Twelve Zodiac Signs & Constellations

Twelve Signs of the Zodiac (Considered as a Unit and not Individually)
The Twelve Zodiacal Signs
The Twelve zodiacal constellations
The Twelve Constellations of the Zodiac

1.       The Great Round of the Zodiac: “In the Occident we have for long thought in terms of the “Lamb, slain from the foundations of the world,” and in this statement lies a profound astrological truth. It refers to that great round of the zodiac (a period of approximately 25,000 years) in which the sun passes through all the twelve signs of the zodiac. The period to which reference is made started in the sign Aries, the Ram. The Orient, however, harks still further back, to a much earlier period and to a still more ancient date, remote in the night of time, when the greater world cycle started in the sign Sagittarius, the Archer.” (EXH 269)

2.       The Twelve Constellations as a Greater Circle of Spiritual Influences: “It will be apparent to you that I can indicate only the broad general outlines of the new world religion. The expansion of the human consciousness which will take place as a result of the coming great Approach will enable man to grasp not only his relation to the spiritual Life of our planet, the “One in Whom we live and move and have our being,” but will also give him a glimpse of the relation of our planet to the circle of planetary lives moving within the orbit of the Sun, and the still greater circle of spiritual Influences which contact our solar system as it pursues its orbit in the Heavens (the twelve constellations of the zodiac). Astronomical and astrological investigation has demonstrated this relationship and the influences exerted, but there is still speculation and much foolish claiming and interpretation. Yet the churches have ever recognised this relationship, and the Bible has testified to it. “The stars in their courses fought against Sisera”; “Who can withstand the sweet influences of the Pleiades?”; and many other passages bear out this contention of the Knowers. Many church festivals are fixed by reference to the moon or a zodiacal constellation. Investigation will prove this to be increasingly the case, and when the ritual of the new world religion is universally established this will be one of the important factors considered.” (EXH  419)

3.       The Disciples as the Twelve Zodiacal Signs: “there are (15) the twelve disciples (the Zodiacal signs);” (FBTC  61)

4.       Recurrences of the Number Twelve: “”This number (of the twelve disciples) is typified by many things in the Old Testament; by the 12 sons of Jacob, by the 12 princes of the Children of Israel; by the 12 running springs in Helim; by the 12 stones in Aaron’s breastplate; by the 12 loaves of the shew-bred; by the 12 spies sent by Moses; by the 12 stones [page 76] of which the altar was made; by the 12 stones taken out of Jordan; by the 12 oxen which bare the brazen sea. Also in the New Testament, by the 12 stars in the bride’s crown, by the 12 foundations of Jerusalem which John saw, and her 12 gates.”62 All these recurrences of twelve probably have their origin in the twelve signs of the zodiac, that imaginary belt in the heavens through which the sun appears to pass on its journey in the course of a year, and during its greater cycle of approximately 25,000 years.” (FBTC  75-76)

5.       The Ascension of the Soul Through the Twelve Signs of the Zodiac: “The early Fathers recognised this truth, and realised that the story written in the heavens had a definite relation to humanity and to the evolution of human souls. Clement of Alexandria tells us that “the path of souls to ascension lies through the twelve signs of the zodiac,” and the church festivals today are based, not upon historical dates in connection with the outstanding religious figures to which they refer, but upon the times and the seasons.” (FBTC  183)

6.       The Signs of the Zodiac on the Circular Wall of the Advanced School: “The colour of this shrine will be dependent on the ray which it represents.  The curtains which separate will be in the ray colour also and each individual shrine curtain will carry the sign of the pupil’s nativity—his sign, rising sign, and controlling planets.  These curtains will be the [Page 324] property of the pupil, as will the mat within the shrine which will carry the symbol of his ray, egoic and personality. On the wall of the great circular passage will be found the signs of the zodiac, the four entrances standing for the four Maharajas.” (LOM 324)

7.       The Trained Seer in Relation to the Astrological Record: “The trained seer has learnt to dissociate that which pertains to his own aura and the aura of the planet (which is in actuality the akashic record).  He can distinguish between those records which are:… e. The astrological record, or the forms taken on the astral plane under the influence of the planetary forces.  These are in two great groups. 1. Those forms or pictures in the akasha produced by the inflow of solar force via the planet 2. Those forms or pictures which are produced by the inflow of cosmic force from one or other of the signs of the zodiac, that is, from their corresponding constellations.” (LOS 277)

