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The Search for Truth in the Matter of Channeled Esoteric Writings (Parts 1-5)

The Search for Truth in the Matter of Channeled Esoteric Writings (Part I) – Michael D. Robbins (15-6-2016) The Search for Truth in the Matter of Channeled Esoteric Writings (Part II) – Michael D. Robbins  (19-6-16) The Search for Truth in the Matter of Channeled Esoteric Writings (Part III) – Michael D. Robbins  (20-6-16) The Search for Truth in the Matter of Channeled Esoteric Writings (Part IV) – Michael D. Robbins  (21-6-16) The Search for Truth in the Matter of …

Roberto Assagioli (FCD)

1. The meaning of the ‘Developmental Formula’, “FCD”, is “Freedom from Ties”, “Chelaship” and “Detachment. We note that “Freedom from Ties” is placed in italics for emphasis and thus it was the most important developmental keynote. 2. FCD was Dr. Roberto Assagioli, an important Italian psychiatrist who founded Psychosynthesis—a system of psychological analysis, synthesis and therapy which is best understood within the context of Transpersonal Psychology—the “fourth force” in the modern psychological science. He was also an early pioneer in …

The Jewish Group: D.K.’s Letters to Roberto Assagioli (FCD)

Some letters from D.K. to F.C.D. with unpublished portions The following material was extracted from the commentary by Michael D. Robbins on the instructions given by the Master Djwhal Khul to the disciple F.C.D. and published in the book Discipleship in the New Age, Vol. II. This commentary is available at Makara homepage ( The first of the following three letters is preceded by Michael D. Robbins’s words: “In the following letter, some portions of letters to FCD which, for …

Ludwig von Beethoven

Ludwig Van Beethoven, German Composer Ludwig Van Beethoven, German Composer: December 16, 1770, Bonn, Germany, 1:29 PM, LMT (Kraum correcting Eschelman; also from Marc Penfield), 1:00 PM, LMT (March) 3:40 AM, LMT (Eschelman from Lyndoe); 4:11:40 AM (Jansky). The Ascendant is arguably Taurus or Scorpio. There are, in fact, reasonable arguments for both the Scorpio and Taurus rising charts. Died March 26, 1827, Vienna, Austria “Lyndoe in AA, 5/1970.  Kraum in AA, 12/1970, corrected that to 1:29 PM as, “the …

Seven Solar Systems

(With Commentary by Michael D. Robbins) 1. The Sevenfold Word of the Seven solar systems “9. The Great Word of our solar system keys in, if it might be so expressed, with other Words, and is but one Word of the sevenfold Word, known to that great Existence Who stands in the same relation to the Solar Logos as the latter does to the Planetary Logos.  The sacred Words of seven solar systems (of which ours is but one) make …


(Michael Robbins and Phillip Lindsay) MR: I believe it is profitable to bring the Sun to the natal ascendant. AAB with a 9 degree Leo natal ascendant should have the Sun advanced to the same degree, and all planets and points advanced to their respective degrees. The Sun sign is a subset of the Ascendant. PL: OK, I was interested to get this feedback re the presentation of such charts. It means then that the outer life can be seen …

Mozart: Composer, Musical Genius.

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart—Composer, Musical Genius January 27, 1756, Salzburg, Austria, 8:00 PM. (Source: According to LMR, a letter from his father in a biography by J.G. Prodhomme) Died before 1:00 AM on December 6, 1791. (Ascendant, Virgo; Sun, Mercury and Saturn all conjunct in Aquarius; Venus also in Aquarius; Moon conjunct Pluto in Sagittarius; Jupiter in Libra; Uranus in Pisces conjunct Descendant; Neptune in Leo) The presence of the fourth ray, as Mozart’s soul ray, is indisputable. The Aquarian potential …

Charlemagne: Holy Roman Emperor

Charlemagne Charles the Great: Holy Roman Emperor April 2, 742, Aachen, Germany. (Speculatively 12:30 LMT, according to Marc Penfield). Died, January 28, 814, Aix-la-Chapelle, or Aachen, Austria. (Ascendant, Leo with Saturn in Leo, H1; MC in Aries with Sun, Venus and Jupiter all conjunct in Aries, Sun and Venus loosely conjunct to the MC; Moon in Capricorn; Mercury in Pisces conjunct Chiron; Mars in Gemini; Uranus in Aquarius conjunct Descendant; Neptune in Taurus; Pluto in Libra) Charlemagne was the grandson …

Bismarck: Statesman, “Avatar” of Materialism.

