was to inform humanity that there is a group called the Hierarchy, or Brothers of Light, who, century after century, present to humanity the evolutionary principles, called the Ancient Wisdom teachings, needed to steadily develop the mind. Down through the ages each individual who stands ready and willing to be trained in the Ancient Mysteries is eventually called a disciple. It is with this purpose and dedication in mind that we present these studies. The Alice Bailey/Djwhal Khul books are in print and available in esoteric bookstores and through Lucis Publishing Company in New York City.

The Elements

“The earth was without form, and void: and darkness was upon the face of the deep. And the Spirit of God moved upon the face of the waters.” (Genesis 1:2)

Unless one understands the deeper significance of what the elements earth, air, fire, and water mean, the above passage is no more than lovely Biblical verse. In our search for meaning in our lives and in our quest for the purpose of our existence, we must begin with the very act of Creation and deconstruct its formula. All things in existence, from the atom to the universe, are the result of a process by which the formless takes on form and the infinite (limitless) become finite (seen, measurable) and descends into time and space. The very first emanations that occur(ed) from the unified field of God in the course of creation were/are the elements fire (+) and water (-) and their corresponding electrical polarities (see graphic).

The Biblical passage above can be understood alchemically as the interaction of the masculine (Father) and feminine (Mother) powers of God as principles which, as they manifest materially, become the elements fire and water respectively. The fire-mist, positive in nature, moved upon the face of the formless waters, negative in nature, and thus commenced the formative work that brought humanity and all kingdoms of Earth into manifestation.

To further define the elements, where they came from, and their significance, we must understand that they are precipitations or primary forces of the creative principle, into the manifested (given form) elements, and that without them the form of the universe could not have come into existence. Referring to the chart, we see that as the creative process extends outward and downward (this downward movement of Spirit into matter is called involution), it takes on the physical expression of the elements we know as fire, water, air, and earth.

These originating creative forces, referred to in esoteric literature as the, “Four Recording Angels,” are actually electromagnetic radiations (rays). Astrologically, these principles or elements correlate to the four fixed astrological signs of Leo (fire), Aquarius (air), Scorpio (water), and Taurus (earth). These four Lords of the Zodiac sacrificed their spiritual essences and, by becoming the elements, imparted animation to the physical body of humanity, the Earth, and all of her kingdoms.

The Days of Creation

The work of the first four Creative Days is concerned with the underlying precipitating processes that form themselves into fire, water, air, and earth. The Fire of the First Day of Creation was pure essence of Spirit (positive, masculine radiative energy). The Air of the Second Day was a further radiation or descent of the spiritual Fire. Therefore Air is termed the complement of Fire. The Water of the Third Day was the negative (receptive), or feminine, force of Spirit from which the Soul of humanity was formed. The Earth of the Fourth Day came into existence through a lowering of the Water principle into a dense manifestation. Therefore Earth is termed the complement of Water. The “waters under the firmament” refer to the visible universe; the “waters above the firmament” to the invisible spiritual realms.

Esotericism provides us with an understanding of the nature and constitution of the elements. It teaches us that the earthly elements of fire, air, water, and earth are actually physical sheaths of the four cosmic forces that underlie all of creation.

In its progression through involution (descending down and coming into matter) and evolution (journeying back to Spirit), humanity experiences seven tests, or Initiations. The first four of these Initiations correspond to the development of these same precipitating forces, or elements, within each individual. With each Initiation, certain powers are acquired, and these elemental forces in nature are understood and controlled. An example of understanding and being able to work with the force of the water element was Moses’ ability to part the Red Sea. Jesus and the Christ, both high Initiates, were capable of performing seeming “miracles”. The Bible is filled with passages of miracles in which the elements of fire, air, water, and earth are referenced. After passing the fourth Initiation a candidate is called a “new born” because, with the understanding and control of the elements, a new life of power and service has been born within.

The Light of Pisces

In esoteric terms Pisces, “is the light of life itself and ends forever the darkness of matter.”* It is important to understand that when speaking from an esoteric (inner), or Soul, point of view, the language used does not refer to the external nature of things. The language and explanations always refer to an inner reality, one that is unseen, often unknown, and barely perceptible. Therefore, in the quote above, the light is the light of the Soul, and the darkness of matter is that state of unconsciousness when we are developing our personality and Spirit seems far away.

Since the light of Pisces really means the light that flows into the personality from the work of the incoming Soul, it is important once again to articulate what the Soul actually is. First, there is an originating God the Father source. This is called Spirit. And there is the polarity of God the Father called the Mother. This is called matter, or Earth. In between both of these polarities is a point of light called the Soul. The Soul was created when God theFather and God the Mother looked at each other for the first time. The frequencies of love that vibrated between them pulsated so strongly that a third energy was created. This energy is called by various names: Son, Soul, Christ principle, consciousness, a five-pointed star of fire, Sophia, Gnosis, Divine Wisdom. For this article we will concentrate on the word Soul.

At a time in our evolutionary history when Earth was being created and the Divine Mother made a choice to act as the mother of all life here on Earth, a separation began between God the Father and God the Mother. This was the origin of polarity. As humanity began to people the Earth, as our Spiritual origins began to recede into a mist, and as we focused on the development of our physical bodies, emotions, and logical mind, there needed to be some type of system that would take hold of our lives and reacquaint us with our divine origins. The activity of the Soul was then inaugurated as a bridge between our forgetfulness and our remembrances, our Spiritual inner selves and our outer physical selves. Spirit (Father) and matter (Mother) needed to be reunited again.

