Five Planetary Centres: Part II

When the Master Djwhal Khul gave the teachings for the New Age, he said that he purposefully scattered the teachings in all His books, to force the student to make connections, so as to awake the dormant cells in the brain and arrive at right understanding independently.

It is clear therefore, that each student has to do this work of connecting by themselves and to arrive at their own personal conclusion. DK also said that students grow by finding the answer to their own questions and nobody should do it for them. Hence no student should expect to find the right presentation of thought given by anyone and that they all have to work by themselves.

Although sharing thoughts can be energetically stimulating, the sum of many lights surely will make a greater light to help and inspire. So, no shared reflection has the aim of taking the place of any conclusion arrived by any student or to prove that the presented reflection is the ‘right’ one. However, as stated above, it can stimulate the thinking process and invoke some intuition, resulting in more understanding. Each student must work according to their own realized working hypothesis and exercise their own recognitions; the hypothesis shared here is just one of them.

The Five Planetary Centres: Why the Sacral Centre is Omitted “
The five cities which are the exoteric expression of the esoteric centre of force and through which the Hierarchy and Shamballa are seeking to work are the correspondence in the planetary body to the four centres up the spine and the ajna centre in the body of Humanity and of individual man.  In all three cases, they are “living vital focal points of dynamic force” to a greater or less extent.  Some predominantly express soul energy and some personality force; some are influenced by Shamballa and some by the Hierarchy.  The head centre of the Occident is beginning to react to second ray energy and the ajna centre to fourth ray energy and in this lies the hope of the race of men.” [1]

Here DK states that one of the five cities, London, Geneva, New York, Darjeeling and Tokyo, is the ajna centre and that the other four are up the spine.  The head is not usually considered ‘up the spine’ hence excluding the ajna, what would qualify as the four centres? In the spine we have: heart, throat, solar plexus, sacral, base – yet these make five centres – which ones should be left out?

Due to all warnings given by the Master about the sacral centre, it seems that it is most indicated to be excluded from the list and should not be considered amongst them. When giving a list of the seven major centres, DK omitted the sacral and stated: “In the first solar system the three lower centres were developed and with them the occultist has nothing to do. They form the basis of the development of the lower quaternary of force before individualization, but are now transcended and the divine fire must be focalized in other and higher centres.” [2]

Also DK mentioned the danger about discussing this centre, directing energy to it and strongly advises that no compilation about the centres should be given out. In the same way He commented upon the danger of talking about the dark lodge or dark forces that embody the planetary sacral centre. [3]

Hence the hypothesis that DK did not include the sacral centre amongst these five cities is related to these warnings. Another point is that whilst DK mentioned that the Jewish Race constitutes the planetary solar plexus, [4] He did not mention that they may be the throat centre of the planetary centre we call Humanity (as speculated below). So one can see how this information can be wrongly used. DK says in several of the ‘blue books’ to look between lines rather than in the lines and has rarely given any meditation to his disciples including the sacral centre, at least published.

As DK has given only five centres for the planet, it is suggestive of what was stated about the seven listed centres that become five: “The seven centres listed may be enumerated as five if we eliminate the spleen and count the two head centres as one [crown and ajna, respectively the pineal gland and pituitary body]. The five centres thus specified are applicable to our fivefold evolution in this the second solar system.” [5]

Hypotheses about the Five Centres and Cities

Ajna Centre: New York

The Statue of Liberty

“Give me your tired, your poor, Your huddled masses yearning to breathe free, The wretched refuse of your teeming shore. Send these, the homeless, tempest-tossed to me, I lift my lamp beside the golden door!”

[It is said that the torch is a symbol of the third ray, the ray that gives birth to the fourth, fifth, sixth and seventh rays. The fourth ray has the quality of all rays in being able to unite. The torch illumines the way for others – the motto of NY; it is the way to liberation suggested by the symbol of liberty, occurring in the ajna centre.]

As DK has stated that one of the centres was the ajna, a good start would be a reflection upon it: The ajna centre is the connecting point of all centres and has in it five minor centres, a reflection of each centre in the spine. But the ajna centre’s main connection is between it and the heart and between the solar plexus and the head centre; this is why the centre is depicted with two wings or petals.

The externalization of the ajna is the pituitary gland which also has two parts corresponding to the two main ajna petals, or the two entrances to the cave of the lion. [6] The function of the two petals or wings of the ajna is to connect to the solar plexus and with the head centre. This statement is a huge simplification because the ajna has in fact 96 petals, and there are many other implications.