Otto Von Bismarck: Statesman, “Avatar” of Materialism, Founder of “Real Politik” Michael D. Robbins © 2003 (1815-1898) April 1, 1815, Schoenhausen, Germany, approximately 1:30 PM, LMT. (Sources; Sabian Symbols, and Notable Nativities. Birth was recorded between 1:00-2:00 PM. Also McEvers Quotes Lyndoe in American Astrology, November 1967, “drawn for a family member”.) Note: It is conceivable that the birth occurred before 1:15 PM, LMT, which would have placed military and militant Aries on the MC, with its ruler, Mars, rather …

Great Wheels: “Solar Systems and Constellations

(What DK has said about the Bigger Picture) (Version 1: With Some Commentary) “Solar Systems and Constellations as Planetary in their Motion: “The orbital path of the solar system in the heavens around its cosmic centre is now being sensed, and the general drift also of our constellation is being taken into consideration as a welcome hypothesis. Scientists have not yet admitted into their calculations the fact that our solar system is revolving around a cosmic centre along with six …

Mercury through the Zodiac Signs

First Track: A systematic and incremental approach to the study of the esoteric (and even hierarchical) meanings of the planets in the “signs”.

Metaphysics of Why Astrology Works

(Speculations— Very Much In Process) The Mathematical Perspective 1. In cosmos, there exist entities of all grades and orders, and in all dimensions. 2. There are, it is hinted in the Old Commentary, ten major dimensions. Within these dimensions (most of them entirely intangible to man, imprisoned as he is on the cosmic physical plane), entities live and move and have their being—i.e., they express their natures. 3. A fundamental axiom: the qualitative nature of all entities can be expressed …

Vulcan through the Zodiac Signs

Vulcan in Aries: Vulcan has a natural relationship with Aries through a fivefold relationship: Pointer 2, Aries, Earth, Vulcan, Pluto. What is the nature of the “divine design” being inwardly forged in the life?

Seven Constellations

1.  Our Solar System One of Seven “Constellations” – hid in a threefold mystery: a. The mystery of electricity. b. The mystery of the seven constellations. c. The mystery of the ONE ABOVE THE LOGOS.” (TCF 269) 2. The Relationship of Our Solar System to the Seven constellations: “This energy, or electrical manifestation, this “mystery of electricity” to which H. P. B. refers,50 is the foundation of all manifestations, and lies back of all evolution.  It produces light in ever-growing brilliancy; …

Friedrich Nietzsche: Philosopher

Friedrich Nietzsche – Philosopher: (1844-1890) October 15, 1844, Rocken, Germany, 10:00 AM, LMT. (Source: Sabian Symbols), died August 25, 1900, Weimar, Germany. (Ascendant the last degree of Scorpio; MC, Virgo with Mars in Virgo conjunct the MC; Venus is also in Virgo, conjunct Chiron; Moon rising in Sagittarius; Mercury in Libra widely conjunct Mars; Jupiter in Pisces conjunct IC, widely conjunct Uranus in Aries; Saturn in Aquarius; Neptune in Aquarius; Pluto in Aries exactly opposed the Sun) It can be questioned, …

One About Whom Naught May Be Said (OAWNMBS)

Becoming One with the Logos: Man becomes one with the Logos through the instrumentality of One About Whom Naught May Be Said. (IHS 19) Commentary: I do not believe that the instrumentality of the great OAWNMBS is needed to make a man one with the Logos. Note that there is no article, “the”; the Being here referred to is simply One About Whom…etc.”A Great Word of Power Committed to the Logos by the OAWNMBS: “When it is said that the …

Descartes: Philosopher, Mathematician, Scientist.

Rene Descartes: French Philosopher, Mathematician and Scientist (1596-1650) March 31, 1596, Le Haye, (now called, “Descartes”).  France, 2:00 AM, LMT (Source: Barbault who believes he had Capricorn rising. Old File gives 2:15 AM, LMT.) A time of approximately 1:54 AM would appropriately place his Sun in the third house, but there are other equally important considerations which suggest a time slightly later than 2:00 am.. A time of 2:04:48 chosen as suggested rectification. Died of pneumonia, on February 11, 1650, …

Esoteric Astrology Interpretation

Probably each of us questions how we may best approach an esoteric interpretation of the astrological chart. I wonder how many of us have even interpreted our own charts in a truly esoteric manner, in keeping with the many suggestions and hints which the Tibetan has given, and in relation to that point on the Path of Return we may be treading. I was reviewing the Sagittarius chapter in Esoteric Astrology, pp.186-187. It is quoted in full below. I will …

Alice A. Bailey Books: FAQ

The books of DK and AAB are called the “Blue Books”. Eighteen of them are written by the Tibetan collaborating with AAB; five are written by AAB herself. One book, The Light of the Soul, which is an exegesis of the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali, was a shared effort in a different way; the Tibetan Master provided a translation of the ancient aphorisms, and AAB, on her own, provided commentary.

