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  1. Esme says:

    I usually resonate with Phillip Lindsay entirely but find his interpretation of the Israel-Palestine situation very one-sided. The origin of the State of Israel is not simply taking someone else’s country and settling it. Neither is a case of illegally taking it over. I do not dispute his astrological references but highly disputed the conclusions he comes to.

    • Phillip Lindsay
      Phillip Lindsay says:

      Hello Esme, thanks for your feedback. It constitutes a major planetary problem which I go into deeper in other essays. My approach may sound one-sided, but really, Israel has to be called on so many injustices that it has created over the years, and get past the emotional blackmail of anti-semiticism that it labels every critic. If you research history, you will find that it was an illegal takeover and a series of manipulations of the UN and other western countries. The problem is that they are now there – they need to exercise some simple generosity toward the Palestinians and the problem will go away. But they cannot even do that. You may be interested in this essay which covers the more esoteric dimensions of the problem: https://esotericastrologer.org/?articles=jewish-glamour-a-change-in-attitude
      Best wishes,

  2. adam says:

    If you have time Philip, I am interested in your thoughts on the following that I am mentioning given the relationship between Capricorn & Aries (winter solstice transit to spring equinox, or current western new year vs. astrological new year).

    As you know, a triangle of Aries, Capricorn and Cancer forms the lens through which the 7th ray is focused connecting cyclical manifestation governed by Saturn, the revelatory energies overshadowing disciples governed by Uranus and the activity of Mercury with its cycles of conflict and resolution. All of these planets in my opinion describe the current activity of the world disciple, humanity.

    As you are also aware, the latest Shamballa impact in 2000 (if one assumes it reached its zenith in western consciousness on or around 1 January 2000 with the new millennium celebrations) would manifest as a series of evolutionary peaks and dips in the expression of human consciousness every 4.32 years leading up to 2025 as the amount of light on earth increases before leveling off*. Thus far, this has worked out in alignment with the Venus transit in 2004, market turmoil in 2008, focus on Mayan calendar in 2012 and now 17.28 years since the Shamballa impact, the full moon in Aries 2017.

    I mention all of this because if one looks at the pattern of how the 7 root races manifest with the Lemurian being the first physical race and continuing through the 6th root race until the 7th is an expression of full conformity with the Plan, one can apply this to the 25.92 year cycle from 2000 to 2025. Not until the end of 2012 (3rd, 4.32 year cycle) did people start focusing on the evolution of consciousness as a mainstream event, (i.e. it manifested physically like Lemuria).

    I am looking at what is going to be the next catalytic event at the Aries new moon this year that factors into this larger Shamballa cycle as we move toward 2025 (17.28 years since Jan 2000). To do so, I am using the 7th ray energies of Uranus and its relationship to the world disciple – humanity.

    From my own limited perspective, the focus of western awareness into the possibility of large pyramids in Antarctica (polar pyramids = symbol of pranic currents and its relationship to the 7th ray) soon after the Sun passed into Sagittarius last month hints at the activity of revelation in Aries and the activity of Uranus when one considers the timing of it all with respect to the Shamballa impact of 2000 and increasing light on this plant going toward 2025.

    It seems fitting to bring this up in Capricorn given the connotations this sign has with mountains, pyramids, initiation, light and the 7th ray. Regardless, the full moon on 11 April 2017 (pretty much exactly 17.28 years since 1 Jan 2000) should be a momentous point where we see the manifest deepening of spirituality as expressed through human consciousness on our march toward 2025.

    Thanks again for a great newsletter!

    *Note: my mention of light increasing and then stabilizing from 2025 onward is taken directly from the works of DK.

  3. Annie Orourke says:

    I am glad to see an esoteric analysis of ‘The Jewish Problem’ as Blavatsky also so wisely saw.
    And for your understanding of it. One needs to be aware of and not controlled by a fear of anti-semiticism, much as Americans needed to do and didnt do in the McCarthy era. Had we been smarter we would not had endured a full decade of repression, terrorism by The State.
    My ex’s family were Russian Jews, staunchly anti-communist and pro-McCarthyites; yet, when they saw what Israel was doing in the ’80’s to the Palestinians felt that a person should attain to their highest self and condemn their actions as immoral. It was they who taught me about Zionists and how to differentiate them from non-Zionists – and they said that Christians tended to be fearful of being anti-semitic because of guilt and therefore fell into the gap of unethical behavior in their defense of Jews. I believe it is important to call a spade a spade and be true to what is one’s higher and truest mind

  4. John says:

    I have been following Geo-politics for over 30 years and I find Phillips analysis of the Isreal – Palestinian situation 100% correct.
    This newsletter was an excellent read and I just read the entire thing to my partner. Interesting times ahead.
    Cheers John and Lyvea ( Australia ).