When giving the position of New York related to the other cities, DK said that it was in the middle of two triangles, one with Tokyo and Darjeeling, the latter on the apex, and the other with London and Geneva, the latter at the apex: “These five points of conditioning energy produce two triangles of force in their interrelation: 1. London—New York—Darjeeling. 2. Tokyo—New York—Geneva. Geneva and Darjeeling are two centres through which pure spiritual energy can be directed with more facility than through the other three and they, therefore, constitute the higher points of their respective triangles [7] … The New Group of World Servers are being more closely integrated, and the work they are to do is being carefully planned.  In London, in New York and in Geneva are three centres of their activity, and at Darjeeling and in Tokyo there is a mustering of forces.” [8]

If one looks at these two wing-like triangles, New York is the uniting point linked to all cities. In the fifth subrace of the Fifth Rootrace (5.5) it is clearly a race for expressing the fifth principle and so it is a mental race; now more than half the Fifth Rootrace has elapsed, much of the Fifth Kingdom of Souls is about to externalize on Earth – from now until 2025, only 16 years, seconds in rootrace history: “The fifth kingdom in nature, the spiritual, will emerge out of the fifth root race.” [9]

Therefore, the linking point between some of the most prominent cities in the world would not be the solar plexus, as the ajna easily qualifies.

The ajna controls all centres, but mostly the natural triangle of force: Head-Heart-Solar Plexus, making two triangles with them. There is a diagram in the book Esoteric Healing with these triangles: Ajna-Solar Plexus-Heart and Ajna-Heart-Head. The two triangles are linked by the ajna and if one compares, can see the analogy with the planetary centres, New York linking the two triangles.  

Ajna Centre Triangulations [10]  

The ajna only starts working after the throat centre (mind/mother) is activated. We can see its link with London, especially as the largest number of flights between cities in the world is between London and New York.

The greatest number of Jewish people (the most mentally developed group inside the Human Race), is in both cities, a group that has contributed more to Humanity than any other group, and this can be seen in all areas of human expression. The Jews can be considered as the throat or creative centre of Humanity and their link with New York and London is a fact.

The ajna is considered as part of the head centre and it is called the right eye (buddhi), while the throat is the left eye (manas), reflective of the natural and factual link between New York and London (throat centre). Therefore, the city most appropriate for the ajna is New York because of its position of linking all five centres: it is one point that unites the two triangles, hence influences all five cities.

The ajna is considered as part of the head centre and it is called the right eye, while the throat is the left eye. New York’s motto, ‘I light the way’, is very suggestive of making a way of light in between all centres, acting as the ajna centre – a receiving and distributing centre. This motto also suggests and is similar to the task of the New Group of World Servers.

The NGWS has been given by DK as the ajna centre of Sanat Kumara, [11] and also of Humanity; the NGWS is also the heart of Humanity:  “The New Group of World Workers, who, in their totality throughout the world, constitute the heart centre and the “centre between the eyebrows” of the etheric body of the human family.  Through the one, spiritual life can begin to flow in and vitalise all the centres, and through the other, the vision can be seen and the inner worlds sensed and known.” [12]

This passage corroborates the connections of the ajna to the throat, the head, and the heart. Humanity-Hierarchy-Shamballa are united by the ajna or the NGWS, the invocative, receptive and distributing centre of Sanat Kumara. The NGWS is ruled by Taurus with its light in the forehead (ajna) and its mission is to lighten the way of Humanity; it is suggestive also of what DK said about New York: “The centre from whence the Goodwill work goes out and the source of its spiritual potency is located in New York at this time, though later – if deemed wise – it may be moved to London. This I mentioned several years ago and I would remind you also that both these cities are among the five focal points of spiritual energy through which hierarchical activities can be set in motion.” [13]

Goodwill is an Hierarchical enterprise of DK’s ashram, and part of the work of preparation for the externalization of the fifth kingdom of souls on Earth.

Another fact regarding New York as the planetary ajna – it is said that the planetary ajna is responding to fourth ray energy and that the UN can be considered an expression of fourth ray energy anchored upon the physical plane. The UN was conceived in a fourth ray ashram and is based in New York:  “The Master Serapis sought to bring through some constructive idea for the helping of Humanity. He conceived of a world unity in the realm of politics which would work out as an intelligent banding of the nations for the preservation of international peace.” [14]

The three cities that host the main UN headquarters are New York (ajna), Geneva (heart) and Tokyo (solar plexus) – (Tokyo hosts the United Nations University), and this may be considered as an externalization of the link between the planetary ajna, the planetary heart and the planetary solar plexus, thus evidencing the natural triangle between the ajna, heart and solar plexus; the fourth is a linking ray, it can also be seen as the natural association of rays that can be associated with centres: ray two (heart), four (ajna), and six (solar plexus).

Another point, the destroyed Twin Towers of the World Trade Center in New York may represent the two petals of the ajna, the centre of the self-conscious individual. The ajna is more selfish than any other centre before the self-conscious personality renounces its throne between the eyebrows.