8.       The Relation of the Twelve Signs to the Yoga Sutras: “28. Concentration upon the Pole-Star will give knowledge of the orbits of the planets and the stars. This sutra is of small significance to the ordinary student, but is of profound use to the initiate or pledged disciple.  Suffice it here to say that this sutra forms the background for all astrological investigation and from an appreciation of its meaning will eventuate an understanding of: 1. The relation of our solar system to the other six constellations which (with ours) form the seven force centres of which the seven great spiritual influences of our system are the reflections and agents. 2. The path of our sun in the Heavens and the twelve signs of the Zodiac through which our sun apparently passes.  Therefore it will be apparent that this sutra is the key to the purpose of the [Page 304] seven and the twelve upon which all our creative processes are built. 3. The meaning of the twelve labours of Hercules in their relation to man, the microcosm.” (LOS 303-304)

9.       Legitimate Interest in the Spiritual Interpretation of Astronomical Teaching: “The average Christian is singularly unaware of the times and cycles through which our planet passes, under influence of solar progression. The at present dubious science of astrology has sidetracked the legitimate interest of humanity in the astronomical teaching and its spiritual interpretation of the passage of the Sun through the signs of the zodiac.” (ROC 79)

10.   The Mysteries of Associated with the Signs of the Zodiac to be Clarified by the Christ: “The sequence of the Mysteries which each of the signs of the Zodiac embodies will be clarified for us by the Christ, because the public consciousness today demands something more definite and spiritually real than modern astrology, or all the pseudo-occultism so widely extant.” (ROC 127)

11.   Planetary Logoi Affected by the Twelve Signs of the Zodiac: “13. There is also to be borne in mind the play of energy which emanates from any one of those “Twelve signs of the Zodiac” with which astrology concerns itself.  This type of force is primarily concerned with planetary stimulation, with the planetary Logoi, and is hidden in Their cyclic karma,—a karma which of course will incidentally involve those monads and devas which form Their bodies and centres.” (TCF 1052)

12.   The Planetary Atom Subject to the Energy Streams of the Zodiacal Constellations: “Second, the planetary atom also revolves orbitally around its solar centre.  This is its expression of rotary-spiral-cyclic action, and its recognition of the divine central magnet.  This brings it under the constant impression of other schemes, each of which produces effects upon the planet.  It likewise brings it under the inflowing streams of energy from what are termed the zodiacal constellations which reach the planetary scheme via the great centre, the Sun.  It will be apparent to any student [Page 1057] who has even slightly developed the power of visualisation, and has some realisation of the force currents of the solar system, that all can be regarded as the swirling tide of intermingling currents, with numerous focal points of energy demonstrating here and there, yet in no way static as to location.” (TCF  1056-1057)

13.   The Turning of the Solar Sphere to Differing Zodiacal Constellations: “The solar atom must be considered as pursuing analogous lines of activity and as paralleling on a vast scale the evolution of the planetary atom.  The entire solar sphere, the logoic ring-pass-not, rotates upon its axis, and thus all that is included within the sphere is carried in a circular manner through the Heavens.  The exact figures of the cycle which covers the vast rotation must remain as yet esoteric, but it may be stated that it approximates one hundred thousand years, being, as might be supposed, controlled by the energy of the first aspect, and therefore of the first Ray.  This of itself is sufficient to account for varying and diverse influences which may be traced over vast periods by those with the “seeing eye,” for it causes a turning of varying parts of the sphere to the differing zodiacal constellations.  This influence (in connection with the planets) is increased or mitigated according to the place of the planets on their various orbital paths.  Hence the immense complexity of the matter and the impossibility for the average astronomical and astrological student to make accurate computations or to draw accurate horoscopes.  Within the Hall of Wisdom, there exists a department of which the modern varying astrological organisations are but the dim and uncertain reflections.  The Adepts connected with it work not with humanity but concern Themselves specifically with “casting the horoscopes” (thus [Page 1058] ascertaining the nature of the work immediately to be done) of the various great lives who inform the globes and kingdoms of nature, with ascertaining the nature of the karmic influences working out in the manifestation of three of the planetary Logoi:” (TCF 1057-1058)

14.   Are Signs of the Zodiac and “Great Signs of the Zodiac” Here Differentiated?: “The true astrology will reveal the nature of this fourth proposition at some later date.  More attention will eventually be paid to the planetary influences, and not so much to the signs of the zodiac where the nature of an Ego is concerned.  The great signs of the zodiac concern the Heavenly Man, and necessarily, therefore, the Monads of every human being.  The planetary influences must be studied to find out the quality of a man’s Ray, and this in the above indicated threefold manner.  Man is the Monad, therefore, he expresses a small part of his enfolding life.  In this solar system he is essentially the Ego.” (TCF 1191)

