12 Responses to Libra 2016 (Part 2): Understanding the Agony of Syria. Peres, Israel. Russia USA. Clinton.

  1. Karen Gritzka says:

    Hi Phillip,

    I always enjoy reading your monthly newsletter. I particularly enjoy your well informed viewpoints and perspectives on global politics and current world affairs. Which media resources do you use, trust and consider the be the best sources of information?

    Thank you,

    Karen Gritzka

  2. jean says:

    thank you phillip for this comprehensive history of the middle east and its current position.

    such analysis is not available in the mainstream media in australia where i live. unfortunately, many otherwise intelligent people still believe the propaganda of our piscean mainstream media and do not seek information elsewhere even though it is widely available on the aquarian internet.

    very interesting to me, especially with an aquarian ascendant and a piscean sun. thank you again for this great article.

  3. Louise Langdeau says:

    Hi Phillip,

    Great paper, well documented. I’d like to see and hear more of that to counterbalance the propaganda we are submitted to.

    Thank you,

    Louise Langdeau

    To Karen Gritzka. I personally find Global Research is a very good source of information. However, it is a little biaised on the left.

  4. Lorrie U says:

    Thank you for the great amount of time and effort to bring us this incredibly well-documented and detailed understanding of our political times and the history which brought us to this point. Incredible work!

  5. R.Ross says:

    Yes, hard to find Palestine mentioned on maps these days, so effective is Zionist Jewish propaganda. Good to see the map of the theft of Palestine in compensation.

  6. Maria says:

    Thank you so much Philip…

    I live in Sweden….I can read English , but not write, so well.
    I just want to say how grateful I am for Your article..

    Whith Love and Gratitude from Maria

  7. Rose A Bates says:

    Thank you Phillip for this detailed and bluntly honest attempt to shed some light on current events! This is much needed in an environment full of propaganda and misleading media.

    It is our responsibility to see as clearly as we can, to have discrimination using the searchlight of the soul and razors edge discernment to sift the chaff from the grain!

    The more we do this, the more we help dispel the glamour clouds for the “inexperienced disciple humanity”.

  8. Anne Holcombe says:

    Many thanks for the time and effort it must have taken to create this detailed analysis.

    As a long-time student of the Ageless Wisdom, I wonder why the Zionists have such deep control over the US? This control seems so thorough that it does not matter who is elected President!

    I remember reading an ancient story given in the Bailey books by the Master DK describing the refusal of Jewish disciples to accept the Hierarchical Path and Plan. As a result, they were turned out (thus the beginning of the so-called wandering Jew tradition). I do hope I am remembering this correctly. Someone please correct me if I am wrong.
    Could this story have something to do with the present situation?

    Anyway, I would really appreciate any clarification regarding my question. Thank you.

  9. Phillip Lindsay
    Phillip Lindsay says:

    That is correct Anne. The Zionists today are the shadow of the Jewish people and do not represent them as a whole. They are fanatically focused upon politics and power. You can find other newsletters and articles on my website about this theme here under “Israel and Middle East” https://esotericastrologer.org/esoteric-astrology/esoteric-astrology-general/

  10. Phillip – Thank you for such an outstanding, timely and needed review of a pivotal and critical world situation durinng this Libran interval.

    I can well understand the following statement, for one senses that the pouring forth of the Aquarian waters/saving force will come through the “humanity” that is within the people of these three nations, despite their apparent leadership, that starts with the help of the “new type of mystics … with a practical interest in current world affairs” aligned with responsible citizenship everywhere.

    “The keynote, however, of human living will be struck by Russia, Great Britain and the United States — not because of their power, their historical past and their material resources or territorial extent, but because they are in a position to fuse and blend the many types, because they are far-visioned in their world purpose, because they are not basically selfish in their intent, and because the government of the peoples reaches down into the depths of each nation and is fundamentally for the people.”

    … a Triangle relationship worth meditating upon?

  11. Paul Cragg says:

    Dear Philip,

    Thank you for this perspective which is so expanded over space time fabric. Using the mathematics of the countries birth charts is quite awesome. Thank you. Thank you.

    Adam Curtis’s new documentary “Hypernormalisation” is as brilliant as his previous work (Century of the Self, Bitter Lake) and is just off the press covers some of your territory (and fits perfectly) and I bet he would love to get your perspective. See link below.


    It is a blessing to have “discovered” you and I will sign up for a consultation asap.

    In gratitude

    Paul Cragg

  12. gita brooke says:

    Heartfelt gratitude for opening, widening and deepening my understanding – I will endeavour to put it to good use –

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