Was the destruction of the Twin Towers the result of the impact of the energy from the planetary head centre Shamballa (the Shamballa impact of 2000), [15] into the physical ajna centre of the Planetary Logos? This impact could have been in any other city/centre but it would be mostly felt if it was directed to a leading centre and to a leading nation.

By ‘leading’ is meant that from the point of view of the race, because the USA is giving birth to the soul aspect of the Fifth Rootrace, Humanity the world disciple came face to face with Angel of the Presence or the planetary Soul. The best of the past, the light of the mind, the personality or the planetary Dweller had to dim its light and be absorbed by the Light of the Soul.

If the USA is helping birth the planetary Soul, the Angel – and the impact/attack happened when the Sun was in Virgo –  the planetary Dweller would obviously be focused in the USA; when the right moment arrives, the Dweller and the Angel have to face one another in the same place – this place is in the ajna or the cave where Hercules finally domesticates the Lion of Leo (fifth sign/fifth rootrace).

Does the destruction of that majestic building corresponded to the ‘shaving of the mane of Leo’? New York did not die, it just lost a prideful symbol. The impact on the ajna would affect all five centres and consequently the whole planet; and so it did and has united the whole world. Never in the modern (or ancient) story of Humanity has the world responded with such sympathetic and compassionate expression of love. A wave of love and compassion swept the world and for an extended time Humanity saw what is meant by the sacred words in the ‘Affirmation of the Disciple’, to “bring to light the love that underlies the happenings of the time.”; [16] and this is the task of the disciple – individual and planetary.

From every corner of the world love responded, the energy generated as a response was spiritual energy. Compassion is the highest expression of love and surely has esoterically brought healing to the planet as a whole, more evidence of the increasing fourth ray influence of Harmony through Conflict.

Unfortunately Humanity conditioned itself to bring this about through suffering, another way could have been chosen. Under that wave of love the hearts of Humanity were united and the amount of energy invoked and evoked at that period, surely has raised the whole aura of the planet, moving Humanity one step ahead upon the lighted way indicated by New York as is affirmed in its motto.

In a sense, New York city sacrificed itself to bring union to the whole planet, union or elimination of division being a primary way to invoke and bring love on Earth. The ajna centre is capable of doing this. All processes of birth labour are very painful ones and to this all biological mothers can testify. It is said that all soul birth happens in caves, it is possible that the first birth is in the cave of the forehead (a cave with two entrances), this place is the ‘heart’ of the integrated personality not of the soul; the heart of the soul is in between the shoulder blades.

The second birth is in the cave of the heart – the real purification and the third birth is in the heart at the top of the head – illumination, irradiation. Was that painful moment on 9/11 the birth of the infant Christ upon the physical plane on Earth? Was it the first manifestation of the first birth? Can the destruction of a such powerful symbol of personality force based upon trading, business and capital, be an indication that the planetary soul is assuming its throne between the eyebrows and that the world personality is losing its grip on the world disciple?

When the Christ enters into any temple on any plane bringing the energy of Will (his whip of cords a symbol of first ray energy), he ‘turns the tables up side down’, meaning reversal, reorientation, destruction – and doing so expels the traders from the temple; the selfishness of the personality as well as those who trade as personalities with no love; the soul is the one that loves – it gives but does not trade. The economic system and capitalism are the personality of a selfish Humanity that imposes its will upon all parts of its body.

The personality is the temple of the Soul, and so the energy of the Christ/Soul when it enters the temple, expels the selfishness of the personality, the actual ‘traders’. The soul is the only one that loves. Love gives, it does not trade. Love expresses itself in a continuous flow that expects no recognition or reciprocation; Love is eternal or long lasting -it does not change in any circumstance. The economic system and capitalism have ‘their tables inside’ the human personality’s temple, it is the personality of a selfish Humanity that imposes its will upon all parts of its body. At this moment in planetary evolution, The Christ is entering the temple of Humanity and expelling those traders who exploit it – this is why ‘the tables have been turned’.

It beomes clear that the exterior destruction or anything that expresses itself as such, has its origin on the inner planes. The 9/11 attack was the effect of a higher impact on that planetary centre and not the cause. Can one imagine what it means to receive an impact from the highest centre of the planet, Shamballa? We are told in the teachings that the Shamballa force is now reaching Humanity directly and it therefore must find its way through a planetary centre or physical inlet: through a city that has the sixth ray flowing through it, in a nation conditioned by a sixth ray personality – toward the end of an era of the sixth ray expression and the Piscean Age.