  5. Klaas says:

    The Capricornian personality attributes will be broken and fully seen in the Light of the Higher intuitive Mind at the end of this Pisces decline in which we are still in and this needs to be cleared, healed and/or purified (Pluto) and clarified (Saturn) before Aquarius (ray 5 and 7 in its higher expressions can take their positions as the Lord of Initiation and as the Lord of Divine Law and Order). Humanity taking initiation as a whole – the dark forces too – via a seventh ray etheric/physical oriented dominant body (see those involved nations as well) and personalities (with their first minor initiation within their mass consciousness) and those with sixth ray astral/emotional dominant bodies and/or personalities (second minor initiation crises dealing with glamours).

    This outline Philip is a wonderful contribution of the Soul impress of the ageless Wisdom and its qualities to be recognised according to the Divine Plan and Purpose on nations and its ‘leaders’.

  6. RMM says:

    One of the “very unhealthy trends” is this anti-Trump “DisruptJ20” movement – http://www.disruptj20.org/get-organized/call-to-action/
    It has launched a “Call for a bold mobilization against the inauguration of Donald Trump on January 20, 2017” (The Spanish title is more explicit: “Nada de transición pacífica”)
    The motives for the call as shamelessly manipulative as the ongoing hacking saga: “The KKK, Vladimir Putin, Golden Dawn, and the Islamic State all cheered his victory. If we let his inauguration go unchallenged, we are opening the door to the future they envision.”
    Preparatory activities begin this coming Saturday, and include training in: “Press Strategy and Media Rapid Response” (this means using the media to excite the crowns); “Radical Cheerleading” (i.e., how to use slogans to incite hatred and violence); “Nonviolent Direct Action” – which can be easily manipulated into violent action – for instance, by means the “Mobile Training Teams” mentioned on the programme: this is the standard fare of regime change: they serve to preposition agitators at key points in a mass demonstrations, to manipulate the crowds into desired behaviour.
    A general strike (“No work, no school, no shopping, no housework”) and other nationwide events are planned for the 20th, with a specific call for “ungovernable protests”.
    It is specified that accommodation and meals will be provided: clearly billionaire hands are behind this movement.
    Let’s hope the USA has really matured, and will not allow any “ungovernable protests” that elsewhere have led to civil war. The incendiary role currently being played by the “16 intelligence agencies”, sections of Congress and Obama himself does not point to great maturity.

  7. Al says:

    This is a written for our Jewish brothers and sisters who are in the process of studying and practicing the esoteric work from the Blue Books. In 1934 DK presents Jewish separatism and materialism as barriers to their evolvment, which now might need further commentary since the creation of the state of Israel. It must be recognized Jews have made substantial contributions throughout the world. Those of Jewish linage could make more contributions to humanity with these two barriers removed. Any individual or group having superior knowledge and power in human endeavors has the responsibility of sharing. Societies also need to invite isolated groups to cross the gap of separatism and join the One Humanity. The Jewish people are best suited to shut down Zionist aggression and help remove these flaws of separation and materialism in their culture. No part of humanity is chosen for special consideration by higher power, unless chosen to eliminate differences by sharing, mutual consideration, goodwill, which is an attitude severely needed in the occupied Palestinian territories and Gaza.
    It is the aim of all esoteric work, especially in disciple training, to see all barriers in humanity brought down. This was the reason for presenting these two very old barriers in the Blue Books. Mentioning the history of this separatism is meant to open the door to solution; it is not anti-Semitic comment. As students of old wisdom and concerned human beings we have a responsibility to recognize and dissolve all barriers uniting humanity.

  8. Michelle De La Rente says:

    THANK YOU….to all above, for your comments to educate all readers of Phillips years of work…
    Many are not so well known to us, for their years of research…but like Phillip, your knowledge is also empowering…
    ….it is now up to all of us as readers of this informative monthly email, regarding humanitarian work, to continue doing our share of study learning too…
    Again thank you Phillip, for being the custodian of empowering shared knowledge.
    Your courage is appreciated, by many silent voices.

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