The Seven Rays In Healing

RAY I TECHNIQUE (Aries; lesser influence on Leo and Capricorn)

Let the dynamic force which rules the hearts of all within Shamballa come to my aid, for I am worthy of that aid. Let it descend unto the third, pass to the fifth and focus on the seventh. These words mean not what doth at sight appear. The third, the fifth, the seventh lie within the first and come from out the Central Sun of spiritual livingness. The highest then awakens within the one who knows and within the one who must be healed and thus the two are one. This is mystery deep. The blending of the healing force effects the work desired; it may bring death, that great release, and re-establish thus the fifth, the third, the first, but not the seventh.


Let the dynamic force which rules the hearts of all within Shamballa come to my aid, for I am worthy of that aid. – This is the heart element of the first ray force of will and power, both destructive and constructive. The healer works from the heart-in-the-head centre.

Let it descend unto the third, pass to the fifth and focus on the seventh. These words mean not what doth at sight appear. – At first we may think this refers to the centres, but actually they refer to the planes. The will force must be allowed to descend to the third (atmic) plane, pass to the fifth (mind) plane and focus on the seventh (physical) plane.

The third, the fifth, the seventh lie within the first and come from out the Central Sun of spiritual livingness. – The Central Spiritual Sun is first ray, where the will of God is known; Shamballa. Three, five and seven are in the same line (the so-called ‘hard’ rays or “will” line of energy progression). The highest then awakens within the one who knows and within the one who must be healed and thus the two are one. This is mystery deep. The blending of the healing force effects the work desired; it may bring death, that great release, and re-establish thus the fifth, the third, the first, but not the seventh. – This is the healing treatment. The highest spiritual energy vibrates in unison or harmony with the one to be healed. The two synchronise. The result is destruction leading to healing, or destruction leading to death of the physical body (“…not the seventh”).

This is the triangle you hold if the patient has a first ray soul: Head centre (healer) to head centre (patient) to the centre governing the threatening disease. This is the triangle you hold if the patient has a first ray personality but does not have a first ray soul: 1. If the seat of the trouble is the base centre: sacral (healer) to sacral (patient) to base. 2. If the seat of the trouble is the sacral centre: throat (healer) to throat (patient) to sacral. 3. If the seat of the trouble is the solar plexus centre: throat (healer) to throat (patient) to solar plexus. 4. If the seat of the trouble is the heart centre: throat (healer) to throat (patient) to heart. 5. If the seat of the trouble is the throat centre: ajna (healer) to ajna (patient) to throat. 6. If the seat of the trouble is the ajna centre: head (healer) to head (patient) to ajna. You will note that we use the “hard” ray closest to the centre in trouble. If death is indicated: allow the patient’s soul and personality to awaken and blend and then release the physical body.

Ray I causes of disease: Key: Pain and Sorrow; the Destroyer. Soul calling for: Synthesis.4.; Inclusion; Isolated Unity. Other connections: Touch; the Occultist; the Law of Vibration.5.; the Law of Repulse; Sense of Time; Singleness of Purpose.

Indications of first ray activity requiring the first ray technique: Crystallisation, gall stones, kidney stones, gout, auto-immune diseases, including certain types of arthritis, ankelosing spondeitis, atherosclerosis, TMJ (jaw) clenching, calcification of the pineal gland, some kinds of cancer.6., hard tumours, keratosis, anorexia, autism (blocked frontal brain), tightness, tension, retention (eg chronic constipation), idee fixe (obsessions from the mental plane), breaking bones, death, Parkinson’s disease, rigidity in body, denial, egotism, arrogance, destructiveness, suicide (the will to die), killers, murderers, hardness, suppression, relentless control, inhibition, love of power, solitariness, foot binding (as in China which has a soul Ray I).

Initiation: the Fifth: Revelation (a glimpse of the Seven Paths in Shamballa). Statement: I still persist. Ray Word of Power: I assert the fact.

RAY II TECHNIQUE (Gemini; lesser influence on Virgo and Pisces)

Let the healing energy descend, carrying its dual lines of life and its magnetic force. Let that magnetic living force withdraw and supplement that which is present in the seventh, opposing four and six to three and seven, but dealing not with five. The circular, inclusive vortex – descending to the point – disturbs, removes and then supplies and thus the work is done. The heart revolves; two hearts revolve as one; the twelve within the vehicle, the twelve within the head and the twelve upon the plane of soul endeavour, co-operate as one and thus the work is done. Two energies achieve this consummation and the three whose number is a twelve respond to the greater twelve. The life is known and the years prolonged.

