Great Invocation: Horoscope Notes 

The chart of the Great Invocation is dated April 17, 1945 (Externalization of the Hierarchy, p. 488).  The time was described thusly: “I remember the strain of the days before the morning when, as the sun rose, Mrs.  Bailey brought me the words of this invocation”…(Foster Bailey, The Beacon, vol 30, no. 3-4, p.86, June-July 1951).  The place was New York City, as recounted by Mary Bailey through an intermediary. Before going into the determination of the chart time, several questions have been asked about the date.

The first is if the Great Invocation was delivered over a period of days as indicated above, then why is the completion time selected?  The answer is that it is no different than the birth of a child, as a mother can be in labor for a long time, and the time recorded is not the time of the onset of labor, but the actual birth, as that is when the prana of the child is inhaled, or in the case of the Great Invocation, when the first breath of its energy was entirely on the Earth.

Another question is why the locale of the place where it was received and not the place where the Tibetan transmitted it.  Again, it is the same principle, and also that it is significant that it was received in New York which is one of the planetary chakras. The time of the chart was derived in this manner.  The time of the true Sun rising was selected, which was 6:19:13 Eastern War Time.  It was immediately notice that the 4th house cusp was at 12 Cancer, not far from the position of Sirius.  The position of Sirius for the date was derived from the astrological program Solar Fire, and the chart was then recalculated using the exact position of Sirius on the 4th house cusp – “Let Light descend on Earth”.  That time is 6:13:11 AM. So the chart data is April 17, 1945, 6:13:11 AM, EWT, New York 40N42 51 74W00 23.


At this point, the exact address in New York is being researched through the use of City Directories and Phone books from that year. It is interesting to note that in the year 2025 (when the Hierarchy is supposed to meet again) that the progressed Sun is at 14 Cancer, which is very close to the position of Sirius at that time.  The exact date of the conjunction of the Sun with Sirius is yet to be determined. David Keston also has noted that the Sun went into sidereal Aries on the same date.  The DK precession constant gives a time of 7:54:15 PM, almost 14 hours later.  Looking at the other sidereal precession constants in Solar Fire found that the DeLuce constant is only 11 minutes off, and the rest of them are off by many days.  This is being looked into, especially with the concept that the precession cycle is not a perfect circle, and has an eccentricity (small) which would lead to the different ages having slightly different lengths.

David has published an article on this in the Journal of Esoteric Psychology, vol. 12, no. 2, pp 91-95, 1998. Also, Dr. Jose Beccera has published an article in the Journal of Esoteric Psychology, vol. 13, no.  1, pp 39-44, 1999, in which he discusses the three full moons around the date of the giving of the Great Invocation. He also goes into the Science of Triangles, which I looked at in the chart of the Great Invocation a little bit – I did not obtain the article until two nights before my presentation.  The ones that I noted are: Sirius-Jupiter-Neptune Sirius-(Venus-Mercury)-Jupiter Also, as an aside, I received from the Agni Society in Switzerland a new version of the Great Invocation which was claimed to have been received by a Dr. Kumar at the Gemini Full Moon in 1945 – it does not according to one person have the rhythm of the version that AAB received. At this point, there is a lot to still look at and refine.

The method of progressing the chart seems to work, and when a more refined time and place can be found, then it will be looked at in more detail.  On the next page are some of the meanings of the planets on the hierarchical level and also some basic chart notes. Presentations were made both at the 1998 and 1999 University of the Seven Rays annual conference, and tapes can be obtained from the ( Hierarchical Planetary Meanings.

Mercury in Aries in the 12th House Retrograde The message of the Great Invocation had to come through to humanity at this time.  However, more thought and retrospection is needed. Mercury went direct on January 7, 1955, passed it’s natal position on October 18, 1964, and passed over the Ascendant on July 26, 1969 and conjuncted the Sun on December 9, 1971.  Mercury is currently in Gemini.

Venus in Aries in the 12th House Retrograde Venus retrograde indicates the abuse of the Love Principle by humanity as a whole. Venus went direct on September 27, 1964, passed its natal position on June 19, 1985, and passed over the ascendant on December 21, 1985, and conjuncted the Sun on September 20, 1989.  Venus is currently in Taurus.

Jupiter in Virgo in the 6th House Jupiter is in its own rulership.  It births the Christ, the second principle, the second ray. Jupiter went direct on July 29,1972, and will pass its natal position on March 21, 2000.

Neptune in Libra in the 6th House Retrograde Neptune is still retrograde, and will turn direct July 28, 2003, and will pass its natal position on April 1, 2060.

Chart Notes The planets are basically below the horizon, with Mercury, Mars, and Venus receiving the energy and transmitting it to the rest of the planets. 6 planets are in fire, the impulse of incarnation.  4 water, 2 air, 1 earth. 9 planets are in cardinal signs, a strong impulse to be – 3 in mutable, 1 in fixed. Vulcan is in Aries, probably on the ascendant. The Earth is opposite Venus, i.e., at 24 Libra 15. Mars was conjunct the Sun on January 24, 1993.

Copyright, 1999, David G. Walters.  All rights reserved.

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