Therefore, in an act of sacrifice, the Soul, which is a frequency of divine energy or consciousness, dropped itself down from God the Father into a state of semi-dense physicality. While still maintaining its connection to Spirit, the Soul suspends itself above the life of every human and waits until the personality has developed both experience and strength enough to withstand the incoming fiery light the Soul will bring to the individual. When the personality is strong enough, the Soul detaches itself from God the Father and descends into the life and personality of the individual. From that point on, the personality takes on a new enlightened character because of the Soul’s influence. This descent is what is meant by “the light of life itself [that] ends forever the darkness of matter.”

There is a Sanskrit word for the path the Soul uses in its work of illuminating the life of an individual. That word is Antahkarana. In Western language it is called the Rainbow Bridge. It is actually a silvery cord that links the personality with the Soul and brings light to the darkness of matter.

Each individual has the ability to activate the process of the Soul. This is done out of, and through, the substance of the developed mind. To develop the mind one must first have the aspiration to know, actively study the Ancient Wisdom teachings, and then employ the techniques of invoking the Soul through pure intention and active visualization. * Alice A. Bailey

Pisces as Christ, or Soul, Principal

Pisces is the sign of unification. At the center of our lives on Earth and on our journey to further and further unfoldment of consciousness, it is the aspect of all things being electrically polarized that creates the tension that engenders the chaos that fuels the challenge within each of us to rise phoenix-like out of duality into a field of unified coherence that we call harmony, peace, or God. It is the sign of Pisces, the two fishes connected by a silver and gold cord, that presents us with duality, yet also offers in its Neptunian waters a sense that unity is a rapturous possibility. In esoteric literature the sign of Pisces is substituted for several other words: the Christ principle, the Soul, and the developing of consciousness.

Christ is a word that brings forth varied responses. For some, there’s a mental image of a man who lived 2,000 years ago in Israel who carried, was nailed to, and was hung from a cross on a mountain top, which, at his death, was enveloped in thunder and lightning. Others respond with a cynical disbelief that there was/is such a person called Christ. And a third response &emdash; usually from fallen away Christians &emdash; is a complete turning away from the word. Each response is valid in that it brings to the fore a certain stage in humanity’s religious development. But these responses do not explain the form, function, and purpose of that which we call the Christ principle.

Christ is not one individual person. Christ is not Jesus, and Christ is not Jesus’s last name. Christ is a principle and an attitude of unification. Christ is a word signifying a position of leadership (a job description) given to certain divine individuals whose task it is to initiate great harmony through a process of magnetic attraction. Christ is an energy pattern that blends diverse and opposite polarities into integrated wholeness. In humanity’s case, the polarities to be unified are Spirit (Father, divine masculine) and matter (Mother, divine feminine). Christ is another word for the Soul, that point of light between, yet containing both, Spirit and matter.

Christ is the Path home that blooms within us, felt first as a seeking and an aspiration for something greater than ourselves. Later this aspiration transforms into Lovefor family, partner, nature, community, knowledge, and God. Christ is the principle that aspires, pursues, reaches, finds, and eventually blends with that which we are seeking. The

Christ principle originates in the star Sirius, which blends its streams of blue, orange, and green electrical fires with a particular star in the Big Dipper called Ray 2. From this star ray the cosmic fiery force penetrates Pisces, and then enters our Sun, where the originating energy is transformed into magnetic radiations of light which fall to Earth. On Earth, Christ is the point of divine fire in all living things. The purpose of this inner fire is to connect Spirit (the unseen) with matter (the seen). In nature, this Christ principle gives life its cosmic rhythm, the result of which is an ever-present, coherent life force. This point of life, connecting Spirit with matter, is the pure, radiant, harmonious vibration called the Soul.

And, lastly, Christ is the second aspect of God. A long time ago, when God the Father was getting to know Himself, He looked out and saw a reflection of Himself. This reflection He called the Mother. Love grew between them, and the activity of pulsating love between the Father and the Mother created a force vibrating between them. This love was called the Son (Sun). The Christ is the mediating aspect between God the Father and God the Mother, and the Christ completes the triangle, or trinity, of the three aspects of God.

The Mind of Aries

It is in Aries that the first signs of Spring occur because it is through Aries that a new cycle of life begins. Aries is basically a mental sign since the first impulse of all that exists begins with an idea. Therefore all ideas begin with Aries, and an idea is a will to be or a spiritual impulse taking form. It is in Aries that the seed of an idea is initiated and the activity to take on form occurs. Why this is important is that if we look around at the pulsating new life during this month of Aries we are seeing the actual and originating ideas of God that took concrete form long ago.

With this in mind, therefore, it is important to acknowledge that it was in Aries that humanity first emerged as an idea in the Mind of God, and that we are, at our core, primarily mental entities that were awakened within the fiery fields of our Creator’s Will.

