Moses, The Law Giver

Moses The Law Giver (suggested by Alice Bailey in The Labors of Hercules)

“It is interesting to note that Mahomet, the founder of the most militant religion, was born in this sign, and legend says that Moses also was born in it; Moses, the lawgiver, and Mahomet, the warrior.” (LOH 36) The identification of Moses and Mahomet with the sign Aries may be entirely the idea of Alice Bailey, and not that of the Tibetan, but since they were in close consultation, we cannot assume that this idea is without substance; therefore, it should be considered at least hypothetical, with a good possibility of being true.

Moses the “Lawgiver” is often identified with the first ray sign, Capricorn. Moses, the Lawgiver, penetrated to one of the halls within the Veils of maya, and there encountered the glory of the Lord. This was of such a radiance that, as the Old Commentary puts it:

‘”He who entered among the first to penetrate within the veils absorbed the light and knew not how to pass it on.  Neither he nor they were ready, but the light was there and likewise the two directing eyes.  But only one can use, project and send the light upon its mission.  The other must be blinded, and of this fact the Lawgiver was aware.  He therefore veiled the light, assuming towards this end a fragment of that which he had helped destroy, and so descended from the mountain top, back to the darkness of the earth’.”” (R&I 192)

““The lawgiver assisted at the first rending as the climax to the third initiation, and there was a somewhat similar process of glorification”.” (R&I – 193)

It is significant that two of the three first ray signs (Aries and Capricorn) are identified with an individual who clearly came forth upon the first ray. No true horoscope is available for Moses. There is, however, a question of whether he might be associated with the Master Morya.

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