Heinrich Himmler: Nazi Leader

(Ascendant, Aquarius; MC, Sagittarius with Uranus and Jupiter both conjunct in Sagittarius and conjunct the MC; Saturn also in Sagittarius; Sun in Libra; Moon in first degree of Aries; Mercury in first degree of Scorpio; Venus and Mars in Leo; Neptune and Pluto in Gemini)

(Source: Gauquelin)

HimmlerChair01Heinrich Himmler was surely one of the most evil and enigmatic of all the Nazi leaders. Those who knew him rightfully feared him even more than Hitler. He served the Nazi cause as supreme leader of the dreaded SS, and, eventually, head of the Gestapo and all German police forces. He was responsible for ordering the deaths of millions —starting with the “blood purge” of 1934 and ending with the systematic murder of Jews, Slavs, Communists, Gypsies, intellectuals, churchmen, etc. —all those who were considered undesirable, racially inferior or dangerous to the Nazi cause.

Himmler was the ultimate racist/mystic/idealist. He was educated as an agriculturalist and sought to breed the new “Aryan Superman” just as one cultivates new strains of plants or breeds animals for improved genetic qualities. This selective approach to human genetics (and his intense focus upon the genealogy of his elite SS corps) demonstrated his powerful seventh ray—probably the ray of his soul, though the conditioning presence of the first ray cannot be denied. The following quotation from the Tibetan is relevant for many of the Nazi leaders, no matter what their principal ray:

““the bulk of the egos now in power in Germany are on the first subray of the seven different rays, and hence they are from one dominant angle the transmitters of first ray force.”” (EP I 386)

Himmler was a seventh ray occultist. He had a great interest in astrology, reincarnation, herbalism, and in magic, ceremonial rites, rituals and mystical orders. He was profoundly influenced (as was Hitler) by the periodical, Astara (Hitler was an avid collector), published by the Austrian mystic, occultist, racist, Jorg Lunz—a former monk with a vision of a glorious Aryan future, ruled by occultist priest/kings To this end he formed the Order of New Templars, attempting to revive the ancient tradition of the Knights Templar of the Middle Ages. From Lunz Himmler eagerly absorbed a burning faith in Aryanism, and began, earnestly and methodically, to create, through the SS, a mystical order of “knights” (reflecting, in their highest echelons, the Knights of the Round Table) which would form the elite vanguard of a new Aryan Civilization composed only of those of “pure” Aryan blood. Eventually he created an SS Army (the Waffen SS) of a million men, and an corps of exterminators known as the Death’s-Head SS.

The doctrines of the East propounded by Madame Blavatsky were woefully, distorted materialized, and literalized. “God” was seen as embodied in blood and race, and the most ‘spiritual’ of all quests was considered to be the elimination of all racial “impurities” from the German racial stock which, according to this theory, was the genetic pool containing the greatest concentration of ancient Aryan blood. Eventually, within 120 years (so Himmler confidently estimated) the German people (and especially the SS) would become an entirely regenerated Aryan race, purged of all racial contaminants.

Himmler’s Sun Sign was Libra. His decision (“Let choice be made”) determined life or death (mostly death) for millions. The seventh ray combining with Libra made him interested in the “perfect form” and, indeed, those considered racially pure or qualified were selected according to many superficial, external criteria (seventh ray)—blond hair, blue eyes, and the shape and proportion of head, body and limbs. As well, in the Himmler-sponsored breeding programs for the “new race”, he and his officials determined (especially in relation to the SS) who was allowed to marry (Libra) and who was not. Any bride of a prospective SS member, had to prove her German/Aryan heritage back to the year 1750. Eventually, these marriage restrictions extended to all of German society, in which it was, for instance, forbidden for Germans to marry those with Jewish blood.

Some of Himmler’s Libran qualities were strangely horrifying. He loved music, so it is said (Venus, ruler of Libra, sextile Neptune and sextile Mercury) and sponsored concentration camp orchestras (the performances of which he appreciatively attended). A concentration camp inmate might survive by playing a musical instrument sufficiently well. Further, his refined Libran sensibilities made the mass shooting of thousands of “undesirables” personally distasteful to him. He sought a less crude and objectionable way of eliminating ““sub-human”” groups-—gas!

The sign Aquarius (in its lowest manifestation) is directly associated with the Nazi Party and it was Himmler’s Ascendant. Himmler worked through groups. The formation of the SS as an elite (and standardized) corps of racially superior men is a negative reflection of his Aquarianism. This sign, when combined with the seventh and sixth rays, gave Himmler his passion for mystical “orders”. He purchased an old, romantic yet formidable German castle, renovated it at tremendous expense, and made it the mystical heart of the SS “Order”, conducting occult rituals in its specially re-designed ceremonial chambers and crypts. There he would commune with the “Aryan Race Soul” and with the spirit of Heindrich I of Saxony (of whom Himmler believed he was the reincarnation). King Heindrich I drove the Slavs back to the East in the year 900, and Himmler believed that he and his “holy order” (the SS) had a similar and far grander destiny in the modern world—to protect and defend Aryan Civilization from a great onslaught which could be expected from the East.

There is no question of Himmler’s intense sixth ray, even though, so it appears, he was cold, calculating and self-controlled. Hitler called him, “my loyal Heinrich”. Himmler was fanatical in his pursuit of “Aryan Destiny”. He was guided by a mysterious, old German occultist who claimed to have psychic powers which revealed to him the origin of the true Aryans, some 225,000 years ago, and their irresistible destiny in the modern world. Himmler believed (sixth ray) and followed, fanatically, these beliefs. According to this perverted and mystical ideology, the ancient, occult and psychic powers were lost to the German race by interbreeding with inferior races, and would again, through the most stringent racially selective breeding processes and purging of inferior types, be fully restored. The Aryan “Superman” (latent in the blood of the German race) would be bred into existence. Himmler set himself to engineer this breeding.