Interpretation: The use of this technique is as follows: hold the heart centre in a triangle with the base (four) and solar plexus (six) and then with the adaptive mind allow these centres to oppose the sacral (three) and ajna (seven). When this is held, open the heart to the linking twelves (the heart itself with its four valves, four chambers and four vessels; the heart lotuses on higher levels; the causal body and the Hierarchy, connecting with the second ray energy itself), hence healing will occur, “the life is known and the years prolonged.”

Ray II causes of disease: Key: Suffocation; Centralisation. Soul calling for: Illumination, e.g. physical sight due to astral illusion and concrete knowledge; Occult Vision; Love and Wisdom; Radiance. Other connections: Intuition; the True Psychic; the Law of Cohesion; the Law of Magnetic Impulse; Power to Save.

Indications of second ray activity requiring the second ray technique: Cancer (the majority), soft tumours, pericarditis, hydrocephelas, cysts, endrometriosis, hyperglandular conditions, fungal diseases, leucaemia, high blood pressure, asthma (allergic type), emphysema, diseases of the immune system, heart attack, hyperactivity (restlessness), bronchitis, pneumonia, lymphomas, circulatory problems, TB, extra organs, fear, self-pity, over-sensitivity, attachment, psychic excesses, love of being loved, over-study, gluttony, coldness, indifference, contempt for mental limitations in others, over-accumulation of things.

Initiation: The Seventh: Resurrection. Statement: Naught is but Me. Ray Word of Power: I see the greater light.

RAY III TECHNIQUE (Libra; lesser influence on Cancer and Capricorn)

The healer stands and weaves. He gathers from the three, the five, the seven that which is needed for the heart of life. He brings the energies together and makes them serve the third; he thus creates a vortex into which the one distressed must descend and with him goes the healer. And yet they both remain in peace and calm. Thus must the angel of the Lord descend into the pool and bring the healing life.


A. Make a triangle from the sacral centre to throat centre to base centre (these are the centres governed by the astral ray influences). Visualise the third ray energy descending to the heart centre in the middle of the triangle and dispelling the astral force flowing into the solar plexus centre.

B. Make a triangle between: a. the three head centres. b. the five centres up the spine. c. the solar plexus centre. In the centre of this triangle visualise the heart (the healing life). Allow the third ray force to “descend into the pool” and so resist the astral glamour in which the patient is engulfed (see the diseases and conditions which indicate this). Ray III causes of disease: Key: Manipulation. Soul symptom: Separative and selfish behaviour. Soul calling for: Cooperation. Other connections: Sight; the Magician; Law of Economy; Spheroidal Forms; Rotary Movement.7. Law of Disintegration.8. Stillness. Law of Expansive Response; Power to Manifest; Power to Evolve; the Weaver.

Indications of third ray activity requiring the third ray technique: Solar plexus related diseases astral plane related diseases, GI tract problems, GI sphincter spasm, stomach ulcers, ulcerative colitis, irritable bowel syndrome, colitis, gastritis, spastic colon, liver problems, pancreas problems, gall bladder problems, spleen problems, anorexia, bulaemia, ulcers, hyperthyroidism, phypoglycaemia, oesophageal problems, arrhythmia, obesity, diabetes mellitus, anxiety/panic attacks, low vitality, brain disorders, syphilitic diseases, manic depressive, epilepsy, mental pride, criticism, obsessive/compulsive, schizophrenia, over-complex thoughts, carelessness, manipulation, opportunism, devious, untruthful, indecisiveness, over-adaptablility.

Initiation: The Sixth: Ascension/Decision.

Statement: I am the Worker and the Work, the One that Is.
Ray Word of Power: Purpose itself am I.

RAY IV TECHNIQUE (Scorpio; lesser influence on Taurus and Sagittarius)

The healer knows the place where dissonance is found. He also knows the power of sound and the sound which must be heard. Knowing the note to which the fourth great group reacts and linking it to the great Creative Nine, he sounds the note which brings release, the note which will bring absorption into one. He educates the listening ear of him who must be healed; he likewise trains the listening ear of him who must go forth. He knows the manner of the sound which brings the healing touch; and also that which says: Depart. And thus the work is done. Interpretation:

There are two uses for this technique: one for death, the other for life.