Six months after the 9/11 attack in Virgo, under the influence of polar opposite Pisces, Spain, also a sixth ray personality, was attacked; of course not being a planetary centre the impact was smaller. The Madrid attack happened on the March 11, 2002 (it can be called 3/11), and can be seen as complementary to or a resolution of the Virgo/Pisces influence. Nothing happens by chance in the world of energies – it was in the main railway station of the country (transportation is symbol of energy circulation ) – and smaller attacks planned to happen at the same time were aborted. Spain is a sixth ray nation and pioneered the discovery of North America. Perhaps the Spanish legacy to the USA resulted in that nation’s sixth ray personality? All the above associations bring much evidence for New York to be considered the planetary ajna centre.

Throat Centre: London

Big Ben and the Houses of Parliament.

The United Kingdom is an initiated nation and responsible for the concrete mind aspect of the Fifth Rootrace. Its motto is ‘I serve’, the same dharma for Humanity (planetary throat centre), after it is functioning consciously as a building centre within the body of Sanat Kumara. The UK issued the first bill of human rights in the twelfth century, and this is a very high achievement, even for today. The seat of the mother or the mind is in the throat, and the son of the mother is the soul, that has its seat in the heart.

UK represents, expresses or holds the energy of the concrete mind for the Fifth Rootrace (555), and she is the mother of the United States of America : USA is the ‘son of the UK ’.

USA represents, expresses or holds the aspect of soul or ego for the Fifth Rootrace, (the soul is the son of mind) and so the USA can be seen as ‘the son of mind’. Brazil represents or holds the abstract mind for the Fifth Rootrace – the father aspect.

The diagram above is a good example of the Biblical injunction, “the first shall be last and the last shall be first.”  Britain pioneered the foundation with mother mind, yet Brazil will assume the role of pioneer of the abstract mind, whilst Britain will become the third aspect of the above triangle. The mind is the factor of integration and we can see why English is the integrating language of this race – actually the sacred language for the Anglo-Saxon race, considering that ‘spiritual’ is all that leads to union, and ‘sacred’ is all that unites.

We see also why the UK until now has not accepted the Euro as its currency, the separativeness of the mind, but this inevitably happens as the soul of this nation is taking control. Britain is giving back in the form of programs and sponsorship for many people around the world; it was the first nation to forgive the debt of eighteen African nations; it is giving a good amount of money for education and health to Africa; the first minister of Britain is talking about a new world order, and mentioned at the G20 meeting the creation of a international body to control the resources and finances of the planet; this is a very looking forward vision. England is a nation where there has been more attempts to create a new system of exchanging.

The throat centre is not located on the spine but at a linking point at the back of the neck between the spine and head. The neck is the antahkarana or bridge between the body and the head. As said earlier, London may also be related to the light in the head, the integrated personality, due to its link with the ajna/New York.

London can be also be identified as the head centre for the Fifth Rootrace. If this is true, the throat and sacral centres would be omitted from the list of five cities: “The throat centre is not included in these relationships between centres above the diaphragm as it is to them what the sacral centre is to the solar plexus—a point of pure creative activity, set in motion by the interplay of the other centres but particularly is the throat centre energised and actuated eventually by the sacral centre itself. It is an effect or result of relation more than anything else.” [17]

This affirmation can be applied also to Humanity, the planetary throat centre. The problem here is that DK is clear when mentioning ‘centres up the spine’. The paradoxes of the Teachings force us to keep on trying to reach a point above logic and above the certainties of linear thought of the logical concrete mind, to be able to acquire a fourth dimensional way of thinking. This fourth dimensional state is given by the unification of the three aspects of the mind (concrete/soul/abstract), simply called intuition. (Every time one unites three a fourth condition is created.)

Heart Centre: Geneva

Lake Leman at the heart of Geneva.

Geneva is the city with more indication given by DK to be considered the heart. It is located in Switzerland , a nation where there was the first successful experience of unifying three different people. (730 years of democracy etc). DK mentions all the things that started in Geneva that are an expression of the heart: The Red Cross, The United Nations, Human Rights organizations etc. There are more treatises and agreements made in Geneva then in any other city of the world. It is said that the Hierarchy gave a talisman to H.P. Blavatsky to be put at the Leman lake located at the centre of the city. [18] “The process of discovering the magnetic areas, magnetised in past centuries, and even aeons, by Members of the Hierarchy. This is done so as to make available the transmission of energies there stored. In the cycle which is now close at hand, these magnetic centres will be largely tapped or utilised by the world disciples responsible for the purificatory work.” [19]

Geneva is ruled by rays one (soul) and two (personality) – the heart anchors the aspects life (1) and consciousness (2). Its motto is ‘I seek to blend to fuse and to serve’. The difference between the motto of London “I serve”, and Geneva, I seek to serve, suggests that the heart is still in process of awakening as it is with Humanity (and the majority of students who seek to aid the Great Ones), whilst the throat is already awakened and science and light is a fact on Earth.