15.   The Twelve Signs of the Zodiac in a Correspondence: “”This thirteen may be arranged as a circle of twelve, with one in the centre.  The central one will be synthetic, and will be that class in which all three are equal.  The physical correspondence of this will be the twelve signs of the Zodiac with the Sun at the centre, synthesising all of them.  The spiritual correspondence will be the twelve Creative Orders with the Logos at the centre, synthesising all.”  The arrangement is quite legitimate.—The Theosophist, Vol. XXIX, p. 100.” (TCF 1195)

16.   The Energy of Path IV Via one of the Signs of the Zodiac: “The energy of Path IV reaches us from Sirius via the Sun.  This must be understood as a blind behind which one of the signs of the zodiac veils itself.” (TCF  1259)

17.   Our Solar System as it Contacts the Energy of the Twelve Constellations: “The relation of the constellations to the solar system, which is the basis of astrological research, will be considered later.  I seek to point out here only the dual fact that the seven rays are themselves 1. Expressions of energies emanating from the seven solar systems, which are, in their turn, animated by the Life of the “One About Whom Naught May Be Said.” 2. Influenced by, and therefore under the astrological control of, the twelve constellations whose energies are contacted by our solar system during the course of the journey of our sun through the greater Zodiac, during the vast period of approximately 25,000 years, and in a lesser degree during the course of the twelve months of the year, wherein the lesser path of the Zodiac is trodden.” (EP I 153)

18.   The Seven Rays as Recipients of Energy from the Twelve Constellations (and the Seven Solar Systems): “II. Each one of the rays is the recipient and custodian of energies coming from 1. The seven solar systems. 2. The twelve constellations. Each ray passes these energies through its body of manifestation (a planet), and thereby imparts them to the planetary form, and to all forms upon and within it.  These differentiated forms are therefore animated by energy coming from the cosmic Life, from the solar Deity, and from the planetary Life, and are consequently coloured by qualities from the seven solar systems and the twelve constellations.  This blend of energies, working on substance, produces the forms, and each subjective form, in its turn, produces the outer appearance.” (EP I 154)

19.   Cycles Connected with the Twelve Signs of the Zodiac: “3. Cycles connected with the twelve signs of the zodiac. These are primarily two in number: a. Those which are connected with a complete zodiacal round, about 25,000 years. b. Those which are connected with each of the twelve signs, and which come in and out of manifestation approximately every 2,100 years.” (EP I 265)

20.   The Elder Brothers Adapting the Potencies of the Zodiacal Signs to World Need: “8. The final group in this scale of adaptation is that of the higher initiates, the perfected Elder Brethren and Great Companions. They are perfectly adapted to Their personalities, to each other and to world conditions; but as a group They are learning how to adapt the forces of nature, the energies of the rays and the potencies of the zodiacal signs to the world need and the world demand in a practical manner and at any particular time.  It is here that the work of the disciples of the world, and of the higher types of aspirants, proves helpful [Page 326] as a field of experiment, and it is in the new group of World Servers that the process of adaptation goes on.” (EP I  325-326)

21.   Ray Forces do not Come from the Twelve Constellations of the Zodiac: “The energies which astrologically affect a human being are those which play upon him as a result of the apparent progress of the sun through the heavens, either once every twenty-five thousand years or once every twelve months.  Those that constitute the ray forces do not come from the twelve constellations of the zodiac, but emanate primarily from a world of being and of consciousness which lies behind our solar system, and which themselves come from the seven constellations which form the body of manifestation of the One About Whom Naught May Be Said.  Our solar system is one of these seven constellations.  This is the world of Deity Itself, and of it a man can know nothing until he has passed through the major initiations.  When we come later to study the zodiac and its relation to the rays we shall work this out more [Page 333] carefully and so make the idea clearer.  It is with the ray influences that we are dealing here, and not with the zodiacal.” (EP I  332-333)

22.   The Astrological Implications of Group Laws: “When we come to study the astrological implications in connection with these laws, we shall discover that the energies of the zodiacal signs have a specific effect upon the energy of a Being, Whose purpose works out into manifestation through these laws, which are regarded by us as great and inevitable natural laws and also spiritual laws.  This effect produces a blending of energies which is both balancing and, at the same time, impelling.” (EP II 195)

23.   Twelve Signs or Twelve Constellations a Special Revolving Unity: “In December, 1935, the energies of Capricorn were augmented by the pouring in of forces from a still greater constellation [Page 196] which is—to our zodiac—what the zodiac is to the earth.  This augmentation will take place again in 1942.  It must be remembered that, from certain angles, the circle of twelve signs or constellations constitutes a special unity which revolves within our universe of heavens as our planet revolves in the centre of our circle of influences.  By means of this augmentation—during the coming Aquarian zodiacal cycle—groups on earth can avail themselves of the tide of Capricornian influences which will flow into our radius of registration every seven years.” (EP II  195-196)

