United Nations – Which Horoscope?

“The term United Nations was originally used during World War II to denote those countries that were allied against the Axis powers (Germany, Japan, and Italy). A conference at Dumbarton Oaks an estate in Washington, D.C., was the earliest attempt to permanently establish this United Nations. Representatives of the “Big Four” (United Kingdom, United States, U.S.S.R., and China) met there from Aug. 21 to Oct. 7, 1944, to draft some preliminary proposals, which were later discussed and more clearly outlined at the Yalta Conference in February 1945 by the Allied war leaders Winston Churchill, Joseph Stalin, and Franklin D. Roosevelt. The proposals, supplemented by these three leaders’ decisions, formed the basis of negotiations at the United Nations Conference on International Organization, held in San Francisco two months later; the resultant Charter of the United Nations was signed in June and came into force on Oct. 24, 1945.” (Britannica)

“The three months of March, April and May in this year [1945] mark a moment in time of major significance in our planetary history. I refer to the Easter Full Moon, celebrated on March 28th, the Wesak Full Moon, which falls this year on April 27th, and the Full Moon of June—Christ’s “Unique Occasion” as it has been called—which falls on May 26th. From the standpoint of both the Hierarchy and Humanity, the events during these few weeks of spiritual and mundane import (focussed through these three Festival Moons of Aries, Taurus and Gemini) will be of stupendous effect. What is done during this time by the Members of the spiritual Hierarchy of our planet (Who face a major test of Their hierarchical power, not a test of Their love), what is accomplished by the disciples working in the world at this time, and also by the New Group of World Servers, can and will determine the destiny of man for centuries to come.” (EOH445)

The last year of the war certainly was of “major significance in planetary history”. It saw the end of the war, the formation of the United Nations and the dropping of the atomic bomb.

Meetings had been convened in San Francisco from April 1945 to June 1945. During the five day period of the 1945 Wesak full moon (April 27, 1945), the full weight of the Hierarchy focussed:

“It was realised that there was an ascertainable measure of hemispheric unity upon which statesmen could count and thus a foundation could be created for the far more difficult international conference to be held in San Francisco.  Not for nothing, brother of mine, is this conference being held during the five days of the Wesak Full Moon [1945].  It will be a time of supreme difficulty in which the Forces of Light will face what I call ‘the forces of selfishness and separativeness’. . . . Subjectively speaking, the conference will be under the direct influence of the Hierarchy.

The consequent stimulation of both the selfish and the unselfish aspects will evoke a tremendous emotional and mental potency.  It is, therefore, essential that all aspirants and disciples throw the weight of their spiritual development and the light of their souls on the side of the forces which are attempting to plan for the good of humanity, and who regard the welfare of the whole as of far greater importance than any national situation or demand . . . A supreme effort will be made by [the Buddha and the Christ] this year during the five days of the Full Moon (April 25-30) and a major test of the effectiveness of Their activity will be given at the San Francisco Conference.” (EOH450,464)

Therefore, at the following full moon of Gemini, the consolidation of forces mustered in Taurus, were given a tremendous boost by the release of the Great Invocation, “which hitherto had not been permitted to be used except by the most exalted, spiritual Beings.” (ROC31) It was also at this time that the Christ set himself the date for his return.

This gives the United Nations organisation quite a pedigree. The Wesak horoscope may be more subjectively accurate than the others for the convening, ratification of the charter signing in June, or the commonly used UN chart for October 24, 1945. Although they will all ‘work’ in expressing the various steps along the way.

Wesak 1945
The T-square of Sun/Moon and Pluto indicate the awesome power and massive transformation and regeneration that the world aspirants (Taurus) and the world disciple (Scorpio) were to undergo. Pluto ruling the ninth house of higher principles and ethics indicates where that field of transformation lay –  the higher mental plane through negotiation, conferences and dialogue. It also indicates the selfish abuse of power that could come about as a result of stimulation at that full moon time.      The Ascendant in the last degree of Aquarius is also most potent, indicating the Aquarian Age to come. It was only a several weks later that the Christ:

“…definitely and consciously took over His duties and responsibilities as the Teacher and Leader during the Aquarian solar cycle. He is the first of the great world Teachers to cover two zodiacal cycles—the Piscean and the Aquarian.” (ROC82)

Uranus, exoteric ascendant ruler, is placed in Gemini conjunct the fourth house cusp indicating the forward thinking and innovative communications that the family of humanity would have to engage itself. This ‘family of humanity’ theme is further borne out by Saturn’s placement in Cancer, and the “sacrifices and pains, in order to salvage the lives with which it had an affinity” (EA342).

Conjunct Saturn is the Moon’s node in Cancer, which is also conjunct Sirius, indicating the development of sympathy and compassion in the human family, according to higher guiding principles.

1945 Wesak’s progressed Saturn is going over this point now, and only half a degree from natal Sirius – opening up the possibility for dialogue that gets something done.

1945 Wesak chart has Uranus  going over this last degree of the Aquarian ascendant on and off until the end of 2003, so there should be reflected some major changes accordingly. Therefore the Aquarius rising potential of this chart may start to wax to its true potency soon – and not before time, the UN must come into its true power. The progressed Moon in the 1945 Wesak chart is at the same degree as the 1945 Gemini full moon, which in turn is conjunct the Gemini full moon eclipse of 2002, signalling perhaps a revival of the forces which the Buddha and the Christ initiated in 1945.

Transiting Saturn is now going over progressed UN Uranus, a most promising conjunction. When Aung Sun Suu Kyi was released recently, she had the same transit going on. (See essay at www.esotericastrologer.org) In fact, her release may be a sign of things to come world wide we would hope.

Another landmark in the development of freedom was the Magna Charta of June 15, 1215. Sirius is on the Sun/Venus/MC in that horoscope. The progressed Moon of the Magna Charta chart has reached the same degree as the Moon in Wesak 1945 chart. The long line of progressive liberations is reaching a point of synthesis.

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