Malaysian Airlines MH370: LOST


With so many theories of how or why Flight 370 disappeared, and with an unprecedented search now entering its second week, it is timely to have a brief look at the astrology of the situation. Notwithstanding, also the fact that Pisces is a sign of mystery and imagination, supplying plentiful factors in this unusual story on the Pisces full moon period.


The first reference for these kind of incidents is the departure chart of the flight. The following factors stand out, in order of importance, from a traditional astrological perspective.

1. Moon in Gemini. A fast moving body in a sign related to transportation, fast communincations and actions, creating fickleness and instability. Gemini can be most skillful at the art of deception. The Moon is also ‘angular’ meaning that its conjunction to the seventh house cusp of relationships, opposite the ascendant, gives it much power.

2. Moon square Neptune in Pisces. An ‘ultimate’ aspect that can create illusion, deception, lies, mystery and confusion. Neptune is also angular, sitting on the fourth house cusp of the home and family. This is a close orb aspect which makes it powerful, yet both planets sitting on angles heightens the importance of its interpretation.

3. Mercury in Aquarius square Saturn in Scorpio. Mercury as ruler (or dispositor) of Gemini, is placed in the Geminian third house of the departure chart. Often when it is retrograde, there are transport strikes and delays.

Mercury was not technically retrograde at the time, but it was only one week into its direct phase. Quite often Mercury can still “feel” retrograde up to three weeks after it has gone direct, due to the fact that it has not returned to its regular daily motion. Now that the post retrograde period approaches (March 20), more breakthroughs are possible. Mercury is in Aquarius, the sign that rules aviation, technology and the digital world

When it is taken into account that Mercury also squares Saturn, then an even greater stress is placed upon difficulties with communications, little or none, slowness etc. – such as the transponder turned off, no mayday signals, confusion and conflicting reports from the authorities, a multitude of theories as to what happened, falling into three main categories:

a. Mechanical-Technological – looking “less likely” now.
b. Hijacking or sabotage – looking “more likely”, due to analysis of new data.
c. Pilot error or personal issues – stronger possibility, due to “idiosyncratic motives that cannot be ruled out”.

Saturn (the Lord of Karma) is in Scorpio, a sign of mystery, in the somewhat obscure twelfth house of secret enemies, danger, clandestine affairs, ‘self-undoing’, fate and karma. This Saturn position strengthens theories about someone creating a deliberate sabotage.

Data analysis today indicates that there were “strong indications of sabotage”, “human intervention” and “someone did turn that airplane”1:

a. The plane was manually turned in another direction. Several course changes.
b. A “sharp change” in altitude to 46,000 feet (then an “erratic dive”), well above the normal operating level. (Discounted by some aviators.)
c. The transponder was manually turned off.
d. Manual disconnection of satellite system, not only requiring specialised knowledge but also knowing how to acccess below deck to do it.

4. Sagittarius rising. Could relate to some impulsive act based upon misplaced beliefs or ideologies. Sagittarius ruler, Jupiter in Cancer in the eighth house, opposite Pluto in Capricorn, could certainly magnify and exaggerate a personally emotive situation, or idealism related to some personal quest. Sagittarius also rules vast expanses – of ocean in this case, a daunting prospect for the huge air and sea search underway.

5. Sabian Symbol Degrees
Some of the Sabian Symbol degrees yield some interesting themes and so, without speculating too much,

Moon “Around a closed-down factory, strikers mill defiantly.” There have been increasing problems between the airline and maintenance unions recently.2 There was recent wing damage due to a slight collision on the ground. Boeing also made recent warnings about the “skin” of the plane subject to rupture and possible cabin decompression, causing unconsciousness. (Very Neptunian.) The airline was also having greater financial losses that may have led to some cost-cutting on maintenance.

Neptune “Officers on dress parade.” Bear in mind that Neptune is in hard square aspect to the Moon, hence putting together the Sabian meanings for the two planets may create a third meaning. The immediate association here is the crew, the pilot and officers. The Malaysian police said that they were being investigated, but this was denied by a government spokesman. The first officer was discussed in the media regarding his invitation of two female passengers into the cockpit recently. At the age of 27, he would be on his progressed Moon return. (No data available.)

Mercury “A woman disappointed and disillusioned.” This may not necessarily be a relationship interpretation, but a possibility in the crew that led to some other impulsive action. It may also be connected to the fact that the Moon (woman) is on the seventh house angle (relationships, marriage). This Sabian is connected to the one for Mars below.

Saturn “Crowds coming down the mountain to listen to one man.” This Saturn symbol is part of another aspect, the square of Saturn to Mercury, hence the two Sabians can be linked. The following speculations could all be driven by a relationship issue, as per the Mercury symbol. The symbol sounds like Moses on the mountaintop, a powerful leader who made some sort of decision or espoused some popular rhetoric. Or, an airline executive, whose decision created a compromise in safety standards. Or, a pilot or co-pilot who may have had some personal problems.