A. For death. Form a triangle from the Soul (linked to the base centre), to the throat centre to the heart centre. Then play continuously the pure E note. This sound will bring release to the life thread.

B. For life. Use the same triangle as above and as you hold the triangle and visualise the energy flow, play music especially that which is keyed or composed in E; but any creative, beautiful music will do the work required (particularly music the patient has a preference for).

Ray IV causes of disease: Key: Diffusion. Soul symptom: Warfare and Struggle. Soul calling for: A Search for Meaning and its Revelation; Harmony; Rest; Peace; Synthesis of True Beauty. Other connections: Smell; the Artist; Law of Magnetic Control; the Law of Sacrifice; Power to Reveal the Path; Power to Reveal the Past; the Harmony of the Spheres.

Indications of fourth ray activity requiring the fourth ray technique: Acute viral infectious diseases, epidemics, influenza, diseases due to debility and devitalisation, insanities, asthma (viral), ME (postviral syndrome, chronic fatigue syndrome – see also Ray VII), AIDS, kidney diseases, temperamental, unstable, unpredictable, unreliable, confusion, vacillation, despair, self-abuse, addiction, suicidal tendencies, depression, psychosis, narcissism, over-eagerness for compromise, inertia, turmoil, self-absorption in suffering, lack of confidence, worry, moodiness, exaggeration, dramatic type, the artist.

Initiation: The Fourth, Crucifixion/Renunciation. Statement: Beauty and Glory veil me not. I stand revealed. I am. Ray Word of Power: Two merge in one.

RAY V TECHNIQUE (Leo; lesser influence on Sagittarius and Aquarius)

That which has been given must be used; that which emerges from within the given mode will find its place within the healer’s plan. That which is hidden must be seen and from the three, great knowledge will emerge. For these the healer seeks. To these the healer adds the two which are as one, play its part and the five must function as if one. The energies descend, pass through and disappear, leaving the one who could respond with karma yet to dissipate and taking with them him who may not thus respond and so must likewise disappear. Interpretation:

The person who is indicated for this technique (see below) must also be using appropriate physical care as applied by the medical therapist of the patient’s choice, or recommended by the healer. The healer must hold the following triangle: ajna (which is receptive to fifth ray energy), throat centre and alta major centre (the five centres in one) or heart centre (as this is the last centre of transference to ajna) (healer is to feel which of these two centres is right for the particular patient). Group therapy and social involvement is important for right healing. Ray V causes of disease: Keynote: Cleavage. Soul symptom: Over-analytical and Critical; Detachment. Soul calling for: Understanding leading to Identification; Revelation of the Way; Manifestation of the Great White Light. Other connections: Mind; the Scientist; Law of Fixation; Law of the Lower Four; Power to make the Voice of the Silence Heard.

Indications of fifth ray activity requiring the fifth ray technique: Cleavages (psychological), mental disorders, dyslexia/catatonia, insanities, brain lesions, migraine, metabolic diseases (blockages), cancers (types), imbecilities, retardation, senility, antisocial behaviour, psychopaths, over-analysis, excessive doubt, rigid atheism, classism, separativeness (eg racists), irreverence, excess objectivity, rigidity, narrowness, harsh criticism, social awkwardness, associative disassociation states (ie. believing themselves to be someone else, e.g. as a child). Initiation: The Third, Transfiguration. Statement: I mastered energy for I am energy itself. The Master and the mastered are but One. Ray Word of Power: Three minds unite.

RAY VI TECHNIQUE (Sagittarius; lesser influence on Virgo and Pisces)

Cleaving the waters, let the power descend, the healer cries. He minds not how the waters may respond; they oft bring stormy waves and dire and dreadful happenings. The end is good. The trouble will be ended when the storm subsides and energy has fulfilled its charted destiny. Straight to the heart the power is forced to penetrate, and into every channel, nadi, nerve and spleen the power must seek a passage and a way and thus confront the enemy who has effected entrance and settled down to live. Ejection – ruthless, sudden and complete – is undertaken by the one who sees naught else but perfect functioning and brooks no interference. This perfect functioning opens thus the door to life eternal or to life on earth for yet a little while. Interpretation:

