11 Responses to Leo 2015: Hubris & Humility. Mars & Jupiter. Greece & Australia.

  1. Mab Barr says:

    Interesting that you praise Athenian democracy.

    Certainly a noble IDEAL, but in reality, women and slaves had no rights. They were possessions. How noble was that? If you were male and born free – yo had all the rights available.

    So how much has changed in reality?

    Idealism is one thing – reality for the majority is another altogether.

    • Phillip Lindsay
      Phillip Lindsay says:

      Yet it was the best system to date at that time. It laid the foundation for modern democracy, womens rights and voting in the past 100 years, the emancipation of slavery in USA etc. Of course the world still has a long way to go, there is much that is not right for women and slavery seems to be a huge global trade, despite the advances made. But despite all these set backs, we are in a better position today than we were then. So I do not think it was simply an ideal, it paved the way for the future, so credit where credit is due.

  2. Klaas says:

    Thank you Phillip. Killed this week one of the biggest Lions in Africa by a spanish hunter:

  3. Phillip Lindsay
    Phillip Lindsay says:

    Klaus, a great pity, showing lower Leo at work when hunters have to boost their egos by killing these magnificent animals. Spain is a Capricorn personality, another nation like India and Australia who has the crystallisation of Capricorn – you can see this in the fact that they still tolerate the cruelty of the bullfights. Spain is another example of soul energy distorting as Sagittarius the hunter is their soul ruler…

  4. Michelle says:

    As per usual Phillip, a fair and just, beautifully written commentary…
    As to Greek women’s rights… perhaps one needs to re-visit Greek history and the myths of their day.

    As a mature woman, I have always been inspired by the mythical Greek women, especially Pallas Athene. I am who I am today, because of learning to rise to the occasion of conflict, when the necessity of justice equality peace and harmony, maintained through respect, was and is, required.

    We have all been used by someone, regardless of gender, it is our personal perspective of such matters, that create the balance within our own soul….I feel Jupiter in Virgo will be a perfect time to reflect on these various understandings, regarding the inspiring concept and possibility, of a new world to come….

    Personally…I feel its already begun….seek and ye just might find, a world of expansive perfection..

    Others will personally choose to remain in a guild-ed cage of wounded judgement modes and illusions, rather than in a Leonine world, of creative imagination…that has the power to suggest “What if?”….

    …and that to me is what Jupiter in Virgo does best…it takes Leo’s creative ideas and Virgoanly researches, the best way that Jupiter can explore and expand new horizons…for Leo’s humanity.

  5. Ingrid says:

    ‘Phillip, you’re writing opened my perspective and yours, Michelle, gave me shivers (the good ones)

    thank you both

  6. Michelle says:

    I feel humbled Ingrid, whilst also feeling blessed, when I say the words “Thank you”…. as indeed I always am, when I read Phillips monthly insights…. I feel very grateful and fortunate to be surrounded by an Astrologer, of such ancient wisdom……I am reminded within.

  7. phillip
    phillip says:

    PS – @Klaas, it appears it was not a Spanish person but an American dentist who killed the lion and that it happened a month ago (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Killing_of_Cecil_the_lion) Now this person is being vilified in the media and has also become a scapegoat.

    • MCristina says:

      Hate will never heal hate. It is shocking seeing what human beings are doing to another human being, no matter what he has done. Criminals are only vehicle for collective energies, generated by humanity itself. We are all responsible for everything that is happening on the planet, there are no others… Pointing out faults tells about the one pointing out, similar things to the one who have been pointed.

  8. Zak says:

    As students of the occult and esoteric, whichever word you choose, once we have a good grasp of the nature of a problem its most productive to move to figuring out the best solutions. Europe and the USA and the rest of the world all have a problem with democracy (republic or not) and also the problem of economic distribution. For a long time now, those who control money creation and supply also have full control over our politicians. Our politicians are bought and payed for by those with the cash to buy them to do their bidding. If you have studied in depth the cause of 911 and have come to the conclusion, as many intelligent people now have, that it was an inside job committed by the crime syndicate that runs the Federal Reserve you’ll know that the people who have controlled the money down the ages have been responsible for just about every major and minor war on the planet. Wars have largely been engineered for profit. The controllers behind the scenes, who work through the central banks, know that if they control the debt, they control everything else as well. So its great we are having such a massive debt crisis right now. It gives us all a chance to get to grips with the problem and push for much better solutions.

