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  1. Excellent understanding and reporting on Putin — references to RT, etc.

    However, you should understand that Crimea is a former province of Russia proper and happy to have returned to a now-Christian nation.

    Khruschev in 1959 tacked Crimea onto his Ukrainian home for more power and influence thereof.

    Kiev coup people have told eastern Russian-speaking citizens and Crimeans to stop speaking Russian as they have done as their homeland language. This is crazy.

    US ambassador Nuland bragged about spending $5 billion to overthrow the democratically elected Ukraine government of 2013. These power-plays of Rothschild zionist bankers is outrageous.

    • RMM says:

      Wonderful and very useful work, thanks, Phillip.
      On Crimea, Putin had this to say:
      “To understand the reason behind such a choice [by the Crimeans, “to rejoin the Motherland”] it is enough to know the history of Crimea and what Russia and Crimea have always meant for each other. Everything in Crimea speaks of our shared history and pride. This is the location of ancient Khersones, where Prince Vladimir was baptised. His spiritual feat of adopting Orthodoxy predetermined the overall basis of the culture, civilisation and human values that unite the peoples of Russia, Ukraine and Belarus. The graves of Russian soldiers whose bravery brought Crimea into the Russian empire are also in Crimea. This is also Sevastopol – a legendary city with an outstanding history, a fortress that serves as the birthplace of Russia’s Black Sea Fleet. Crimea is Balaklava and Kerch, Malakhov Kurgan and Sapun Ridge. Each one of these places is dear to our hearts, symbolising Russian military glory and outstanding valour.” (Speech to Lawmakers in Crimea – http://www.voltairenet.org/article182806.html)

  2. Victoria malev says:

    disagree with the description of Putin. He is definitely a karmic agent, someone who triggers for a better change. But trigger person is not necessary a good person. Creating challenge and making others to change doesn’t determine its own ( trigger person) transformation . He has stamina, smarts, but he is the person of no integrity . Integrity is vast concept and can’t be applied only for a certain behaviors , example: just for international politics, but when it comes to inner politics it’s not there.
    P.S. Big fan of yours. Thanks for your newsletters

    • RMM says:

      Dear Victoria.
      You might like to take a look at this: http://thesaker.is/lets-lay-down-our-arms-my-fellow-oppositionist-letter-from-a-bona-fide-putin-hater/
      Also this:
      Babisky, a journalist at RFE/RL, “a state-run U.S. broadcasting organization”, recalled that in the early 1990s, “after a long period of unanimity imposed by the state, the Russian people were unceremoniously thrown into a world in which literally thousands of ideas competed with one another. In the course of over 20 years, however paradoxical it may seem, an understanding emerged that, in Russia, there are as many opinions as there are people –Communists with their red flags, pie-throwing National-Bolsheviks, libertarians who fight for the rights of the rich against those of the poor, anarchists, monarchists, politicized Buddhists, nationalists, etc.”
      “Russian society proved to so diverse, that only a person who respects others peoples’ freedom, and the right of others to think differently, to believe otherwise, to walk and breathe differently, can live here.”

  3. Edward Brungardt says:

    Phillip, I want to say that your “Scorpio” newsletter is a very valuable document. I follow the large narrative very closely, having the time and net access to do so. You have done a most excellent job identifying, citing and explaining, the current geopolitical factors. Relating them esoterically as you expertly do certainly makes clear the immense conflicting energies and high value stakes the dark and light actors represent. An analysis of this quality deserves wide sharing and i have begun wherever I suspect someone will see and hear what is being explained. Thank you.

