Mikhail Gorbachev: Statesman and Political Reformer

Mikhail Gorbachev: Statesman and Political Reformer
March 2, 1931, Privolnoye, Soviet Union, 7:33 AM and 7:53 AM, hypothesized times of birth. (Sources: there are many conflicting times proposed for Gorbachev’s birth. The ones used here are proposed by the Russian Astrological Center, and the astrologer Farida Assadulina, who has been in touch with both a high-ranking government official and also with a close friend of Gorbachev’s)

(Proposed Ascendant Aries, with Uranus rising in Aries or just in the twelfth house; proposed MC, Capricorn; Sun in Pisces; Moon in Leo; Mercury in Aquarius; Venus and Saturn conjuncted in Capricorn; Mars, Pluto and Jupiter in Cancer; Neptune in Virgo)

gorbachovBoth charts suggested have their relative merits. There can be little doubt that the Ascendant is very reasonably Aries, entirely suitable to characterize the many initiatives (Aries) which Gorbachev made to transform and eventually dismantle the old regime (Pisces, his Sun-sign). To determine the correct time of birth the focus must be placed at the degree of the Capricorn MC and the interplay of three potent planets which brought great change—Saturn, Uranus and Neptune. During the years 1989 and 1990 Gorbachev was engaged most strenuously in reformist activity. The earlier chart, 7:33 am, shows Uranus contacting the MC earlier in the year 1989 when this work began and, as well, shows Uranus on the MC when the Berlin Wall fell, technically on November 9, 1989. (Interestingly we see an almost exact Jupiter return at that time. We also see the progressed Ascendant in Cancer just leaving a conjunction of the natal IC, indicating (in that dynamic year 1989) a kind of fruition of Gorbachev’s efforts to dismantle the old regime. However a kind of similar condition exists for the later chart, with the progressing Ascendant also just beyond the natal IC. In the later chart, there is the advantage of seeing transiting Saturn near the 7° plus MC, instead of Uranus. Probably both planets are indicative of the impact upon Gorbachev. Another possible advantage of the later chart is the solar eclipse that occurs on August 31, 1989 at 7°Virgo48’. This eclipse would be within two degrees of the progressing IC in the later chart, but about six degrees away from the progressing IC in the earlier chart.

Considering the role of Uranus in Gorbachev’s life, we find that the earlier chart shows Uranus in the first house, and thus rising, whereas the later chart puts Uranus in the twelfth house (a position which can, however, be justified). It is yet to be determined whether a planet rising in the first house or a planet rising in the twelfth house is stronger. The Gauquelin research suggests that the twelfth house position may be stronger. The question of which of these two charts to use is perhaps one of judgement: in the later chart does Uranus reach the MC soon enough to indicate the powerful reformist activity which engaged him in 1989 and 1990. Either chart can be reasoned as possible. The 7:53 am chart makes contact with two more “fixed stars” than does the earlier chart—Betelgeuse (paralleling the Ascendant) and giving the possibility of a rapid rise in power, and Facies (found in the constellation, Sagittarius) conjunct the MC. The deadly reputation of Facies however does not well suit the character of Gorbachev, unless one can find another way to interpret. A chart still later, around 8:09 or 8:10 am (still with Aries rising) would put a fateful eclipse which occurred near thirteen degrees Capricorn much closer to the MC when the Soviet Union dissolved and Gorbachev resigned the presidency of the Soviet Union.. But there are other drawbacks to this later chart which fail to engage Uranus at the MC soon enough.

The Soviet Union came to an end on December 25, 1991, the same day that Mikhail Gorbachev resigned his presidency. The Union ceased to exist on that fateful day. We should examine the two charts progressed and directed to that day.

Mon     LEcl                 (X)       Tr-Tr    Jun 27 1991       12:14    05°Cp00′ D       Sun       SEcl                 (X)       Tr-Tr    Jul 12 1991        04:06    18°Cn59′ D       Mon     LEcl                 (X)       Tr-Tr    Dec 21 1991     19:32    29°Ge03′ D       Sun       SEcl                 (X)       Tr-Tr    Jan 5 1992        08:04    13°Cp51′ D

The lunar eclipse of June 27, 1991, occurs on the MC/IC axis midway between the MC/IC axis of both earlier and later charts, so this, itself, is inconclusive. There is an important solar eclipse, however, on January 5, 1992 and it occurs at 13°Capricorn51’, much closer to the MC of the later chart (within six degrees) but perhaps not close enough. On the other hand, the lunar eclipse at 29°Gemini09’, which occurs on December 21, 1991 (just a month after the fall of the Berlin Wall is much closer to the MC/IC of the earlier axis, though an eclipse “out of sign”. The eclipse of July 11, 1991, however, falls exactly on Gorbachev’s Pluto, and this, in itself, would be enough to indicate the great termination which the fall of the wall represented. More research concerning many other private dates would have to be studied to move refine the assessment.

For practical purposes and in terms of esoteric astrology, we are close enough. The important thing for the esoteric astrology, however, is simply to recognize that Aries, Capricorn and Pisces are of great moment and to give the spiritual interpretation of these factors.