Sun “In a huge tent, a famous revivalist conducts his meeting.” This is connected to the previous Saturn symbol, indicating a religious undertone. Malaysia has well known religious fundamentalist problems and it must be painfully aware of this fact, in the glare of world media. So far, most the media are mostly refraining from stating this very sensitive issue. Nevertheless, some terrorism experts dismiss the possibility that someone like Al Qaeda would choose Malaysia, opting instead for a Western target.

Mars “A man in deep gloom. Angels unnoticed, come to his help.” Perhaps depression in some leader, as mentioned in the Saturn section above – and consequent actions. Mars also rules accidents, violence, explosions.

Venus “An unexpected thunderstorm.” There’s an obvious literal interpretation (or missile), or someone having an emotional “thunderstorm”.

Uranus “A flock of wild geese”. Literally, a bird strike rendering malfunction in all engines, though highly unlikely. Uranus rules aviation, is the dispositor of Mercury in Aquarius.

Jupiter “A clown making grimaces.” Ruler of the Sag ascendant and plenty of speculation here – an individual from the crew or a hijacker. The clown is a Mercurial trickster symbol, Mercury is the ruler of this troublesome Gemini Moon.

Pluto “An ancient bas-relief carved in granite.” Wide open to interpretation, but might literally refer to a geographical location where the plane crashed or landed.

These last three planets are important as they form a T-square to one another, part of the imminent 2014 grand cross in late April.

The Pulau Perak Chart
This chart is based upon the last known radio contact by the Malaysian military with an unknown object that might have been Flight 370. It is included here because the USA and other sources are “convinced” that the plane continued for another four hours, due in part, to signals still being monitored from its engines.

Pulau Perak is a tiny island west of Kuala Lumpur, in the opposite direction to the original flight path. This chart is based upon the 2.40 am time for that last radar sighting, plus the co-ordinates of the island. (It may or may not be relevant that a Malaysian army helicopter crashed-landed there on December 22, 2013.)


Note that the rising sign is now Capricorn, with Pluto, the planet of mystery and subterfuge, conjunct the Ascendant. In fact, at 2.20 am, Pluto was exactly conjunct the ascendant, indicating that this may have been a critical moment in whatever was unfolding at the time, e.g. disorientation due to technical and mechanical factors, pilot suicide or hijack situation etc.

In this age of advanced technology, NSA surveillance etc, it beggars belief that a 777 plane has eluded discovery. If certain themes are put together from the preceding analysis, then the reader can draw their own conclusions of what might have happened. There is for instance, a strong leaning toward a hijack and/or some “idiosyncratic” factors with some of the flight crew. Yet, it is still very much in the realm of speculation and jumping to conclusions, which can be very unfair by implicating innocent parties.

Flight 370’s disappearance has focused the entire planet with an acute awareness of this drama and the 269 lives whose fate is unknown. It might well be a prelude to a something else unprecedented, waiting in the wings …


Weapons of Mass Distraction
Or should that be Weapons of Mass Deception? Either way, there are WMD’s active! The impetus for the new year and the beginning of a “new creative process”, may almost have been lost because of a “Piscean obscuration” overlapping into the Aries period. The extraordinary phenomenon of a lost aircraft has become one of the greatest modern day mysteries confounding the world.

This event started whilst the Sun was in Pisces, the sign of the fishes, ruled by Neptune, Lord of the Oceans. From the beginning, there has been something very “fishy” about the entire event – so many anomalies, contradictory information, media hype, lack of investigation co-ordination, behind the scenes political manouevering, security issues on satellite data, premature announcements, switching search areas etc. The whole chain of events has been so peculiar that it now has the stench of rotting fish.

With inadequate explanations or theories as to what happened – mechanical, pilot, conspiracy, hijack – human or electronic, abduction – despite all of our advanced technologies and data gathering “intelligence” – has the world been duped by some elaborate and very cruel hoax, for which it has yet to see a final outcome?

What is the symbolism here, has humanity lost its way? Lost or Lossed – there has been loss of plane, people – loss of closure for loved ones. This is a very disturbing way for the new year to begin, but may eventually expose some essential truths.

A Piscean Obscuration
First let us examine this “Piscean obscuration” for a moment. Readers will recall earlier the prominent Moon in Gemini square Neptune in Pisces aspect, straddling two horoscope angles, was identified as the major astrological factor surrounding this event:

“An ‘ultimate’ aspect that can create illusion, deception, lies, mystery and confusion. Neptune is also angular, sitting on the fourth house cusp … [it] is a close orb aspect which makes it powerful, yet both planets sitting on angles heightens the importance of its interpretation.”