  4. Amy says:

    Great unfiltered raw essay. Spot on. Such a relief to get to see one’s loner perception actually written SOMEWHERE! A keeper. Grateful for you, Mr. L. – A. Call

  5. Duncan Firth says:

    Very interesting read Phillip. Useful overall break down of Putin and current world events. Thank you.
    The optimist in me wants to believe what Russia is doing in Syria is to help these people and end the bloody conflict. As any right minded human being would want/ or good leader.
    It was the Russian forces which invaded and finished off the German Army in Berlin April 1945, bringing World War Two to an official end. They also suffered the greatest loss of 27,000,000 deaths. Russia is the underwritten hero of World War Two, not often acknowledged by the West.
    The sceptic thinks it’s simply within Russia interests and an opportunity presented itself in Syria, due to the bloated corporate indecisive nature of the Western leaders, acting like a bunch of spoilt 14 year old teenagers (which they will eventually grow out of). Russia played its hand as a successful super power will do. It’s a bit like Ukraine; it makes no geo-political sense to lose these strategic land buffers/ or strong holds to western expansionism (not without a fight/ or calculation), same applies to Syria. What happens in Syria and Ukraine ultimately threatens the stability of Russia and its empire, due to their strategic geopolitical locations.
    Currently I am living in Autocratic country and what I find the most interesting is that, once the people running the show make up their mind….and if their intensions are good, which does happen occasionally….you actually can get a lot done.

  6. Nila Tadic says:

    Nice to see the other side of the medal. It clarifies many things. Blessings, Phillip.

  7. Birthe Taylor says:

    Thank you Phillip for your amazing insights. For many years my group worked to strengthen the cooperation between Russia, USA and Britain. Let’s hope!

  8. Donna Brown says:

    Yours in an important and much needed voice, Phillip. Thank you for your service.

  9. michelle says:

    you never let us down with your insights Phillip…our minds expand with further awareness….
    As to your earlier comments in the newsletter, it is irrelevant whether thoughts and theories are agreed upon or corrective in statements for us all….. it is our brains ongoing openessness and awareness, that becomes, the modest winner, through your enlightening knowledge and understandings….your value of worth is always much appreciated by me and I’m sure, by many others….take care Phillip under this beautiful full moon

  10. Alvar Antillon says:

    It´s the same for me either English or Spanish. The important result is to receive such formidable information.

  11. Karen says:

    Phillip thank you thank you thank you. Yours is a voice of reason and intelligence in a world sorely lacking both. Your Scorpio newsletter is well worth the read and your service is so appreciated.

  12. Phillip Lindsay
    Phillip Lindsay says:

    Here is an excerpt from an article written by a student of the Ageless Wisdom (http://www.lucistrust.org/books/the_beacon_magazine 2008-9) about Edward Bernays. I particularly like the opening quote:

    Advertising – Its influence on Humanity
    By David E. Hopper

    “The platform of the leading ideologies is not necessarily wrong or wicked; it is the imposition by force and by a police state of an ideology, and its use by powerful men or groups for their own benefit, plus the keeping of the people in blind ignorance so that no free choice is theirs—which is fundamentally wicked and evil.”
    The Rays and the Initiations, p. 744

    One of the most influential people in the 20th century was not a politician, economist, General or scientist but the founder of public relations. Edward Bernays, was the nephew of Sigmund Freud and the founder of public relations in the early part of the 20th century. He took his uncle’s ideas on people’s repressed unconscious and subconscious desires, and changed how the advertising industry operates.

  13. Phillip Lindsay
    Phillip Lindsay says:

    Another pertinent article today:

    (Putin): “The authorities in countries that seemed to have always appealed to such values as freedom of speech and the free dissemination of information – something we have heard about so often in the past – are now trying to prevent the spreading of objective information and any opinion that differs from their own; they declare it hostile propaganda that needs to be combatted, clearly using undemocratic means.”


  14. adam says:


    This is a very good article and quite informative from both a astrological as well as an international relations perspective. If I can add my perspective to the conversation, I will say this:

    Why do dictatorships suddenly collapse?

    From my own viewpoint, dictatorships suddenly collapse due to a catalyst that finds its root in the will of the mass of people being subjugated. Of course, this will is not necessarily based in spirituality, but usually has its roots in economic well-being. Either a dictatorship undertakes economic development, that once achieved, delegitimizes the regime, or a group of people having lost economic well-being and being lorded over by a plutocracy, break under the yoke of economic oppression and thus demand freedom.