24.   The Close Interplay Between the Seven Rays and the Twelve Signs of the Zodiac: “4. The effect of the relation of the seven rays to the zodiacal forces.  It should be remembered that there is a close interplay between the seven rays and the twelve signs of the zodiac.” (EP II 519)

25.   Twelve Constellations Recipients of Many Streams of Energy: “Students would also do well to remember that the twelve constellations which constitute our particular zodiac are themselves the recipients of many streams of energy coming to them from many sources. These blend and fuse with the [Page 14] energy of any particular constellation and—transmuted and “occultly refined”—eventually find their way into our solar system.” (EA 13-14)

26.   The Twelve zodiacal constellations in a Ninefold Energy Impact:“The following is a list—incomplete but adequate for our purposes—of the major influences which find their way from far distant Sources into our planetary life and produce definite effects upon individual man and humanity as a whole. I. 1. The constellation of the Great Bear. 2. The Seven Sisters of the Pleiades. 3. Sirius, the Dog Star. II. 1. The seven solar systems of which ours is one. 2. The seven sacred planets of which ours is not one. 3. The five non-sacred planets or “hidden” planets. III: 1. The seven planetary centres. 2. The seven centres of force in the human etheric body. IV: 1. The twelve zodiacal constellations. We thus have a ninefold energy impact. This is a major chart but it should be remembered that there are other impacts of relative insignificance. (EA 14-15)

27.   Reversal of Travel Through the Signs of the Zodiac (for Senior Aspirants, Disciples and Initiates): “This reversal of the way a man travels through the signs of the zodiac will necessitate a readjustment of the method employed by astrologers when they are casting a horoscope of senior aspirants, of disciples and of initiates.” (EA  21)

28.   Signs of the Zodiac Concerned Primarily with Heavenly Man and Grand Heavenly Man: “It might be added in addition that the signs of the zodiac are concerned primarily with the life expression of the Heavenly Man (as far as our planet is concerned) and therefore with the destiny and life of the planetary Logos. They are also concerned with the great man of the heavens, the solar Logos. I refer in this last instance to their effect as it makes itself felt in the solar system as a whole and with this effect there are few astrologers at this time fit to deal. I would remind you that to the lives who inform these great constellations and whose radiation [Page 22]—dynamic and magnetic—reaches our Earth, this effect is incidental and unnoticed. The primary effect that they have is upon our planetary Logos and this effect reaches us through Him, pouring through that great planetary centre to which we have given the name of Shamballa. It is, therefore, capable of evoking the major response from the monads, and these monads express themselves through the kingdom of souls and through the human kingdom; it consequently expresses itself through the Hierarchy and through humanity as a whole. This is a point of real importance and should be noted and connected with all the teaching you have had upon this most interesting theme of the three major planetary centres. It is the work of the zodiacal influences to evoke the emergence of the will aspect of the Heavenly Man and of all monads, souls and personalities who constitute the planetary body of expression. This statement means but little to you today but it will mean much to those students who, in a few decades, will study what I am here saying. Properly understood, it accounts for much that is happening in the world at this time.” (EA 21-22)

29.   The Twelve Constellations in Relation to the Three Books: “The whole story of the zodiac can be picturesquely yet accurately summed up in the following statement: There are three books which the three types of human beings study and from which they learn: 1. The Book of Life—Initiates—the 12 constellations. 2. The Book of Wisdom—Disciples—the 12 planets. 3. The Book of Form or of Manifestation—Humanity—the 12 Creative Hierarchies.” (EA 23)

30.   The Zodiacal Signs and their Effect on Man: “1. The zodiacal signs affect primarily the man who lives below the diaphragm. This is the ordinary average man. These signs thus condition four of the centres:
a. The base of the spine.
b. The sacral centre.
c. The solar plexus centre.
d. The spleen.

2. The inner group of solar systems, working in conjunction with the zodiacal signs, affect primarily those who live above the diaphragm. They, therefore, condition:
a. The heart centre.
b. The throat centre.
c. The ajna centre.
d. The head centre.” (EA  23-24)

31.   The Preeminent Importance of the Seven Rays in Relation to the Twelve Signs, Hierarchies and Houses: “As we work and study over these matters, let us bear in mind always the fact that we are considering the seven rays and their inter-relations in the cosmic process. We are concerned esoterically with:

1. The seven rays and the twelve signs of the zodiac.
2. The seven rays and the twelve Creative Hierarchies.
3. The seven rays and the planets as they govern the twelve houses of expression.” (EA 25-26)

32.   Our Major Subject: “First of all, that we are considering esoteric influences and not astrology, per se – Our subject is the seven rays and [Page 27] their relationship to the zodiacal constellations or—in other words—the interaction of the seven great Lives which inform our solar system with the twelve constellations which compose our zodiac.” (EA 26-27)

