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  1. Paul Brady says:

    Well said about Brazil Phillip. I work with a colleague who’s in Rio for 2.5 weeks while her daughter competes for beach volleyball gold on Copacabana Beach. The whole notion of “elite athletes”, drugs, medal counts, and domination by the USA and China leaves me sickened. A recent TV documentary based on a book about the 1936 Berlin Games gave much insight into the workings of the post war games including the push for “bigger better” extravaganzas, and even the Olympic torch run. Sufficient to say, the documentary suggested a blighted history of the post WW2 games, kick-started by Hitler’s 1936 games. Nice to see Fiji get a gold medal for the 1st time in history, but will it help their country and flow to the people.

  2. Ann Nonymous says:

    Thank you very much Mr. Phillip Lindsay for freely sharing this information, with both those who have money and those who don’t.

    “Everyone who has understood the fundamentals of evolution has the responsibility to transmit his knowledge to some others. In this, the one who transmits the knowledge, whether he is great or not, is subject to the same law: he must pass his knowledge on without violating the freedom of others. The fundamentals of evolution can be realized only voluntarily, and can be applied in life only through the striving of the awakening spirit. Agni Yoga 153.

  3. Very helplful! Thank you Phillip. As a Leo with a Scorpio moon and Aries ascending, I was profoundly affected mentally as I studied your Leo comments.

  4. MCristina says:

    Thank you Phillip for adding the analyzes on Mr. Petit, the comments on raja yoga, and the astrological interpretation on Brazil’s chart.

    The science of the Raja Yoga, is very much needed at this moment, it offers the real cure for dispelling the prevalent glamour. The book by AAB the Light of the Soul, to me is the best one on this science, as it brings a revision by DK on the translation for the West, of the aphorisms of Patanjali. This book is around already for 10000 years and it will be still around for more 7000 years, and it is said it is used even by high initiates.

    What happen in developing countries, needs a different vision understanding, and interpretation from people who broadcast the news abroad…. at the appearance side may have similarities with the developed ones, but it is not at all the same. The security measure (police, military and paramilitary) had the purpose of protecting the athletes, the visitors and the population, and not to show a sanitised image to the world, it is amazing how the foreign media can be mean, and how they try always to look at the downside of things, (in a dual system, and in a dual world/universe, everything has two sides), in a 4th ray organism things can be out of balance, or not. The information of world’s highest murder rate needs to be checked. Of course one can not say that nothing is happening here (and it is happening everywhere), but it is not exactly what is in the news abroad. There are false propaganda from all sides, positive as well as negative, it is very difficult to discern what is really going on… well it is a long story…

    Brazil is a probationary and is going through several test of choice related to the next step, and in spite of all odds, it seems it is going in the right direction, it is kind of being at the Chrysalide stage before becoming a butterfly, a true process of ‘solution’ (dissolution) that precedes transformation; there are very positive signs of it, when one sees them.

    There were at Rio city the representatives of 205 nations, around 11000 athletes plus their trainers and technicians…people from all races and ethnic groups, they all planted a seed (as you mentioned). There happened many moments of true inspiration and uplifting, and the energies focused in the heart centre of the country were steadily used by the spiritual groups to fulfill the purpose of the soul of the nation. When the soul is activated, the conflict is on.

  5. Diane Adams says:

    Dear Phillip,

    I read with great interest your story of Philippe Petit’s accomplishments. While watching the video of his walk across the Twin Towers I had the impression that in addition to his phenomenal balance and concenration he possesed an understanding about the illusion of reality. He looked as if his body fit perfectly within the space of what he was doing at the time in an atomic sense.
    Do you think Philippe has any 7th Ray qualities in his make up?

    I also watched the Touching the Void Video”. It was deeply moving in my energy centers and had me gripping the arms of my chair for dear life. It seemed from the movie intervies that all parties involved in that experience were able to move on in life having had that kind of emotional onslaught.

    Thank you for this evokative addition to you Leo Newsletter.
    With Gratitude,
    Diane Adams

  6. Dear Phillip,

    Thank you so much for this rich contribution of esoteric wisdom and cognitive interpretation of Leo´s characteristics as they apply to our daily phenomena – I particularly like this approach, as a good Virgo personality would. You shared with enormous generosity your knowledge about Philippe Petit and the videos impacted me profoundly. Also thanks to your comments about Brazil, very well commented by MCristina above….I was in Finland during the most part of the Olympic games, but returned in time to see the impeachment process going on in Brasilia, with legal implications that tend to make the needed changes go on at a slower pace: the ex-president was condemned for being irresponsible using public money without the approval of Congress, and subsequently allowed to take any public office, due to an spetacular manoeuver of the Labor Party, led by Lula (Luis Inácio da Silva). This, in turn, makes the mission of the new president Michel Temer, who is presently in China trying to finalize new contracts for Brazil, very difficult. As you said, what is happening to Brazil still is unknown for the world as well as for most of us, Brazilians. Your comments, however, shed enough light to meditate deeply on this important issue in order to define how we can better contribute to the probationary cause, as classified by MCA. The presence of Morya Federation in Brazil was the small seed that was planted this year as well, with the launching of the Meditation Quest Course in Portuguese version, an Herculean feat in the City of Salvador (the Savior).

    With gratitude and praise,

    Tania Belfort

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