Mikhail Gorbachev will be remembered as the individual who was instrumental in transforming (or, depending upon one’s perspective, dismantling) the Soviet Union. He desired peaceful co-existence with the West and a greater openness (“glasnost”) and progressiveness for his country. In 1987, confirming a definite orientation towards progressive change, he signed an Arms Treaty with United States’ president Reagan. For Gorbachev’s persistent efforts to improve relations between the Soviet Union and its long-time opponent, the United States, he was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize on October 15, 1990. Interestingly, at that time, he was experiencing his second Saturn return, which reveals to those who are somewhat aware of their life plan and purpose, the true significance of the life thus far lived, and the path they can take to fulfill it. He also had transiting Jupiter (with its rewards) conjuncting his Leo Moon. At that time, Uranus was approximately midway between the MCs of the earlier and later chart, and so cannot be used as a discriminator concerning the validity of the earlier or later chart. The progressed Moon, however, moving through Libra, the sign of peace, had reached the Descendant of the 7:53 am chart, and thus could be seen as indicative of the recognition received. Of course his efforts to promote peace and conciliation with enemies had begun some twenty months before, during early 1989, when the progressed Moon had entered Libra.

Although clearly along the first ray line of government, Gorbachev expressed much of the soft-line energy as well. His Sun Sign, Pisces, transmits the second and sixth rays. His world-image was strongly colored by the second ray. As well, Pisces is exoterically ruled by the second ray planet, Jupiter, which is found in Cancer, the sign of its exaltation which rules and is placed in its own house, the fourth, representing the “Mother Land”. This very powerful position is often associated with benevolence and a caring, providential attitude. Cancerian Jupiter is exactly trine the Pisces Sun, adding to the expression of the second ray in Gorbachev’s energy system—both the Sun and Jupiter are considered transmitters of the second ray. The Moon is in Leo, the sign of the heart. In Gorbachev’s case this added to his natural warmth, radiance, spontaneity and magnetism; for some it means merely pride and self-involvement. Mercury in late Aquarius, placed him en rapport with the deeper Aquarian potentials of the USSR (since Aquarius is the soul sign of Russia), as well as with the Aquarian nature of the United States. His Moon is Leo, of course, helped him understand the nature of the old order—the Leo personality of Russia, with which he frequently sought to make accommodation. Vacillation grew to be a liability, and may indicate a conciliating mind on the fourth ray of Harmony through Conflict.

With respect to the “Peace Process”, we find the important, nurturing asteroid Ceres, in Libra, the sign of peace. Ceres will also be in the seventh house of relations if Aries is the correct rising sign.

Aries, the major first ray sign as the Rising-sign, fits well for Gorbachev’s character, spontaneity, impulsiveness, abundant energy—though (with both Saturn and Venus in careful Capricorn) no one can accuse him of not planning or calculating. Given a probable first ray soul, the pioneering Aries Ascendant would encourage him to do what no other Soviet official had yet attempted—to change the entire form and substance of the Soviet Union. Uranus, the hierarchical ruler of Aries (given the times of birth suggested) would be rising in the first house (or twelfth), impelling towards great changes and transformations. Certainly the Soviet Union was completed altered and restructured as a result of Gorbachev’s efforts. The meaning of Uranus in Aries is entirely apt for the work upon which his reputation rests: he initiated (Aries) a massive restructuring (Uranus) of the Soviet form of government, leading to the dissolution (Pisces and Neptune) of its old form.

It is interesting to realize that Pisces, his Sun Sign, is the sign of the end, and Aries, the sign of the beginning. Pisces is “pralaya” and the end of a cycle. The Soviet Union, as heretofore structured, was falling into decay and dissolution; its time had come. Neptune hovering around Gorbachev’s proposed Capricorn MC indicated this uncertainty and potential dissolution, as well as the idealism which revealed new possibilities. The Pisces energy within Gorbachev helped him recognize that the old form had outlived its usefulness. But Aries (with Uranus rising, or, at least, close to the Ascendant, whether from the first house or the twelfth) made it possible for him to push (Aries) for innovation and an entirely new structure. Probably he pushed harder and faster than he planned as the ideas he was promoting were ideas “whose time had come”, and which had a rhythm of emergence all their own.

The conservative in him (Saturn in Capricorn) protested against the lengths to which other Russians (riding his impulse) were willing to take the process he had begun nor did he approve of the speed of their actions. He sought the transformation and restructuring of Communism and the Communist Party—not necessarily its termination.. When, however, one is the instrument of an “idea whose time as come”, one cannot easily control the greater forces and greater plans released. Though his objectives were limited, the living ideas behind those objectives did not respect the limits he sought to preserve.

It is interesting to see his Pisces Sun exactly opposite the star Zosma, which indicates the “victim of the savior”. Thus, the planet Earth, indicating in the astrological chart a place of service, a karmic point and a point indicating the expression of the monad in the chart (for those who can express it), is exactly on Zosma. It would seem that these reforms demanded a political sacrifice, the full extent of which he was probably unaware.

