2 Responses to Pisces 2017: New Year Preparation. Lure of the Path. The 777 Incarnations. Revelation of the Real. Albert Einstein.

  1. Jeanne M. Uhl says:

    Fascinating. In depth example of astrology relating to soul progression and of the universe.

  2. Ambrosia says:

    Einstein had not a very nice personality – misogynist, womanizer, leaning heavily on his colleagues (Poincare, Grossmann, Hilbert and his own wife Mileva, etc.) and not bothering to give them proper credit in his publications.
    He mistreated his family, first wife and sick son, left them behind. His second wife and cousin Elsa was no more than a housekeeper for him. He had a lot of affairs while being married (both wives).
    Saint – mystic – Nope – look for Wolfgang Pauli’s chart, if you want to see this.
    Scientist – yes, genius, maybe, but with sociopathic traits, – the shadow of water signs and Neptune and sometimes a badly placed Uranus (his dominator in a bucket chart).

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