2 Responses to Sagittarius 2016: Mars, Glamour, Propaganda and Donald Trump.

  1. Victor Fletcher says:

    For the New York Stock Exchange I believe Saturn’s transit in Sagittarius the fifth house is a wet blanket on the markets.

    The 1929 crash planets were generally in the same place Sept. 3/2015 with the exception that Jupiter replaced Neptune which is now in its own opposite sign Pisces.

    Saturn’s transit to its own sign Capricorn will only see it do a meet-up with Pluto which has already knocked down world banks. What have we to look forward to I wonder.

  2. ann nonomous analyst says:

    Love your work and am very grateful for your contributions. The widely held view that the most important “elections” (and “tabulations of votes”) in the West are legitimate -> assumes that the ruthless, western oligarchy is not in control, that they let the people make such decisions. Most are caught up in that dramatic illusion— very much like those who are plugged into the matrix, asleep and dreaming that their reality is reality. Pls keep up the Great Work!

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