    Either way, the changes are brought about through the will of the masses, which change as a result of the changing sea of vibration in which the many live, move and have their being. The reason I bring this up is because the real reason that Russia is having an effect on the US and the nature of the dynamic between these two nations is due to one overarching thing – disciples in each nation that have through their own efforts developed the ability to act as conscious channels of spiritual energy and can therefore elicit the soul ray of each nation, step down hierarchical energies, and feed the masses by “standing in spiritual being”. If it was not for the awakened and aware individuals in Russia and the USA who have fought for their own measure of spiritual success and gained the ability to “remain at the center” we would not see the current dynamic between the USA and Russia.

    Look, the US and Russia share the same personality ray (6), but their soul rays differ (2 & 7, respectively). Nonetheless, their soul rays are intimately a part of Aquarius (724). Even if one takes the names of Russia or even USSR and the name USA and look at the numerology of these names, they all sum to the number 5, which as you are aware is also a ray that is intimately connected with Aquarius. So, there is the mentality (arms race) and this fanatical adherence to ideologies (capitalism vs. communism) that codified the Cold War between these two countries. The USSR collapsed, and in retrospect, I think this may have had a subtle, but powerful effect on triggering the Russian soul ray and lessening the personality ray. The USA, bolstered by the collapse of the USSR looks like it received a temporary dose of the opposite – a strengthening fanatical adherence to its own ideology and a personality driven need to feed its God of War (6th ray Martian influence).

    My own subjective sense is that the 7th ray soul of Russia is now more active than it was 20 years ago and coupled with the increasingly 7th ray energies of Aquarius, the USA is feeling the heat of the friction due to a tidal change in the vibratory sea in which it lives, moves and has its being (bye bye 6th ray). Over the longer term, the 2nd ray soul of the USA will come to the forefront and I see the energy of Russia’s soul aiding in this process, despite the constant stream of damning vitriol present in US media claiming that Russia is the Antichrist. It is just the opposite.

    In conclusion, I am not giving credence to the actions of any leaders of any nation state. I am simply trying to point out that it is the united efforts of individuals learning to stand in spiritual being and remaining centered that is the root of the effects we see.

    So for Scorpio, whose hierarchical ruler is 4th Ray Mercury, the ray of humanity, we can say, We are the Warrior and from the battle We emerge triumphant.

  15. RMM says:

    I understand about “not giving credence to the actions of any leaders of any nation state.” But since, a/c to DK, Russia is expected to play such a central role in human advancement, isn’t it important to know whether or not this country is on course for this role? And how shall we find out if we do not look at the actions of its leaders, as Phillip has done? (Many thanks again, Phillip)
    And we all agree this work is not “political” in the usual sense.
    For mu part, I have satisfied myself that Putin’s ambitions are not of the “egotistical personal” kind – by listening to what he says:
    “I did not become the President of Russia to satisfy my personal ambitions. I do not need [to be popular with US or other leaders] if Russia’s interests are neglected.” (Interview to TASS, 24/11/2014 – http://en.kremlin.ru/events/president/news/47054)
    “I became President [at a time] when the country found itself unwillingly plunged into the chaos of civil war in the Caucasus and facing enormous economic difficulties, the collapse of the social sphere and a huge number of people living below the poverty line.
    I can say to you with all certainty that I did not just take up a job, or merely stepped into this office… I decided for myself that I was ready to do everything I could, to make any sacrifice, in order to restore the country. I made this the main purpose of my life and I decided that my own life in the broad sense, my personal life and interests, had therefore ended.
    Destiny has given me the chance to play a positive role in the history of my people, and I see myself as a part of this people and feel very strongly my connection to them. I have always felt this and I feel it now, and from the moment I made my decision I have subjugated my entire life to this goal.
    So when you ask me when I first had this feeling of being a leader, I can say that I haven’t had this feeling and I don’t have it now. I feel like a work horse that is hauling along a cart filled with a heavy load, and I can tell you that the satisfaction I get from my work depends on how rapidly and effectively I manage to make progress along this road.” (Interview with Time Magazine – Dec 20, 2007, http://en.kremlin.ru/events/president/transcripts/24735)
    Phillip has noted the similarity of Putin’s and Russia’s energy patterns, a fact borne out by Putin’s strong identification with his country:
    “Russia is my life. That is a fact. …I feel a connection with the Russian soil and Russian people and I could never [be happy] anywhere but in Russia.” (Meeting of the Valdai International Discussion Club, October 24, 2014 – http://en.kremlin.ru/events/president/news/46860)
    As these not hopeful signs?