Mercury, ruler of the Gemini Moon, presiding over transport and travel, was in Aquarius, square to Saturn in Scorpio, in the MH370 horoscope. This was identified earlier as the second major criteria pointing to foul play:

“Saturn (the Lord of Karma) is in Scorpio, a sign of mystery, in the somewhat obscure twelfth house of secret enemies, danger, clandestine affairs, ‘self-undoing’, fate and karma. This Saturn position strengthens theories about someone creating a deliberate sabotage.”

The Glamour of Mercury in Pisces – Misinformation
During the investigation, transiting Mercury moved out of Aquarius into Pisces, where the mental processes of Mercury become much more impressionistic, influenced by the astral nature of Pisces.

It can be quite a visionary and highly intuitive position for Mercury but its basic expression for the masses is gullibility, naivety and having one’s thoughts easily manipulated. Nevertheless, it must be said that the insistence of passengers’ families and others for knowing the truth, points to the intuitive understanding that they were not being told the truth, that various government agencies were with-holding information.

Aries Ingress Horoscope 2014

Aries Ingress Horoscope 2014

The Aries ingress horoscope (above) is always set for the moment the Sun enters Aries; it is a horoscope that can be read for the year ahead and its rising sign will vary depending upon location. (The one above is set for Kuala Lumpur.)

The importance of this ingress chart during the MH370 investigation, is that Mercury moved out of Aquarius into Pisces, to within a couple of degrees of Neptune, the ruler of Pisces, creating an even greater possibility of DISINFO – obscuration of information and confusion. Mercury and Neptune tenant the Geminian third house of communications and media.

Non-stop media has given every opportunity to spin any story and influence public opinion, by focusing on certain areas of enquiry and not upon others. Government through media has given superficial dismissal of eye-witness reports of a large plane flying low over the Maldives or the cellphones of passengers ringing out. (This will be covered later.)

Also in the Aries ingress chart, the Moon is in Scorpio, conjoining Saturn, seeming to reinforce the already suspect nature of Saturn’s position described above. The Moon is also moving into the twelfth house, the house position of Saturn in the original Departure Chart. Perhaps clarity will emerge before Mercury leaves Aries, which happens to fall in the two-day window of the 2014 Grand Cross, April 23. But even if black boxes are found, the investigation could go on for months or years.

Flight MH370: Possibilities of What Happened
How can a flight, in this age of radar and technology saturation, “disappear” from radar? Many experts state that this is impossible, given the amount of civilian and military radar available, as well as many satellites from a host of nations.

These are some of the inconsistencies that point to a cover-up. Nevertheless, following are a several possibilities that are in wide circulation on the internet and in news media -mainstream and alternative, and do not necessarily express the author’s personal viewpoints:

1. Mechanical Mishap
There was a genuine mechanical emergency, such as a fire in the cockpit, that somehow disabled the transponder and other functions, forcing the pilots to turn around and head for the nearest airport. Then that situation got out of hand, perhaps the pilots were overcome by smoke and the plane veered away into the southern Indian Ocean flying with no one at the controls and crashed. Yet, in the spirit of the Moon in Gemini, experts are divided:

“Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 disappeared from military radar for about 120 nautical miles after it crossed back over the Malaysian Peninsula, sources say. Based on available data, this means the plane must have dipped in altitude to between 4,000 and 5,000 feet, a senior Malaysian government official and a source involved in the investigation tell CNN. The dip could have been programmed into the computers controlling the plane as an emergency maneuver, said aviation expert David Soucie.3


“The real issue here is it looks like — more and more — somebody in the cockpit was directing this plane and directing it away from land,” said CNN aviation analyst and former National Transportation Safety Board Managing Director Peter Goelz. “And it looks as though they were doing it to avoid any kind of detection.”  4

But former U.S. Department of Transportation Inspector General Mary Schiavo was not convinced. She said the reported dip could have occurred in response to a loss of pressure, to reach a level where pressurization was not needed and those aboard the plane would have been able to breathe without oxygen, or to get out of the way of commercial traffic, which typically flies at higher altitudes.

That would have been necessary had the plane’s transponder been turned off and it lost communications. “If you don’t have any communications, you need to get out of other traffic,” Schiavo said.

“We still don’t have any motive and any evidence of a crime yet,” she said, adding that most radar can track planes at altitudes below 4,000 feet, so the plane’s descent may not have indicated any attempt for whoever was controlling it to hide.”5

2. Hijack
There was a hijack of some kind, by actual persons or a remote control hijack by the CIA, which has been technically possible in these planes for ten years or more, in order to over-ride a hijack in any part of the world. The pilots may have been complicit or non-complicit in this. There is a possibility that the hijack went wrong at this point, leading to the plane veering off course and crashing.