Since Aries is the birthplace of, and time in which, ideas take place, it is important that we understand the function and process of ideas. Ideas are not something humanity itself creates. All ideas come from the Mind of God. Humanity was given the seeds of the mind in order to understand the Mind of God. But humanity as yet does not and cannot function within the realms of that portion of the mind that can perceive the reality of the Mind of God. One must have an “illumined” mind in order to understand the Mind of God, and the prerequisite for the illumined mind is harmony and fusion between the personality and the Soul.

There is a Will within the universe whose purpose is to further the Plan of evolution within all kingdoms on Earth. This Will created the archetypes, or models, or ideas, of a perfected humanity in tune with the Will of God. These archetypes (archos =first; typos =model) exist in a realm of ideas on very high and divine levels of reality. All of creation first existed as an idea or as an archetype. These archetypes seek manifestation through Aries because all ideas are a spark of fire, and Aries is the fire sign of all beginnings. The archetype or idea behind every created form (seen or unseen) is what is called its Soul. The Soul contains within itself the picture of the perfected idea, plan, or model of the created form. In the course of evolving the mind principle, humanity must be able to contact, perceive clearly, and bring into perfection the original idea, plan, or model created for each form.

In other words, each of us has within our Souls a perfect form or model of self that is our original perfect prototype. It is our responsibility to grow ourselves up in consciousness and knowledge in order to meet and become that perfected self. The picture, held in the very structure of our Souls, calls us forth. It is this information that Christians call “the body of Christ” or “to be Christed.” If we understand that the Christ word means the Soul, that the Soul holds our perfect pattern of being, that through Aries we can approach that idea of self, and that through Mercury we bridge the old self with the new self, then we have for the first time the ancient wisdom keys that can unlock the mystery of the evolution of self.

The bridging of the personality with the Soul &emdash; a process called the Rainbow Bridge &emdash; and the ability of each of us to reach into the archetype of ourselves within our Soul is actually what the Resurrection, enacted more than 2,000 years ago by the Lord of the Sun, was about. Each Spring, during Aries, and with the help of Mercury, we are capable of rising to the occasion of our own perfected archetypes held in our Souls, and, in an act of sacrifice, giving up the ways of the lesser self/path and embarking on the Path of Wholeness (Holiness) or Knowledge. It takes this information and an act of aspiring intention for it to be so. And so it becomes.

The Lords of Aries

Known as the Lords of Fire (Agni), these great beings hold the archetype (pattern) for the future race of humanity, whose

at-one-ment of personality, Soul, and Spirit will produce a harmonious and peaceful world to come. The Lords of Fire participated in our initial creation, but for most of humanity, their work lies still in the future. The fires (fohat) of their nature produce a purifying and illumined consciousness. This illumination ignites the presently sleeping original Divine Spark, or inner fire, of each individual, creating a burning ground that clears the illusions, mental distortions, and emotional fugues that are the barriers to clear perception to the Rain Cloud of Knowable Things (world of wisdom and intuition). These fires produce the discriminating personality, the illumined consciousness, and a fiery force field of radiation needed in our ascent, or resurrection, of consciousness back toward the Source.

Spring Equinox : A Resurrection

During the four sacred seasonal intervals we call equinoxes and solstices, there is a dramatic outpouring of light that flows to Earth. This work is done by the Lord of the Sun (the Christ) and His archangels and angels. The Light issuing forth during these times makes an impression of new life upon the physical composition of Earth in the shape of a cross. Ancient Mystery Schools established Temple observations and rituals based upon these fiery tides of new light. To a lesser degree, twice a month, this very same light is experienced by humanity at the time of the New and Full Moons.

Aries signifies the Light (Fire) of Life itself and it is during this month that this Light is being renewed and pouring forth onto the planet. The Sun is once again rising into the Northern Hemisphere. Humanity has always followed the path of the Sun, as it is our guardian and life-giving source of heat and light. But there is an inner significance. All of nature participates in the journey of the Light’s ascent and descent. This is what the seasons represent. Easter is the story of the ascent of the Sun (the Aries Light of Life itself) in the life of Earth’s kingdoms and the ascent of the interior fire within each human. From darkness we will emerge, eventually, into the Light. Aries shows us the Way.

At this Spring time of Aries, life itself is ascending or, to use a Christian term, resurrecting. This can be seen in the budding of plants and trees, the new life manifesting in the animal kingdom, and the heart of humanity responding joyfully to the new warmth, scent, and color in the air.

The changing seasons bring us into a more intimate relationship with the purpose and Plan of our Spirit. We become more attuned and better able to accomplish our work. All of nature is a drama unfolding before our eyes &emdash; an allegory of the Spirit within us attempting to walk the Path of Holiness. The fact that each year a new Spring season occurs informs us that we are always renewed within, that we are always ascending in consciousness, and that our path is always a resurrection into Spirit no matter what we do. That is the Law of Nature.

