Libra, Mystery of Sex & Reversal of the Wheel

Libra, Ray 3 and the Moon Chain
It is said that upon the third chain of aeonic evolution, the Moon chain, and upon the third globe of this chain, the Moon – evolution was halted because of the abuse of sex by humanity of the time. This is the occult reason why Earth has been called the “sphere of pain and suffering”, unique in this solar system.

The thread of this karma carried over to the Earth chain evolution in the third subrace of the third rootrace (Lemuria) when Earth chain humanity took incarnation. It was soon thereafter in Lemuria that many Moon chain mistakes were re-enacted. The urge to merge was so strong at the time, that humans mated with animals, creating monsters and the ancestors of our modern apes.

Since then, Moon chain karma has carried through to Atlantis, the following rootrace, with sex being abused and mis-used – so much so, that the destruction of Atlantis was brought about as a result. We are still dealing with this ancient problem, which holds much of the world in thrall.

Libra, Sex and Relationships
Libra rules the razor-edged path that is trodden between the pairs of opposites, particularly upon the astral plane wherein arises all human desire; hence the reason why Libra and her exoteric ruler Venus have been associated with relationships and sex.

Venus, or Aphrodite, the goddess of beauty, is also closely related to the physical, attractive and magnetic qualities that bring two people together.

Uranus, the soul ruler of Libra, and ruler of the sacral/sexual centre, also is the Hierophant of the Mysteries, and sex is one of the greatest mysteries upon the planet – the secrets are only revealed at the higher initiations we are told.

Sex is the physical plane expression of the love that two people share, whose main purpose is to provide bodies for other souls awaiting incarnation, thereby more consciously furthering the “Plan” upon Earth.

Saturn, exalted in Libra and also Hierarchical ruler, is the Lord of Karma, who impels the processes of cyclic re-embodiment for a soul. Saturn also rules the 3rd ray of Active Intelligence, the mother aspect of creation, providing the physical forms for soul consciousness to incarnate.

This is also another part of the mystery associated with sex – the whole process of reproduction and birth, and the forming of that mysterious marvel – the human body.

Libra relates to love and sex within committed partnership. These themes embody both expressions of Venus-ruled Libra and her opposite, Mars-ruled Aries. Libra rules over the attaining of a balance between the expression of these two poles. We oscillate between the poles of all pairs of zodiac signs, seeking to achieve a balanced expression.

In Libra we are challenged to balance the forces of love and sex, and to bring about a synthesis of their expression in relationship; the warring pairs of opposites is desire working out upon the astral plane, particularly in relationships where the feelings are intensely aroused.

All that is unredeemed within us, the Dweller or shadow, can be triggered by our partner, causing great conflict, but also resolving into periods of peace and harmony. It takes someone closest to touch that which is deepest.

Hence, unconscious aspects of ourselves can be brought to the surface and “redeemed” through loving support of partners, and the developing of the discriminating faculty so that free choice can be made intelligently upon the physical plane.

Saturn’s exaltation in Libra has very much to do with confronting this shadow or “other” part of ourselves. In fact, Saturn is our dweller, in his Lord of Karma role, because the sum total of our unredeemed past has been karma-engendering. Saturn forces us to face up to our past and harvest the fruits (bitter or sweet) of past seeds sown.

As earlier mentioned, Libra is beauty, via Venus or Aphrodite, the goddess of beauty. This beauty is both outer and inner, although for most of humanity, it is the outer beauty that is first perceived.

Because of this factor, beauty corresponds to illusion and glamour. It is indeed no accident that the world of fashion and modelling is described as “glamorous”.

Beauty and sex are synonymous in this respect. It reflects our understanding that these outer forms are just that, and do not necessarily mirror an inner spiritual beauty.

The other factor is that ray 3 of Active Intelligence is the only ray which comes through Libra. Ray 3 or the third aspect is the Mother of the Form, whether it be a human body or a thoughtform. This quality is very closely related to the illusion of the physical plane, technically Maya.

Beauty can represent the maya of the physical plane and the outgoing desire and emotional attachment toward that form, hence a more subtle illusory quality, technically known as Glamour. Then there is the beauty of an idea upon the mental plane that can also have its veils, known as Illusion.

