Water Moons and Boundaries

As the Moon moves into Pisces for the next few days, one is reminded of the need for awareness of personal boundaries for water moons – physical and psychic. Very broadly and somewhat superficially speaking, a Pisces Moon is blissfully unaware that they have transgressed someone else’s boundary or that theirs has been invaded.

A Scorpio moon is usually more exorcisive with its Mars-Pluto rulership. Cancer can be extremely subtle and manipulative. Both water and the Moon are connected to the astral body, the unconscious and the instinctual nature, which, if not under control by the mind, creates problems with boundaries in human relationships.

Of course, everyone is at a different stage of unfoldment, so what holds true for one person and their moon position may not even be on the radar for someone else. Once the ‘lunar elementals’ have been ‘tamed’ and transcended, the planet ‘veiled’ by the Moon starts to come into greater expression – Uranus, Neptune of Vulcan, depending upon several factors. Does anyone know where I can get some ‘elemental tamer’, at the health food shop perhaps?

Bear in mind that there are still a few weeks to go, of the Sun moving through Gemini. Hence many opportunities to resolve the pairs of opposites through rightly relating; opportunities of resolving conflict – personally, racially, culturally. Particularly so with the exoteric and esoteric rulers of Gemini – Mercury and Venus –  in their own sign – conjunct Jupiter in Gemini – displaying as a lovely star triangle in the west every evening lately. Jupiter is the ruler of the love-wisdom ray and Gemini is one of the most powerful conduits for the second ray – le coeur conquers!

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