Hijackers, actual or virtual, may have coerced both pilots to cooperate, or over-ridden them completely, made a hard left turn at Pelau Perak, putting the plane on auto pilot to an open ocean course, set to crash near where the current ping zone is located. The fuel reserves might fall short of the distance of 5,517 miles, measured between these two sets of coordinates,6 but it might have been possible. (See Google Maps diagram further down.)


R: Monty Python, a bit of levity. C: The real thing in Cuba. L: Early flight path.

3. Pilots Involvement
Complicit involvement by the pilot or pilots on their own initiative due to idealisitc religious or political reasons. There are circumstances in their lives that could point to this. Their charts have also been closely examined by this author and various transits indicate that this initiative may have taken place; that there may have been a vehement disagreement that led to a wrestling for control of the plane and its subsequent crash. Not much comment will be made on their horoscopes until, and if the black box recorder is found, at least in the short term. There may be no black box to find, and even if it is, can we trust whatever is recorded on it?


Co-Pilot Fariq Abdul Hamin, Captain Zaharie Ahmad Shah, Richard Quest.

In a bizarre coincidence, CNN had their British anchor Richard Quest on board with the co-pilot some weeks before. This newsman has been all over the story as CNN’s “aviation reporter”. CNN has a reputation for being a media spin organisation for various interests.

If the disappearance was part of an elaborate hoax or conspiracy, both pilots may have been groomed months before the event. The senior pilot may have been practicing on his home simulator, landing at an airport he had never been to before. The transits to both their charts also reflect this scenario, either through their complicity or against their will.

4. Shot Down by a Missile
The plane may have been shot down by a missile on its original route to Beijing and crashed in the sea north of Malaysia, where the original search was focused. The hostile missile could have come from North Korea, China or the USA, or someone else.


R: TWA800 – allegedly felled by a missile – many eyewitnesses – all ignored by investigation.

Recently China has been very aggressive toward Japan, South Korea, Indonesia and Thailand, disputing territories in the surrounding seas and islands. Their attitude is causing increasing worry in Eastern and Western nations. There may have been some major behind the scenes activity between these nations, where the hijacked plane carrying mostly Chinese nationals was shot down to send a warning to China.

There were eyewitness reports in the media that a New Zealand man and some Malaysian fishermen saw the plane:



1. “In the middle of the night, two fishermen near the Malaysia-Thailand border saw a plane flying low over the South China Sea — at the same time that air traffic controllers lost contact with Flight 370 over the same body of water, at 1:30 a.m. or almost 50 minutes after takeoff.

2. … A New Zealand man working on an oil rig off Vietnam claimed he saw a burning object in the sky Saturday morning, hours after the plane had taken off. Mike McKay of New Zealand was stationed on the Sona-Mercur oil rig … “I believe I saw the Malaysian Airlines flight come down. The timing is right. I tried to contact Malaysian and Vietnamese officials several days ago. But I do not know if the message has been received, I observed the plane burning at high altitude at a compass bearing of 265 to 275 degrees from our surface location.”7

Obviously there are conflicting reports here, some say they saw the plane burn and crash. Others saw it heading in the other direction. Perhaps deliberately seeded stories were released through the media as behind the scenes activities changed. (Note the news sources for this story.)

5. Maldives and Diego Garcia
On a remote island in the Maldives, residents claimed they saw a “low flying jumbo jet” the same morning that the Malaysia plane disappeared, “I’ve never seen a jet flying so low over our island before … I could even make out the doors on the plane clearly … Some people got out of their houses to see what was causing the tremendous noise.” These claims, published in a story Tuesday, were dismissed by Malaysian officials.”8

The latter sighting over the Maldives concerns another theory about Diego Garcia base, described in the next point. The Maldives are directly in the flight path of MH370’s last known position and due north of Diego Garcia, another possible landing site, as below in the map.

image034From right to left: Last transponder contact, last radar Pulau Perak, Maldives – Kuda Huvadhoo and Addu, Diego Garcia.
(Note, alternate hijack crash route from Pulau Perak to ping zone in the south.)

Diego Garcia Destination Scenario
A very obvious and direct flight path can be seen from the last transponder contact position, to Pelau Perak to the Maldives. Based on fuel estimates, it is said that the aircraft could have flown an additional 3,500 to 3,750 miles after the point of last contact.9 Hence it could have easily made the Maldives and Diego Garcia.