The Fire and Light of Aries

Aries drops an electric fire to the Earth. Electric fire is that aspect of God that creates heat and a fire that can burn and destroy. As the initiating zodiacal sign, Aries calls each individual to the path of Earth experience. With Mars, the personality ruler of Aries, what we experience is the fire of challenge, of war, strife, and conflict. These are the cornerstones of the life of the personality. When the personality is fully developed, our previous way of life is set afire and dissolved, and our personality becomes a burning ground in order for it to purify. There is an old saying that if one wants to stand at the feet of the Master, one’s feet must be washed in the fires of the heart. This is an ancient way of saying that one’s personality must purify. Once the personality has undergone a burning away, a vision of higher realities asserts itself. This is the fire of the illuminated mind. The fire of the warring personality transforms itself into a flame in the mind. Both are Aries fire. But one is the fire of experience and the other is the fire of knowledge. The Plan for humanity is patterned not through the energy of Mars (war, strife, separation), but through the energy of Mercury (knowledge, the Mind, unification). Thus it evolutionarily furthers us to develop the mental faculties, for they are the same pattern and prototype as the Mind of God, from which humanity issued forth.

Mercury, The Messenger of the Gods

Note: Mercury will be retrograde in Aries from March 27th to April 20th. The following information must be read within the context that planets are rational intelligences circling the Sun whose purpose is the evolution and enlightenment of humanity.

Aries flows through three planets, which, in turn, transmit the fire of Aries into three distinctively different levels of consciousness. For the development of the personality, Aries works through the planet Mars. For Soul development, Aries is received through Mercury, the planet referred to as the Messenger of the Gods. On spiritual levels, Aries is received through the ministrations of the planet Uranus. Humanity has reached the level of development where it is Mercury that we need be concerned with now. We have experienced Mars’s energy in the development of our personality. Now that the Soul of humanity is being evoked, Mercury and the three processes of the mind are awakening. For it is through the mind that humanity will find God. The desire level of Mars is no longer adequate.

Mercury had several different names in ancient times; Mithra and Hermes are two of the most ancient. Hermes was thought of as the god who invented and initiated humanity into magic (how to create) and the Mysteries (creation itself). Mercury is considered both one with, and companion to, the Sun, and it is Mercury who leads and evokes the activity of the Soul through the application of the mind principle. Mercury is said to heal (open) the blind (Third Eye) and restore mental and physical sight (being able to perceive the Rain Cloud of Knowable Things). The 5th race of humanity, called the Aryans, or People of the Mind, were born under the ministrations of Mercury. And while Venus is considered the sister to our Earth (Venus gave us the seeds of the mind), Mercury is our elder brother who teaches us how to use it.

Mercury receives seven times more light than any other planet (since it’s so close to the Sun) and its color is yellow/gold. Mercury is also called Buddhi (fourth plane consciousness &emdash; that of the intuitional mind), represents our right eye, and is the creator and initiator of our wisdom and enlightenment. Mercury is responsible for the reawakening of the Divine Sciences (Ancient Wisdom Mysteries). As the Messenger of the Gods, Mercury’s force on the planet precipitates a crisis of knowledge for humanity. At first we seek (Mercury is curious) the knowledge of earthly things. Later we seek the knowledge of divinity. All knowledge is a crisis in that the previous level of knowing is destroyed and the new level of knowledge replaces it. It is the destiny of humanity, through the mind principle, to reveal divinity to itself. It is not the other way around: Divinity does not reveal itself to humanity. The function of Mercury, and its tool, the three levels of the mind, is to do this for itself. This is also within the realm of Aries. Mercury receives the energies of Ray 4, the ray that creates harmony after chaos (knowledge comes after ignorance). Ray 4 is also the ray of humanity. Mercury, working with Ray 4, influences and impels each individual to seek and gather facts, to build the lower and, later, the abstract and symbolic minds, and eventually to identify and come to a realization of the mysteries of life. Since Aries is the sign in which life begins as an idea in the Mind of God, it follows that Mercury, the planet of the mental faculties, in working with Aries, is the builder and revealer of knowledge…which the ancients always knew.

The Resurrection of Christ

The Resurrection of the Christ Or the Real Story of Easter

The specific Resurrection of the Christ (Lord of & from the Sun) from the tomb, after His life, crucifixion, and death, was spiritually important because prior to His embodiment, humanity was in a state of darkness. That is, the Divine Spark of Life, from which we were originally created, was not lit (available) within us, and our evolution was spiraling downward and not upward toward Spirit, which we were initially created to do. This downward arcing was considered a state of emergency by the Hierarchy, and during a conference held by the Overseers of our Planet Earth it was decided that the Lord of the Sun (whose position is called the Christ) would literally enter into the field of Earth for three years and bring with Him the Light of Life itself to respark the hearts and minds of humanity. The three days in which He was considered to be “in the tomb” was a time in which the Light was being implanted in the very core of the Earth &emdash; in this way, the mineral, plant, and animal kingdoms could also access the Light and continue with their particular upward-arcing evolution. Without this intercedence, the Earth and all her kingdoms would have eventually disintegrated. The Christ’s statement “I come from the Father” meant that he came from the radiating, projecting, life-giving Light of the Sun. Thus He was considered the Son.

DK’s Disciples Study Group Meditation

In esoteric training it is made very clear to the seeker that illumination is reached by training the mind, and a scientific form of meditation is provided. The objective of training the mind is identification with the Soul aspect within the self with the understanding that the Soul has the ability to unfold consciousness. This is, in fact, part of the Soul’s purpose. In this type of meditation the mind is used as an instrument for observing the world. When one observes phenomena with curiosity and with the intention that those phenomena will reveal themselves, then the mind’s observing eye becomes the instrument for bringing about illumination. Taurus is the sign that signifies, beyond desire and aspiration, the ability to achieve illumination. Therefore it is appropriate that during the time of Taurus this way, and explanation, of scientific meditation be given.