Teilhard de Chardin: Jesuit Priest, Philosopher, Mystic.

Teilhard de Chardin: Jesuit Priest, Paleontologist, Geologist, Philosopher, Visionary Mystic. May 1 1881, Orcine, France, 7:00 AM, LMT. (Source: Gauquelin) Died, April 10, 1955, New York City. (Ascendant, Gemini with Moon in Gemini in H12; MC, Aquarius; Sun conjunct Venus and Neptune, all in Taurus in H12, with Pluto also in Taurus; Jupiter conjunct Saturn in Taurus, both widely conjunct the Taurean Sun; Mercury in Aries; Mars in Pisces; Uranus in Virgo) Pierre Teilhard de Chardin was both a distinguished …

Tennyson: Poet Laureate

Alfred Lord Tennyson: —Poet Laureate of England August 6, 1809, Somersby, England; 12:05 AM LMT. (Source: Sabian Symbols and Notable Nativities; also from him —“a few minutes after midnight”) Died, October 6, 1892, Aldworth, England. (Ascendant Gemini with Venus in Gemini rising and the Moon also in Gemini; MC, Aquarius; Sun, Leo; Mercury, Cancer; Mars conjunct Uranus in Scorpio; Jupiter, Aries; Saturn in Scorpio conjunct Neptune in Sagittarius; Pluto, Pisces) Alfred Tennyson was one of the England’s greatest poets, the …

Richard Wagner: Composer

Richard Wagner: Composer, Music-Dramatist, Author Michael D. Robbins © 2002 May 22, 1813, Leipzig, Germany, about 4:00 AM, LMT. There is a rectification to 4:11 AM LMT by Bailey from “sunrise” given in a biography by A. Ellis. Appears in BJA 10/1928. The author proposes consideration of another rectified time of 4:02:35 AM. Several charts are shown, each having different features worthy of consideration. Listed below are four charts for Richard Wagner. They are as follows: The chart for 4:02:35 …

Spinoza, the “Gentle Philosopher”.

Baruch Spinoza (the “Gentle Philosopher”, the “God-intoxicated Philosopher”) December 4, 1632, Amsterdam, Holland, 4:00 PM, LMT. (Source: Marc Penfield who references Matthews who gave Spinoza Gemini rising). Died, February 21, 1677   (Chart Referenced: Ascendant, Gemini; Sun in Sagittarius, with Mercury conjunct Saturn also in Sagittarius; Moon and Uranus in Virgo; Venus conjunct Mars in Capricorn; Jupiter conjunct Pluto in Taurus; Neptune in Scorpio) Again we are faced with the possibility of two or, perhaps, three charts. A date of …

Alice A. Bailey: Amanuensis for The Tibetan

Ascendant, Leo, with Mars rising in Leo from H12; MC, Aries with Jupiter in Aries conjunct the MC, H9, and Saturn also in Aries; Sun in Gemini with Venus in Gemini; Moon in Libra; Mercury in Cancer; Uranus in Virgo; Neptune and Pluto in Taurus; NN in Capricorn)

Socrates: Greek Philosopher, Teacher of Plato.

Socrates—Greek Philosopher, Teacher of Plato May 20, 467 BC, birth place unknown, but proposed as Athens. There is insufficient data given to do anything but cast a chart for around noon. (Source: Maurice Wemyss who references the ancient records that Socrates was born on the 6th Thargelion in the 4th year of the 77th Olympiad—according to Stanley’s History of Philosophy, equated with May 20, 467 BC O.S.). Using approximately that time, the Ascendant could be either late Leo or early …

Twelve Zodiac Signs & Constellations

Twelve Signs of the Zodiac (Considered as a Unit and not Individually) The Twelve Zodiacal Signs The Twelve zodiacal constellations The Twelve Constellations of the Zodiac 1.       The Great Round of the Zodiac: “In the Occident we have for long thought in terms of the “Lamb, slain from the foundations of the world,” and in this statement lies a profound astrological truth. It refers to that great round of the zodiac (a period of approximately 25,000 years) in which the …

