One Response to Pisces 2012: Neptune. Slavery. Drugs. Germany. Varuna. Forgiveness.

  1. Patrick Chouinard says:

    “There has been a lot of talk for the last 10 or 15 years maybe, about so-called Gnostic themes in media, movies and books and TV and things like that. Of course, all of the fundamentalists are complaining this is the influence of Satan, and all of the pseudo-esotericists are claiming this is the secret doctrine that is spreading through our media, you know, which is supposed to be a good thing. The reality is, the TV shows, movies, and books are being created by people who just get these ideas, but they do not know where they get the ideas from, they might read some books, but they get an inspiration and they make these stories. Where do they get them? These stories are eternal, these stories are in our blood. They are us.

    The Greeks did not invent Prometheus, and the Jews did not invent Lucifer or Satan. All of these things are archetypes that are inside of us, and when an artist or a creator sits to make something, whether they like it or not or are conscious of it or not, what they make reflects what is inside of them. That is why, when you look at any art form, you are seeing the mind of the one who made it. You are seeing a reflection of that person’s Consciousness; you are seeing their level of being. That is why, when we look at what humanity is creating, we see a lot of very disturbing things. We see enormous violence and all kinds of crude and animalistic behaviors. We see very little virtue.

    That is the level of being that humanity is at now, and the people making these creations. Furthermore, in the last 50 years there has been a great upswing in interest in the secret teachings, since the 1950’s. In the 60’s it really accelerated, where everyone wanted to know about all of the mysticism from the East, or wanted to know about Kabbalah and go into the mysticism of the West, or learn about the mysticism about the Aztecs or Egyptians. A huge ground swell emerged, which is still advancing.

    We see that in all of our media, especially TV and movies and things like that – there is a great interest in what we would call pseudo-esoteric subjects: mysticism, magic, spells, ancient history, Atlantis, other planets and other worlds, fantasies dimensions, all of these science-fiction things, relate to something that is happening in Nature. We are being influenced by the Dionysian Wave, and the new age of Aquarius.

    When the age of Aquarius began, we moved out of the Piscean Era into this new era. The Age of Aquarius is the bringer of secret knowledge, the occult knowledge, and that is why Aquarius is represented pouring out of a vessel; it is the same vessel of Pandora. That vessel contains all of the secret knowledge, the waters from which the woman, the Divine Mother is created. That vessel is Da’ath. So subconsciously, unconsciously, all of humanity is being affected by this stellar influence, and that is why this interest is rising.

    Even in Christian churches they are talking about Meditation and Kabbalah, which 15-20 years ago they would have said “is from the devil.” Now in Christian churches they are practicing Yoga , where 15-20 years ago they would have said it is “from the devil.” They are not conscious of that change; it is because of a stellar influence that is affecting the mind. People are asleep they do not realize, but that is the coming of Aquarius. It is the coming of the knowledge; it is the age that Samael initiated. It is that knowledge that is being poured out in all of the levels, and so people who are creative get inspired from that, without realizing.

    Unfortunately, they take that influence and it is filtered through their mind. So this is why we see a lot of movies and TV shows that appear on the surface to be Gnostic, but are actually Black Magic. There are a lot of shows, movies, books, many many many, thousands upon thousands, but they are all black magic, because they are not being created by pure Consciousness, but by the ego: pride, greed, lust, envy, etc.

    So this idea of Gnostic themes is a little bit of a misnomer, it is a little bit misnamed. The themes emerge in the subconsciousness, and they are being filtered and propagated through the inverted aspect of the mind of the artist. It is kind of scary!

    It is good to understand this though, because it shows that we have a predisposition now, naturally, because this help we are getting from above to learn this knowledge, that is why it is being revealed openly. Partly because the age of Aquarius is beginning, it is also because the karma is such that we need to get it now, to take advantage of it, because time is running out.

    So the TV shows and movies and all of that stuff, truthfully, are completely irrelevant. Some people say that these movies inspire people to look deeper and find the teaching, but I disagree. Movies and TV shows hypnotize you. They feed you the concepts of the mind of the person who made them. What is in that person’s mind? To make money. To become famous. To become recognized, and to be admired. To gain power. To attract the lust of others.

    Where do you find true food for your Spirit? In movies or TV? I do not think so. You will find the true nourishment for your Spirit, inside. Through Meditation, inside, through practice. In relation with others, when you are conscious with others, cognizant. Through upright sexuality. Through service to others. Through comprehending scripture and ancient knowledge. Through learning how to truly love. That is how you nourish your Spirit.
    You can take in entertainment, but be wary and transform those impressions. Do not take them at face value; comprehend it. Take it in, and compare it, make it cognizant in you. Do not just take it in and say, “Oh, beautiful.” Things that appear beautiful, often are not. You can only judge it with your Consciousness awake. Then you will know.”

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