Origin Destination Flight Distance Time at 542 mph
Kuala Lumpur Maldives 1,946 3 h 35′
Maldives Diego Garcia 800 1 h 28′

It was 7 hours and 31 minutes after take-off that the last ping signals from the engines were detected by satellites, indicating that the plane had used all available jet fuel to the end. Whether that occurred with the plane sitting on an airstrip with its engines running, or continued flying, is unknown. If the plane took off at 12.41 am and changed course deliberately west at 1.07 am, it had approximately 6.5 hours of flight at a speed of 542

Given the eye-witness reports in the Maldives at 6.15 am, it is entirely feasible that MH370 landed there or was en route to Diego Garcia. Witnesses said that the plane was travelling north to south-east, towards the southern tip of the Maldives – Addu. If this were the case, simple and approximate maths give:

Kuala Lumpur to the Maldives (1,946+501=2,447), easily within the 3,500 mile criteria – (4h 36′). 501 miles is the approximate distance the plane flew toward Beijing before losing contact at 6°55′15″N, 103°34′43″E – turning around and flying back past its Kuala Lumpur starting point. 2,447 miles @ 542 mph = 4 hours 30 minutes, give or take.

The plane lost contact at 1.30 am, hence adding 4h 30’= 6.00 am, very close to the 6.15 am witness report.10 Since eye-witnesses reported the plane’s direction toward Addu, it could have landed on the long airstrip at Gan, but Malaysian authorities have discounted this. Can we believe them, given the amount of witholding that has occurred?

If the plane did not land at Addu, then it may have continued directly to the US base at Diego Garcia, as shown on the Google Earth diagram above. If the latter, another 700-800 hundred miles must be added to the distance: 2,447+700= 3,147, still within the fuel range of 3,500-3,750 miles.

Bear in mind that the current ping search zone at approximately 25s00 x 101e00, is a few hundred miles even further in distance than the 3,147 mile figure. AND, the original debri search zone was around 2,000 miles further south from the current ping search zone. Of course there are debri drift rates and many other computations to be made, if the plane was ever in the area at all.

Hence the Maldives or Diego Garcia are a very feasible option to reach, given fuel reserves. The ping search area may well be a charade that yields nothing, and/or a deliberate plant connected to a conspiracy. It would be another unprecedented event to find a black box before wreckage.

image035Alternate hijack crash route from Pulau Perak to ping zone in the south.
(Last known radar trace near Pulau Perak, to ping search zone – about 5,517 miles.)

More from the Maldives witnesses:

“… it was a white aircraft, with red stripes across it – which is what the Malaysia Airlines flights typically look like. They also noted the incredibly loud noise that the flight made when it flew over the island … It’s not just me either, several other residents have reported seeing the exact same thing … I’ve never seen a jet flying so low over our island before. We’ve seen seaplanes, but I’m sure that this was not one of those. I could even make out the doors on the plane clearly,” said an eyewitness.”11

6. Kidnapping of Passengers via Diego Garcia
Either for industrial/military sabotage of some kind or a future event yet to unfold where the passengers will be held to ransom. The industrial theme focuses on the twenty Freescale employees, linked to the development of microchips specifically concerned with avionics, remote plane control and drones – all of them with military applications:

“Any defense-related company at the nerve center of Pentagon hardware is bound to attract the attention of weapons designers from both adversarial and allied nations upgrading their military capability. Japan, France and the UK, along with Russia, China and Iran, all want the leading edge that contractors like Freescale provide. Tiny though it may be, the micro-controller is the key to next-generation warfare based on self-guidance, tactical versatility and hierarchy of commands, in short, an adaptive thinking weapon that can outsmart foes.”12


The kidnapping scenario claims that the plane turned around on its course and headed to the US base on Diego Garcia (owned by the British). There are large aircraft hangers and underground facilities that could easily hide a Boeing 777 plane. From here the plane would have its colours painted out and be directed on to a target in the Middle East or even Europe, as a “false flag” operation that would be blamed upon Iran.

Some speculations claim a nuclear bomb could be placed on that plane so as to protect the anonymity of the perpetrators. This could ignite a a nuclear war – the worst case scenario for the Pluto-Uranus square and the 2014 Grand Cross. Only a few nations on the planet would have the expertise and motive for doing this.

Diego Garcia

Diego Garcia

Recall the two Iranian men who were traveling on false passports and Israel as the only nation who made an immediate accusation pointing to Iran in the early days of the investigation. Also, one of the Iranian photos is claimed to be photo-shopped.

In this theory, Israel is the alleged perpetrator and also happens to be the world leader in remote avionics and drones; they would also gain the expertise of the Freescale employees. Malaysia and Israel do not have very good relations as the former has consistently criticised Israel for many years over Palestine.

Also coming to light during this period, “According to reports from plane-spotters, Israel has had an identical Malaysia Airlines Boeing 777-200 in storage in Tel Aviv since November 2013. The only visible difference between the missing plane and the one in Tel Aviv would be its serial number.”13

Israel also closed down its embassies worldwide for the first time in history on March 23, in the middle of the MH370 investigation, claiming a strike by embassy staff over pay. This was regarded by observers as a “fork-tongued alibi meant to prevent law enforcement agencies across Asia and the Western world from questioning Israeli intelligence agents and military attaches about the whereabouts and fate of the hundreds of passengers.”14 The thinking behind this theory also is that Israel is preparing for a first strike against Iran and the starting of a war.15

Cell Phone Calls
This scenario gets stranger, as one of the passengers was Phillip Wood, an IBM employee involved with the development of these microchips. Apparently he secreted his iphone on his body and managed to take a blank picture and generate a text message, saying that he was being held against his will. Apparently, this allowed the phone to give the electronic co-ordinates of Diego Garcia through the embedded Exif data of the iphone photo.