Gorbachev’s Moon is conjunct “Asellus Austral” (a small grouping of stars called the “Asses”.) What is said about them is fascinating in light of his place in the history of Communism:

“This group has been associated with a disproportionate number of important historic events that have brought about great changes in society. Particularly represented are events relating to the introduction of communism, which may be symbolic of the two Asses eating out of a communal Manger, or the busy beehive representing a commune.”

We also find Mercury in the last degree of Aquarius, exactly opposing Regulus—a power star representing authority and control. Here we see Gorbachev’s Aquarian ideas (aligning with the soul of Russia) poised against its controlling Leo personality. Gorbachev’s new ideas released his country from the centralized control of the Communist Party. Esoterically, it seems clear that the Moon veils the planet Uranus (also a veiled hierarchical ruler of Leo). In the earlier, 7:33 chart, the Uranus, hidden by the placement of the Moon, would be closely trine to the Ascendant in the eighth degree of Aries.

The Venus/Saturn conjunction is certain to be important in the chart of an advanced soul, for these two planets are the rulers of Capricorn in which they are placed—Capricorn, the sign of initiation. Given his ultimately benevolent impact on world affairs, we can see Gorbachev as treading the path of initiation, at least in its preliminary stages. Interestingly, Venus in Capricorn is almost exactly opposed by the star Procyon (associated both with a vision of the possibilities and “short-lived opportunities”). Indeed, the window of opportunity in which to initiate and complete these reforms was narrow, but another star, Alpheratz, emphasizing and instinctive understanding of how to use speed and movement is closely conjunct Gorbachev’s all-important Uranus, and so he brought about great changes and reforms swiftly.

The first, second, and fourth rays seem prominent in Gorbachev’s general approach. The proposed astrological chart reinforces these rays—inaugurative Aries, ambitious Capricorn and expressive Leo, resonating to the first ray, and his receptive Pisces Sun trine benevolent Jupiter in Cancer, with intuitive Neptune in second ray Virgo opposing the Sun, resonating to the second ray. Leaders who are both loved and respected often express through a combination of first and second ray energies. In Gorbachev’s case, this love and respect comes to him more from humanity than from his own countrymen who resented the economic and political insecurity which his reforms precipitated.

If we search for the primary ray behind his first ray soul, we shall probably find the second ray of Love-Wisdom. A second ray monad expressing (however faintly) through a proposed second ray personality (with the first ray soul between) would be a powerful combination for clear purpose and the magnetism to bring that purpose into manifestation. We would look to the heliocentric position of Earth (in Virgo, a sign of humble willingness, opposite the Pisces Sun) to learn more about this possible monadic effect.

It is probable that the astral body is on the sixth ray. Mars the exoteric ruler of the proposed Aries Ascendant would strengthen the solar plexus and raise its sensitivity. But Mars is opposed by Venus (planet of the soul) and Saturn (planet of discipleship) and so, feelings, however strong, troublesome or agitated, would be rendered entirely secondary, as the sub-diaphragmatic energies were lifted to the throat (Saturn) and ajna center (Venus). The mind was very likely the fourth ray (giving a talent for harmonization) and the physical ray, the energetic, active third.

The star Algenib rises in conjunction with the Ascendant and is called “He who carries”. The constellation as a whole makes one rise above difficulties and may incline towards and ambitious over-reaching. Gorbachev was certainly idealistic (Neptune oppose Sun) and eager for his country’s progress, but perhaps he moved (at first) more swiftly than his countrymen could accept.

In Mikhail Gorbachev we find another individual strongly influenced by the Divine Plan. We understand that one of the objectives of the Spiritual Hierarchy is the defeat of totalitarianism. This undesirable and restrictive form of government occurs in a number of places throughout the world, but the Soviet Union was one of the greatest examples. As long as Russia was in the grip of totalitarianism (so consolidated by Joseph Stalin) it could not move towards the future represented by its Aquarian soul. The efforts of Mikhail Gorbachev broke the grip of Russia’s personality upon its soul, and although life in Russia following the dissolution of the Soviet Empire may often have seemed ill-regulated and chaotic, the path towards the realization of Russia’s Aquarian potential is far less obstructed.

Gorbachev’s Mercury opposes (by sign) his proud (though magnetic) Leo Moon; his illuminating Venus opposes his Mars—a personal planet associated with selfishness; and his Pisces Sun (the sign of the “Old Age”) is semi-sextile (by sign) his proposed Aries Ascendant—Aries the sign/constellation which inaugurates the “New Age”. Therefore, the transitions which Russia will one day have to make—from personality functioning towards the expression of its soul—were out-pictured in the process through which Gorbachev, himself, had to pass in his transition from a powerful member of the conservative Communist Party, to a benevolently revolutionary visionary who helped Russia once again tread a path to national development sanctioned by the Divine Plan. It may be necessary for time to pass before Gorbachev’s role in the realignment of Russia with the Divine Plan is recognized, valued and appreciated, but that day will surely come.

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