33.   The Energy of the Twelve zodiacal constellations Among the Energies we are Studying: “I have pointed out that these energies fall into three groups: 1. Those coming from certain great constellations which are to be found active in relation to our solar system and which, from the most ancient days, have always been related in myth and legend to our system. To these constellations, ours is related in a peculiar way.Commentary: Note the word “ours” in the phrase “ours is related in a peculiar way”. This indicates either that our solar system is a constellation or that there is an aggregation called ‘our constellation’, of which our solar system is a part—presumably. The Tibetan is always alternating between referring to our solar system as a solar system and our solar system as a “constellation”. 2. Those coming from the twelve zodiacal constellations. These are recognised as having a definite effect upon our system and our planetary life. 3. Those coming from the planets found within the periphery of the Sun’s sphere of influence.” (EA 28)

34.   Twelve Constellations Embody the Soul Aspect: “2. The twelve constellations might be regarded as embodying the soul aspect and, for the present, their effect upon the individual must be regarded and should be studied in terms of consciousness and of the development of the life of the soul. This is in essence the will-to-love.” (EA 28)

35.   The Planetary Spirits in Relation to the Zodiacal Constellations and the Three Intimate Constellations: “In casting the horoscope of the planet (which will some day be possible) it will be found that the line of these forces and of our planetary response to them is of a more potent effect than is the influence of the zodiacal constellations upon the human unit. This is due to the immeasurably advanced point in evolution of the planetary Spirits Who have (in Their individual lives) largely transcended the influence of the twelve constellations and are becoming rapidly responsive to the higher vibrations of their great Prototypes, the “three intimate constellations,” as they have esoterically been called. This is a correspondence in the lives of these great Entities to the manner in which an advanced individual can offset the influence of the planets and thus so dominate his personality life that prediction and certainty, as to activity and circumstance, are no longer possible. The soul is dominating, and the planets cease to condition the life. So it is with the constellations and the planetary Logoi. They can offset the lower influences as They awaken to and respond to the infinitely higher vibrations of the three major constellations.”  (EA 32)

36.   Pisces at the Head of the List of Zodiacal Signs: “8. Pisces is seen at the head of the list of zodiacal signs because it is governing the present great astrological world cycle of 25,000 years. It was also one of the dominant signs, influencing our planet at the time of individualisation when the human kingdom came into being. It is basically related to the first or highest Creative Hierarchy which is, in its turn, related to the third Ray of Active Intelligence. It was the product of the first solar system. The development of illumination through an awakened intelligence is the first goal of humanity.” (EA  37)

37.   The Twelve Constellations Stimulate the Soul within the Form: “Secondly, the twelve constellations are concerned primarily with the stimulation of the soul within the form, producing subjective activity which, in its turn, causes changes in the outer expression, through the fusion of the energy of the constellation with the energy of the planets.” (EA 51)

38.   Zodiacal Signs Prepare a Man for Crises of Orientation: “Through the effect of the energy flowing from thezo diacal signs the man is prepared for the “crisis of orientation” wherein he slowly and gradually reverses his mode of progress upon the wheel of life and begins consciously to travel back to his source. He then goes from Aries to Pisces, via Taurus, Scorpio and Capricorn, instead of moving from Aries to Taurus via Sagittarius, Leo and Cancer. The triplicity of constellations mentioned in these two great routes around the zodiac have a definite and momentous effect and are called “paramount signs of influence.”” (EA 52)

39.   The Blending of the Energies of the Twelve Constellations and the Three Great Constellations: “Eventually the energies of the twelve constellations [Page 53] and—at a final stage of experience and development—of the three great constellations which condition the solar Logos are blended with the innate energies of the seven rays or of the seven planetary Logoi. This marks a point of perfection. These extraneous energies (I refer here to those of the major constellations) are relayed to the Earth via the seven sacred planets and the five non-sacred planets, and when there is the complete fusion of the related energies and, therefore, full expression, a great world period comes to an end. For a long time during this cycle of reincarnations and periods of manifestation, the human being is conditioned almost entirely by the activity of the non-sacred planets.” (EA 52-53)

40.   The Blending of the Energies of the Twelve Constellations and the Twelve Planets: “The energies of the twelve constellations are blended with those of the twelve planets, but their power to evoke response, and to be consciously received, recognised and [Page 54] employed, is dependent entirely upon the type of response mechanism of the planetary Life and of the individual man. It has been rightly said that consciousness is dependent upon the vehicles of consciousness, upon their point of development and upon the ability of the individual to identify himself with the energies and impulses which are reaching him, and is not dependent only upon that which is already a recognised part or aspect of himself. It might be said that the higher response to the realities and qualities revealed and made possible by the impact of energy from the zodiacal signs is somewhat dependent upon the waning influence of the planets to hold down the consciousness aspect of the man. Ponder upon this, for it embodies a deep esoteric truth.” (EA 53-54)

41.   The Duality of Seven of the Twelve Signs: “It is interesting to note also that seven of the symbols which express the twelve signs of the zodiac are dual in their nature, and duality can be inferred from them.