    • adam says:

      HI RMM,

      I appreciate you bringing up a valid point in what I had presented regarding not giving credence to any world leader. I wholeheartedly agree with your assessment that looking at the actions of a leader of a country, as Mr. Lindsay has so kindly elucidated for us, is critical to understanding the path that a country is currently taking. By presenting my comment to the article, I was only trying to draw attention toward a couple of things:

      (1) no head of state will ever appear that is not in at least relative alignment with the will of the masses.
      (2) Since the head of state is somewhat of a symbol or metaphor for the level of awareness of the mass of people over whom the head of state presides, one can then look to the level of awareness of the masses to understand, at least somewhat, international dynamics.

      Remember when the USSR fell apart we had the stumbling happy faced drunkard of Boris Yeltsin in Russia and we had Mr. Reverse the Public Deficit and enjoy sexual favors, Bill Clinton in the USA, who were both the heads of state. Well, what happened to those fuzzy, feel good times? Shambhala in 2000. The dispensation was marked (apologies to not reading Mr. Lindsay’s Shambala Impacts book yet). So, after that we now have new leaders of the USA and Russia who embody 1st ray energies. The USA embodied 1st ray energy as a subsidiary of 6th ray energy, which is why we saw these Spanish Inquisition style tortures happening under Bush and this overt Romanesque worship of War. Russia got its 1st ray dose through Putin.

      Victoria Malev brought up a valid point above regarding V. Putin in an earlier comment. He might appear to be an international panacea in combating what many might consider Zionist plans, but domestically the role of the Russian State in repressing freedom of speech of its own people is egregious. Though some might argue that if it was not for this strong man, then we might see the Russian state overrun with billionaire oligarchs and the situation could be far worse.

      Look, we are at a place in human history where there are now lots of people that do not need to use what is concrete for guidance. Many folks can feel thoughts or read words, and in their decentralized minds flash forth the colors and undulations of energies which Alice Baily so kindly described in her compendium. So here we are now at this place in human history, where yes, world leaders are important, but they are only as effective as the population will let them be. Conversely, they are only as wily as the population will let them be.

      The whole point behind my two posts is only to point to one simple fact. Scorpio is a zodiacal sign that points toward bodhichitta. We fight the inner battle to become decentralized and free from selfish tendencies so that we can become lightning rods due to our ability to remain centered in “essential nature” (before a thought arises) and therefore step-up the vibration of the nation in which we may find ourselves so the prisoners can be free. Beneath the skin of Scorpio lies that rocket fuel which propels one out of the valley of the shadow of death so that we stop saying “me” and become pretty much wholly invested in the well being of everyone – bodhichitta.

      Again thank you HMM for responding to my post! I was hoping to start a conversation so that we can all profit from hearing each others voices.

      • RMM says:

        Hello Adam,
        Yes, I think we should all do some more exchanging on this country and this man and his team of co-workers.
        As regards your point and Victoria’s concern. it is clear that if freedom of speech [FOS] is really repressed in today’s Russia, then it is a very serious indictment indeed, since a/c to DK, this was “the true sin” of the S. Union. Therefore, Putin stands or falls on this test. Which means we as students of the AW should look at this issue very carefully.
        Personally, having read what Putin has written over the years, and followed his speeches and interviews and talks, and watched (through the media) his general behavior with the “common people”, I have come to agree with the assessment of former German Chancellor G. Schröder (Putin’s long-term friend): Putin is a “flawless democrat” (Nov. 2004) (http://www.spiegel.de/international/moscow-mon-amour-gerhard-schroeder-s-dangerous-liaison-a-330461.html)
        But of a democrat of an unusual kind, as we’ll see below – but first these pointers on Russia’s freedom of speech (FSO) as usually understood:
        1. For FOS as a free press, see this description of the Russian media landscape: https://ninabyzantina.wordpress.com/2015/10/06/state-propaganda-realities-of-the-russian-media-landscape/ and also this: http://www.sott.net/article/304753-Are-Syria-and-Russia-more-democratic-than-the-US#
        2. For FOS as political freedom, on needs to realize first of all that the major opposition parties are not the ones that Western mainstream media (MSM) puts forward (Navalny, the late Nemtsov, who never had any power base to speak of), but the Communist Party, followed by the Nationalist Party (LDPR). 2012 elections: Putin: 63.64%, communists: 17.2% (12.3 million votes); LDPR: 6.2%. Both opposition parties seem to be very active on the national scene (the communist party with surprisingly conservative proposals!), but they get zero coverage outside Russia – no doubt to maintain the impression that there is no opposition to Putin. Every year, the President holds a meeting with individual party leaders. (See also ‘Glaziev’ below)
        3. For FOS as street demos, etc., the latest was a demo against the war in Syria (not well attended). However, LGBT demos are forbidden – “to protect the children” from what DK terms “imitative homosexuality.” No persecution of H/S, but clear social disapproval, a consequent ban on public promotion for “this dangerous trait.” (DK)
        4. For FOS for experts and scholars, we have the interesting case of Putin’s aide, economist and politician Sergei Glazyev, and a consistent critic of his policy from the early 2000s (http://www.project-syndicate.org/commentary/why-i-am-challenging-putin) Recently, Glaziev vehemently criticized Russia’s financial policy, even after Putin had defended it on several occasions, expressing his satisfaction with the work of both Central Bank (RCB) and Finance Ministry. But Glazyev, an economist and a politician (co-founder of Rodina party, presidential candidate in 2004), said these institutions were ruining the economy, either on purpose, being unpatriotic, or due to “stupidity” (article title was translated as “Stupidity Is Worse Then Theft” – http://thesaker.is/sergei-glaziev-stupidity-is-worse-than-theft/) Putin said, very well, Sergey Yurievich, put your ideas and strategies on paper, and let’s assess them. The paper (a five-year road map to Russia’s economic sovereignty and long-term growth”, is now out, and it has been said to read like a plan for a “financial WWIII.”(http://www.sott.net/article/302174-Russian-weaponized-default-could-be-the-ultimate-answer-to-Western-aggression ). It is now being hotly debated, having attracted “a firestorm of criticism” from liberal economists,” and presumably more sedate criticisms elsewhere.
        Another constant critic, equally vehement but on the neoliberal side (he is dead against Putin’s social policy), is Putin’s former FM Alexei Kudrin (http://www.ibtimes.co.uk/former-russian-finance-minister-alexei-kudrin-warns-putin-over-populist-policies-1475920) Kudrin is currently Dean of St Petersburg State University and member of the Presidential Economic Council Presidium – which latter position doesn’t prevent him from arguing with Putin very publicly: see “Direct Line with Vladimir Putin”: 2014 (http://en.kremlin.ru/events/president/news/20796)
        Note that these marathon conversations with the people do lead to changes in policy and practice: the criticisms, ideas and suggestions are actually investigated and discussed with government, and new instructions issued based on them. If an idea needs refining, then Putin asks the person or group to work on them and submit them directly to him. (For instance, the Instructions following the 2015 “Direct Line” (http://en.kremlin.ru/misc/49360) took into accounts suggestions and complaints on medical benefits and specialist and special needs care, and measures to keep ferry charges and air travel fees affordable in a particular locality! But most questions only need further explaining, and the inquirer is usually satisfied – after a lively exchange, as with Galina Alekhina’s complaint about the height of dams, or Professor Torkunov on S-300 air defense systems (DL 2014 – http://en.kremlin.ru/events/president/news/20796) or dairy farmer John Kopiski on milk prices (DL 2015 – http://en.kremlin.ru/events/president/news/49261) And there is Ukrainian writer Sergei Lukyanenko who he described his country as a “cursed (or damned) land,” and got a gentle but firm rebuke, and a lecture on the traumas of history and the need to treat Ukraine with understanding and compassion. (DL 2014)
        Is democracy and FOS? I think it’s more than the usual democracy! The people don’t just get to express themselves, but they get heard, and their views and needs are taken into account.
        Does this means that there is perfect democracy in Russia – that the entire leadership functions like Putin, “wholly invested in the well being of everyone”? No. FOS – and freedom tout court – still leaves a great deal to be desired in Russia, but it is not because of “Putin’s repression”. The problem, as Putin sees it, is that civil society is still very weak and largely inarticulate, and unable to put up an intelligent defense of its ideas and interests. This is not due to a lack of education, since Russia tops the list as the most educated OECD country: over half the population has a tertiary university degree (http://www.usatoday.com/story/money/business/2014/09/13/24-7-wall-st-most-educated-countries/15460733/). Russian civil society’s relative lack of political engaged is explained by people’s disempowerment under the Soviet system. However, Putin traces it back to the earlier period of serfdom: there is much truth, he says, in the caricature depiction of the serf mentality, “Let’s wait for the master, he’ll tell us what to do.” (Interview with TASS, 24/11/2014 – http://en.kremlin.ru/events/president/news/47054 , and Time, 20/12/2007, http://en.kremlin.ru/events/president/transcripts/24735)
