One Response to Cancer 2015: Greek Financial Crisis and the Global Economy

  1. Zak says:

    Alot of people worldwide and on social media are showing signs of understanding that the root cause of many of the problems on our planet are caused by the people who control the creation and distribution of money. In the current system, those who control money and debt control life itself and often strangle it in the process.

    There’s a new movement coming out of London, UK and spreading fast around the world that is challenging the way money is created and distributed in a nation. Their movement has two basic principles:
    1) That the power to create money needs to be taken out of the hands of the banksters and not passed to the politicians either, and that money can be created and distributed or spent, debt and interest free into circulation.
    2) That one of the ways of putting money into circulation in a nation is to give each legal citizen a social credit every 2 weeks or so that covers the cost of the basics of life.

    Its a very simple and workable solution and Greece would do well to move in this direction. Think of the many implications.

    The organization is called Positive Money and their website is at

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