Five Stages in Meditation Esoteric, or scientific, meditation moves the individual out of the realm of feelings and into the more steady plane of knowledge. It also provides for a stable, firm, and balanced ascent of conscious spirituality and, later, intuitional illumination. We have found that deep and focused study of materials (books, research, etc.) we are seriously interested in helped us accomplish the first three steps, with the last two emerging as a consequence. The five stages in meditation are:

  • 1 Concentration, where the conscious mind focuses on one object, thought, etc. This includes study, creative arts, reading, researching.
  • 2 Focusing the attention in one direction and holding the mind on one desired idea.
  • 3 Contemplation. This is an activity of the Soul,where the mind is held in a quiet state.
  • 4 Illumination, which is a result of the three preceding processes. This involves a registered state of knowing coming down into the brain (logical mind) from the intuitional, a consciousness of the knowledge achieved.
  • 5 Inspiration, the result of illumination, which demonstrates in a life of service. These five stages of meditation lead to a union with the Soul and a direct knowledge of Divinity.

Lords of Taurus

Called the Thrones, this exalted hierarchy is an archangelic group who hold steadily the cosmic blueprint, or Plan, for humanity and all things in form. Like the Taurean bull, whose power is often hidden, these Lords are capable of wielding supreme power, and we are able to contact their essence through our desire nature. Desire is the quality used to activate our physical and emotional fields, and our entire solar system is bathed in the watery oceans of the desire of God.

As Lords responsible for the patterns behind form, this hierarchy molds our solar system through a musical language based in the keynote of E flat. Containing form’s archetypal pattern, and since Taurus is the second evolutionary sign in the zodiac, it is during the second month of prenatal life inside the mother that the Lords of Taurus, sounding their keynote, produce the form of the ensouling ego, that first projection of form patterns that are the beginnings of life limited in space. And as the sign Taurus rules the throat, it is also during this second month that the Lords of Taurus radiate the image of the throat center. A spiritual impress of the throat is projected onto the fetus. The throat center, in humanity, is the seat of creative power and is destined, after many reincarnational journeys, to become what is called the Rose of Light in the larynx.

In humanity’s continuing present-day life within our specific solar system, which is one of seven, these angelic beings, pouring forth the force, Divine Law, and judgments of God, are associated with Ray 1 (Will and Power of God, the Father). Through their directive work with the Lords of Karma (called in Sanskrit the Lipikas), the Thrones teach humanity the necessity of ruling with integrity, fairness, and justice. King Solomon must have known them.

The Light Force from Shamballa

Clarification of terms: Shamballa is a force field, a plane of consciousness, or dimension of awareness, where the “Will of God is Known” and the place where the Watchers of the Planet reside primarily in etheric form. The director of Shamballa is Sanat Kumara, the Regent from Venus, and head of Shamballa, who, 18 million years ago, came to Earth and, along with three of his executives (called the three buddhas), activated the functions of mind in early humanity. Following this mental activation these four representatives from Venus elected to remain on Earth and oversee the unfoldment of our mental activity. At times in our history, when humanity has needed an increase of intensification in order to progressively evolve, it has been Sanat Kumara who has activated those forces. In the early 1900s Sanat Kumara and the Shamballa forces flooded humanity with a new force field called the Will of God. This is the same force found in Ray 1 in the Big Dipper.

In order to stimulate the higher spiritual principles in humanity and to arouse in each individual a more active willingness to know and serve the Plan, a powerful new ray of light was released on Earth in the early part of this century. Originating from Sanat Kumara, and radiating through the red star Aldebaran, known as the eye of Taurus, it was (and still is) planned that the force of Ray 1 (Will and Power of God, the Father. For humanity it is the will to evolve.) from the Big Dipper would bring each individual to the “mountain of vision and to initiation” (spiritual transformation).

This vital new force of the Will sweeping through humanity has had several interesting results, and one that was unexpected. After a new force of thought emanates from the Mind of God, and in order for it to precipitate into the physical field of Earth where humanity presently resides, this God-thought is absorbed and affected by our emotional levels. At first, when this force of God called Will entered into our emotional bodies, our desire bodies experienced a new freedom and power to act. But without prior training in the appropriate uses of power, and because our desire bodies were still immature, it became apparent that the Will of God force was becoming greatly distorted. While a small group of individuals were capable of understanding and using this force of Will to better serve the Purpose and the Plan, much of humanity responded by seeking self-power and by using power to control others. A duality, in terms of the appropriate response to the Will of God, thus occurred within the unit of life called humanity, and glamours resulted.

Glamour is an esoteric term denoting a distortion of ideals. The effects of glamour are many and far-reaching. Minds become closed; there is separative thinking; people live in fear or repression; systems are created in which the few impose their will upon the many; individuals do not have freedom of time, creativity, or expression; the economic system becomes imbalanced; and the life of the group is unappreciated. When life is no longer constructive and the art of living no longer able to be practiced, when a government imposes its will on the people, then humanity becomes captive within a man-made state (of being). Glamours symbolize a polarization away from, and a distortion of, the Will of God. The plan of Spirit and the purpose of Diety is for humanity to have visions and possibilities of freedom and to experience synthesis. In order to achieve this freedom, vision, and ultimate synthesis, one must achieve a certain level of illumination, for it is illumination that is the antithesis of glamour. It is for this reason that Taurus, the sign of illumination, is and will be prominent in the unfolding lives of humanity. For Taurus, along with its rulers Venus and Vulcan, is the sign that forges the instruments (thinking mind) for constructive and harmonious living.

