12 Responses to Libra 2016 (Part 1): Equinox. Battle for Peace. Tutu. Vaughan. Spirit of Peace.

  1. Philippa says:

    Thank you, Phillip. Great effort.
    What I find incredible is the complete exclusion of women, and only references to men, the hearts of men, the sons of men, etc, etc. The Divine Feminine is not invisible, though ‘men’ and cultures, and languages would like to think so. It’s exclusive sexist and dishonouring in this day and age. Plus, it’s insulting for all women, and girls, for eternity.

    • Sherry Blair says:

      Thank you Phillipa. Although I am a woman, I did not even notice this until you mentioned it! We all have our habits to overcome. I agree with you that now is the time to bring women into our language. Other groups, like the Native Americans and LGBTQ and Black Lives Matter are waking us up to truths that has been covered up too. The learning curve is not comfortable, but it is necessary.

    • Lynne says:

      One would trust that “eternity” see the end of duality, where feminism is a concept of the past and its defense relegated there, as well.

  2. Phillip Lindsay
    Phillip Lindsay says:

    Thanks for your feedback Phillipa, this is a long standing bone of contention and much has been discussed about it on forums over the years. That’s why there was issued a “politically correct” version of the Great Invocation that put less gender-specific wording.

    It created problems when sounding it in group meditation however, because most people were used to sounding the original. One thing to bear in mind that “man” comes from “manas” or mind, and generically Humanity can be viewed as “masculine” or “men”, whilst its parallel evolution of the deva kingdom is regarded as “feminine”.

    Eventually there will be a divine marriage between these two kingdoms that will merge both genders. Another factor is that the soul knows no gender and we have all had incarnations in both genders.

    I understand your point however, in this age where women still do not have an equal footing with men. The other aspect is that when alot of this was written was early last century when that kind of terminology was still in use.

    But any deep student of The Tibetan (men and women alike) will tell you that these teachings are far from dishonouring women – they are empowering for all of humanity. So it helps to go beyond the language to some degree, and to understand that the balance will be made eventually. In Atlantean times the culture was predominantly matriarchal and this is still strong within Humanity’s racial memory. Also of course, the last few thousand years of patriarchal religion has not helped! I welcome others to weigh in on this issue as I do not have time currently to discuss all of this big subject.

  3. Angela Burrage says:

    Balance is in short supply yet desperately needed in this current world we occupy. And yes, Saturn, who give unto them that which they have earned, is encroaching. May the gods have mercy on us all.

    A beautiful and thoughtful work you have given to us Phillip.

  4. Paulus says:

    I think that Phillip give a very good initial response to the raised question of male/female. If you would like to know more about this, than I would recommended reading the work of Andrew Harvey and especially Anne Baring. (www.annebaring.com). Her latest book Dream of the Cosmos gives excellent insight in the lost role of the Divine Feminine and how it is currently slowly regaining its position so a divine marriage between the two can finally be envisioned.

  5. risa says:

    Thank you, Phillip – it’s good to be controversial.
    Especially as esotericists – we can get rather locked in.
    And especially in Libra (Uranus ruled).
    Controversial thoughts/ideas – makes everyone think more – then, as disciples,
    love more, too. with gratitude, Risa

  6. jean says:

    i would be a lot more comfortable if the language was non-sexist. we are, after all, talking about balance.

    i often use this version ….. S/HE, instead of she or he, unless i am talking specifically about one sex.

    its not all that difficult.

  7. Phillip, an outstanding newsletter, capturing Libra beauty.

    I found the following particularly valuable,

    “when action initiated in Aries … its reaction is in Libra…
    Libra is about making a decision, a choice … the choosing of the Middle Way, … and the highlighting of the work of the “intermediaries”, those who become a “master of no man’s land”.

    “… in Libra there is no such point of crisis any more than there is in Aries. There is only the interlude of balance as a prelude to a more effective and sensitive progress upon the path.

    “Before creation, silence and the stillness of a focussed point.”

    So needed at this time, “In Libra, the point of balance or equilibrium is attained between material personal desire and intelligent spiritual love, for the two qualities of cosmic desire are brought to the fore in the consciousness in Libra and balanced one against the other.

    Thank you too for highlighting the Great Invocation in its original form, reminding us of the critical need at this time of “emergence”, from what one observes mass humanity is seemingly in a similar form of mental paralysis, a crystalised cacoon, from which an almost entirely different species can and is emerging, one with wings on!

    Regards the Great Invocation wording, are we not all seeking a balance of masculine (directive active) and feminine (receptive, creative) principles achievable at the (Libran) point of stillness and being? Fe- iron, (devic) magnetic centre of the (human) electrical force. GEN-ISIS, the feminine cosmic creation of our planetary mankind is there at the centre of the Great Invocation!

    And did you know …

    Today is International Forgiveness Day 
    “Congratulations to Desmond Tutu who is receiving the Champion of Forgiveness Award at his birthday celebration in South Africa today! And to Nelson Mandela who was honored with the posthumous Champion of Forgiveness Award October 4th. ” peace.unify.org/

  8. Donna says:

    Excellent article, Phillip. Well worth the read. Thank you.
    For those who are interested in additional information on the Middle-East. I recommend the following extraordinary book written in 2013:

    Lawrence in Arabia: War, Deceit, Imperial Folly and the Making of the Modern Middle East

  9. Rita Lowry says:

    Thank you, Phillip, for the work that you do, and the clarity of thought that you express in your writing. It does help in work of keeping my mind open and my heart balanced.

  10. Gretchen potter says:

    Gretchen potter, a very moving article Phillip, thank you for the original great invocation, I perceive that it could benefit the times we are in, as they are similar to the 1930s

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