Geneva hosts the greatest number of human rights groups, all kinds of non-governmental organizations and agencies of the United Nations; as well, spiritual groups and one of the most advanced centres of scientific investigation, CERN.

There is also something of a curiosity, like an outer correspondence of the heart’s activity – the plume of water shooting up around 100 metres high, located at Leman Lake, a tourist attraction and magnetic point. The line of least resistance of water or any fluid like the blood, is to go down, unless pumped up, as does the heart.

About 120 years ago, there was a contest in Europe to see what city would raise up the highest plume of water, and the contest was won by the city of Geneva. As one can apply the Law of Correspondences to any situation, the fact that Geneva proved to be ‘the best’ can be seen as a demonstration of the awakening of the heart. Nothing happens by chance and all externalizations are inner energies taking form in the outer world. In those days this kind of feat was not as easy as it might be today with modern technology. (Also, the Leman Lake is in the shape of a vessel.)

Long term students of the ageless wisdom state that there is on the inner planes an ashram, or centre of force of first and second ray energies over the city of Geneva. Observing a geographic map and seeing inwardly, there is a triangle between Mont Blanc, the white mountain that overlooks Geneva from the Pyrenees, irradiating blue; Mount Kailash in the Himalayas irradiating white and Mount Kilimanjaro in Africa irradiating rose. This is just illustrative and only the intuition can corroborate this information.

Solar Plexus: Tokyo

Japanese Buddhist Temple.

The East is always associated with the ‘right brain’ hemisphere, the heart, meditation, devotion and so on – it is on the love ray line 2, 4, 6. Tokyo is ruled by the fourth and sixth rays and is connected with the solar plexus because all second ray aspect centres are ruled by rays on the line 2, 4, 6 – unless  one is a disciple. The majority of the human race has sixth or second ray astral bodies. It maybe possible that before one has a second ray astral body, there maybe some lives with an astral body on the fourth ray – this is a speculation.

The soul ruler of the Eastern Hemisphere or the Orient is the fourth ray. Tokyo as a fourth ray personality expresses this fourth ray energy which is that of the soul of Brazil . Brazil has the biggest expatriate Japanese community and also the biggest expatriate Italian community. ( Italy is a fourth ray personality) This may indicate the links between Japan, the solar plexus, and the abstract mind of the Fifth Rootrace (Brazil), the ego/soul aspect of the Fifth Rootrace (USA 2nd ray soul), and the concrete mind of the race (UK 2nd ray soul). All centres must be synthesized before the Fifth Rootrace can move as one to the Sixth Rootrace.

So, considering Tokyo as the solar plexus, the astral body is of course anchored here; it is the body for the irradiation of the love of the soul through the personality – after it is purified and perfectly reflecting the light of the sun/sol/soul.

In between all centres of the body the only one that is called soul/sun is the sol–ar plexus. Japan is also known as ‘the land of the rising sun’. All centres are divine and sacred, they need only to be aligned with the higher planetary purpose. DK comments about the great contribution that Japan is going to give to the World. [20]

The path from solar plexus to heart was the goal of Atlantean race, the path from heart to head is the goal of the Aryan or Fifth Rootrace. As the East represents the heart, and the West represents the mind, the East can be considered as the past and the West as the future in this particular world cycle. The path from heart to head and after that, the synthesis between heart and mind, between East and West, is the goal of the Fifth Rootrace. The East is related to the feeling nature, and the West to the thinking nature. The West represents the ‘left brain’ hemisphere of mind and science, of experiment.

Would Tokyo be the sacral centre, one of the most linked to the form aspect of nature, and on the line 1,3,5,7 – as some students consider it?; it may not be so. DK also said the Chinese and Japanese are the remainder of the Fourth Rootrace, and that they are one of the oldest races on the planet, older than India .

The Fourth Rootrace has had its highest expression in the functioning of the heart, hence a city directly linked to this race seems the most indicated to be the solar plexus, an evolutionary step before the heart. Japan has a very refined culture and Zen Buddhism is regarded as one of the highest forms of Mahayana Buddhism.

The great majority of the human race has Atlantean consciousness and the majority of the Earth’s population is Asiatic in culture and physical traits – almost 70%. China , Tibet , Japan , Indonesia , Korea , Thailand , other Asiatic nations and indigenous South Americans – they are also spread everywhere. The number of victims from these races in world cataclysms such as floods, earthquakes, tsunamis and volcanic activity is greater than in any other race. DK tells us that the nation focusing world maya in World War II was Japan . [21]

Maya is materialised glamour and illusion and the degree of materialisation depends upon the amount of magnetism and desire attached to it; this is revealed through the ‘heights of luxury’ reached by the Fourth Atlantean Rootrace.