1. The two horns of the Ram in Aries.
2. The two horns of the Bull in Taurus.
3. The figures of the Twins in Gemini (two lines)
4. The two claws of the Crab in Cancer.
5. The two scales of the Balance in Libra.
6. The two Parallel Lines of force in Aquarius.
7. The two Fishes in Pisces.” (EA 56)

Commentary: Leo and Sagittarius are non-dual, and Virgo and Scorpio are triple. Summing these aspects we arrive at 24. Capricorn remains; its number as its glyph are ambiguous.

42.   Man as Solar Fire is Responsive to the Twelve Constellations: “Three Creative Hierarchies condition the man in incarnation, the 4th (or 9th) the 5th (or 10th) and the 6th. These, in collaboration, create man and, at the same time, constitute the field of his expression. Man is consequently a blend of electric fire, being a divine Flame, and becomes eventually responsive to the three major controlling influences; he is also solar fire, being a solar Angel in manifestation. He then becomes increasingly responsive to the influences of the twelve constellations. He is likewise fire by friction and comes under the influence of the planets.” (EA  57)

43.   Twelve zodiacal constellations Related to Soul Life and Experience: II. Solar Fire.—Path of Discipleship—5th Hierarchy; full life experience; soul life. GOAL: Identification with the Soul. Produces responsiveness to the twelve zodiacal constellations. (EA 57-58)

44.   Potency of the Thoughtforms of the Twelve Signs—a Factor in the Accuracy of Astrological Deduction: “1. The potency of the thoughtforms which have been built up in connection with the twelve signs. These thoughtforms were originally constructed or anchored upon the mental plane by the Hierarchy in Atlantean days and they have steadily gained in power ever since. They serve as focal points for certain forces and enable the individual, for instance, to be in touch with great reservoirs of energy which then definitely condition him.” (EA  69)

45.   The Three Great Constellations Pour Their Energies Through Nine Zodiacal Constellations: “2. Consider the energies of the three major constellations as they each pour through three of the zodiacal constellations, thus forming great interlocking triangles of [Page 80] force. Thus nine of the zodiacal constellations are involved, and these in their turn fuse and blend their energies into three major streams of force upon the Path of Initiation. These three streams of force pour through: a. Leo, Capricorn and Pisces.” (EA 79-80)

46.   Fighting for One’s Spiritual Life in all the Twelve Constellations: “When he is upon the Path of Discipleship (and here I include the Path of Initiation) occult rumour says that he then becomes conditioned by the tireless Watcher, the soul, and is subjected (during the final stages of the path) to exactly twelve incarnations, passing one in each of the twelve signs. In them he has to prove himself, attaining great moments of crisis in each of the constellations of the Fixed Cross in particular. From point to point, stage to stage, and finally Cross to Cross, he fights for his spiritual life, in all the twelve houses and all the twelve constellations, subjected to countless combinations of forces and energies—ray, planetary, zodiacal and cosmic—until he is “made anew,” becomes the “new man,” is sensitive to the entire range of spiritual vibrations in our solar system and has achieved that detachment which will enable him to escape from the wheel of rebirth.” (EA 83)

47.   Zodiacal Signs Conveying Their Influences Through New Planetary Rulers: “The horoscope will be cast eventually on the basis of the soul ray, and then the zodiacal signs which govern the activities and [Page 90] the influence of the present group of planetary Rulers will be considerably lessened. New planetary potencies (conveying zodiacal energies) will control and take precedence of the old ones, thus putting the man in touch with different forces.” (EA  89-90)

48.   Liberation in all Twelve Signs, Just as Captivity in all Twelve: “This liberation is, in reality, twelve-fold in nature, for liberation, victory and triumph have to be experienced in every sign, just as captivity, defeat and failure have been experienced in all the signs of the zodiac, whilst the man is functioning as a personality. It is these four words [Re-creation, Regeneration, Reorientation, Renunciation] and their significance which will underlie all that I have to say to you anent the dual experience upon the great wheel of life. I would ask you to bear this definitely in mind.” (EA 108)