        A series of measures and initiatives have been taken to develop a more dynamic civil society, but they are frequently misrepresented as “Putin creations”. State-funded press companies or “Presidential” associations and commissions understandably invite suspicion (forgetting that BBC, for instance, is also state-funded), but since private funding by millionaires (e.g. Murdoch) has frequently proved to be even less of a guarantee of independence, we’ll just have to scrutinise the work of these “Putin creations” and decide for ourselves (f. ex. Putin’s discussions with the Presidential Council for Civil Society and Human Rights
        Again, I think this specific issue of FOS is a key test for Putin, and largely determines the extent to which he is in tune with Aquarian values. And given the importance of Russia’s “gift to humanity” as suggested by DK, we should all be on the lookout for any signs of serious curtailment of people’s freedom of thought and speech. I for one see no danger of this at this time. On the contrary, I see a determination to hear the very heart of the people.
        But what I find most interesting (and this has to do with being “wholly invested in the well being of everyone,”) is Putin’s major quality – is his capacity to listen, as during the above-mentioned Direct Line sessions, but especially face-to-face. Lavrov (the foreign minister) once said that Putin “hears” even what is incompletely or vaguely expressed – or even left at the back of the mind. (See “PRESIDENT” – a series of interview with Vladimir Solovyov: Episode 4 – “Developing partnerships” – http://www.liveleak.com/view?i=538_1330504893 – at 06:30 – listening capacity.
        With the ordinary people, Putin uses this faculty in very effectively to communicate with them beyond words – although he still listens to their words and speaks with them at great lengths. His aides think he “over-listens” and “wastes precious time” with the people (because of this he is often late for the next appointment). He never interrupts, no issue raised is too petty for him, and he never leaves a neighbourhood or village meeting, a young people’s association, a gathering of veterans…, until all have said their bit. He frequently tours his immense country, meets so many of such groups that a journalist once asked him why he spends so much time and energy on “meeting babushkas” (“little grannies” = simple folk) – perhaps he distrusts his civil servants’ reports? No, Putin replied, these direct meetings with people in their environment are important for my work. I can get a better sense of the people’s needs, mindset and feelings. (And, like every one of his actions, he also intends this to serve as an example for leaders and everyone else.
        Putin then explains that he has developed a capacity for “feeling” the people’s needs, concerns, attitudes and expectations just by standing among them and watching them – without needing to ask questions. And he finds that this works better with the ordinary, humble people, a fact he attributes to his own modest background and also because he feels himself to be “at one with our country, with our people”, and easily “attuned to their signals.” He had even feared he’d lose this capacity for unmediated communication with the people’s hearts when he became head of state and was thus relatively cut off from them. “But thank God this [sensitivity] is not yet lost, and I am still able to feel [the signals] at once.” (See “PRESIDENT” – Episode 5: “Formation of Personality” – http://www.liveleak.com/view?i=e8c_1430759524#46o3FwRoDx404DwT.99 – from 14:20 –
        Putin then goes on to explain the fundamental importance of this fellow feeling of at-one-ment with the ordinary people, adding that it helps him in his work. And, according to former Finance Minister German Gref, now CEO Sberbank, “the 80%” are indeed attuned to Putin and “can heart and understand him better than “the 20% – the officials and intellectuals. It seems to me that he sees his role as [primarily] that of a defender of the simple people.” (Same episode, from 13:06)
        And this explains why Putin’s approval ratings are. However, it seems that even the 20% have can now “hear” Putin: his approval ratings currently stand at 90%. (I like to link this to DK’s statement: “Russian genius, expressed through its people as a whole.”)
        Does this mean that the entire government machinery is as “wholly invested in the well being of everyone” as Putin is? Obviously not. The Russian bureaucracy drives Putin up the wall – though he sometimes finds their inertia and obstruction “comical.” (http://en.kremlin.ru/events/president/news/46786)
        The major headache for the Russian leadership a particularly vicious form of abuse of administrative power, combined with red tape and procrastination, and corruption and favoritism. In his 2014 (State of the nation) Address to the Federal Assembly, Putin noted the government’s slow progress in changing the frustrating mentality of “the oversight, supervisory, and law enforcement agencies.”
        “Presumption of guilt is still very much alive. Instead of curbing individual violations, they block the path and create problems for thousands of law-abiding, self-motivated people. It is essential to lift restrictions on business as much as possible, free it from intrusive supervision and control.”
        For the set of corrective measures proposed, see http://en.kremlin.ru/events/president/news/47173)
        While it’s obvious that Putin works in a difficult environment, we must also recognize that Russia is a good lab for developing a genuinely people-centred democracy provided Teacher Putin’s lessons and example are understood and applied.
        Lastly, when we say “Putin” we really mean the individual Putin plus his team, some (or perhaps even many) of whom may be even more advanced than him. I am intrigued by this comment on Sergey Ivanov, the head of the Kremlin administration (and a close friend of Putin from their early 20s) a participant in a Valdai Club meeting:
        “… And Sergey Ivanov on the podium: it seemed [that] a live, powerful radiation came from him.” (http://russia-insider.com/en/politics/valdai-putin-identified-fundamental-metaphysical-differences-between-east-and-west-famous)