Being an ancient race they are better fitted to fulfill this dharma/karma of focusing the world maya. Also, the solar plexus has a close relation with the sacral centre, closer than the heart, before the upper point of the solar plexus is awakened.

The black magicians are related to Atlantis and the problem of Atlantis was the desire of the solar plexus, selfishness (emotions-water) – so much so, that it was finally sunk in the waters of desire. It is in the realm of desire that the masters of matter hold more power, as they did in Atlantis. Selfish desire, solar plexus desire, desire without soul; from selfish desire they gather their strength, and it is through desire that they can control non-vigilant students and the ones whose personal desires are disguised as soul desire. The main task of Humanity and of the individual student is to ‘close the door were evil dwells’. The ‘door’ where evil dwells is the solar plexus, the seat of personal desire. The ‘door’ where evil dwells’ is the solar plexus, before the ‘two openings’ are closed, and before the Sun is raised up to irradiate it, this time united with the heart. The astral body, the second aspect of the personality, is the body that expresses in the three worlds the love of the soul, the second aspect of the egoic lotus. The door ‘where evil dwells’ is any ‘opening’ or division caused by personal desire, that leads to separation (separativeness) and this applies in all three cases: the individual man, humanity and the planetary body; there are many implications in this fact that can be utilised for practical purposes.

Head Centre: Darjeeling

Double Dorje (‘Dorje-eeling’)
It is not easy to know what centre can be attributed to Darjeeling. The teachings state that apart from the ajna, the four centres are in the spine and the head centre is not located in the spine, hence excluding Darjeeling as the head centre. However it is worthy to exercise thought and one can speculate – though it is not always good to exercise too ‘close a questioning’ or to get too adamant about one centre or another, in order to avoid crystallization. Pliability needs to be exercised, and human beings have to struggle against the tamasic aspect of manifestation that is accelerated after one crosses the age of thirty years. (First Saturn return – form) Many of us have left this mark long ago and so doubled attention must be paid to it. It is better not to be sure of anything, and so one keeps knocking … and asking, and it will be given.

If there are five centres up the spine and if we have identified the throat (London), the heart (Geneva) and the solar plexus (Tokyo), the two remaining centres would be the sacral and the basic, the former having already been eliminated as a contender earlier. What characteristic of the centres can be found in Darjeeling when it is said that the energy of Will, comes to the planet through it? One needs to keep in mind that these centres are related to the physical body of a entity, the densest ether.

Would Darjeeling be the base chakra?The Will is anchored in two places: the head centre and the base centre, until the two aspects are merged and blended in the head. To simplify, one can say that the Will is the mother aspect of the father – and so the mother aspect has its seat in the base and the father aspect in the head. In a second ray/second aspect solar system all is doubled, dual, divided and so on. So, this may indicate that Darjeeling could be the base centre, where the Will aspect for this race is located: “This centre [the base] is found at the very base of the spine, and supports all the other centres.” [22]

To manifest something or to materialize, the life aspect must be present, and in all beginnings the life principle is anchored in the base. To manifest at the physical and dense plane two main centres must be active simultaneously: the base (father aspect – life) and the sacral (mother aspect, the generating or materializing centre). In the First Rootrace all the “seven centres were awakened and functioning.” [23]

Also, as all manifestation is threefold, the first mother is the sacral centre (Third Rootrace, Lemuria), and the first son of the first mother, is the solar plexus centre (Fourth Rootrace, Atlantis). The second mother is the mind or throat centre and the second son is the heart centre.

India is the cradle of the Fifth Rootrace, the foundation of western races and its motto is, ‘I hide the light’. The motto of Brazil which is going to eventually synthesize the Fifth Rootrace (the ‘ending’ of the race) is ‘I hide the seed’, the seed of the next (sixth) Rootrace. Would this hidden light be the light of the mind and has India brought its motto from the past Fourth Rootrace?

If not, what light is hidden in India , or in this centre in Darjeeling? This light can be considered the jewel in the thousand-petalled lotus but this will be unveiled only in the Seventh Rootrace, the final race. The jewel synthesizes all the lights that are already seen or appearing in the head. If the light is hidden it suggests that it is not yet a visible light, or that the light has not yet reached that far as the light appears only when it is in the ‘roof’ or at the crown. One possibility is that the ‘light that is hidden’ is the kundalini light, the light of matter-mother; hence Darjeeling may be seen as the base centre, that hides – or protects – the Will aspect of manifestation – the Kundalini (kundarjeeling!).