Some commentators say that Flight MH370 could not have crashed because family members of the passengers reported that cell phones were ringing, a couple of days after the plane disappeared. Nineteen families signed a joint statement saying that calls to passengers were answered then hung up.16)

Phillip Wood and Sarah Bajc

Phillip Wood and Sarah Bajc

According to observers, this means that the cell phones must have been switched on and must have been near a cell phone tower, which means that the plane cannot have gone down in the water. This is why the Chinese especially are so sceptical of the Malaysian government’s explanations because if the calls were made, the co-ordinates of where the phones were answered would reveal the location of the passengers. Science fiction? Maybe.

Furthermore, Wood’s wife Sarah Bajc was the CEO of Tescom, a top Israeli software testing company, becoming a partner of CxO Partners in 2006. She moved to China in 2007 where she became Business Director at Microsoft China and Senior VP at HiSoft Technology International Ltd. in 2009.17 Bajc has consistently refused to believe that the plane has crashed. Alot more about these stories can be found in two articles here and here – by Yoichi Shimatsu.

The fact that wreckage was apparently spotted by several satellites but not located is odd. Even stranger is the report of pinging signals from the plane’s black box, hence an unprecedented search for the black box, first – before a scrap of wreckage has been found. Like the wreckage spotted but not found, there was pinging, then there was no pinging, then pinging again; an ongoing rollercoaster of evidence that may point to behind the scenes manipulation and stalling for time.

7. What is the Role of the United States?
“Erich Shih, chief reporter at Chinese-language military news monthly Defense International, said the US has more and better satellites but has not taken part in the search for flight MH370, which disappeared about an hour into its flight from Kuala Lumpur to Beijing in the early hours of March 8 with 239 people on board. Shih claimed that the US held back because it wanted to see what information China’s satellites would provide.

… With the United States playing a relatively muted role in the sort of exercise that until recently it would have dominated, experts and officials say there was no real central coordination until the search for the plane was confined to the southern Indian Ocean, when Australia largely took charge.

The United States has taken advantage of the search for the missing Malaysia Airlines flight to test the capabilities of China’s satellites and judge the threat of Chinese missiles against its aircraft carriers, reports our sister paper Want Daily … Israel is exploiting the tragedy to create public opinion for a war against Iran, a Muslim country that has close ties with Malaysia.

The time sequence of countries identifying the alleged MH 370 debris in the Indian ocean was first made by Australia followed by France, Thailand, Japan, and Britain via Immarsat. Why did US not offer any satellite intelligence till today?

Prior to the switch of focus to the Indian ocean, was the SAR mission in the South China seas, used as a cover for the deployment of undersea equipment to track and monitor naval capabilities of all the nations’ navies competing for ownership of disputed territorial waters? Reuters as quoted above seems to have suggested such an outcome.

The outdated capabilities of the Hexagon satellite system deployed by the US in the 1970s has a ground resolution of 0.6 meters; what’s more, the present and latest technologies boast the ability to identify objects much smaller in size. Why have such satellites not provided any images of the alleged debris in the Indian Ocean? Were they deliberately withheld? ”18

Whatever the reasons for the disappearance of MH370, it has certainly exposed many factors concerned with relations and secrets between nations, political conspiracies, secret war games, the role of media and so forth.

The rest of the speculations get more far-fetched, from the plane flying through a “wormhole” to abduction by aliens. It must be reiterated that all these scenarios do not necessarily represent the viewpoints of the author, but certainly leave many unanswered questions and many dots to be connected.

The Astro-Cartography of Flight MH370
When the astro-cartography of the MH370 Departure Chart is examined, the Moon-Neptune lines are very prominent. Astro-cartography is a branch of astrology that considers the planetary lines as they encircle the globe, in terms of how a person will experience that particular planetary energy in a geographical location.

This author has used astro-cartography with regard to personal clients and events such as earthquakes, tsunamis etc, finding important correlations.19

Astro-Cartography of Flight MH370: Departure Horoscope

Astro-Cartography of Flight MH370: Departure Horoscope

The Moon line runs precisely through the departure city of Kuala Lumpur and through its destination, Beijing. Usually astro-cartographic lines can be several degrees away from an event and still be relevant. Not only that, but the plane turned around and traveled back along this line in the opposite direction. Furthermore, it may have run out of fuel and/or crashed on the Moon line in the middle of the Indian Ocean.