The Master DK said that Libra would be prominent in the planetary horoscope by the end of this century. The degree of fairness and legislation working out for basic human rights and human relationships indicates that Libra is doing its work.

www and Pornography
Ray 3 is also the energy behind the World Wide Web, that has linked the whole of humanity in a revolutionary way. Its benefits can be enormous, but it also has a shadow side, of which pornography is one major expression.

In this respect Libra is related to pornography from the desire angle, but is essentially the expression of two great pairs of opposites: love and lust. Desire gratification divorced from loving relationship. The information revolution as brought humanity’s shadow to the surface for all to see, expressing openly with free access to all, the desire life of humanity built up over thousands of years.

Humanity as a planetary centre of energy represents the third creative aspect. That is, within karmic lattitude, we have free will to determine our collective destiny within the “greater plan”. Hence humanity is peculiarly sensitive to this ray three quality, with its allures and temptations. It is the maya within which we all live, and do not really see until we extricate ourselves from it at varying cyclic intervals over many lives.

Pornography is linked to crime, prostitution, drugs, greed, murder, degradation, manipulation, human abuse, obsession, bestiality, and perversions of many kinds.

Therefore all of humanity who indulge themselves in what is being offered, become “entangled in the web” and buy into the chain of cause and effect, or karma. This non-realisation of our essential inter-connectedness has many corrolaries in other areas of life, from the food we eat to the environment.

Pornography therefore is an entity, an “incubus” or “succubus” (“demon that preys sexually on others who are asleep”). Unawakened humanity is asleep, and so this unredeemed aspect of humanity preys upon itself.

Because of the planet’s history and the great mystery of sex, pornography acts a lower type of mysticism (and sex magic) that can have a powerful, morbidly obsessive effect.

Ray 3 relates to the aforesaid third solar system, third chain, third globe, third rootrace where individualisation occurred, etc etc. In other words, during this period now, pornography is a recapitulation of all these previous critical periods and the causes behind them – the misuse and abuse of sex. It is bringing humanity to another crisis of choice.

Through Venus, Libra relates to a sense of right values around the aforesaid themes. Humanity has a major opportunity in this Libran cycle to make free choice (upon the physical plane) between these pairs of opposites that exist mainly upon the astral plane. The satiation of desire is ever relative, whether our addictions are substances, consumerism, sex, or contact with God. The major choices are:

Fairness and equality – a human right, versus manipulation and control.
Beauty and order versus ugliness and chaos.
Group work versus selfish activity.
Human response to world need versus apathy.
Mental plane versus astral plane. (Illumination that creates right choice.)
Negotiation versus force and manipulation.
Spiritual law versus anarchy.
Sharing of resources versus selfish cornering.
Love and relationship versus lust and selfish satisfaction.

The three major themes of Libra: Law, Sex and Money are all related to power and its correct use: The power of knowing Spiritual Law, through recognition and alignment with it. The power of sex through right use or abuse. The power of money, with or without right motive. Humanity is being tested in these days leading to the Shamballa impact (will/power) in just how she uses power.

Libra rules over the “reversal of the wheel”. We are living in a period where a great number of humanity have an opportunity to reverse the wheel and take the first initiation, which is a realisation and anchoring of the soul or Christ/Maitreya within the cave of the heart.

There are also a great proportion of humanity – “the world disciple” who have the opportunity to walk through the second great door, having demonstrated control of the desire or astral plane – of which sexual desire is but one expression.

Again, the reversal relates closely to the exaltation of Saturn in Libra who helps make free choice possible, on the physical plane, between the pairs of opposites:

“Libra … the energy coming from this constellation … controls what we might call … the “hub of the wheel.” This is that point in intermediate space where the twelve zodiacal energies meet and cross. Libra, therefore, controls the “moment of reversal of the wheel” in the life of every aspirant, for there comes a moment in the cycle of lives wherein a point of balance is reached and a relative equilibrium is attained, and over this event Libra presides.” (EA183)

Phillip Lindsay © 2003

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