49.   Movements of our Solar System Through Space: “…remember also that our Sun is travelling through space (carrying our solar system along in its sphere of influence) around our own central and conditioning star which it has been rightly presumed exists in the constellation Taurus, the Bull, being found in the Pleiades. At the same time it appears, from the standpoint of our planet, to be passing through the twelve signs of the zodiac; this is a symbol macrocosmically considered, of the dramatic centralised point of view of the individual human being, the microcosm. It is interesting to [Page 112] compare the symbolism and the underlying truth connected with the lesser and the greater zodiacs and with their twelve month and their 25,000 year cycles. They bear out much that I have given you anent the soul, influenced by the esoteric planets eventually, and the personality, influenced by the orthodox planets. The greater zodiac is symbolic of the soul and the lesser of the personality. In the personality cycle, the lesser zodiac conditions the personality career and the twelve planetary houses are of dominant importance. Later the influence of the twelve signs supersedes the influence of the planets.” (EA  111-112)

50.   A Blinded Reference Concerning 22 Constellations (Including our Twelve Constellations): “I would like also to emphasise—perhaps unnecessarily—that Sirius, the Great Bear and the Pleiades work through the medium of the twelve constellations, pouring their influences through nine of them in particular, but that these major constellations are not part of the zodiac with which we are concerned. They, with the seven solar systems of which ours is one, are the ten constellations connected with a still greater zodiac which is not conditioned by the numerical significance of the number twelve. Hence ten is regarded as the number of perfection. There is confusion in the minds of some of the less learned students (astrologically considered) on this point.” (EA  112) Commentary: Much depends upon how we understand the word “system”. A system can be any aggregation of bodies—planetary bodies, in which case the system is a “solar system” as we usually understand that term, or solar bodies, in which case the system is a constellation. A constellation is a system of stars and therefore can, legitimately, be called a solar system.

51.   Preparing for Tests in all Twelve Signs: “It is by achieving intelligent and active response to the energies released and earlier mastered through the experience of the Mutable Cross, and by relating them to the potencies let loose upon him whilst crucified upon the Fixed Cross, that he learns to prepare himself for the twelve great tests in all the twelve signs for which the experience of the two Crosses prepares him.” (EA  128)

52.   The Revelation of the Real in Relation to the Final Tests in the Twelve Signs: “Bear this in mind and—at the same time—remember that we are occupied with the Great Illusion which it is the major task of man in this particular world cycle to master and dissipate, and so to inaugurate the reign of the Real. It is the revelation of the Real which is the task all initiates undertake after the final experience of the twelve final tests in the twelve signs.” (EA  131)

53.   Studying the Development of Consciousness Between Preceding and Succeeding Signs: “As one studies these twelve signs, it is interesting to trace the relation of consciousness to the preceding sign and to the succeeding sign. It is peculiarly so in connection with the sign Aquarius. The material, earthly quality of Capricorn becomes “dissolved into the air” in Aquarius. The individual “fish” of the other sign becomes eventually the soul, and soul quality emerges, and on the reversed wheel it demonstrates as the pervasiveness of wisdom (Pisces) and the universal love of the truly developed Aquarian. On the wheel as it “rolls onward into illusion,” the wheel of the personality, the superficiality and the airy nature of the undeveloped Aquarian deepens gradually into the concrete and rocky material nature of the Capricornian. The average man in Aquarius puts all his wares into the window, and often in the room behind the window there is little to be found. Esoterically, the developed Aquarian puts all he has into his water pot, storing it there for service and giving it freely on demand to meet a need.” (EA 136)

54.   A Vision of the Interlocking Forces of the Twelve Constellations: “From the above few points, hints can be gathered together as to the interlocking forces of all the twelve constellations, as they pour into and through all the kingdoms in nature, carrying with them also not only their own individual potencies but also those of the seven rays, focussed through the sacred and non-sacred planets—the discovered and undiscovered planetary Lives. It has been occultly said that a vision of these powers and their many weaving lines (seen as rivers and streams of light) is given to the initiate from the mountain top of Capricorn, once that summit has been reached. It is at the Transfiguration initiation that this vision appears before the eyes of the astounded disciple.” (EA 167)

55.  Zodiacal Energies Affect the Monad:“1.Zodiacal energies pass through Shamballa and are related to the first Ray of Will or Power and affect the Monad.” (EA 411)

56.   A Basic Consideration Relating to Zodiacal and Systemic Influence: “The effect, for instance, of zodiacal and systemic force upon a sacred or a non-sacred planet is widely distinctive, just as the effect of these energies as they make their impact upon man will depend upon whether response is evoked from the monad, the ego or the personality, whether they impinge upon the mass consciousness, the self-conscious unit or the illumined consciousness of humanity, or whether in fact—as far as man is concerned—they play upon unevolved man, upon evolved man or upon disciples and initiates. The type of mechanism, and the quality of the consciousness determines reception and response. This is a statement of basic importance and until astrologers can arrive at the point of development where the world of true meaning is open to them and where the scope of their consciousness is widely inclusive, it will not be possible for them to be truly accurate in their interpretations of group or individual horoscopes. I am bringing this point up as the whole science of Triangles relates entirely to subjective energies as they condition the consciousness and not to the conditioning brought about by the same energies upon the outer forms upon the physical plane.” (EA  412)