The debris may have drifted from this line toward Australia, location of the current search, an area that falls directly upon the vertical Neptune-IC line running through this map, approximately at the co-ordinates of 25s00 and 101e00. Note that the Neptune-IC line intersects the Moon line in Kuala Lumpur, reminding us of this most critical Moon square Neptune aspect as the major signature of the Departure Chart.

The first possible debris located by Chinese satellite, fell on the Neptune line of the transit chart for that day (44s57 x 90e30), but this is many miles from the current investigation site.

The current investigation (April 11) tracing the pings, is exactly on the Neptune line and one wonders, from the original interpretation of Neptune in the departure horoscope, if this search is simply a charade, that the black box may have been “planted”, with certain nations like Australia being duped or co-operating secretly with the perpetrators of some elaborate hoax. Only time will tell…


In the original examination of this horoscope, the asteroids were omitted for simplicity’s sake, but in re-examination, have been included. Asteroids are very important in their mythological symbolism and can yield extraordinarily significant information in a horoscope, even though one might have difficulty attributing such power to a relatively small chunk of rock in the asteroid belt. Nevertheless, we are informed that,

“Figures also must be computed when the effect upon the planets of what are called “asteroids” is known. This is much greater than exoteric science has so far admitted, but the significance of this must eventually be interpreted in terms of energy and on etheric levels.”20

Pallas-Athena and Regulus
In the MH370 Departure Chart, the asteroid Pallas-Athena dominates at the midheaven, occupying the last powerful degree of Leo, conjunct the “royal star” Regulus. It is said that Pallas-Athena,

image043MH370 Departure Chart with Asteroids

“… has a bearing on wake-up calls, sudden changes and shocks … can be quite violent and disruptive, even destructive, making things as hard to endure as they need to get, in order to catalyse necessary action and alteration. In this light, Pallas by transit can point to times of great stress, particularly if the person affected is resisting change.”21


Pallas-Athena, Warrior Goddess. Note the owl of wisdom.

In this light, it is interesting to note that the Pallas-Athena line intersects the troublesome Moon line at around 33s45 and 89e26, directly west of Perth, Australia, and directly west of the first debris search area – by another thousand plus miles. Who knows if this may have been a crash zone or at least points to a “crash corridor”? Regulus is also an important star esoterically,

“The influences of Sirius, three in number, are focussed in Regulus, which is, as you know, a star of the first magnitude and which is frequently called “the heart of the Lion.” There is more real occultism hidden in the names given to the various stars by astronomers down the ages than has yet been realised, and here you have a case in point.”22

This is an interesting perspective – lions and leaders – it is also said that Regulus pertains to,

“Success if revenge is avoided. The heart of the Lion is known as The Watcher of the North. A Royal Star of Persia. This is one of the great stars in the sky and is linked to the Persian mythical king, Feridum. He was a prosperous king but lost his kingdom when he engaged in revenge. All of the Royal Stars promise great potential and success as long as a particular human nemesis is avoided. In Regulus’ case, the issue is that of revenge, and if strong in a chart, the individual needs to avoid that temptation.”23

Of course Persia is ancient Iran, an interesting coincidence. The “prosperous king” in this case may not be an Iranian leader but might represent a leading nation working with another nation, in exacting “revenge” or a pre-emptive strike on Iran. Perhaps a lion of Judah?


Esoterically, Pallas-Athena is connected to,

“… political and social awareness, development of talents and vision, integration of creativity and love. As Goddess of Wisdom and Justice, Protectress of Cities, Patron of Weavers, Beauty and Pattern, Pallas Athene was noted for her wise counsel to groups. In the astrology chart, Pallas Athene represents the capacity for visualization, our perception of right thought, and how we judiciously utilize the power of thought forms in group service.”24

Indeed, Pallas Athena in this chart may represent the highest possible outcome of this mystery. When the first ping was detected near Australia on April 5, 4.45 pm (25s00 x 101e00), Pallas-Athena was rising in the event chart. The Sabian Symbol for that degree is, “As light breaks through the clouds, a perfect rainbow forms.”

Hygeia and Saturn: Maldives and Diego Garcia
If other theories are considered, such as a hijacked landing at Diego Garcia in the Indian Ocean, this island falls exactly on the asteroid Hygeia’s line and not too far from the Saturn line. If the Moon-Neptune lines turn out to reflect a hoax, then the Hygeia-Saturn lines may indicate the truth of the matter. Saturn in Scorpio in the twelfth house, was the one of the most important factors identified in the original Departure Chart analysis:


Hygeia (Artist: Gustave Klimt)

“Saturn (the Lord of Karma) is in Scorpio, a sign of mystery, in the somewhat obscure twelfth house of secret enemies, danger, clandestine affairs, ‘self-undoing’, fate and karma. This Saturn position strengthens theories about someone creating a deliberate sabotage.”