    This current economic and political crisis is not really very complicated. In fact it is incredibly simple. The problem is simple and the solution is simple and there are already a lot of bright people who have studies the problem and have suggested excellent solutions. They are actually not new solutions because they have been suggested throughout history by clear thinkers.

    The main problem with the Euro is that it has bundled a load of nations together and forced them all to have the same interest rate. Nations have historically used interest rates to manage inflation. Now they can’t do that. The other main problem with the Euro is that when you give up economic control by joining a single currency, you have lost much of your political control. As we see with Greece and numerous other nations, their politicians have all sold out for loans from central banks or the IMF. It makes far more sense to keep your own currency, manage your own interest rates (while there still are interest rates) and simply negotiate a free trade and free movement agreement with the rest of Europe. Its also a good idea to keep control over your own borders, something impossible once you join the Euro with its political directorates.

    There are all kinds of illusions and false ideas floating around that need to be harpooned. One is the idea of austerity and the concept of paying back loans. The current ridiculous system runs like this. A central bank or Federal reserve in the US, creates money out of nothing, loans it to the government and the government from taxing the people, has to pay interest on the loan back to the creator of the money. Its an insane system of corruption right at its route. There is no sign of intelligent design in the current economic systems of the planet. Once a loan is payed back to the bank it literally disappears from existence. This causes a huge boom bust cycle that continues every few years. Banks tend to loan most to people who want to buy property so every few years we get property bubbles followed by crashes when banks refuse to loan or begin to call loans in when people can’t pay their mortgages. It’s a silly immature merry go round.

    There are two main solutions to the current problem.
    1) Take away the power to create money from the banks and the politicians and have a new accountable body responsible for creating interest free debt free money and spending it into circulation via public works and other ways.
    2) Create a Basic Unconditional Income for every legal citizen. This would be payed monthly or fort nightly.

    If you think through the implications and possible effects of introducing the above two policies you’ll probably find yourself raising various internal conceptual arguments against the possibility of this policy working. There are very simple solutions to any objections. The first objection people raise is that people will sit around all day and won’t do anything useful, lol. We are not destroying the free market, you can still get a job. You can choose how much time you spend working and what you’ll do.

    The main organization in the UK promoting these ideas are http://www.positivemoney.org. On their website you will find many videos and they have written a very good book on the subject too. This is Bill Dyson, of positive money explaining how money is made/created https://youtu.be/C7KAV7Iln2o

    The UK parliament last Nov 2014 debated the issue in the House of Commons and you can watch it here https://youtu.be/YxG3O49uVjg

    The other nation that has moved far along with economic reform is Switzerland. Recently the Swiss gained 140,000 petition signatures in support of a referendum on introducing a Basic Unconditional Income for all citizens. I think the figure they are after is about $2500 per month. The referendum is in 2016 and if they get the votes it will be enacted into Law. Switzerland has perhaps the most sophisticated form of democracy on the planet and the Swiss get to vote in referendums all the time to decide policy. I wish we had the same system here in New Zealand.

    You can read about the Swiss referendum on a Basic Income for everyone that’s going to be held in 2016, here https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Swiss_referendums,_2016

    These guys are making a documentary on the Basic Income, in Switzerland. Watch the trailor http://www.basicincomeforall.com/

    Here is a Ted talk in Maastricht explaining why we should give everyone a basic income http://grundeinkommen.tv/why-we-should-give-everyone-a-basic-income/

    Here is a guy in New Zealand doing the numbers and showing how easy it would be to afford to pay for a basic income for everyone in New Zealand. It would do away with a lot of useless government jobs and departments for one thing. https://youtu.be/O4LUiSfLIa8

    Basically, the Greeks need to get together and demand the above two policies for Greece, interest free money creation and a basic income. The idea of debt, loans, austerity, the EU and the Euro were all created by dark forces. The concept of a Basic Unconditional Income is an idea who’s time has come. Help spread the word to everyone you know. Be aware also though that the Crime Syndicates controlling all Western nations right now will fight tooth and nail to losing control over the power to create money with interest. They will start wars and all kinds of conflict just to keep their power. In the US these dark forces own the media, Hollywood, all the banks, nearly all the corporations. Its going to get rough. That’s one of the reasons why DK wanted every esotericist to form Great Invocation Triangles with at least eight other people, so the planets etheric body could be transformed from a network of squares into triangles.

  9. Michael Lindfield says:

    Thanks Phillip – beautiful and profoundly expressed and explained. I appreciate your contributions to the ‘commonwealth of wisdom’. Blessings, Michael L

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