57.   The Twelve Constellations and the Inherent Dualism of Manifested Life: “Certain major streams of conditioning energies will be seen related to each other and to our Earth and these fall into two groups: 1. The ray energies which we are told emanate from the Great Bear in seven great out-raying streams of force. 2. The inherent energies of the twelve constellations which blend with the ray energies, producing the essential dualism of manifested life, and incidentally are responsible for the peculiar difficulties confronting humanity on the are of evolutionary experience upon our planet.” (EA  421-422)

58.   The Mystery of the Seven and Five Zodiacal Constellations: “For our purposes, we could define Life as the energy emanating from certain great Lives Who stand behind our solar system as its life and source, much as the Monad stands behind the appearance of a man upon the physical plane or of the soul upon its own level. Man, it might be stated, is the expression of seven principles and of the life expression or activity of five planes. In this 7 + 5 is to be found the clue to the mystery of the seven and the five zodiacal constellations.” (EA  426)

59.   The Seven Rays Expressing Through Three Zodiacal Constellations: “2. The seven rays express themselves, each through three of the zodiacal constellations. The analogy (but not the correspondence) is that these three constellations are to the life of one of these ray Beings what the three aspects of monad-soul-body are to a man. Again, it is only analogy. Forget not that analogy and correspondence are not the same. In the first case there is resemblance but not in detail. In the second, there is practically identical expression, usually on a lower level.” (EA  603)

60.   The Nature of the Will in Relation to Three Zodiacal Constellations: “4. The nature of the will is as yet undefinable for only the Monad responds to its impact, and only after the third initiation does man somewhat grasp the nature of the will. All that is possible to understand in this brief summation is the effect of the will as it makes its presence [Page 604] felt and the result of its expression, emphasised through the three constellations.” (EA  603-604)

61.   The Twelve Constellations of the Zodiac and Triangular Energies: “2. The twelve constellations of the zodiac, each with its own inter-relations, peculiar to its own integral Life, form—each of them—part of a triangle of energies. Each of these triangles is a unit in itself but in conjunction with the other triangles forms part of that major quaternary which is the cosmic analogy of the quaternary of the One Life—soul and the dual psychic nature, called in some of the esoteric books kama-manas, plus the vital nature. These four are the expression of the One Ineffable Cause.” (EA  608)

62.   The Descent and Re-Ascent of the Monad in Relation to the  Zodiacal Signs: “15. The descent and re-ascent of the monad or soul cannot be disconnected from Zodiacal signs…. (S.D. I. 730.)” (EA  637)

63.  Seven Solar Systems and Twelve Signs—Living Above and Below the Diaphragm: “Astrology now deals primarily with the personality for whom the horoscope may be cast and with the events of the personality life.  When, through meditation and service, plus the discipline of the lunar bodies, a man comes consciously and definitely under his soul ray, then he comes as definitely under the influence of one or other of the seven solar systems, as they focus their energy through one or other of the constellations and [Page 438] subsequently one or other of the seven sacred planets.  Eventually, there will be twelve sacred planets, corresponding to the twelve constellations, but the time is not yet.  Our solar system, as you know, is one of seven.

When a man has arrived at this point in evolution, birth months, mundane astrology, and the influences which play upon the form aspect become of less and less importance.  This circle of solar systems affects paramountly the soul and it becomes the focal point of spiritual energies.  This is the problem of the soul on its own plane,—responsiveness to these types of energy, and, of them, the personality is totally unaware. The signs which fall therefore into the four categories of earth, water, fire and air, concern primarily the man who lives below the diaphragm, and who utilises the lower four centres:—the centre at the base of the spine, the sacral centre, the solar plexus and the spleen.

The inner group of seven major or systemic energies produce their effect upon the man who is living above the diaphragm, and work through the seven representative centres in the head.  Four of them focus through the throat centre, the heart centre, the ajna and head centres.  Three are held latent in the region of the head centres (the thousand petalled lotus) and only enter into functioning activity after the third initiation.  It will be evident therefore how complicated from the standpoint of the horoscope (as well as of the individual problem) is this meeting of the energies of two types of constellations in the case of the man who is neither purely human nor purely spiritual.  The ordinary horoscope is negated.  The horoscope is not possible as yet of delineation.  The only horoscope, which is basically and almost infallibly correct is that of the entirely low grade human being who lives entirely below the diaphragm and is governed by his animal nature alone. (TWM 437-439)

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