Zodiacal Wheels

(Dialogue between Michael Robbins and Phillip Lindsay) MICHAEL: “When we state, for instance, that the Sun is ‘in Aries’ it conveys an esoteric truth but not an exoteric fact. The Sun was in Aries at the beginning of this great cycle, but is not in exactly the same postion when it is ‘found’ in that sign” But the “esoteric truth” is that, somehow, even though there is no *exoteric alignment*, the energy of the *constellation* Aries is, nevertheless, being transmitted …

Sun Sign: A Compilation

The Sun Sign Compiled and highlighted by Michael D. Robbins 1.       Personality Ray of Nation Related to the Sun sign of That Nation: “I will give you two signs for each country.  One will be the emerging influence which will govern the ego or the soul of the country or nation, and the other that which governs at the present moment the personality ray of the individual country, and so conditions the masses.  Forget not that the soul of the …

Fixed Star Mythology

Star Myths: Compiled by Michael D. Robbins. The Fixed Stars STAR CONSTELLATION 1. SIRIUS CANIS MAJOR 2. ARCTURUS BOOTES 3. SPICA VIRGO 4. ALDEBARAN TAURUS 5. ANTARES SCORPIO 6. RIGEL ORION 7. BELLATRIX ORION 8. BETELGEUSE ORION 9. SAIPH ORION 10. MINTAKA ORION 11. ALNILAM ORION 12. ALNITAK ORION 13. PROCYON CANIS MINORIS 14. POLARIS URSA MINORIS 15. CANOPUS CARINAE                         FOMALHAUT                                  PISCES AUSTRALIS SCHEAT                                           PEGASI CASTOR                                          GEMINI POLLUX                                           GEMINI REGULUS                               LEONIS DENEBOLA                                      LEONIS VEGA                                               LYRAE DENEB                                              CYGNUS ALTAIR                                            AQUILA TOLIMAN  (BUNGULA)         CENTAURI HADAR (AGENA)                            CENTAURI …

Abraham Maslow: Psychologist

Abraham Maslow was the “Father of Humanistic Psychology”. He introduced, first, the concept of the Third Force in psychology—Humanistic and Existential Psychology, and then, towards the end of his life, the concept of the Fourth Force in psychology—“Transpersonal Psychology”. Many of us involved with the Ageless Wisdom and the New Age Movement, owe a great debt of gratitude of Maslow’s creative thinking and to the unrelenting positivity which developed in his consciousness once he realized that possibilities connected with the “farther reaches of human nature”, the title of a collection of his writings published posthumously.

Dane Rudhyar: Astrologer

Dane Rudhyar was a pioneer (Sun in Aries) in the field of transpersonal astrology, also known as “Humanistic Astrology”. He was deeply interested in the psychospiritual meaning of astrology (evidence of his second ray soul and his Rising Sign, Sagittarius), focussing far less upon the event level of astrology—though he was surely capable of doing so (offering significant rectifications of the charts of many important individuals, including the chart of Alice A. Bailey his close friend and, presumably, ashramic brother).

Eric Fromm: Psychologist

Eric Fromm was a distinguished psychoanalyst and social philosopher. His books were widely read in the 1950’s and 1960’s, especially by those outside academic circles. An unorthodox and eclectic thinker, the scope of his thought included many disciplines. The more orthodox adherents of these schools of these schools of thought invariably found his theories controversial, especially the orthodox psychoanalysts.

Clara Barton: Founder of the Red Cross

Clara Barton was the founder of the American Association of the Red Cross. Her chart demonstrates that she had the initiative, power and compassion to do this. As so many Capricorn individuals, she followed her conscience (Sun, Moon and two synthesizing planets in conscientious Capricorn at the “dharmic point”—the MC), and undertook the necessary strenuous labor—Mars in Virgo, the exoteric ruler of her Ascendant in the sixth house of labor and duty.

Baba Ram Dass

Richard Alpert, also known as Baba Ram Dass was one of the more popular educators, authors and teachers of spirituality during the latter part of the twentieth century. He was academically trained at various universities in the United States and became a professor of psychology at Harvard University. There, he and his friend Timothy Leary were involved in psychological experiments with hallucinogens, for which both lost their positions. Alpert and Leary continued their experimentation with psychedelics but eventually ended their partnership.