Sacred Geometria and Symbols of Wesak

To the right are geometrical formations made by the Buddha (wisdom teacher), the Christ (love teacher), the Hierarchy (watchers of humanity), and all previous teachers of our race during the Full Moon of Taurus or Wesak (May) Festival. There are seven symbols created through movement and all contain sacred meanings. The energies created by these formations produce channels that step down the energies of cosmic beings for use here on Earth. These energies bless our planet and stabilize the fire of Aries. The Wesak Festival is a present-day event and is performed by, and within, all the spiritual kingdoms. Love and wisdom (Ray 2 energies from the Big Dipper) are the primary energies contacted and received through the presence of the Buddha and the Christ. A bowl of water is placed in the center of the geometrical formations. After the water is blessed by the Buddha, who charges it and all who participate with a deeply spiritual force, he then dispenses the energy of wisdom to humanity. Because we are not yet able to take in the Buddhic energies, the Christ steps in and receives them for humanity and distributes them to those present. These energies are also held in full potency until the Full Moon of Humanity (Festival of Good Will and World Invocation Day) in June, when they are once again dispersed.

Every individual who has the desire, aspiration, knowledge, and intention to participate in the ceremony is welcome. The blessings received are based upon our own readiness to receive this energy and contain it until the next Full Moon. The Taurus energy contacted during this ceremony reminds us to awaken our senses to beauty and to harmonize our sensual desire nature in order to bring forth enlightenment in our lives.

Ray 4 and the Art of Living

There is a duality found in Taurus, the sign that receives and distributes the energy of Ray 4 in the Big Dipper. At first Taurus provides us with all types of desires &emdash; the desire for comfort, possessions, lots of money, and great big success. Then Taurus provides us with the aspiration, persistence, and patience to achieve all those desires. We work long hours away from home at money-making situations that really have little to do with our creativity and leave us with no time to enjoy life. But, those big desires and aspirations are what we focus on foremost in our lives . . . . at least for a while.

There comes a time when we realize that we don’t have a life away from work &emdash; that perhaps a life where our daily-and-life needs are separate from the type of work we do no longer serves its purpose. We find ourselves doing more than we have time for, our job is something we no longer look forward to, and the children, homekeeping, and most pleasures are being neglected. Despairing, we recognize that there is a duality occurring in our lives and that if our schedule (or work, or economic situation) continues in the same manner, there is little to no hope for balance.

This is a familiar refrain for many of us on the planet now who feel that our work is separated from our needs and that we are no longer intimately connected or creatively involved in our daily lives. There is a growing realization that we are living neither a constructive nor a creative life and that it is shattering and cracking in half.

The awareness of this duality in our lives provides us with important information on a Soul level. We must understand that not only is the insight concerning the dualities in our lives actually an awareness that something must change, but that it is the Soul who is communicating this to us as an important aid in our development.

Taurus and Ray 4 are interesting archetypal forces. While Taurus lures us into stability, we actually end up in duality (at first). And while Ray 4 is about the art of living, it really provides us with a tremendous amount of tension, chaos, and discomfort along the way. Why is this? Life has a way of wanting to constantly evolve. Life also consists of many (forty-nine) different levels of reality. One of these levels of reality is the emotional field, the place where desire resides and glamour (distortion) is the result. Whereas Taurus helps us develop desires, they always end up emotionally distorted. But we must, as Spirits within matter, experience these realms and, with the help of the Soul, climb out of them. And we must do it through the Taurean processes of gaining illumination and calling upon our will(ingness) to proceed to the next level of development. It is Ray 4 that creates the tension that pushes us ever upward.

The questions that Ray 4 and Taurus are really asking us, after we’ve experienced the duality, are: What represents constructive living? What are the means by which a group, a town, a city, a nation, or a world achieves harmonious and constructive living? What instruments need to be forged to achieve this? And what types of people, thought processes, and belief systems will foster a life in which work is not separated from daily living &emdash; where freedom, creativity, and cooperation are the primary focus of life and the group is enhanced by the gifts of each individual?

Each of us must respond to these questions for ourselves. To be able to answer them are the purposes of Taurus and Ray 4. For within this sign and ray lie the mystery of the Purpose and Plan of God. But I will give you a little hint as to the answers. It has to do with Aquarius and the Aquarian Age. Aquarius is the sign of groups of like-minded people coming together, consciously forging communities based upon the freedom of the individual and the art of living a constructive, enlightened, and cooperative life in harmony with the Purpose and Plan of Divine Will.

There was a German social philosopher who worked all this out on paper and whose theories were published all over the world. But humanity was not able to understand his dynamic theories of social change and thus radically distorted them. Read and studied today by astrological esotericists familiar with the purpose of Taurus, the deeper level within this social theorist’s work would be understood and never again interpreted or used as a model for repressive force against entire nations of people. This author was a Taurus and his name was Karl Marx.