The base centre has to be active before the crown centre can be fully awakened, and in fact the crown centre only awakens when the kundalini fire is raised up and the two are blended at the top of the head; this happens at the third initiation and the crown centre is one of the last to broadcast a shining light. When this light is seen, it means that the entity is close to the Fourth Initiation and this is not the case for this current rootrace.

As an aside, some speculation affirms that the locale of Darjeeling in the Himalayas is actually a division of the Andes because the sea floor of the Pacific was raised up during one of the Atlantean sinkings, dividing the old continent. There are many similarities between the indigenous people of South America and the Himalayas; to be just coincidence or to be logically and simply explained by the theory of migration does not suffice. A great part of South America was part of Lemuria/Atlantis and in the teachings it is said that the first anchoring of Shamballa force was in South America. (Currently Shamballa is located just north of Darjeeling in the Gobi Desert.)

It is most probable that to complete the cycle, Shamballa will return to the point where it started and this is perhaps why the light is moving from East to West (will the mother come to re-meet the father?). The synthesis of the whole Fifth Rootrace will happen in South America, host to the Sixth Rootrace. Brazil covers a great part of that continent and has a Fourth Ray soul whilst India , where the Fifth Rootrace started, has a Fourth Ray personality.

The nations that host the oldest races ( China and India ) have a first ray soul, which indicates beginnings. The two pioneering Anglo-Saxon nations of England and Germany , externalizing the mind aspect of the Fifth Rootrace, have first ray personalities. The first ray rules the personality when for the first time in one incarnation the individual becomes creative, or starts using the throat centre/mind creatively [24] the goal of the Fifth Rootrace.

In the real beginnings that are initiated on the inner side, the first ray energy is present for a seeding process, and then at the moment of its first externalization or materialization, the first aspect is again present. The synthesizing nation for the whole Fifth Rootrace is Brazil ; its personality ray is the second ray, the same as the soul of Britain and USA ; its fourth ray soul is the same as the soul of Germany .

The seat of the Will before the third initiation is at the base centre (this is why this centre is ruled by Pluto for raising it to the surface). The third initiation is actually the raising of the energy from the base to the head centre: “The third initiation, which is the first soul initiation, relating the base of the spine to the head centre and the soul to the monad.” [25]

In the Fifth Rootrace five centres will be mainly activated, not all. Will Humanity as a whole just reach one initiation – the first, during the Fifth Rootrace? Humanity the world disciple is about to take the first initiation and this is happening for the first time in the Fifth Rootrace; so Humanity has gone through five rootraces to take just one initiation, en masse? Will the raising of kundalini to the head (third initiation) happen in this race, or just the raising of the sacral centre to the throat centre (first initiation)? If so will the second initiation for Humanity as a whole be in the Sixth Rootrace, and the third initiation in the Seventh Rootrace?

From another perspective the truly ‘human’ rootraces, the Lemurian (third or first Rootrace, the Atlantean (fourth or second rootrace) and the Aryan (fifth or third rootrace), embody the first three initiations respectively.

However “The first true divine race – [will be] the final race.” [26] The Seventh Rootrace will have emerged at the closing of the fourth round on this fourth Globe; will it be the race that takes the fifth initiation? If so, will the Fifth Rootrace take the third initiation, which is actually the first initiation, esoterically considered? Will the Sixth Rootrace enable Humanity as a whole to take the second and the fourth degrees, whilst the final Seventh Rootrace take the fifth initiation, thus becoming the ‘divine’ race?

Is Darjeeling the head centre?
Considering the association above, would Darjeeling be the base centre holding the first ray or will energy for the Fifth Rootrace until the next race? Would India be hiding the kundalini light until it is raised to the head centre? In this case the head centre would have been omitted from the list of five cities.

This speculation is mainly due to the fact that the Instructor was clear when stating that the four centres were located in the spine; discarding the solar plexus, the only centre remaining would be the base. Would DK’s expression “four centres up the spine” be a ‘veil’ for the head centre not being mentioned? If this is so, why? What danger is there with the head centre? Is there another centre in the spine to be considered? (Yes, there is, but it is a subject for another reflection.)

As mentioned above, the five centres of the Fifth Rootrace would be functioning. Based upon the statement by the Master that “the three lower centres were developed and with them the occultist has nothing to do” (as mentioned above also), the hypothesis of Darjeeling as the base centre is also discarded. Then what centre in the spine would Darjeeling be?