Mikhail Gorbachev: Statesman and Political Reformer

Statesman and Political Reformer
March 2, 1931, Privolnoye, Soviet Union, 7:33 AM and 7:53 AM, hypothesized times of birth.

Moses, The Law Giver

Moses The Law Giver (suggested by Alice Bailey in The Labors of Hercules) “It is interesting to note that Mahomet, the founder of the most militant religion, was born in this sign, and legend says that Moses also was born in it; Moses, the lawgiver, and Mahomet, the warrior.” (LOH 36) The identification of Moses and Mahomet with the sign Aries may be entirely the idea of Alice Bailey, and not that of the Tibetan, but since they were in …

Master Morya

Presumably, as He is a Chohan, and as Chohans have achieved the sixth initiation, at which point they become monads in expression, His monadic ray is the first ray of Will and Power. “Morya Remembrance Day” is designated as March 24th, thereby linking Him with the fiery sign, Aries. The type of yoga which Master Morya has promoted is Agni Yoga, the “Yoga of Fire”.

Simon Bolivar: Liberator of South America

Simon Bolivar: Liberator of South America (1783-1830) July 24, 1783, Caracas, Venezuela, 10:00 PM, LMT. (Source: recorded) Died of tuberculosis, December 17, 1830, near Santa Marta, Colombia. If one gives credit to the validity of the Sabian Symbols there is one symbol which is extraordinary evocative and would require a birth from 9:56:04 PM to 9:59:26 PM, because it would read, “A cameo profile of a man in the outline of his country”. (Ascendant, Aries with Mars rising in Aries; …

Johann Sebastian Bach: Master Composer

Johann Sebastian Bach is considered by many to be the greatest composer ever produced by Western civilization. He was the complete master of his musical craft, and knew the deep secrets of harmony and counterpoint as none before or after him. He knew with unparalleled profundity, the mathematics of music; yet for all his technical/quantitative expertise, he composed music of surpassing beauty and poignancy.

John Pierpont Morgan: Financier

John Pierpont Morgan was one the most powerful financiers of the later nineteenth and early twentieth In an era known for socially irresponsible “robber barons”, he amassed a tremendous fortune as a banker, a builder of railroads, and reorganizer of the steel, electric and telephone industries. Interestingly, he was a major source of support to Thomas Edison and Nicola Tesla. For many years he and a small but immensely wealthy oligarchy ruled over America’s major corporations, railroads, insurance companies, securities markets, and banks. He had a passion for organizing and reorganizing industrial trusts creating giant conglomerates such as U.S. Steel, General Electric and International Harvester.

Maimonides: Philosopher, Physician.

Moses ben Maimon, a Jewish philosopher and physician (appointed physician to the court of the Great Muslim leader Saladin), was a true sage and one of the great intellects of history (evidence of the proposed third ray soul).  He was also a linguist and a master of Rabbinic literature, writing fourteen Hebrew volumes, the Mishneh torah, the Rabbinic teachings in their entirety.

Gottfried Wilhelm von Leibniz: Philosopher, Metaphysician.

We are forced to begin our inquiry with some degree of ambiguity. Reinhold Ebertin gives us a time of birth at 6:15 PM, local time, in Leipzig. Gottfried Wilhelm von Leibniz’s father Johann Friedrich Leibniz entered the following notes in his family journal: “On Sunday 21 June [NS: 1 July] 1646, my son Gottfried Wilhelm is born into the world after six in the evening, ¼ to seven, Aquarius rising.” While we have no reason to dispute the time offered by the father (i.e., 6:45 PM), that time certainly does not yield Aquarius as the Ascendant, but rather the 20th degree of Sagittarius rather than the 14th (Ebertin’s presumably rectified time).

John Calvin: Religious Reformer

John Calvin (born Jean Cauvin), was one of the most prominent and powerful leaders of the Protestant Reformation, which was initiated by Martin Luther. Expressing through a temperament utterly in contrast to the bold, rough and colorful, Luther, Calvin, a reticent, logical, controlled and controlling man, systematized the fundamental principles of the Reformation in his massive and authoritative Institutes of the Christian Religion, considered to be one of the most influential theological works of all time.

Herman Hesse: Existentialist Writer, Mystic.

Hermann Hesse was one of the leading psycho-spiritual authors of the twentieth century. For more than half a century (1905-1962) his novels inspired those who sought truth and a deeper sense of their spiritual identity—especially the young. Many of his novels are largely autobiographical, drawn from his life of frequent psychological crisis and suffering, and his progressive understanding of the dynamics of the psyche.