  16. Very impressive and elaborate description of the hidden forces behind what seems to be going on. This gives profound insights and hope that there is a leader like Putin (Plutin, Ras-Putin, great finds!) who is pictured as a war monger in the western media (certainly in the Netherlands too), who is exactly doing the opposite and who has the strenght and wisdom to do the right things to prevent the world falling into a WW III. Great work Philip! Many thanks. I will spread your newsletter where I believe it can be digested well.

  17. Phillip Lindsay
    Phillip Lindsay says:

    RMM: “Putin uses this faculty in very effectively to communicate with them beyond words – although he still listens to their words and speaks with them at great lengths. His aides think he “over-listens” and “wastes precious time” with the people (because of this he is often late for the next appointment). He never interrupts, no issue raised is too petty for him, and he never leaves a neighbourhood or village meeting, a young people’s association, a gathering of veterans…”

    This is a very interesting statement as Gemini moons are not often good listeners, they tend to want to do more talking than listening. I have always found Pisces the best listener of the zodiac, due to its receptive, absorptive quality. I note Putin has the asteroid Pallas-Athena in Pisces. The asteroids are extremely important and the more I work with them, the more they validate their importance. Pallas-Athena is the warrior goddess born from Zeus’s head and,

    “… represents the wisdom seeker and intellectual pursuits … has a bearing on ‘wake up calls’, sudden changes and shocks … rules a higher understanding of things …one of the symbols of the mind, and prospers intellectual acumen and the cultivation of intelligence. Pallas people tend to be smart and fast, quick on the uptake and quick in action…” (Solar Fire astrology program.”