Desire is a longing, a wish, a want, an appetite, a craving, an urge, an intense feeling for something. Aspiration is a little higher than desire, though desire is its foundation. Whereas desire is completely on the feeling level, aspiration is desire with just a touch of the mind principle. Desire attempts to pull something in; aspiration hopes to breathe it in. Desire is a movable feast of the emotional field. It is said that the universe was made of desire and that the “ocean” of air we live in is, in fact, God’s emotional field of desire. Actually, desire is a pull from Spirit and is the core component in our evolution.

It is in and through Taurus that the desire principle begins. Remember, Taurus follows Aries, the sign of the first thought. Well, something had to happen to God’s first thought, so it dropped down into matter in order to anchor itself, and there it’s been since the begining of time. And we, the sons and daughters of God, have been living in God’s thought-desire (first two principles/elements of life) since the “night of time.”

So, after 18 million years of this, it’s about time we learned what desire is and how, through Taurean influences, using desire can reorient us back on the road to God. This might sound rather strange at first, but desire is actually a force embedded in matter, a powerful impetus that urges us to change, shift, be attracted to something, and rise above present conditions.

Desire has three phases: (1) the passionate urge to be, have, and express; (2) the aspiration to seek that which helps us rise above something and achieve freedom; and (3) the will(ingness) to cooperate with a higher order of things. These three phases of desire symbolize the qualities inherent in the time and sign of Taurus. Taurus anchors the Spirit of God within form (after Aries creates the fiery thoughts) and when finally in form, Divinity then desires to express itself within form. We are that creature, desiring to express the self, and He is us.

After a while though, desire creates duality. Duality is expressed in humanity as a desire for two opposing things. In the case of the Pilgrim on the Path (or on the way to it), duality expresses itself as “Do I want to pay for that beautiful thing in form, or do I tithe to the poor and be of service to others?” This is a very simple sort of duality, but it is important to be aware that when these types of polarized questions assert themselves within us, we are experiencing duality. And this is a good thing, since after a while lots of desires create lots of duality (polarization), and this creates tensions, discomforts, and an aspiration to reach the next level of life, where, hopefully, there’s more comfort. This is because life always wants to unify while desires often separate. But it takes desire to get us to the point of unification. Aspiration is a step up from desire. Meaning “to breathe in” and containing a spark of the mind principle, aspiration is more of a hope for things to get better, to be not so polarized. Aspiration is a step toward unity. After we become rather desperate with our unmet aspiration (it’s a test), we often find the will to keep aspiring. We know that something better’s out there. Often it takes a great deal of aspiration, and an even greater will(ingness) to persevere, before what we really desire, aspire to, and are willing to be, comes about.

This is not the entire picture of desire, aspiration, and will. But it is enough to say that Taurus provides these inner forces as a means of developing our consciousness of spiritual things so that, eventually, we will, through desire, aspiration, and willingness, come to the point where we cooperate with the Purpose and Plan of God. By that time we’ve realized that there’s an art to living and that we are the constructive tools life uses for life to happen at all. This is the secret of Taurus.

Mercury, Venus & Earth in Relation to Gemini

Gemini (Ray 2 of Love/Wisdom) works directly with three planets in our solar system. The first is Mercury (Ray 4 of Harmony through Chaos), which gives Gemini its adaptable and highly curious nature, always seeing both sides of every subject. Mercury, the personality ruler of Gemini and referred to as the Messenger of the Gods, has quite an extensive job description. Mercury carries messages between the poles with the speed of light. Mercury is the god of duality and mediation and manifests in our world, not only as the information giver, but also as the connecting link between the higher (abstract, symbolic, pattern-identifying) and lower (logical, analytical, personal me) minds. Mercury eventually establishes Right Human Relations between the personality and the Soul, after the logical and the abstract levels of the mind have been developed. Throughout the ages Mercury has been known by different names to fit the times, but in each incarnation he seemed to teach the same disciplines. To the ancient Egyptians he was Anubis, the jackal- headed god, who prepared and led the deceased through underworld corridors to final judgment. He was also Thoth, the ibis-headed god, who taught all things mathematical and reasonable and was considered to be the mind principle of Ra, the Egyptian Sun god. Both Thoth and Anubis were thought to have created all knowledge, which included language, astronomy, arithmetic, music, medicine, laws, and science. In Greece, Mercury was called Hermes, the god of wisdom, and later in history, from 580 to 500 B.C., Mercury incarnated as Pythagoras and created a system of metaphysics that uses numbers and geometry to explain the universal mysteries. It is said that in Mercury’s present-day incarnation he is the Ray 2 Master Koot Humi and the one who will succeed the Christ as Teacher of the World.

The second planet that Gemini works with is Venus (Ray 5 of Concrete Knowledge and Science). Venus is considered to be Earth’s alter ego or higher self. Earth and Venus have worked together in ways still too mysterious to understand, except for one event that completely transformed humanity 18 million years ago. That event was the activation of the human mind. This was performed by the Lords of Venus as a gift to humanity in exchange for an aspect of the feminine Love principle that humanity had given to Venus ages before. The four original Venusians who came to Earth those many millions of years ago still remain here in their etheric forms. Sanat Kumara is the head of this team and is called the Ancient of Days in esoteric texts.

