Prediction in Astrology

On Tuesday 19th August, 2003, two massive bombs were detonated in Baghdad and Jerusalem, wiping out around fifty people altogether, including the ‘best and brightest’ of the UN political wing, led by Sergio De Mello.

The astrological indicators for these events are worth looking at in retrospect, to give us an idea of the patterns that were triggered. Some ask that if astrology is about prediction, why cannot these events be continually foretold? They are sometimes, but the fact remains that there are many trigger points that occur everyday and in many nations. The sheer amount of number-crunching to keep tabs on all those possiblities, is astronomical if you will excuse the pun. Even if predictions are made, is that going to be useful or prevent nations and individuals from taking predicatable actions – albeit based upon their free will? Maybe, maybe not.

Individual astrologers who keep abreast of what is occurring in the charts of a few nations or individuals frequently do make predictions – for negative and positive outcomes, though this is only a part of astrology. Prediction based upon future transits and progressions triggering birthchart patterns, and upon the probability of past behaviours of that entity, can be fairly accurate.

Of course this brings up the factor of free will and the fact that an entity can choose to manifest their destiny as they please. Yet because we are so slow to change, astrologers can predict with some certainty the outcome of a transit upon a horoscope.

With a difficult transit, less fatalistic astrologers are not going to box their clients in to some unredeemable situation, and will stress the need of being able to make a free choice. Yet at the same time, to point out to the client that they may have to put a little more work than usual into a challenging situation – of moving from where they have been, to some new place where they could be. This takes courage and is never the point of least resistance for most.

What is this inability and slowness to change? Consciousness that emanates from the will of the soul must find a form in which to express itself and function; hence the mental, emotional and physical forms which are the sum of personality, that relatively integrated entity which functions as an expression or executor of soul purpose.

It is these old patterns within these elements of personality which have crystallised to such an extent that change is slow or non-existent. These ABC’s of occultism are an important reminder to us that crystallisation eventually shatters and that there comes eventually a complete ‘breakdown’ allowing change to occur – quite often painfully and traumatically.

Phillip Lindsay © 2003

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