Diego Garcia is at the co-ordinates 7°s19′ x 72°e25′. The Hygeia line passes precisely through this point, as well as the Maldives just north. Hygeia, as her name implies, concerns health, healing and disease, hygiene on all levels, physical, emotional and mental:

“[Hygeia] … seems to act as a cleanser and potentizer (to borrow a useful word from homoeopathy), and can activate transformative processes that produce a ‘new improved’ version of some aspect of life. Concepts of purity and purification also seem to be very important with Hygeia, and it can help people to ‘clean up their acts’ on many levels.”25

Might this interpretation apply to Diego Garcia in some way, in exposing what is going on there? Can Hygeia’s asp apply its skill in finding secret herbs to expose this elusive mystery? The “fishiness” of Pisces may well be turning into the stench of rotting fish, but from where does the stink emanate? A nation or political-religious group, the individual pilots, or just a very unlucky accident where certain factors came together to create the “perfect storm”?

Other Observations on the MH370 Disappearance

1. Similarities of Flight MH370 to 9/11, the latter thought more recently to be effected by remote-controlled aircraft. In both events, the plane’s transponders were turned off before the flight was diverted. There was no emergency squawk from the cockpit, something that takes a split second to do. If MH370 has been stolen, then it could be used as a weapon in the future. At the full moon period for Aries 2014, several factors converge that link to the 9/11 horoscope:

a. The Moon was in tricky Gemini at 9/11 and MH370.
b. The Sun of MH370 is opposite the Sun at 9/11.
c. Jupiter in Cancer in both horoscopes, one degree of arc from one another. Jupiter is a 12-year cycle.
d. Mercury in Aries is at the same degree, opposite Mercury in Libra and the rising sign of the 9/11 horoscope. The 2014 Grand Cross sits on this axis.

2. The symbolism of the unseen has been profound. Not only the missing flight, but all the subtle technology engaged to find the plane: Radar, sonar, satellite, pinging sounders etc. over the ocean – this is Neptune in Pisces working with Uranus. Psychics and intuitives trying to divine the whereabouts of the plane. The current place of investigation for the flight recorder is one of the deepest areas of ocean in the world, proving extremely elusive, as elusive as Neptunian intuition and deep in Neptune’s domain.



3. Uranus rules aviation and concerns the mental plane – the (aero) plane up in the clouds. Neptune rules the emotional plane, the waters. There is a stark comparison here between the two. Mind crashed, emotions smashed, splashed- buried by them perhaps. The world is immersed in deep glamour, but maybe even more so at this time, prior to some sort of revelation. The earlier discussion of Mercury in Pisces touched upon this glamour.

4. It has been a global phenomenon involving about 24 nations and brought about a forced co-operation between nations who might consider one another adversaries. Perhaps there has been a lot more behind-the-scenes maneuvering by nations than has been let on.

5. Public participation via media and internet. The media and general public have been involved with the investigation with online tools and other technology, giving suggestions, participating in online forums and TV panels. Some of it has been useful, but also allowed for misleading information to be released.

6. It has revealed the pain of all the passengers who lost loved ones, particularly the Chinese. The Malaysian PM’s premature announcement that the plane had crashed by text message, then news conference, without any physical evidence, did not help. One wonders what he knew that the public did not know. Pisces is the “ocean of emotion” and the Sun, Chiron and Neptune were all in Pisces at the disappearance, whilst Mercury the messenger transited into Pisces since.

7. It has revealed a sea full of garbage and has heightened awareness of this worldwide problem. Garbage in the sea is a good symbol of Hygeia’s task upon the emotional plane – cleaning up the astral grunge, for which the physical pollution is an outward reflection. Neptune’s domain has been transformed into a toxic dumping ground.

The Pilots
Then there are the horoscopes of the pilots to consider. The author has examined these in detail and written extensively on them, but due to space considerations and other factors, will not publish them yet. There has been no definite outcome of the event and, as of this writing, there has been no wreckage positively identified, no black box found with recordings, and hence no evidence of the pilots’ involvement or non-complicity in the event.

In summary however, it should be stated that there are pre-disposing factors in both pilot’s horoscopes that relate to idealism and power, and that those factors were triggered by transits to their charts at the time of the flight disappearance.

As mentioned earlier, these factors could be triggered if they were perpetrators of sabotage-hijack, or were at the mercy of other outside forces that had nothing to do with their personal lives or beliefs? Hence, holding off for a while might be the wise course before releasing in-depth analysis of their charts. This might be covered, along with possible black box findings and disclosures, in the next installment of this saga.

Phillip Lindsay © 2014.

See also, “Germanwings and Andreas Lubitz”.

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