  18. RMM says:

    Aha! “…Sudden changes and shocks…. smart and fast, quick on the uptake and quick in action…”
    Then this is interesting:
    While answering a question on his handling of the Crimea crisis, Putin explains decision-making method or “style”:
    “You know, I have a certain style of my own that has developed over years. I never take arbitrary decisions, decisions that may entail consequences I can’t foresee. And if I cannot foresee the consequences, I prefer to take some time. It’s like overtaking another car on the road: never try unless you are certain. First, take a good look if the road is clear for the maneuver. But that’s not all. The road may look empty because it goes down in front of you and then up and you may be just unaware of another vehicle speeding in the opposite direction. You have to be absolutely sure that nobody is driving the other way, that you really see the whole road ahead of you. That you are in control of the situation. If you are sure, go ahead.
    Q.: And we are not in the wrong lane at the moment, are we?
    A.: It’s those trying to race us who are in the wrong lane now. We keep driving along ours at a steady speed. If you’ve done everything right, it’s no use hurrying or making a fuss. It is like in the world of sports – which you are so reluctant to join. Certain things are perceived on the basis of the first-signal system, but still with reliance on the previous experience and your understanding of how the situation should evolve, and your reaction must be fast.
    Q: I hear a judo wrestler speaking now. The philosophy of judo leaves no room for hustle and bustle.
    Putin: Basically, yes. But if you indulge in reflection for too long, you will get nowhere. A specific result is a product of not just good research, but of a specific decision, of real action that follows, and not mere reflections on the subject.”
    ”Interview with Tass News Agency – http://en.kremlin.ru/events/president/news/47054%5D

  19. RMM says:

    Regarding Putin and Eastern wisdom, one might add a comment he made on Yoga. Indian PM Modi thanked Putin for Russia’s support of India’s proposal for an “International Yoga Day,” and hoped Putin will also take up the practice…
    Later, a journalist asked Putin whether he had begun his yoga practice. Reply: “Yoga involves development from the physical aspect to the spiritual. Let’s say I’ve been working on the spiritual aspect, but I still have a lot of ground to cover.” http://en.kremlin.ru/events/president/news/49909%5D

  20. Kathleen Sweeney says:

    Phillip. Thank you for such great work! Your assessment is close to mine although mine was not based on the same facts and information about Putin’s horoscope. I am just so glad to know that there is Libra influence in him! He is scary otherwise, but this lessons the blow and gives hope. Thank you for that! Again, a well written and well thought out piece!

    • RMM says:

      “Scary Putin?”
      Thank God! Let’s hope he scares ISIL/Daesh and the other dark forces that are now abroad, threatening the very survival of humanity.
      Against these, may he take an even more terrible aspect!
      The religion-based war that DK warned about is on: Daesh. It has broken out in the “area under a dark cloud” that DK mentioned, precisely around the ME point of “triangle of evil”.
      – There is a war also around the point in central Europe, where a Nazi remnant has remained active since WWII.
      – There is heightened warmongering in the US point of the triangle, which acts as the source and command centre of the evil activities in the other two centres.
      – All this is led by the “neocons” – the current face of Zionism (if you haven’t seen the documentary “War Party” by BBC panorama, now is the time) working with that class of people mentioned by DK and quoted above by Phillip. Russia was then “free from them” and it still is today, after Putin routed their representatives – the “oligarchs”)
      – WWIII, DK says, will be fought (mainly? at first?) on the mental plane: that’s where the major battles of the neocons against humanity are fought. On that plane, the neocons/Zionists seem to have already defeated Western leaders (US and its EU and NATO allies), whose minds they now fully control and “lead by nose” as they wish, including into these otherwise senseless ME wars.
      – By means of a well-oiled propaganda machine, the neocons have so obscured the issues that the people in the West have come to a point where the only people fighting the rising evil in the two “hot points” of the triangle of evil are seen as evil demons: Assad, Rouhani, Nasrallah, Putin – especially Putin, the more powerful of the group fighting for humanity’s survival.
      – Putin is tough (when he needs to be – he has other faces as well), and we should be thankful for that. This war will not be fought by soft, unprogressed Ray II leaders… And if, as DK says, the Hierarchy will not get directly involved in this war, I suppose it means that we now have leaders and influential people in sufficient numbers and inner quality to defeat the dark forces.
      – Have we ever imagined what these leaders might look like? Cute and cuddly? I think not… Scary but fair? More likely.
      (“Cute and tough”: Bashar’s wife Asma al-Assad): https://themarshallreport.wordpress.com/2015/10/06/who-is-al-assad-and-just-how-evil-is-he-and-his-wife-to-syrians/ on video)

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