It is easy to see evidences of Himmler’s idealism and fanaticism in the chart. Jupiter (the esoteric ruler of the Aquarius Ascendant), is culminating in idealistic, visionary, sixth ray Sagittarius, and conjunct both the MC and Uranus. This indicates the grand vision by which he was possessed. (He was possessed as well by a powerful, evil entity or entities as was Hitler; most of the high Nazis were, in the end, but “shells” through which black magicians on the astral and mental planes expressed their evil designs). The revolutionary nature of this vision (a whole new, idealistic “order”) is indicated by Uranus in Sagittarius. Himmler sought a huge (Jupiter) transformation (Uranus) of society and eventually humanity. This was his perverted dharma (MC and tenth house). It should also be remembered that both Jupiter and, especially, Uranus have potent seventh ray qualities, and, together, would serve as a powerful center of expression for his seventh ray soul. It is also interesting to see that Uranus and Jupiter are both the rulers of his Ascendant, Aquarius—Uranus, exoteric, and Jupiter, esoteric. For Himmler, these two are, indeed, planets of destiny. They are strengthened by sixth ray Mars (conjunct dedicated Vesta) in first ray Leo—trine, and conferring command and egotism (Himmler was a formidable opponent—seventh house), and the Moon in first ray Aries, conferring impulse, eagerness, and a militant and yet obedient attitude. A grand trine in fire signs is thereby created, giving the great confidence (and over-estimation) typical of his character.

Was Himmler a ““disciple””, and is it, therefore, justified to use an esoteric ruler (like Jupiter) in the case of such an individual? He was certainly a disciple of the “Black Lodge”. Further, let it be remembered that until approximately midway between the second and third initiations, it is not known which way a man will “go”. He probably will go on, sacrificially, towards the Spiritual Hierarchy of our planet, following the “Christ-line”. But it is also possible for an probationary initiate of the second degree (“pure” and self-controlled) to reject the way of love and consciously or unconsciously apply for membership in the Black Lodge. Very prboably, Himmler was such an ‘initiate’, and Hitler certainly was. Therefore, esoteric rulers can reasonably be consulted in such cases, although, in Himmler’s case, Jupiter would be powerful anyway because it is found in the sign which it rules exoterically—Sagittarius.

Mercury is in the beginning of deadly Scorpio, giving plot, strategy and the ability to think (Mercury) the deaths (Scorpio) of millions. It is also sextile to his Venus in Leo giving his artistic appreciation, furthered by a sextile from Neptune in Gemini in the house of creativity (H5) and a trine from Saturn in the house of culture (H11). This Neptune position is interestingly placed in the house of “children”. So much of Himmler’s idealism (Neptune) was focussed on his eugenics programs, on his “Well-Born” houses, where SS men were bred with any sufficiently Aryan German woman willing to become a “mother” in service of the State. We can see, therefore, how a major aspect of glamor (Neptune) was focussed in this house of “creativity”.

Pluto, too, is interesting (and “lethal”) in the fourth house of heredity. Himmler applied his formidable powers of research (Pluto) to eliminate (Pluto) all those whose family or heredity (fourth house) were considered inferior or sub-standard. Pluto in this position (combined with the seventh ray) indicates genealogical research.

In summary, Himmler’s rays are principally the seventh and the sixth. The seventh is probably the ray of the soul. He sought the manifestation of a new super-race enthroned in a new super-state, and he organized brilliantly, thoroughly (and magically and occultly) to manifest this vision. His fanatical loyalty and intensely narrow vision (for him, the War in the West with France and England was just a “distraction” in relation to his ‘greater’ plans in the East for racial purification and domination) speaks for a sixth ray personality. The first ray is pervasive in most of the Nazi leaders, as the quotation above from Esoteric Psychology I, states. The fifth ray may, perhaps, be found in the mind, evidenced in his emphasis upon genetic research, and his technical, methodical, and cold-minded procedures.

In Himmler we see a truly terrifying human being —a talented, intelligent, highly accomplished, fanatically motivated psychopath —a man blinded by his own idealism and visions of grandeur, and in search of the restoration of ancient, gods, and the supremacy of the ancient Nordic “racial soul”. He longed for the return of the Aryan”, occult powers—for himself and for his ‘elite’ race—the “Master Race”—whom he envisioned as the destined rulers of the world.

Fortunately for humanity, his plans (Saturn) were frustrated (Saturn in the eleventh house opposed to dissolutive Neptune). He attempted to escape the encircling Allies disguised as a common soldier. He was recognized, took a cyanide capsule (elusive Neptune sextile Venus, ruler of the eighth house of death), escaped capture and trial, dying on May 23, 1945.

In this year of the Great Decision (remembering Himmler was a Libran)— at this time of high Aquarian group idealism (remembering that Himmler had an Aquarius Ascendant), we who study the Ageless Wisdom must remember how our beautiful and redemptive Teaching can be perverted by those whose selfish love of power and hatred of the human heart are inconceivably great. As we decide upon the type of individual we wish to become, let us be warned by this example of the depths of evil to which a human being can descend, all the while glamoured by lofty idealism and a vision of a glorious destiny.

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