Father Joseph Damien: Missionary to Lepers

Father Damien (the Belgian Roman Catholic Priest, Joseph de Veuster) was a man who gave his life to the care of lepers in a colony at Molokai, Hawaii. He lived a life inspired by selflessness and sacrifice and his work, like that of Mother Teresa and Albert Schweitzer, stands as a radiant example to all who wish to follow in the footsteps of the Christ—“the Man for others”. The name, “Damien”, reminds of the historical Damien, friend of Pythias. Damien was a friend so loyal and so loving, that he rejoiced in the opportunity to offer his own life for the life of his friend.

Annie Besant: Theosophist & Social Reformer

Annie Besant was an English social reformer, author of many definitive theosophical books, president of the Theosophical Society from 1907 until her death in 1933, and president of the Indian National Congress in 1917. She was second only to her mentor, H. P. Blavatsky, in her influence upon modern Theosophy and the Theosophical Society.

Alexander the Great

Born July 22, 356 BC, Pella, Macedonia, between 10 and 12 PM. (Source, Marc Penfield, who cites Die Astrologie, June 1927). Time used, 11 PM. Suggested rectification 11:04:08 PM. The chart must be considered speculative, but well supported by evidence from transits, progressions and directions. Died, June 13, 323 BC, Babylon.

John F. Kennedy (JFK)

Few American presidents have captured the fascination of the world as did John Fitzgerald Kennedy. Forty years after his death, it is still hard to view his life and presidency objectively, and a kind of “mystique” (some would call it “glamor”) clings to his name. Perhaps glamorous Neptune in Leo (the sign of charisma and the heart) so elevated in the natal chart (conjunct the MC) contributes greatly to the optimism, uplifted vision and wistfulness which the name “”President Kennedy”” still awakens.

Finding the Rays in an Individual

It is a big job to find the rays of a person. When I was writing my Tapestry book on the rays, I closely analyzed the rays of seven important people, (an more superficially, many others) and did so with practically no reference to their astrological charts. I did not want to be biased. But I think it important take out the chart before proceeding too far with ray analysis. Some of what one thinks are rays, may have an …

Jeddu Krishnamurti: Sage, Teacher.

Jeddu Krishnamurti was one of the twentieth century’s best known teachers of spirituality. He was personally cultivated at an early age by C.W. Leadbeater and Annie Besant (two leading figures in the Theosophical Society). In their eyes, he was to become the “World Teacher” and, indeed, for a brief period, so we are told, an experiment was undertaken wherein the true World Teacher and Head of the Spiritual Hierarchy, the Christ, overshadowed the boy and attempted to work through him. It was during this period that the book, At the Feet of the Master was produced.

World Crisis September 2001

I would like to offer a few thoughts on esoteric issues which may underlie the imminent world crisis. I will tabulate these thoughts numerically for the sake of clarity and easier comprehension. In offering these ideas, I wish to thank all the thinkers who, from various humanistic, spiritual and esoteric perspectives, have contributed their illuminative thought to the world group over the course of the last week.

Heinrich Himmler: Nazi Leader

Heinrich Himmler was surely one of the most evil and enigmatic of all the Nazi leaders. Those who knew him rightfully feared him even more than Hitler. He served the Nazi cause as supreme leader of the dreaded SS, and, eventually, head of the Gestapo and all German police forces. He was responsible for ordering the deaths of millions—starting with the “blood purge” of 1934 and ending with the systematic murder of Jews, Slavs, Communists, Gypsies, intellectuals, churchmen, etc.—all those who were considered undesirable, racially inferior or dangerous to the Nazi cause.

Dalai Lama XIV

The Fourteenth Dalai Lama, His Holiness, is perhaps the greatest spiritual leader of humanity working upon the physical plane at this time. He carries, and seems effortlessly to transmit, the energy of the Bodhisattva—the energy of Love-Wisdom and of Divine Compassion—the energy of the second ray. Like his predecessors, he is believed to be the incarnation of the Buddha of Compassion, Avalokitesvara. His message is to the all the peoples of the world. He sees humanity as one, for his Sun sign is Cancer, and in Cancer the “whole is seen as one” and the “One Humanity” is known. His message is one of peace and reconciliation—the meeting and cooperation of East and West, and of all those who have, formerly, stood opposed to each other. Thus, is his Ascendant, Libra, demonstrated in practical, world service.