Gemini is the sign of thinking, communicating, connecting, and relating. These are mind principles. Therefore, it is completely appropriate that Gemini works with Venus. Remember that we are not just speaking about planets somewhere out there at a distance from us. The planets represent forces within and outside ourselves. They represent different vibratory levels, and different planes of consciousness. On the personality level of development, Venus represents attraction, a coming together, personal love feelings, a desire for unification. On the Soul level, Venus tells us that for unification to occur, for separations to be fused, for opposites to blend, for the tensions of duality to be resolved, for understanding and actual Love to occur, then all levels of the mind must be activated. It is the ancient rule.

Which finally brings us to the planet Earth, which is the spiritual ruler of Gemini, and the planet where the use of polar opposites is a teaching mechanism to resolve duality. Earth is Ray 3 of Active Intelligence. Ray 3 impulses us to develop intelligence. This is our responsibility. The Ancient Wisdom rule states that intelligence and the fusion in consciousness of polar opposites is the way evolution takes place on Earth.

For now, in order to develop intelligence &emdash; knowledge and discrimination &emdash; we live with the tensions created through the polarities of the twelve zodiacal signs. Providing the balance of tension between the opposite signs is the sign of Gemini. Providing communication between oppositions is the planet Mercury. Providing ultimate harmony, synthesis, and unification between all oppositions is Venus. Planet Earth is the location in the solar system where this work is to be done. Providing the work force in this great Plan of Spirit uniting with matter (the Divine Marriage), is humanity, that unit of life like none other in the universe, and looked upon with favor by its Creator Gods, the Elohim.

Polarity & Duality

Gemini is the sign that mediates between and brings synthesis to all polarities and dualities. Polarity and duality are often thought of as the same thing &emdash; a state of opposition &emdash; but actually these words have, though subtle, very different definitions. Duality is a theory about the nature of reality, stating that matter always consists of two irreducible elements. Polarity, on the other hand, is the condition in which one body exhibits opposite or contrasting properties. Whereas duality suggests separation, in contrast, polarity implies inherent unity.

In the great “night of time”, before the universe was created, there was only One Being revolving around itself. In a flash of creative thought-desire, this One Being decided to expand Itself and in Its expansion created a reflection of Itself. The One therefore became the Two in order to see Itself, though both One and Two were of the same substance. This One pouring forth substance containing Itself is what is called polarity. Gazing on this reflection of Self, the One delighted in what It saw and, in order to see many reflections of Itself, created the worlds. In essence, out of the Mind of God (the Father) came forth the Matter of God (the Mother). A Divine Love emanated from these original Two gazing upon each other, and the physical universe, with its great Suns (sons) and planets (daughters/Earth being a planet), was born. Spirit thus created, entered, and became a different form of Itself and is now what we call matter. Great worlds and solar systems were born from this initial reflection of God seeing Itself, and all matter of elements came to be from that original flame reflected, and great waters warmed and cooled, and land masses solidified, flora and fauna flourished, creatures began to emerge from the depths, and &emdash; lo and behold &emdash; humans were created in the image and likeness of their Creators.

At first, propagation of each species was performed by a budding process. There were no distinctions between male or female beings, for they were one. As Spirit descended into denser and denser matter, it became appropriate that a separation should occur between male and female processes. During a time called the Lemurian Period, 18 million years ago, a developmental change occurred in the human species &emdash; that of separating the sexes into two distinct forms, each having opposite characteristics of the other. This separation was a necessary developmental stage for humanity. Separation brings with it an inner search for unity, and the seeking of the other half of itself. Since humanity needed to begin its ascent back to its original home, a sense of longing for something lost, in the form of this other self, was established.

In the world of form (here on Earth), the original polarity of the Two really being One, was further separated when our human forms became either male or female. This was the beginning of what we call duality &emdash; two things that understand and know not each other. Meanwhile, as the original Fire of the Father entered deeper and deeper into matter’s denseness, that Fire became hidden and veiled in mineral, animal, plant, and human forms. This great separation created a forgetfulness within humans about the nature of reality. Humans began a quest for what they felt within themselves was the “lost other” part of the self. Eventually, and as humanity experienced more and more the density of living within matter, a psychology, or world view, called dualism emerged concerning the nature of reality. One side, the scientific, proposed that matter is all there is and that knowledge is only available through the brain which quantifies, measures, and sorts things. The other world view, the religious, proposed that reality consists of a unified consciousness, mind, and spirit, and that such energies, issuing forth from a great initial Intelligence, are the source of life itself, and that knowledge is available through contemplation, prayer, and spiritual study.

The Ancient Mysteries reveal to us that dualism (oppositions) is what occurs on Earth for the purpose of creating tension in order that the two opposite views eventually join. But dualism is a construction within matter and not a prime cause within reality or behind form. It is Gemini who first allows us to see these distinctions through its work with Mercury, its personality ruler. And it is also Gemini, through its Soul work with Venus, that eventually harmonizes the two world views. Gemini with Mercury gives us the facts. Gemini with Venus gives us the wisdom that the facts contain hidden within themselves the seeds of a Oneness. It is, like Gemini itself, a paradox to be pondered.

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