“In the planetary logoic life—as is the case also with individual man, the microcosm of the Macrocosm—certain centres are more awakened than others and vibrate in unison with systemic impulse more fully than others. In the case of the planetary Logos of our little sphere, the head centre, the ajna centre, the heart and solar plexus centres and the throat centre are the five focal points of energy which are the most alive and vibrant”. [27]

In this statement DK is recalling the Law of Correspondence that says what is true for the greater is also for the lesser, and He is very clear when listing five centres: the head centre, the ajna centre, the throat centre, the heart and solar plexus centres. DK would probably be referring to any set of five centres or five focal points of energy in any organism for this world period – the man, the system, the planet and so on. Of course it could be an indication of the centres referred to when giving the five cities as five focal points of energy or inlets for the physical planet.

As in the present reflection until now, the associations were made relating four cities to four centres. Darjeeling was not identified as the base centre and as seen in the previous quote. The five focal points include the head centre, the option for now is to consider the head centre as the top of the spine, or that the head centre is the synthesizing point for the spine. Hence by elimination, Darjeeling is considered as the head centre in the five given planetary centres. And so, the earlier diagram of the five planetary centres can now be considered thus:

In terms of seeing the solar plexus as the lowest centre in outer manifestation, the diagram could also look like this:

Conclusion: The NGWS and Humanity

The New Group of World Servers.

 The main aim of any reflection is to contribute stimulating new associations and for invoking more light, thus giving support to the work of groups devoted to service, aiding them in the task of making the work of the NGWS successful everywhere –  thus accelerating the manifestation of the Plan. The NGWS as the ajna of Sanat Kumara is the connecting point in between all His centres above and below ‘His diaphragm’.

If the earlier diagram is referred to, Humanity can be seen as the throat or building centre, in the ‘neck’ of Sanat Kumara. The NGWS is the ajna or linking, receiving and distributing centre in the ‘forehead’ of Sanat Kumara; this is a very high position for both.

The interconnectedness of the ajna with all centres is demonstrated by the fact that the NGWS, the planetary ajna, is part of the Hierarchy (the planetary heart), standing in its periphery; at the same time it is part of Humanity (the planetary throat); it is also the heart of the planetary centre we call Humanity and most probably due its function as the heart of the human race; it is the upper point or the higher light of the planetary solar plexus (represented by the Jewish race), the two – Jewish Race/NGWS are the ‘awakened and awakening’ [28] points of the solar plexus. centres; New York the ajna, is i

The bridging function of the NGWS is asserted in the mantra of World Servers when through sound, the bridges between the Power of One Life (Shamballa – head centre), The Love of One Soul (Hierarchy-heart centre) and The Light of the One Mind (Humanity – throat centre), are ‘made flesh’. Such is the huge task of the NGWS and it has to inspire Humanity to build correctly according to the Plan.

The mind is the substance of the ONE Work. It is highly suggestive that the last affirmation of this mantra is not ‘May the Light of one Mind fulfill its part in the One work’, following the same ‘format’ of the two previous affirmations, but, ‘May I fulfill my part in the ONE work’. The NGWS is the light in the forehead of Sanat Kumara, representative of the Planetary Logos; it is He who is directing the Light to fulfill His Purpose – this is why only through ‘self-forgetfulness, harmlessness, and right speech’ will the work be fulfilled.

Occult meditation is the wielding, controlling and directing of energies for the magical work of redemption and furthering of the Plan. Occult meditators will make their work more effective if they keep in mind during meditation – simultaneously – the intention, visualization, invocation, and the conscious understanding of the process in between: a) The centres and their functioning, b) The five cities and the direction of energy flow. This is not an easy task, but surely it will be mastered after training and practice, followed with steadfastness and regularity. The Master reinforces this when saying: “The responsibility of wielding force is a fact to be emphasised in the consciousness of all disciples; it will lead to a more deeply conscious and intelligent use of ray energy.” [29]

To be able to hold all this in mind when meditating, one needs to be working with the energy of synthesis (concrete mind/soul/abstract mind – the antahkarana built in some measure), to have eliminated the divisions between one’s own centres, to have reached a good measure of integration. To strive to apply and use the technique meant for the race, simultaneity is the key word: “The inability of even the most advanced human mind to grasp themes and subjects as a whole. The synthetic element is as yet lacking. At present, the teachings and processes involved must be mastered step by step, detail by detail, precept by precept, application by application. But the future holds the promise clear, and the ability of the human eye to function synthetically, to grasp a landscape, for instance, in its broad and salient outlines and to do this simultaneously and in a flash of vision is the guarantee of the future technique of the race.” [30]

May these shared thoughts about the five planetary centres inspire us to be more effective when working in meditation when sounding the Great Invocation, simultaneously invoking, precipitating and directing the invoked energies into the five physical centres of the planet. Doing so, we will be able to make the Path a real fact for The One Who all men wait to come from ‘there’ to ‘here’ and to walk upon the Earth.

 Phillip Lindsay and Maria Cristina Amaral © 2009.

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