This techinique is also for healing (life) or help the dying. I might also say that this technique may be employed alongside the Fertility Triangles (#27), for it can “open the door… to life on earth.”.9. DK recommends that people who have a sixth ray soul do not use this technique – it is too drastic and potent. The healer is called on to build the following triangle: head centre (open to the sixth ray energy; “let the power descend”), down to the solar plexus centre (“cleaving the waters” of the astral glamours and perversions), to the heart centre (from which the energies will be distributed to affect the whole body, channel, nadi, nerve and spleen). Therapy to include Taste Triangle, help towards right discrimination and creativity, heart activities (to evoke compassion), singing. Ray VI causes of disease: Keynote: Perversion. Soul symptom: Cruelty and Sadism. Soul calling for: One-pointed Purpose and Devotion to the Ideal; Restraint. Other connections: Taste; the Devotee; Law of Love; Law of Service; Power to Kill Out Desire.

Indications of sixth ray activity requiring the sixth ray technique: Sexual diseases, sexual perversions and misuse, sexually transmitted diseases, sadistic cruelty, impulsive rape, violent sex, sexual abuse, rigid idealism, emotionalism, selfish love, jealous love, dependency, unreasoning devotion, masochism, excess, mania, sex cults, cannabalism, genetic engineering leading to perversion, self-immolation.

Initiation: The Second, Baptism. Statement: I am the seeker and the sought. I rest. Ray Word of Power: The highest light controls.

RAY VII TECHNIQUE (Capricorn; lesser influence on Aries and Cancer)

Energy and force must meet each other and thus the work is done. Colour and sound in ordered sequence must meet and blend and thus the work of magic can proceed. Substance and spirit must evoke each other and, passing through the centre of the one who seeks to aid, produce the new and good. The healer energises thus with life the failing life, driving it forth or anchoring it yet more deeply in the place of destiny. All seven must be used and through the seven there must pass the energies the need requires, creating the new man who has for ever been and will for ever be, and either here or there.


The interpretation and use of this technique involves the holding of the following triangle: the centre in the healer corresponding to the patient’s soul ray (e.g. if the patient is soul ray two, the healer holds the heart centre in him/her self) (this centre must be opened up to the energy of the Lord of the Seventh Ray). This centre then radiates out in two directions (the other points in the triangle): to the heart centre in the head (life thread; energy-spirit); and to the base centre (force, personality, substance). These two latter points link all the seven centres producing the new and good – the new man). Therapy to include work with rhythms (dancing, music, drumming), sequential activities.

Ray VII causes of disease: Keynote: Promiscuity. Soul symptom: Stickler for Time; Haste; Frustration. Soul calling for: Rhythmic Living; Orientation. Other connections: Hearing; the Ritualist; Law of Sacrifice and Death; Law of Group Progress; Power to Create and to Cooperate; Power to Vivify.

Indications of seventh ray activity requiring the seventh ray technique: Infectious diseases (slow as well as bacterial or fungal), auto-immune deficiency syndrome (AIDS), chronic fatigue syndrome (see also Ray IV), parasites, candida (fungus), bacterial conditons (eg vaginitis), heart disorders (astral only), tumours (astral only), cysts, fibrocystic diseases, various types of hypertrophy, leprosy, rigid order, overconcern with rules, subserviant to habits, bigotry, perfection, sex magic, addictions to occult phenomena, perversions of magical processes and rituals, lack of originality, dishonour of other life-forms (genetic work on plants and animals), SIDS (sudden infant death syndrome), exclusive cults, electromagnetic pollution.

Initiation: The First, Birth. Statement: The creative work is over. I, the Creator, am. Naught else remains but Me. Ray Word of Power: The highest and the lowest meet. FOOTNOTE. The two highest initiations have not been included in the seven ray qualities as they involve groups of rays, as follows: the Eighth Initiation of Transition involves all the Rays of Attribute. The Ninth Initiation of Refusal (Choosing a Path) involves all the Rays of Aspect.

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The Healer in the New Age

“The healer in the New Age does not and will not work directly with the physical body at all; being an occultist, he will regard that body as not a principle. He works practically entirely with the etheric body and with the vital energies, leaving those energies to make their impact on the automaton of the physical body according to directed intent; they will then produce their effect according to the response of that body, conditioned as it will be by many factors. The healer has to think clearly before he can bring about the desired results, but the energy poured into the patient’s vehicle is not mental energy, but one of the seven forms of pranic or life energy. This travels along the line of force or the channel which relates and links all the centres and connects those centres with the glands.” – Djwhal Khul

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